Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 203

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 203

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Episode 205 [King … There is a word to ask.

A sudden call to bern.

What do you mean by the strongest soldier who is leading the Ant Colony and fighting the farthest?

‘What’s up?’

Jin-woo asked himself.

Then Berre carefully asked for his permission.

[Should not you give me the food?]

Can you drive the food?

Berger says that the prey is those who are currently out of the dungeon due to dungeon breaks.

Berr said he would kill the masters by himself.

Even the same general rank grid could not have caused a rebellion to Berl, who could not meet his eyes.

I thought about the reason for a while, and Jin-woo’s head ran through something.


[The more you kill the prey, the more you feel like you are getting away from it.]

I knew it!

The forecast was right.


That is, growth to the next level.

After entering the Shadow Legion, Berr, who had always been at the forefront and had fought more enemies than any other soldier, finally opened up the possibility of upgrading.

If you recall how strong a soldier like this grit or irons got through the upgrade.

‘This is welcome news.’

Berth was a soldier of the class who had already defeated S-class hunters before becoming a shadow soldier.

The rank was also the highest of all existing soldiers.

‘So now you can see the next general grade?’

I have already wondered what would happen if Berr’s stats were to jump up as he upgraded.

Jinwoo said to Berr, who is waiting for an answer.


[Thank you, King. I will send the ants back to where the king is now.]


Jinwoo laughed.

Of course, a couple of tens of kilometers away can not see his face.

‘Shadow Legion.’

Jinwoo ‘s call now has more than 1,200 soldiers passing the bill.

This grit leading the knights, the molar that leads the High Orc Legion, the Do not lead the Naga, the Sixth to lead the giants, the ice-bear-led tank, and the grid to take over all the remaining soldiers.

It seemed to hear their shout.

One of them concentrated all the attention on Jinu ‘s call.

I felt a sense of tension in them as well.

Feeling a feeling of comfort, Jinwoo gave the order.

‘Power allies.’

[…!]’Come back all.’

As the order fell, the entire Shadow Legion began to move.

Soldiers in the form of shadows quickly gathered from each side toward the direction of the Jinwoo.

[King … Why are you transferring all the soldiers?

Jinwoo laughed and said to BERR who was surprised.

‘I will deal with you and me, both of you from now on.’

The best choice to speed up the upgrade.

Just as Goreb nurtures the enemy in the game, he fights with Vera and maximizes the speed of hunting to drive his experience.

It was a ‘ghost’.

There are many dungeon brakes in the area, so if you move around together, you will be able to raise your level soon.

The area is so wide that it will be less efficient than raising the Shadow soldiers, but first of all, the upgrade of Berth was the first thing.

[King …]

Berga did not speak in a voice of excitement.

This guy.

When I was told to keep my mother and Jin-a so that my emotions became more and more voices, I must have watched TV all the time in the shadows.

When the return of the shadows was almost finished, he asked.

“Do not you think it’s a bargain?”

Of course, the answer did not come back.

Upgrading is not easy, and you need a good sense to know when to upgrade.

The only reason for all the soldiers to be informed of the timing of their promotion is that there is a reason.

When there ‘s a crazy idea. Throne – Another shadow soldier rose beside Bert, who was waiting for his sole hunt with his lieutenant.

The face of Veru was brightened as opposed to a disappointing expression passing on his face.


This Grit kneels down politely as he always did.

Before, I was burdened with more formalities than I needed, but it was nice to see this for a long time.

The promotion of this grit.

It was also what I expected from before.

“Let’s get started.”

Jinwu called the “Dagger King’s Dagger” and smiled.

What a great breeding power.

The buds were coming up from the corpses in the form of dead wood burning charred bodies.

“Kie ee eek!”

“Kie eek!”

There are still 40 remaining dungeon brakes.

It took a minute and a second to catch all three.

* * * Azin guild office.

In the office, which is now more comfortable than the house, Yujin tasted the same moment one minute per hour.

Yoo Jin-ho’s gaze headed for the clock on the wall.

4:10 pm.

It has been more than two hours since he arrived at the office.

It’s black.

Whether or not the sound of the beating that I handed over without knowing was too big, Yu Jin-ho looked at the ‘he’ who visited the office without contacting.

‘He’, who had eyes over his sunglasses, smiled at Yoo Jin-ho.

Yoo Jin-ho made a smile-like thing by moving the hard muscles of the face hard and turned his head sharply.

Sweat sweats on the forehead.

I grabbed my cell phone and tried to call my brother again, but I was in vain.

I have not received a phone call today.

“…””…”Yujin put down his cell phone and asked his mouth firmly.

The same goes for employees.

Superior employees who chose to join the guild were more overwhelmed by the awkward atmosphere and kept silent as if promising.


That was not their fault.


Anyone in the same situation will react to them.

If the man sitting on one corner of the office is one of the world’s strongest hunters, and one of the most dirty hunters in the world.

And even the owner of the office where he works is beating the man and sending him to the hospital.

Who can laugh in front of him?

Thomas Andre.

Hunter, the world ‘s best man, came to Guilin directly to meet Jinwoo.

Yoo Jin-ho, vice president and the staff of Ajin Guild, who greeted the guests who came to the store without any contact, were completely dead.

I have to call my brother once more. Throat – The automatic door of the office was opened.

The head of the staff including Yu Jin-ho went around at the same time.

Yu Jin-ho’s eyes grew bigger.

Yoo Jin-ho, who rushed to his place and was excited, gave a voice to the whole staff.

“Brother -!”

* * * ‘What happened to the reporters?’

Jin looked at Thomas, smiling at him.

I do not know if there was any residue left over from the face, but what did it bring to this far place?

But Yoo Jin-ho welcomed Jin-woo first than Thomas.

“brother! Why did not you contact me like this? ”

“I’ve been busy.”

“Then I saw your brother’s clothes …”

Yoo Jin-ho stopped.

Jinwoo’s clothes showed signs of battle that could not be counted. It seemed as if he saw his brother at the end of the giant hunting.

‘If you were so busy that you could not contact me for two days …’

How many masters have lost their lives to your dagger?

I thought I was just crazy.


Thomas, who slowly started his body, has come close enough.

Thomas’ s kidneys were so big that he did not have to walk a few times, but he soon narrowed the gap.

Thomas stood before Jin – woo.


‘Do not you think they’re fighting here?’

The staff, who are not yet familiar with the relationship, swallowed their teeth as they watched them face each other.

Their heartbeat was so plain that Jinwoo was getting sore.

“Mr. Castle.”

Thomas reached out his hand.

Jinwoo laughed and grabbed Thomas’ hand. They shared such a short greeting.

By the way.

The smile soon disappeared from Thomas’ face.


‘How does this happen?’

I felt that Sung Jin Hun Hunter was different from before.

It is a little bit different, but it is different from Sungjin who he met.

The impression is different?

Certainly when he first met him, or when he saw him at the banquet, he is now in a mess of attire.

But I felt Dab Jim who had nothing to do with it.


He was stronger than before, but now he has become harder.


‘Is there such a thing …?’


At least in his common sense.

Thomas’s sharp sense perceived a change of level from the difference in levels, but there was no knowledge to interpret exactly what it meant.

So while Thomas was puzzled, the handshake was over.

Jin asked.

“What is happening in Korea?”


Then Thomas smiled again and smiled again.

“Have you promised? When all your hands are done, we will have a meal together. ”

Thomas shook his fine left arm.

“And again …”


The gaze of Jinwoo turned to the clock on the wall.

It is about 4:30 pm now.

It is too late to have lunch and it is too early to have dinner.

“There is still a lot left by the evening … for a bit.”

Jinwoo asked Thomas for permission and quickly approached Yu Jin-ho.

I knew that Thomas did not have a particular job, so I decided to give priority to the time-critical.

“Can you find out the biggest gate in Seoul now?”

In the request of Jinwoo, Yoo Jin-ho opened his eyes.

“Do I just have to size, brother?”

“It does not matter whether the gate is reserved or not, and it is unconditionally rated.”

“Yes, my brother.”

Yujin finds the desired information by tapping the keyboard in an instant.

“There is one dangerous man in class A, brother.”


“But Hunters Guild is already a pre-emptive gay.”

However, unlike Yu Jin-ho’s prediction, Jin-woo was not at all disappointed.


I was not interested in who had the permission to go.

Rather, Hunters had somebody to know, and the smile came to his face because he thought that the story would be easy to solve.

Jinwoo, who was about to leave the office with a light footstep, came back and greeted Thomas.

“I have to go somewhere for a while. Let’s talk about the evening later. ”

“…”Leaving the embarrassing Thomas, Jinwoo disappeared like a wind.

Thomas ridiculed himself rather than staring at the door that Jinwoo had left.

“haha. This is true … ”

What can I do?

It was a bitter to the visitor who came a long way, but he was the one who came out without promise. I had to anticipate that a character like Sungjin Hunter might be busier than himself.

“then… Contact us here. ”

Thomas left Yoo Jin-ho to leave the contact details of his hotel.

“Hugh-” Yoo Jin-ho looked at Thomas’s empty seat and gave a sigh of relief.

“Huck, have you been there yet?”

Lenathnierman, who had been there long before Thomas visited the office, unfortunately does not know any Korean at all.

However, it was clear that the vice president of Ajin had forgotten himself.

“I have caught up to my appointment …”

In Germany, Renat fell down, realizing that he could get so depressed that he was treated to VVIP.

But what can Thomas do in his office that he has left so well?

Both Masuo and Hunter have one life.

“…”Renat stood up powerfully and wrote his contact little by little beside the note left by Thomas.

* * * When Jinwoo appeared, Hunters’ s most elusive attackers who were ready for the raid were focused.

Male breeding.

The car, which had been contacted beforehand, maintained the calmness.

“What is it you want to borrow a dungeon all of a sudden?”

“I’d like to borrow a dungeon if possible.”

The face I met for a long time was nice, and Jinwu smiled.

There is no contact in the meantime, but suddenly the words come out to borrow a dungeon just before the raid.

The car Hae, who had made an anger, turned his gaze to Jinwoo ‘s smile, full of gladness.

While Cha Hae was hesitant to find words to say, the last man who was waiting for Jinwoo ran out.

“Sung Hunter!”

The description is already finished.

There was no guild master who would not accept a proposal to kill only bosses except bosses and not to touch anything else.

Even if it did not, I was welcomed with both hands by Jong – in who was in the middle of the attack, not to be injured by the high gate rating.

Of course, the members of the raid also guide the tee.

Jin went to the gate.

Then somebody pulled the sleeves from behind and looked down at the cheeky car hail.

“What are you going to do in there?”

“I have a few things to test. My pet is a little different. ”

Jinwoo’s pet.

Cha Haein, in turn, came up with two giants, Lee Grit and Berr, whom he had encountered at the association’s gymnasium.

It’s too strong to be a pet.

S-class Hunters, monsters that can even threaten their lives.

What changes do they make and try to test?

The curious car Haen asked with a lowered voice.

“then… Can I go in together? ”

In a question of some selfishness, Jin-soon shook his head.

“It’ll be dangerous. I’m going to make it all run. ”

The eyes of Jin-woo, who cut and say just right, were very serious. Cha Hae nodded his head and quit quietly.

Jinwoo went into the gate with her unhappy eyes behind her.

[I entered the dungeon.]

A message that floats like always.

Jin called out to Vere in the shadow.

‘Come out.’

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