Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 214

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 214

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New York, London, Shanghai, Paris.

In addition, the streets of many metropolitan cities were all static.

Those who stopped walking could not take their eyes off the billboards installed all over the street.

It is a breaking news about the disaster that happened in Seoul, the capital city of Seoul, which constantly flows on the large screen.

The news came out quickly because the attention was focused on the emergence of ultra-large gates.

Broadcasters from around the world stopped regular broadcasts and streamed live in Seoul.

The viewers from all over the world were astonished when the camera taken in the sky was filled with bloodshed city.

Seoul is one of the largest metropolises in the world.

Seoul was in the shape of me, saying that the city where they stand can not guarantee safety.

The disaster in Seoul felt like their own business, not an accident in a remote country.

Is that so?

The viewers were relieved when Thomas stepped out of the monster.

Excited foreign reporters cried out for the name of the best American Hunter caught in the camera.

The audience gathered both hands and cheered Goliath in one accord.

So when Goliath ran wildly over the beast, cheers burst out in the streets.

“more! more! more!”

“Shattered! Break it down, Goliath! ”

“Come on!”


The cheers and cheers that filled the streets were transformed into shocking silence when Goliath’s fists shattered, his arms broke, and blood and flesh began to splash.

The hands of the viewers who were heading toward the sky came down slowly.

Some people shed their tears silently, watching the strongest warrior in the human race.

As if time had stopped.

Even those who have lost their say in a shock have not heard it.

If this is a dream, come on.

But the screen continued to send Goliath’s screams.

Viewers’ expressions turned into more and more deep desperation.

But then.

One Hunter popped out and blew the beast.

No, they were both.

A black-haired hunter who appeared silently next to a foreign hunter.

Not only the viewers but also the organizers of the breaking news can not hide the embarrassment of how this happened.

What happened?

Who are those two?

It happened so quickly, and because the camera was too far away, the hunters could not see their faces properly.


In the blink of an eye, the hostess who identified the black soldiers filling the streets screamed close to the scream.

[Sung Jin Hun Hunter! Sung Jin Hunter showed up!] [I can not even see my face! You can name it! I still know who it is! Those black soldiers, that’s a 100 percent Sung Jin Hunter!] [Goliath fell and Baton went to Sungjin Hunter! Siege Hunter ‘s pets have surrounded the monsters!

Wow ah -!

I watched the black soldiers in the streets of Seoul, and the viewers of the world were enthusiastic with their hands raised high.


Recently, the tragic loss of a state – class hunter, and the shouting of Americans who were in shock at the risk of Thomas, were all around the city.

The view of Jeju island ant raid video that Jinwoo was active already exceeded 2 billion.

A name that I do not already know.

The world was named Jinwoo.

“I know that Hunter! I know that hunter! He’s just Renatnie of Germany! ”

Even those who tried to brag about their own eyes for a moment, quickly lifted their hands along the perimeter and exclaimed Sung Jin-woo.

The world.

All eyes of the world watched the back of Jinwoo.

* * * The Shadow Legion rounded around Jinwoo and the three monarchs.

Skill ‘s territory of the monarch’ on the shaded streets of the Shadow Legion has reached the peak of morale.

How are you?

Jinwoo looked at the faces of the monarchs one by one.

They were interesting.

A huge feminine giant made of worms laughed as he looked around the streets filled with soldiers.

[This is the new Shadow Legion?] [Number is a law, but it must be.

The monarch of the frigid has appeared as if it is not a small sum.

Huh – When he breathed his breath as he breathed lightly breaths, horrible chills spread in all directions.


Everything on the earth froze for a moment.

Shadow corps could not be an exception.


Jinwoo’s face, which confirmed the frozen soldiers, stiffened.

The power of the monarchs to neutralize soldiers at once. I had already experienced it once when I faced Varan, the monarch of the White Flame, in the Devilish Incan.

The difference between then and now is that the enemy was one, and now it is three. The soldiers who were trapped in the ice did not get a command to cancel the summons.

[Your soldiers can not move a step in my prison.]

The tyrannical monarch who tied the shadows’ legs was confident of victory.


Even under such circumstances, Jinwoo’s living did not shrink.


In the right hand, the blade of the ‘Anger of Kamish’ pointed to the monarch of the cold.

“You must kill yourself.”

Shadow troops’ combat power is their own secondary role.

Unfortunately, I could not use the soldiers, but I did not think I would save the monarch of the cold.

He had an owed debt.

[…]The monarch of the cold was also wrinkled with the tingling of his shoulder that had been hit by Jinwoo the other day.


When he lifted something with both hands, the golems made of ice from the ground came up.

At the same time.

The queen of the worms whistled, and the bodies of the citizens, scattered all over the street, began to move in unison.

Quizzes, Quizzes, Quizzes!

The bones and joints were twisted and aligned, and the bodies that repeatedly crawled into quadruple like a spider like a bizarre figure.


No, it is not an undead.

Moving corpses is a strange parasite that enters the minds of corpses.

Jeu, who felt the magic of moving insects in their heads, looked at the queen of insects.

[Did you think we killed people without any idea?]

The Queen planted a special parasite on each corpse of the human beings killed and killed by the beast.

Golem and parasites.

When they saw the enemy’s armies that could not be made into shadow soldiers, Jinwoo could realize how much they were aiming for this opportunity.

“Huh …”

I breathed my breath.

Golems and dead bodies that passed through the frozen shadow soldiers began to surround them.

I quietly listened to the heartbeat.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

So far, there have been many crises.

I closed my eyes now.

Extremely sensitive sensation was catching everything without missing one small move of the enemy.

can do.

As always.


When I opened my eyes, the spider humans, who came from all over the place, were filled with sight.

In a slow time.

Two of them, Camishe ‘s anger, burst out.

Sugar is available!

All the spider humans who jumped were disintegrated in the air at once.


Jin-woo, who jumped lightly on the golem’s fist that had fallen down toward him, first found the target to be removed.

The monarch of the cold.

He pointed to Jinwoo with an angry face and shouted at the golems.

But it is impossible for slow-moving golems to catch up with Jinwoo’s speed. Jinwoo shoots his body toward the cold monarch with the power of the ruler.

Jin-woo shot like a bullet flew at a terrifying pace.

The streets narrowed down in a flash, the astonishing monarch of astonishment, Jinwu swallowed his dagger hard.

What I’m aiming for is a face of a dead skin.



Just before the ‘anger of kamish’ drew his face, something solid blocked the dagger’s orbit.

The beast, the canine monarch, who reacted to the instantaneous speed of Jinwoo, blocked the wrath of ‘the anger of Kamish.’

[Do you want to hurt me with this metal thing?]

The beast laughed, revealing the bleeding teeth with blood and flesh.

Jinwoo also laughed.


Before the beast felt the ominousness, the black wrath of ‘Kamish’ s anger was covered by black.


The wrists of the beast that boasted firmness were cut cleanly.

The eyes of the beast grew.

I barely touched my upper body, I got a long, long wound on my chest.

At that time, the head of Jinwoo sensed a strong force and was lifted up.

‘…!’The queen of insects was beating up a huge fist made of magic.


Jinwoo landed on the ground, and at the same time, he pushed down the queen’s fist with the skill of the ruler.

But the power of the queen of the worms was stronger than I thought, and it just stopped.


The spider humans were swept away by the shock waves generated by the bombs of the queen ‘s fist and the shield made of the power of the ruler.

But apart from those who were swept away, a much larger number of spider humans flocked to it.

Jinwu jumped into the air by stepping on the head of one of them.

And I focused my magic on the ‘Anger of Camisch’.

Stabbing – Black Ora condensed in a vibrating black blade distorted the surrounding space.

That moment.


Jin woke up, and wielded his dagger with all his might.


At the end of the dagger, the horsepower stretched out in dozens of ways, sweeping down the enemies below.

Dragon’s claw!

Half of the ice golems and spider humans just disappeared once they attacked.



When Jinwoo turned his head to the side, he saw a huge palm that had already reached his nose. The dark shade created by the palm of the hand spread over the face of Jinwoo.

‘Damn it.’

In an attack from an angle where there is no way to avoid, Jinwoo once built a guard.

The queen of the worms, as if humans were beating the worms, crushed them into the building.


The impact was shaken up to the building on the other side of the road.

Jinwoo, who came out of the pile of collapsed buildings, fell down on the floor and spit out a rough moan.


I was dizzy.

Pimp – My tongue is in my ear.

My breath was getting a little cold, and my vision was a bit cloudy.


There was no time to take a leisurely pleasure here.

Let’s open your head.

Thousands of ice arrows, created by the monarchs of the cold, came to the foreground, some tens of meters above the head.

Jin-woo, who raised his body, stopped breathing.

Soon, the ice arrows, which were filled with the sky, flooded to him.

Faster, faster!

The magic arrows that poured without a gap in one tooth began to strike with the dagger.

It was so fast that I could see how many afterimages overlap each other.

‘But how long can we keep our pincers?’

The monarch of the cold was constantly calling out the arrows and smiling.

A moment when the movement of the man is slow even a little.

At that time.


[……?]The monarch of the cold was identified with a dagger stuck in his chest with shaking eyes.

It is your blood that is buried in your hands. I looked up and saw a cheeky man staring at himself while blowing up a dagger while he was pulling out the arrows.

Anger, like all the blood of the body, is boiling up to the top of the head.

[Yours, to me who is a monarch!]


Jinwoo quickly recovered the dagger that had been stuck in his chest.

The right place is the heart.

Despite being a human wound and a dead man, it did not seem to be a fatal to those guys.

But thanks to the rain of arrows that covered the sky stopped.

I hold back the “anger of camish” again, and Jinwu reveals it to the cold monarch.

“I said. You’ll never get back alive. ”

[Aaa great!]

Golems controlled by a furious cold monarch, spider humans slaughtered by the monarch of the plague, and canine monarch regenerated.

The canine monarch, moving his arms around, brought his sword over the space like Jinwoo did.

At first glance, the appearance of the enemy who resumed such a movement came in at a glance.

Jinwoo gave strength to his two hands holding the “Anger of Camisch” and stroked the breathing slowly, gazing at the enemies coming at it.



A few times more pleasant voice came from behind the back with the sound like something lumps.

[King, come on!

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