Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 207

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 207

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209 The greatest gate ever seen on earth was of the United States, Kamish.

But the gate in front of me is well over ten times its size.

Is it necessary to measure the grade?

But because someone had to do it, the Hunter Association launched a helicopter.

In the helicopter, only the staff of Hunter boarded.

It was for the case that the general employee was unable to withstand the horsepower of the ‘ultra-large gate’ and the body was broken.

Tatta Tata – A helicopter carrying a pilot, a co-pilot, and two employees took off for the gate.

Is that what it feels like to be sucked into a black hole?

In the shaky helicopter, the staff looked up at the black, gigantic circle approaching.

“Sir, have you seen anything like this?”

I had to rely on the sight of the light from the helicopter after the sun went down, but the size of this ghastly gate was obvious.

You shook your head.

“no. I do not think anyone has ever seen a gate of this size. ”

The whole world was shaking because of this one.

It was never possible simply because it appeared in the sky.

The world is amazed at its unbelievable size, with its special creation location at the gate called ‘The Sky’.

If they knew that Thomas Andrew even doubted his eyes, there would not be a stupid conversation about having seen this gate. It’s black.

While the two men glancing at the gate continued to swallow dry saliva, the helicopter close to the target spot slowly slowed down.

The co – pilot informed the staff.

“The helicopter is dangerous when it approaches this point.”

An employee who answered yes was prepared for rating.

It is common to check the numerical value just before the gate when measuring the grade of the original gate.

But this gate did not even have to do that.

As soon as the switch was turned on, the measuring instrument, which emitted a popping sound, stopped operating. It was evidence that the meter could not afford the horsepower flowing out of the gate.

Obviously expected results.


The employee who operated the measuring machine stared at the senior. He nodded at him and expressed his consent.

The employee connected the communication to report the measurement results to the association.

At that moment, the older man who looked out the window shouted.

“be careful!”

The surprised staff rushed around.

“What is it?”

“Just something out of the window like a loser …”

“Yes? Are you already in the mood? ”

Has a mage protruded from a gate that has not been built yet?

One of the senior Hunters, who had never seen it, but witnessed him.

I was not sure how the pilot or the employee could see it properly.

just as expected.


He once again pointed out exactly what he had seen.

At that time, the urgent voice of Wu Jin-cheol’s president came out from the headset that the employee was wearing on his head.

-what? What are you talking about? Senator Oh! Ji-won! What’s going on?

“Tongue, President of the Association. Beast! There was a great deal of battle near the helicopter! “- What?

“By the way… I do not think it’s a normal battlefield. “- You do not know if you hit the marshall in the air? I did not send you up to investigate that thing. Get down now!

“Oh, no. That’s the President … There is a man on board. “- What do you mean? No, how does a person ride a beast …

At that time, the voice of the man who also rides in the real battles in his head was passed, and the voice of Woo Jin-cheol was cut off for a while, and then it continued.

– Senator Ah … Do you see the person riding on it?

“for a bit. Yes, it looks dim. “- Is not that the Sung Jin Hunter?


The staff who stuck to the window and gave the power to the eyes and looked at the masu was resilient.

“Uh, how did you know. That? ”

* * * Chi-ee-bingryong Jin-woo on the ‘Caesell’ is nearing the gate.

It was like flying over the gate and seeing the endless black lake rather than the gate.

Size to be overwhelmed.

An ordinary hunter would not have been able to withstand the tremendous horsepower of the gate, but Jin-woo premiered until after deciding to check it out for himself.

The association’s helicopter, which had stayed underneath it, quickly returned to the ground if it determined it to be dangerous.

Looking down at the helicopter for a while, Jinwoo got closer to the gate.

There was a gate on the top of the head, with only your hands stretched out, reaching the ground.


I can not tell you what the inside is because the black screen of the gate is still blocking it.

‘…’Will it get through there if it gets in there, or get sucked in like a red gate, or that …

Jinu carefully reached out his hand.

Maybe I can solve this before the gate pops out and the bosses pour out.

The fingertips with such a bit of anticipation reached the gate of the gate.


The first thing you see when you become an awakening.

I could not get through the gate.

The hand could not enter the gate and was blocked by a black membrane.

The black curtain was as hard as a wall.

‘Maybe you can break it down if it’s just plain …’

The force was given to the hand as hard as it was.


Jin-woo, who was trying to tap the film, asked him what he had done.


A gate that an arousal can not pass through.

It was different from any gates I have ever seen.

Are the things in this thing different from now?

‘Whatever it is …’

Whatever comes out.

Below this are family and friends.

I do not want to send it easily.

I have brave soldiers who will fight with the stats that I have uploaded in the meantime.

The moment I thought so.


The sound of the soldiers loudly shouting in the shadow seemed to be heard in my ear.

Pulsation – Anxiety and somnolence intersect.


Jinwoo thought that there would be a reason for it after he became a player and got the power of the system.

If it was really so, was not it to prevent this?

‘I do not think …’

Jinwoo laughed at his feelings that had been disgusted and laid his hands on the gate.


The swinging Hunter phone trembled tremendously in his pocket.

The sender is the Japan Hunter Association.

There was something I asked for, and Jinwoo was called quickly.

-Hello? Sung Hunter?

“Please speak.” – Oh, I’m sorry. I can not hear your voice very well. Should I call you back?

He looked down at the smaller buildings like a toy block and laughed.

“It is not necessary. I am in a higher place now. I just scanned all over Japan with a satellite. By the way…

Unlike the usual staff members of the Japan Association, the horses were blurred.

What happened in Japan like this?

However, the employee’s answer was completely out of the expectation.

– There is no gate. There is not a single gate created all over Japan.

‘…!’It was the same as that of Cheongcheon, which had been raiding mainly in Japan since the eradication of the giants.

“The gate does not appear?” -Yeah. That’s right. Maybe this is only on our side. I also contacted the Hunter management agencies in other countries …

The staff hesitantly spoke with a sad voice.

– Since the gate was created in the sky in Seoul, the new gates have completely disappeared.

It took about three hours for the ultra-large gate to appear in the sky.

In the course of those three hours, what is the odds that the gates around the world are simultaneously hidden?

‘…It is not a coincidence. ‘

Jin-woo’s expression settled.

I was looking up at the gate overhead with such a hard look, and the staff asked me.

– Stir … This is a preliminary question, but is there any reason you asked me to find the best gate location?

“…”Frankly, it was difficult to answer.

How can I tell you that I wanted to use the 1,500 daggers that Thomas received as a gift before this massive gate was opened?


“I do not know what tomorrow will be, but somebody should plant apple trees.” -Ah… Apple tree. i See. It is a wonderful word.

It was when Jin-woo tried to break the phone by making a rough interpretation of the answer.

– Hey, St. Hunter.


The staff hesitated as if they were ashamed.

– I did not really like Korea. As Hunter knows well, the Japanese Hunter Association has been suffering from the problem of Jeju Island ants in recent years. As a member of the association, and as Japan, I hated all Koreans.

Jinwu silently listened to his story.

– But Hunter changed my mind. Korea has become a country for me. I thank Hunter for helping us and thank Korea for our country, Hunter.

As the story became longer, his voice gradually turned into a crying voice.

– So please do not let the terrible things we had in Korea happen.

The people who were trampled by the giants.

Burning city, screaming echo, desperate desperation.

The nightmare was not an old story.

The staff could see because I watched the disaster nearest.

Such a thing should not happen to anyone.

Jinwoo, who was listening, said quietly.

“It will not happen.”

This is not a promise. What you do to yourself. It was also the reason why I ran to this end, constantly pursuing growth.

Now when I show the result. The employee listened to Jinwoo’s answer and laughed.

– Haha, I did not know that the day I envy Korea that I hated Korea would come. I envy Korea, which is St. Hunter’s.

“You do not have to do that. I do not have any hobbies other than catching athletes, so I’ll be in Japan for as long as there is a marsh. “- Oh, did you catch it? I can not deceive the senses of the top grade Hunter. I wanted to get some score from Hunter.

We express our gratitude to Jin-woo, who gave us the flexibility to evacuate the atmosphere, and the staff greeted us with heartfelt greetings.

– Then ‘Please contact me’ again.


Jinwoo put the Hunter pawn in his pocket.

She stared silently at the bizarrely quiet gate like the night before the storm.

‘If the dungeon break period of this and other gates is long …’

The remaining period is approximately 6 days.

In the darkness, both eyes of Jinwoo quietly glowed.

“…Let’s go down. ”

Tears -!

Drake, carrying Jinwoo, waved wide and headed down.

* * * A day or so later, people noticed the change.

The gate disappeared.

There are no gates to be created after the ultra-large gates appear over the city of Seoul!

There was no way to know whether this was a good thing or a misfortune, but there were also people who welcomed this phenomenon.

It was the Hunter Association’s side led by Woo Jin-cheol.

Woo Jin-cheol, who received a report with a tense face, made the decision.

“Let’s call all the hunters across the country to Seoul.”

“Yes? It’s too dangerous. ”

“But when the dungeon breaks at the gate that I have not found yet …”

“I call half of the Hunters and leave the rest.”

Woo Jin-cheol hit the boardroom desk with repulsions.


The shoulders of all of them moved around in the rage of superhero Hunter.

Woojinchul revealed this.

“Are we in a situation where we are ready to prepare for an unseen threat?”

Then everyone gathered in the meeting room was gone for a moment.

Woo Jin Chul pointed out of the meeting room.

“We have now faced an unprecedented situation. Now, I do not know if I can be careful with that damn thing or not! ”

Woo Jin-cheol, who spoke of the castle, looked at everyone and said.

“I will be responsible for all damage done in other areas. If you ask me to bring out all the mountains, I will fight if I say to fight with my life. ”

There was no more backlash over Woo Jin-cheol’s spirited determination.

If there is a dangerous situation in the dungeon, the leader will kill the load if the opinions are disturbed.

Because some wrong judgments may lead to the destruction of the whole.

Outside the dungeon is a crime, but not in the dungeon.

Reid is a life-threatening war, not a playhouse of children.

And now.

The war was not on the dungeon but on the ground.

Woojin chul was not a lame hunter enough to listen to the objection at the time of the first minute.

“Immediately call all Hunters nationwide to Seoul. Do not miss a single person who can fight. ”

Under the direction of President Woo Jin-cheol.

All the hunters of the Republic of Korea began to move toward Seoul.

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