Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 208

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 208

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The episode of 210 was unfolded.

Citizens who wanted to leave Seoul and the hunters who tried to protect Seoul were crowded together and the road became congested.

In particular, areas under the ultra-large gates were expected to suffer extreme damage, so many of them left Seoul on their own accord or at the recommendation of the association and the government.

Watching TV news showing the evacuation process, Jin asked his mother.

“Is not it good that Mom is going down with Jin?”

“This is not an evacuation area.”

My mother seemed to have no intention of leaving Seoul.

Jinwoo lives in a suburban apartment far away from the center of Seoul.

The fact that Masu’s coming up to this point means that the Hunters’ line of defense has collapsed, which would probably mean the failure of the son to guard the forefront of the line of defense.

My mother believed.

I will never get to this place.

Jinwoo did not say anything else, only to grin.

Unlike her mother and her brother, who sat on a low table in front of a sofa, Jina, sitting with her knees on the sofa, looked down at Jinwu and asked.

“Can not you see my brother?”

Hunter Summoner.

But the house is an order that does not apply to Jinwoo in Seoul.

“That’s where the other local hunters arrive in Seoul to report to the association.”


Jina, who received the apple plate that her mother showed, nodded her head.


It was Jinwoo who was more frustrated than the fact that I had to spend my time idle at home at this moment.

You raise the level, you do not have a catch, and you have not gotten the keys since you killed the designer to go to the indonesia.

I spend a lot of time at home and I like my family, but Jinwoo wanted to train myself a bit more in case.

‘Do you have to go to the penalty area by postponing this daily quest?’

It was a good idea and at the same time it was not a good idea.

I do not know what might be poured from the gate that is floating in front of me right now, but I do not know what kind of monster is waiting for it.

‘Even if it is unlikely …’

One in ten thousand, one in ten thousand.

‘Even if it is unlikely …’

If you happen to have something in your penalty zone, you will not be able to handle what will happen here.

There is no need to deliberately carry two risks at once.

So dismissed.

In the end, you have to look for other ways to test the ‘anger of the kamish.’

how will we do it?

In the eyes of Jin-woo, who was struggling, some scenes of TV went through.

It was the appearance of the Hunter Association building overlooking it with a helicopter.


‘Let’s try it once?’

The eyes of Jin-woo, whose mouth came up, shone unusually brightly.

When I took out my cell phone, I found the number stored by Jinwoo.

As always, the recipient received a call, like a knife, before the aspiration sounded several times.

-Yes. Sung Hunter. Woo Jin Chul.

“Now we should call the president of Woo Jin-cheol?”

Woo Jin-cheol, who laughed and laughed, said lightly.

– You can call it as you like. I’m getting an awkward job because I get a title that ‘s so overwhelming to me.

Woo Jin-cheol’s voice, which I thought was a reasonable timing after a brief visit, got serious.

– What happened to you? I suddenly get in touch with you, so I worry about it.

As the time was around, Woojinchul was tense.

In the meantime, Hunter, who has the strongest influence in Korea, has suddenly contacted me, so I have to be nervous.

“It’s no big deal …”

The nervous Woo Jin-cheol swallowed a spittle.

‘It may be a serious situation for us to be a lesson for St. Hunter. No, it could be a more serious situation because St. Hunter is not serious.

In a moment of silence, Woojin Chul tried to calm his heart and listen.

Jin-woo, who was not really a problem, asked without question.

“Can I borrow the association’s gym?”

* * * Woo Jin-chul met with me in the midst of busy work.

“as you see… This is the situation at the gym. ”

Jinwoo scratched his side head.

I wanted to use the gym because I needed a quiet place that was inconspicuous of others, and it was full of hunters already in the room.

Looking at the weapons they had in their hands, Jinu remembered what was in the gym storehouse late.

“Are you providing weapons to poor hunters?”

“Yes, for this occasion, the president of the KCCI has prepared it.”

The head of Jinwoo was nodded.

What I want to show to those who have pointed out that I have put expensive equipment in the association, why not use it.

I felt a sense of hell in the hunters wearing the equipment I was passing by.


A large hunter holding a limb in his armor coated with horsepower came into his head unawares and confronted with his eyes.


He witnessed the best Hunter he had only seen in the news, and he was surprised.

“Sungjin Hunter?”


“Is St. Hunter here?”

The Hunters who were filling the gym looked back at once.


Sung Jin Hun Hunter looked at this side silently with the president of the association at the entrance according to the words of the big Hunter.

The loud inside was quiet without a word of chat.

Heavy aura.

The overwhelming presence that could not be felt on the screen came out from the peak point Hunter in front of me.

A person who is in a situation where he can not get along is only beginning to see his heart start to run. Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

The expression of the Hunters who treated Jinwoo was increasingly recalled.

The eyes of envy and honor flew to Jinwoo.

That’s it.

Jinwoo could come up with a story to tell by phone, so I could see the intention of Woo Jinchul.

These are all low-end hunters who can not afford expensive horsepower equipment.

The president of the new association wanted to encourage morale by showing the best ally to subordinate hunters who would be called upon a sudden call and mentally exhausted.

It was full of vitality in the eyes of the lower Hunters who discovered Jinwu that his idea was right.

Jin-woo laughed at the wit of Woojin Chul who had been leading the surveillance department for a long time.

Woo Jin-cheol, who scratched his nape quietly, shouted at me for asking.

“But Hunter. Why do you need a gym? ”

Jin-woo brought something out of his inventory, pulling it out of his pocket.

“I’ll write this.”

Woo Jincheol looked up at his head when he saw the seeds of plum on the palm of Jinwoo.

“this… What is this?”

“When you plant this on the ground, you will see a tree-like marsh. I have to test it with him. ”

“Are you out of the water?”

Jinwoo nodded to Woojin Chul, who had a round eye.

Tree-wielders are spitting out seeds with their fledgling before they die. If you do not destroy them, you will again have a marsh.

I had to destroy all the seeds because it was too inefficient to hunt repeatedly because of the high defense and vitality, but I kept it on the inventory separately because I thought that the seeds that were dropped from the boss grade masseuse would probably be used later.

The name that Jinwoo puts in the name means ‘sturdy neck’ as it means hard wearing.

‘If he is not the best to try a new blade.’

the problem is.

“If you look at the movements of mars in a confused atmosphere these days, many people will be upset.”

Woo Jin Chul worried.

Jinwoo agreed.

“So I needed a quiet, sturdy place that was not visible to anyone …”

The Hunter Association Gymnasium can not be used by the general public, and if it is strong, it would be difficult for the second person.

Jinwoo turned his head toward the hunters again.

Still, many Hunters grabbed the weapons they had received from the association and were gnawing at Jinwoo.

“But this is the situation.”

Jin-woo kicked his tongue like he was sorry.

There is a way to use seeds in an empty land in Japan, but it is too far away to fly for that and skill is not enough to use Shadow Exchange.

I do not know what will happen here for two hours in Japan.

Woo Jin-cheol, who made a decision for Jin-woo trying to take such a step, decisively said.



“I will clear all afternoon schedule for the gym today for Mr. Hunter. Compared to Hunter’s work, this is not on the benefit side. ”

The former chairman of Kogurye Hee also revised the related laws for Sungjin Hunter.

It was his word that he would not be able to look at the benefits of such an excellent Hunter so that he could ask him to fight for his life.

By the way.

Would that be the case if the person who became president on behalf of Him can not lend a gym?

“Is that so?”

When Jinwoo asked anxiously, Woo Jincheol laughed.

“You will not see it, but I’m the final chief here. I decide to open and close. ”

Woojin chul met his hands and gathered his eyes and gave strength to his neck.

“Person in charge!”

“Yes, old!”

Jinwoo reminded me of the fact that I had to look at the association staff running from afar and far away, and whether the title was awkward, or matching title, should also be high.

A luxury hotel in Seoul.

A man looking down a sidewalk from a window without telling a complicated road with cars trying to get out of Seoul.

Laura is approaching behind Thomas.

Her hand was holding a handle of a luggage bag full of luggage.

“Will not the master leave?”


Thomas smashed the window with the tip of the index finger.

The end point is the gate.

“How could you leave this place big and beautiful?”

“It’s big, but … Beautiful? ”

Thomas ‘s travels I am familiar now, but it’ s beautiful to see the giant and sinister gates that are horrible.

Thomas turned to his puzzling manager.

“Everything that makes my breasts run is beautiful.”

Thomas confirmed the pulse of his heart with his hands on his chest.

From the moment I saw the gate, until now my heart was not tiring and I was pounding hard.

“The dragon that blazed fire, the big gate, and the power of Sungjin Hunter are all beautiful things to me.”

I can not do it.

Laura shook her head, but she could not hide her laughter.

Thomas laughed with his hands on his chest.

“And there is no gate anyway, what are you doing back?”

“But… I am worried about the Hunter Bureau. ”


Thomas was laughing because someone was worried about his comfort.

“It’s funny to say that you’re worried. Where is the safer place in the world next to the Sungjin Hunter? ”

So much so that Thomas was saying that he was gone.

It was not a secret that the Hunter Administration had already asked the Sung Jin Hun Hunter for the safety of the world’s top class hunters.

Thomas smiled and turned to Laura, who could not find a word to say.

Beyond the ultra-large scale, the gate, which is called ultra-large, was wriggling quietly from the sky in Seoul.

“If you can not stop here anyway, there is no behind this.”

The catastrophe that even the Seong Jinwoo did not prevent continues for eight more times in the future.

Who will stop it?


Or is it Ryuzukan of China or other state power hunters?

Sounds unimportant.

“So I want to see it.”

Thomas was laughing at Laura as reflected in the window.

“Will this be the end of human history or a new beginning?”

An empty gym.

Jinwoo walked to the center of the spacious gym.

‘Let’s do it around here.’

Jinwoo put the seed on the floor and sprinkled water on it.

Seeds and water. I found several times that the mars were grown without the need for soil or sunshine.

Wood Gain, Wood Gain – With the sound of bones twisting, seeds quickly began to grow into trees.


It is a spectacular sight even a few times.

It is a gigantic vitality that the number of individuals will not decrease even in a difficult environment where it is difficult to survive.

Jinwoo slowly retreated to the street where it seemed safe.

“Kie eek! Key to the ex! ”

The cubs were increasingly bloated and regained their original shape.

In the end, the seed was transformed into a giant monster with a head on the ceiling of the gym before it was less than five minutes.

“The key to the eek -!”

Without worrying about the roar of monstrous trees in the gym, Jin woke up calmly upgraded Ber.

‘come out.’

From the bottom of the ground Sreleve Berga was exposed.


The shape of the verse, which was quite different from the previous one, attracted attention.

Instead of the exoskeleton of the insect, the black armor, which is perfect for the body shape, is attached to the body, so it looks much stronger than before.

Where is it?

The black steam that had bloomed from the whole body became stronger, and now it looked like a flaming fire, not a haze.

Power overflowing!

Jinwu once again confirmed the info window of the ver.

[Berl Lv.Max] enemies rank.

There may only be one enemy class corresponding to a captain, and if another soldier reaches the enemy class, the captain must cover the heat.

‘There is a possibility that you can challenge from the general to the enemy grade, the grid and the grit that is about to upgrade to the general grade soon, are two …’

Thinking that the enemy class struggle of the three soldiers was also interesting, Jin wooed to Berr.

“Bert, try to attack as hard as you can.”

Have a hard time.

As instructed by the Lieutenant, Berr inflated his body.

On the key on the on – in on the ex -!

The Roar of a Real Beast!

The armor was also transformed naturally to fit the body that changed.

Soon, he took a pace that was twice as big as he had just been.

The fast pace became the run, and eventually it became a sprint, and it hit the throat.

Kooang -!

Ver’s eyes grew bigger.

The squeeze of the squeeze to the power of sucking did not allow the two armstools to fall apart, and they did not enter the wrist.

It is embarrassing for Ber who tears up even the S class marsh. Other than the magic attack, it was hardly hit, and it was a special armor of ‘Mokpo’ which was specialized in physical defense.

That’s it.

Jinwoo bite to a satisfactory result.

“Get out of the way.”

Berga withdrew quickly.

Jinwoo has brought two “Kamishi Rages” from the warehouse.


Two long daggers were caught in my hand.


Guo e -!

I wandered slowly to find a criminal who had a hole in his stomach.

Slow, slow.

You really do not see anything but defense.

But the defense is real enough.

How long will these two daggers last before their defense?

The black aura, which started to spread like a fire from his fingertips, wrapped his blade in a flash.

‘What is needed is destructive power?’

As soon as I thought so, the two swords became as thick as a thousand heavies.

I was about to grow tendons in the shoulder muscles of Jinwoo while holding weight.

‘1,500 damage … Let’s feel it once. ‘

When Jinwoo had a fighting spirit, two anger began to shatter the blade.

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