Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 206

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 206

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208 It was fixed to a dagger that the gaze of the madagascar was made from the canine of camishe.

There were stats that made the eyes suspect.

[Item: Anish of Kamish] Difficulty obtaining: ??

Type: Dagger ATK +1,500 This is the best dagger of the dragon’s teeth, crafted by the craftsmen.

Its sharpness is unmatched, its sensitivity to mana is very strong, and it can be a much more powerful weapon depending on your abilities.

Long description.

However, it did not come into sight except the attack power.

‘1,500? Just attacking? ‘

Without an option, the attack power is 1,500.


It is hard to predict how big this dagger will go if you think that the higher the damage, the better the enemy is.

‘No, but did you have a weapon of 1,500 damage?’

Jinwoo, excited about the dagger’s stats, did not care about the fact that he had many eyes to see.

Obviously, the daggers are a bit embarrassing to compare, and we have looked at the most powerful swords of the weapons.

‘Huh …’

The most expensive swordsman’s attack power was just over 1,000.

Although it is called the store mark, the damage of the Great Sword is only 1,000, but the dagger’s attack power is 1,500.

“If you just take this as a figure, are you wielding a big sword in one hand?”

The heavy weight was conveyed to the fingertips holding the dagger.

When I heard my mind that I wanted to cut anything once, I read it, and Thomas, who read Jinwoo ‘s thoughts, shook his head with an awkward smile.

“Ow, Mr. Castle, I have strengthened my defense skills, but I can open it. I do not think I’m going to kill me with a dagger that I presented? ”

Of course I do not think so.

Jinwoo returned Thomas’s overburden to laughter and focused on the dagger again.

‘Mana sensitivity is excellent?’

Mana is magical soon.

In order to find out what magic sensitivity means, Jinwu poured his magic power into the dagger very little by little.



Except for the necessary voices, the bodyguards who should keep silence were unable to bear and were slackened.

The bodyguard hastily stopped his mouth, but no one blamed him.

It was after everyone had already lost his gaze to Jin-woo’s dagger that he could not even realize that he was over-elastic.

“Oh My God…”

Thomas, who had gone through all of the past years, was also surprised.

Jinwoo’s fingertips.

The black aura of the whole dagger was coming up smoothly.

‘The dagger is … I’m responding to my horsepower. ‘

It was not merely coming up.

The weight of the dagger, which was filling up his hand tremendously until now, disappeared in an instant.

Like a lie.

The dagger is lighter than the feather.

‘I’m …’

The weapon can be adjusted freely according to the user’s will.

Woong, Woo Woong – dagger “The Wrath of Kamish” greeted me as if to say hello to my new owner.

The heart of Jinwoo grabbing the handle gradually ran steadily.


I wanted to fight with this dagger.

I wanted to write a dagger.

I do not know if this is the will of this dagger, but it is his will.

She calmed down her trembling chest and put her dagger in place.

Hook. Then the dagger stopped vibrating.

Laura and his bodyguards, who had been unnatural to the extent of the pressure from the black orler, respired all of their breaths.

Thomas, who was gazing at Jinwoo, turned his head toward Laura.

‘Do you think my choice is a mistake?’

In the eyes of Thomas, Laura shook her head.

Thomas’s decision was absolutely right as long as those daggers were heading to Masu instead of humans.

A weapon came to my master.

I was able to see at a glance even the general person who does not feel the horse power at all.

Thomas, who proved his judgment was right, smiled grinningly.

“How about my present, Mr. Castle?”

Expression of intense emotion comes not from words but from actions. Jinwoo lifted his thumb quietly.

“Hahaha-” Thomas, who was feeling better, expressed his pleasure by touching his hands slowly.

These daggers are evidence of friendship.

If it was used as a price to get favor of Jinwoo, it was not too much.

Rather, it was Jinwoo who felt the burden.

“But can you really take this for free?”

“It’s free.”

Thomas, who had been smiling all over his face, suddenly became a serious face.

“I think it was pretty cheap for me and my guilds to have two daggers for their lives.”

Thomas did not speculate, and he could only express such a statement to receive a gift.

Jin, who had been told about Laura’s way of expressing Thomas, laughed and replied.

“Then I’ll be grateful.”

“I would be glad if Mr. Castle did.”

At the height of the two hunters at the top of a mood of fireflies.

The movement of Jinwoo and Thomas stopped at the same time.

And just before Laura and the bodyguards show embarrassment on the face of two hardened people.

Thomas first opened his mouth.

“Mr Castle, I just …”

Jin-soon moved his head.


A creepy sensation passed over the spine. Thomas also felt the same thing.

Location is sky.

Jinwoo and Thomas stood up at the window as if they had promised.

“…”Jinwoo broke down.

Thomas, who discovered the same thing, shook his pupils.

How can such things appear above the heavens?

Thomas could not close his mouth when he saw the gate facing the ground above the sky.

“I can not believe it. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a gate of its size. ”

The gate from which Kamish came out was not that small.

At the beginning of the gates, even Thomas, who had gained the strength of the awakening, had never seen a gate at a level.


Jinu had a memory of having seen a gate of similar size.

Then, from the data that the angel prize called.

The very gate where the winged soldiers poured out.

The enormous size of the gate that covered the sky in Seoul coincided with what I had seen in the data of that time.

As I recalled the soldiers who had blackened up the sky, I was thrilled by the thrill from behind my neck.

‘Is not that a huge amount of Maggie that was gathering in Seoul sky?’

Jinu lost his word.

Thomas, Lorraine, and the back guard all failed to open their mouths.

So while the heavy silence falls between all of them.

The giant gate that suddenly appeared above the sky was shaking quietly as if to swallow everything in the world.

Under the gate.

The people who knew that there was no risk of dungeon braking immediately after being created were truly phosphorus-based.

People took the cell phone and took the gate with the sky black.

The first gate in the air.

And it is so huge that it is hard to find precedent.

Even in an awful situation in which something might pop out, people could not hide their curiosity.

There were many foreign reporters among them.

The cameras of foreign reporters who shot crowds gathered without a break were busy.

[Yes, I am now under the gate that covered the sky in Seoul, South Korea …] [The gate in front of you is the biggest gate since the masques began to appear …] [As you can see, many citizens are watching me and the gate, but their expression is bright …] […This was Nick Folwell of BBN News.]

The reporters of each country had a serious face and poured out the language of their own country.

Japan, which has been interested in Korea for a long time, organized a special broadcast and reported ‘Gate on the Sky in Seoul’ in a big way.

Expert Norman Beller, who had previously noticed anomalies in the sky, was invited.

After a brief introduction by the host, Dr. Bellger caught up with Mike.

“I have been warning about the great power that has been gathering in heaven for a while. The gigantic gate above Seoul is only the beginning, and we will be able to see those horrible gates in the sky of many countries in the future. ”

The facilitator shook his shoulder.

“Yes? So you’re saying that there is not one or two where there is such an indication? ”

“I just want to emphasize that.”

He explained the lecture to Hunters at the International Guild Conference in front of the camera.

As long as the research subject appeared to be a real threat, there was a duty to disclose the information and disclose the risk.

Seoul is just the beginning. In the remaining eight heavens, Maggie was still being called.

When Dr. Lee unveiled nine place names together with aerial photographs, the enthusiasm and the moan alternately flowed out from the audience.

Some were relieved that Japan was not included, and others were shocked by the crisis in Korea and other nations.

The moderator, who was listening to Dr. Belzer’s explanation in a darkened expression, asked.

“Have you been studying gates and masters for a very long time?”

“That’s right.”

“Then what do you think is the wisest thing we can do in your thoughts?”

Many listeners who sat in front of the TV listened to his words.

But the sound from his mouth was something anyone could say.

“I must pray.”

He looked at the audience ‘s face and talked.

“This unprecedented event will not end in tragedy.”

He went on to explain to the audience that he was listening to his words with a serious expression.

“But there is one thing, not bad news.”

A word from the doctor at the timing just before the end of the broadcast changed the expression of the host.

When I tried to make up for the atmosphere of the set-room, which was gloomy throughout the day, the host questioned me with a bright face.

“What is it, doctor?”

“Fortunately, this gate is created in Korea.”

Do you have any personal feelings in Korea?

Male breeding.

The audience was disturbed by Dr.’s shocking remarks.

CP, who planned this program, was faced with a misunderstanding that the broadcast accident that would lead to international dispute would not go off.


The worries did not happen.

Before the misunderstanding deepened, he rushed to supplement the explanation.

“There are some of the best hunters in Korea that have prevented world-class disasters several times.”

The name of Hunter was never unfamiliar here.

“Yes, I am talking about Sungjin Hunter who removed Jeju Island ants and killed Japanese giants.”

There is the best hunter in the place where Magi is most popular.

This did not seem to be a coincidence for Dr.

“If he does not stop, maybe Hunter of any country will not stop. So from the perspective of the world, I think it’s important to appreciate the appearance of this gate in Korea. ”

Is it something to be thankful for, or something to be comforted about?

To the audience who can not catch up, he once more emphasized his point.

“It’s a bit of a hurdle to Korea that has a serious crisis ahead, but the world does not have to mourn for Korea beforehand.”

Oh, it’s a broadcast accident too!

Norman Berger ended the conversation with a meaningful expression, as if to tease the CP pulling on both sides of the hair.

“If there is a situation where Korea should be comforted, the world will have no one left to comfort each other.”

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