Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 210

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 210

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“Is not it Sungjin Hunter?”

“Where, where?”

“OMG… It’s a real Sungjin. ”

A lot of visitors came to the amusement park on the weekend, and they were looking for Jinwoo and they were looking at it.

“Who is the woman next to you? My girlfriend? ”

“wait… That’s not Hunter, the Hunter’s chase. ”

“OMG! Jackpot!”

“What, were you two dating?”

A woman who always keeps a tight cut so that she does not get caught in movement.

Cha Haein dropped his head a little and asked with a small voice that he was not familiar with the gaze of the people surrounding him.

“Did you like this?”

Jinwoo said with a smile.

“I do not like it, but I just wanted to see it once.”

When Masu’s bell was frozen, he looked back at the smiling face of his face like a child, and Cha Haein realized that his heart was running faster than ever.

However, the man next to him is a man who is distinguished among S class Hunters.

The cheek of Cha Hae was so hot that he could not hear the loud heart beating.

In order to turn Jinwoo around a bit more, she pulled out another question.

“Why did I want to come and see you once …”

“Only a friend is Haine.”


When did you decide to be friends with Sungjin Hunter?

When the car Haans, who was trying to remember the missing memories, unwittingly lifted his head, Jinwo, who had come into contact with each other, smiled mischievously.

“Why, before that strange statue …”

Oh, that day.

The day when I went into a double dungeon to save Jinwoo, the angel prize that I met there had asked me.

– What is the relationship between you and Sungjin?


Perhaps Jinwoo seemed to remember the answer at that time.

“Did you hear that?”

“It sounded. I have a better ear than others. ”

I felt a little uneasy about something, but then I got help from the station as well, rather than seeking Jinwoo.

I realized that I had saved my life several times with the help of Jinwoo.

“By the way… What was that strange dungeon in the end? ”

The explanation I was going to hear someday.

But Jinwoo thought it was not the time to answer.

“I’ll tell you later when I think about it. I do not know what it is now. ”

The car Haen nodded as if he knew.

While the conversation broke down for a while, Jinwoo suddenly looked around.

“here! Please check out here too! ”

“That’s Hunter’s fan!”

It was as if a famous entertainer walked in the downtown area and people swarming with bees swarmed their cell phones.

Now people are more familiar with the face of Jin-woo than the superstars who have been superb.

It was because Jinwoo’s face could be seen anywhere on the channel after the ultra-large gate was created.

If it is usual, laugh. But I did not want to be disturbed by the relaxation time that accompanied me.

‘Come out.’

When Jinwoo gave the instructions, Jinwoo’s personal bodyguards, who worked harder than anyone else, showed up.

These grit and elite articles.

Thirty of the characters protruding from the shadows surrounded the Jinwha and Cha Haein, and walked to the pace to keep pace.

Especially, this grit was careful to go to the place where the camera flash pops and waggle with index finger.

I was embarrassed by the car that I walked to in the escort of the knights.

“Would not it be more noticeable to do this?”

“It would not look in our eyes.”

Somehow it was convincing, and the head of Cha Hae was nodded.

It was not that I felt like I was really relieved because the gaze that had been pouring from everywhere disappeared.

Come to think of it.

How often did you go out with such a light heart?

About two years since I became a hunter.

In the meantime, she had never remembered resting comfortably.

I wonder if my colleagues will get hurt on the day I get out of the raid. I always had to feel nervous and tense.


‘…It’s different when you’re with this person. ‘

A man who can rely on himself.

With Jinwoo, I feel like I have just returned from a duty to meet the expectation of my colleagues who depend on me.

One step.

Unbeknownst to himself, he caught up with Jinwo, and the ball of the car hailed red.

‘Scent is … I.’

I regret to see Cha in the car that the expression of the expression was brighter.

‘I will do this from the beginning.’

Jinwu asked, pointing at the rides that fall off at high speed from a dizzying height rather than looking around the rides.

“Do you want to see that?”


Jinwoo pointed to other rides in the answer that came too easily.

“How about that?”


“Then what’s next?”

“That’s good too.”

“All right?”

“Yes, everything is good.”

Jin looked at the car hindered by his face and laughed.

‘What, I just did not want to come to this.’

Instead of disliking her, Jinwoo put her mind at ease and held her to the nearest rides.

“So let’s ride it all, we.”

* * * But.

I did not have as much fun as I expected.

¼É! ¼É!


Luckily, Jin-woo, sitting in the front seat of the roller coaster, appreciated the scenery that quickly passed through the screaming people without star inspiration.

‘uh? I’m going to shed some ice cream. Well, yeah. Wait, is the restaurant corner over there? But I have not had enough time to eat dinner yet … ‘

Hmm. As the roller coaster accelerates, Jinwu was having a boring time because all the backgrounds were as slow as slow-moving images.

If you were just thinking about it, you could stand and stand until the roller coaster stopped.

‘…’Jin-woo looked back as he struggled to cope with yawning to come out.

Some of the grit and soldiers who supported me wanting to get in the way came to my attention.

Each of their facial muscles has been conveyed the thrill and pleasure they are feeling now.

I hear their heartbeat pulsating.

On the other hand.

“_´. Jinu, who felt his heart beating like a normal man with his hand, laughed grinily.

I was much more excited when I ran into all of my strength to feed the face of the gigantic statue that was at the height of the sky.

‘When I’m kicked out of the penalty zone, what about it?’

A hundred times more than now, but I was more scared than that.


Jinwoo quickly shook his head to give his thought.

‘When you come to these places, you are reminded of monsters.’

When I was worried that I was a real illness.

Jinwoo found a companion sitting with a similar look.

Figuring out.

Laughter came out.

Jin-woo asked the car Haen, who was stupefied.

“Is not it fun to play here?”

“Ah… no. fun.”

It was also good that I did not have to cry out loud like others because my opponent’s senses were sensitive.

“But why do not you yell once?”

There are only five rides that have been changed.

It was all rides of thrills, but she did not say that common ‘ah’ once.

She is also a S-class Hunter.

She is also out of the category of ordinary people.


I was relieved that I was not alone.

That moment.

Suddenly Jinwoo wanted to show her the world she was seeing.

I sensed the intention of Jinwoo, and he busted Berga Jinwoo.

[King … It may be dangerous for her.]

‘OK. If Mr. Hain falls, take responsibility. If you miss … know?’

[…I will accept it.]

The interrupter would have disappeared, Jinwu told the car Haen.

“Would you like to go for a real fun, not like this?”

“Really… Interesting? ”

As the roller coaster stopped, Jinwoo took the strange car Haein to the square.


People were resilient when they saw black knights escorting them.

But soon their elasticity turned into screaming.


“What is that?”

A gigantic black soldier, rising from a space where the shadow soldiers secured themselves behind them, fluttered their wings and roared toward the sky.

Kiah Aaak -!

The reaction of Cha Haein, who was the first to see the dripstone in such close proximity, was no different from the viewers.

“Three, my god …”

Jin woke hands to the car Hain who opened his eyes in a circle.

“Come on, come on.”

She suddenly disappeared when she saw Jinwoo riding on her back.

“This … Do you ride this? ”

“I told you.”

Jin-woo, who is less than that, raised her with the skill of the ruler.


When she was dragged by the invisible force, she sounded surprised.

But the reaction Jinwoo expects is not the end there.

It’s just the beginning. Jinwoo, who sat behind the car Haein who was unable to shut up, instructed Kaiser.


Tears -!

As if waiting, Caesar flapped with his big wings.

Looking down at the increasingly distant people, Cha Haein swallowed his saliva.


It was different from the tension when riding a play equipment.

Naturally, his hand was wrapped around his waist.

Now, when the height of the spectators was so high that they could not be seen, the voice of Cha Haein grew.

“Well, there.”


“Why is that ant flying along?”

When Jinwoo protruded his head and looked down, he could see Berr coming up to the bottom of Kaiser.

Jinwoo leaned on his face with a smile on his face.

“Security agent!”


“Hold tight. I will fly from now on. ”


Do you need further explanation?

Jinwoo felt tremendous pressure on Haein ‘s arm wrapped around his waist.

‘If this was a normal man, you would have folded your waist?’

That’s how she feels.

Jin-woo, whose operation is already half successful, said in a voice of excitement.

“Kaiser, at top speed!”


After Kaisell, who started his flight with all his power, the scream of the car Haein that broke out for the first time lasted a long time.

A small dragon that blows away the wind. Sheikh!

Jin Chu, who was in Chisel, flew to where he would not have been able to go without the S class Hunter in the back.

I went into the clouds that ravaged the winds, I crossed the high mountains like a ruffle, and passed over the endless snowy fields.

The most spectacular sight of them was the sunset, which was also seen from the sea.

Cycel slowly slowed down.

They watched the sun shining in the scarlet sky with the sea breeze blowing slowly on the cheeks, and watching the sun go down to the other side of the sea.

Like the tinted sky, the eyes of the car Haen, looking at the magnificent scenery, shone red.

Suddenly she became curious.

“Mr. Jinwoo.”


“Why are you going to an amusement park like this when you have this experience?”

“The amusement park …”

Jinwoo, who was wet with appreciation, said slowly.

“My father was the gate where the missing gate was created.”


If the father failed and the dungeon breaks, the park is closed and people are still overflowing.

At first, I left my family and blamed my father for leaving.

Now, just looking at the other family who laughed and laughed there felt something filled in the empty heart.

So it was done.

“So I wanted to go to one time sometime.”

Jin hung the back of the loud talker, and hugged me humbly.

Her warm warmth has been conveyed to the back.

Cha Haein said.

“Thank you.”

Jin-woo looked back at the sudden greetings, but the appearance of the car Hae who is close to the back was absent.


“Greetings… I wanted to make sure. I have always been helped. ”

From her back, she felt her true heart in the throbbing heart in the throat neck.


So that’s what happened.

Jin-woo, who was laughing lightly, reversed the direction of Caesells.

“Where are we going now?”

Jinwoo replied to the car Haein, who is asking in an uncomfortable voice.

“I want to show you something.”

* * * It was Japan, not Korea, where I flew a long way.

There is no human being in the restricted area, and even animals do not live in the place where they run away from the aura of the helpless masters. In the wide forest area where even the breath of little creatures can not be heard, Cassell fell down.


Jin-woo, who first descended on the floor of the cellar, fell down to help Hae-in.

“Be careful …”

Even before Jinwu reached for his hand, a lightly seated car shrugged his shoulders.

Jinwoo, who had forgotten her job for a while, laughed.

“Here …?”

The car Haen, who had seen more than he imagined today, looked around with his eyes full of anticipation.


There was no other place to see except for the endless waterfalls.

Jinwoo said, putting the blanks in the system shop on the floor.

“If you tell me in advance, it’s no fun.


Did they get it wrong?

However, the hearing of the S-class Hunter did not erroneously pronounce this clear pronunciation, and Jinwu on the blankets had already finished preparing to lay down.

“Come on.”

I started to chuckle as if the car of the car that saw the cheer that seemed to be carelessly burst out.

“Sincerity… it is?”

Cha Haein once again confirmed the meaning of Jinwoo.

But Jinwoo nodded seriously without any shaking.

As he saw the hesitating car Haein approaching, Jinwoo lay down slowly. Soon Cha, laying next to Jin, seemed to have made a big determination in India and spread his legs straight.

“Ready… That’s Okay.”

Jinwoo said to the car Haein, whose eyes closed tightly.

“Then open your eyes.”

As she opened her eyes gently, she pointed to the sky silently.

And the pouring starlight.


In the feast of starlight that filled the sky, Haine was unknowingly resilient.


What qualifier can express this sight other than the word beauty?

I was satisfied with the reaction of Cha Haein and said with a smile.

“I stopped here to deal with the dungeon brakes, and I saw this night sky.”

I closed my eyes and closed my tired body, but the surroundings were so bright that I could not sleep at all.

I was so annoyed that I opened my eyes and the unfolding was the echoes of the stars surrounding the whole sky.

Just watching the starlight, my heart was clutching.

“I thought it would be great if I could see this night sky with someone.”

A night full of stars in a quiet forest where no sound can be heard. Jinwoo wanted to share this feeling with this moment.

Fortunately, the result.

The fact that there is a person nearby who can feel what he feels gives a strong relief.

I felt like I was loosening my mind gently.

But then.


Jinwoo felt the hand of the car Haenin rising above his own hand.

“hand… Can I grab it? ”

Holding on already.

Jin made a smile and changed the position of the back of his hand.

It was cold, but the hand of a soft woman was filled in her hand.

Quietly, very quietly.

Overlapping starlings poured down over their heads.

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