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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 216

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218 Episode “Are you in the mood?”

As soon as he heard a familiar voice, Jinwoo opened his eyes.

Smell of disinfectant to stimulate a clear white ceiling and nose.

I was able to see where this place was, even if it was not the feeling of a hard bed touching my back.


But when the cold ice dagger was struck, I felt certain that the heart was broken from the inside of the chest.

‘By the way… I’m alive? ‘

Jinwu caused the upper body.

I saw two people who had an irritated face waiting for a long time ago.

One of them was a person who knew Jinwoo well.

“President Woo Jin-cheol. Monarchs … No, what happened to the monsters? How am I living? ”

Woo Jin-cheol shared a embarrassing gaze with one of the surveillance staff next to him and said to take off his sunglasses soon.

“I’ll tell you three things.”

Then he pulled his chair to the side of the bed and sat down. The subordinate stuck closely behind it.

“First, I am not the president of the association, but the supervisor. Second, the moving stone statues are the part I want to ask Sung Jin Hun Hunter. And the third. ”

His eyes gleamed from his eyes.

“How do you know me? Was it a sphere? ”

“Wait, wait a minute. Moving statues? ”

“We have already received the report of the survivors and visited the scene with the Baekho guild.”

“No, not that.”

Jin-woo, who broke the words of Woo Jin-cheol, shook his head because he could not help it.

In words, emotions that can not be expressed are pushed around.


Jinwoo looked up at the ceiling with his head.

Since I opened my eyes, I thought it was a beautiful sight, but it was really there.

‘Inevitable to see in the eyes …’

I spent two weeks here.

VIP hospital in the hospital provided by the Hunter Association.

After surviving in the dungeon, he returned to the hospital where he first saw his eyes.

When I think of Woo Jin Chul’s words, it seemed simply that the place was not like that time.

‘how… Is this happening? ‘

Woo Jin-chul anxiously asked Jin-woo, who was unable to speak.

“…Are you okay? ”

Jin wiped his hand in the sense that he did not worry about Jin-woo, who rubbed his temple and started rubbing his temples.

“I want to sort out my thoughts quietly by myself. Let’s finish my horsepower measurement soon. ”

How do you know that they suspect the possibility of awakening after awakening?

Woojin chul, who looked at Jinwoo in such a blank expression, quickly shook his head like he was trying to shake off the chaos.

“Once we want to hear about what happened in it. If you ever see something before losing consciousness … ”

“As I said before, I do not remember.”

Have you ever talked to Sung Jin Hun Hunter before?

No, there is not.

Absolutely not.

As a result of surveillance, the hunters who once met, did not forget the name ‘Sung Jin-woo’ in the memories of Woo Jin-cheol.

‘It seems like you are confused by your big shock.’

Woo Jin-chul saw Jinwoo’s condition and concluded so.

if so.

Woo Jin-cheol, who thinks that he should finish his work soon and return.

“Bring it on.”

The subordinates brought a small horsepower gauge to Woo Jin-cheol’s instructions.

‘Ha …’

In a state that is not different from the memory, Jinwoo flows out.

“You just have to lay your hands on this marble for a while.”


Thanks to Jinwoo’s cooperation, the measurement process is over.

But Woo Jin-chul, who was trying to check the measurement results, wrote the impression. Then, I looked around the staff to work the machine several times.

“Why does not it work? Did you tell me to check before you leave? ”


Employees who were not embarrassed suddenly looked around the meter, but nothing changed.

The meter, which had operated normally until just before, was suddenly turned off as soon as the hand of the measurement object reached. Then it did not work anymore.

“ø¤. Wu Jin-cheol, who had tongue-tongue in his face, apologized to Jin-woo for his patience.

“I think we made a mistake. Could you wait a moment, please? It is a necessary procedure for the investigation of this case. Please cooperate … ”

Before hearing the explanation, he looked at Jin-ho, nodding his head, and Woo Jin-chul walked out of the room with his subordinate.

However, Woo Jin-chul came back with a few stops.


Jin-woo lifted his head to the behaviors of Woo Jin-cheol, who was the only other person to remember.

Wu Jincheol asked in front of Jinwoo.

“Perhaps… Do you know the level of punishment for fraudulent registrants? ”

“…””I’ve met a lot of top-notch hunters, but I have never seen Hunter with the same look as you. If there is anything to hide, now. ”

“There is not.”

As soon as Jin-woo, who was said to cut it off, was looking at a slump, Woojin-cheol bowed his head sharply.

“Excuse me.”

Looking at the back view of Woo Jin Chul going out of the room, he thought that he was a person who is more suitable for monitoring than the president of the association.

He would.

“Status window.”

The current level is displayed in the status window that you called without being alarmed by the floating message in the air.

[HP: 93,300] [MP: 155,720] [Fatigue: 0] [Stats] Power: 324 Stamina: 320 Dexterity: 340 Intelligence: 340 Sensation: 321 (Distributable Ability Points: 0) Physical Damage Reduction: 65% Magic Damage Reduction: 44% [Skill] Passive Skill: Lv.1, Cost of Dagger Lv.max Active skill: Quick Lv.max, Living Lv.2, Nando Lv.max, Stalemate Rush Lv.max Stolen Lv.max Lordship Lv.max [Occupation-specific skill] Active skill: Shadow Lv.2 Saving shadows Lv.Area of two monarchs Lv.2 Shadow Exchange Lv.2 ‘The level is higher than the last one, is it because of the experience obtained by the monarch’s treatment?

It was not just that.

In the warehouse, all the things I had put in it were stored.

When he saw two swords of “camishee” kept in the front row, Jinwu broke down.

I came back for the first time with everything I had done before.

‘Shadow soldiers do not remain …’

Stop collecting your troops again.

Jinwoo, who brought abilities and memories, was confident that he could do much better than before.


How did this happen?

Why is this happening?

I could not laugh even though it was my chance to catch up with all kinds of thoughts crossing my mind.

Jin-woo looked up and looked back at what he had forgotten.

‘Now …’

I knew it.

My sister just entered the timing exactly as I remembered.


After losing friends, I laughed somewhere but I could not see the depth of my face from the face of my brother who was always shaded.

Jin-woo, who had a heartbreak in his brother’s face, grabbed his brother.

“Oh, brother?”

Jinha, who was trying to stop Hunter when he broke up, was embarrassed to lose his player to Jinwoo.

“what? Why is this? Is your hair injured? ”

The brother who fell down and barely grinned, and the brother who disappeared, disappeared with strange eyes.

I can not say the cock, but it’s something different from my usual brother.

I was impressed by the fact that my brother was getting taller during the few days I had not seen it.

As Jin-ae was confused, Jin-woo gradually came to terms with his thoughts.

Things that I had to do were in my mind in order.

Jin pursued his brother out and changed his clothes.

I wore clothes that I had worn before, and I was alive.

You can not walk around town in a patient ‘s uniform.

Jinne shouted as he looked at Jinwoo, who was passing by himself and moving fast somewhere.

“Brother, where are you going?”

“To the Hunter Association.”

“Why are you there?”

“Hunter is going to tell you to stop.”


Jin turned his brother round his eyes round.

“I know you’ve been out for a while, so go to school soon.”


In the eyes of Jin-a, who has become increasingly unaware that his brother’s back has disappeared.

* * * The staff of the association confirming the results of the review ran their eyes several times.

Is it only two years since the accident?

The face of the employee looking up at the tenth unrecoverable grade Hunter turned white.

The man who disregarded it because of beggarly behavior is a class S Hunter.

“Gee, I’m measuring the horsepower of Sungjin Hunter as a device now.”

“I know. However, I would like to meet with the president once before the remeasurement, right?

“Tongue, the president of the association?”


When Jinwoo, who is undergoing the review process, requested the meeting with the president of the association, the employee immediately picked up the receiver.

“Yes, yes, yes. Measurement is only rating. Okay. Yes. I will tell you so. ”


The President of the Hunter said that he would meet this man.

“Then I will guide you to the president’s office …”

“I know the location of the president’s office. I’ll take care of it. ”

After a short greeting, I was embarrassed by the face of the employee looking at Jinwoo approaching the elevator.

‘How does an outsider know the location of the president’s office?’

However, the elevator carrying the man stopped at the floor with the president’s room.

“Hut …”

An employee who watched the flood sign with anxious gaze burst into resilience.

Ting – After stopping off from the elevator, Dunnu passed by and found a familiar face to take to the elevator.

Jinwoo turned around.


Jinwoo pressed the open button when he looked back at himself.

“Is it me?”

“I have a stealth skill, but I have not reported it. I was not even in the middle of the intensive management, but a senior Hunter. ”

The face of Hunter and Kang Tae-sik of the Supervision Department got stuck.

“How do you …?”

“Someone will ask you for your daughter’s revenge. I do not care what I do with criminals. But if it hurts innocent hunters, you die in my hand. ”

When Jinwu showed his life, Kang Tae-sik was puzzled and laughed at his waist dance.

However, there was not.

Kang Tae-sik, who stumbled back, realized that his knife had disappeared.

“Are you looking for this?”

Jinwoo threw and gave back the knife he had received.

Kang Tae-sik, who realized that Jin-woo was different from the Hunters who had been playing with him for the past, got the knife silently.

“The warning is once.”

If you like your mind, you can cut yourself as much as you want, so Kang Tae-sik nods slowly, putting his knife down.

Then he turned around and asked about Jinwoo’s back.

“Hey… Who the hell are you? Have we met? ”

Jinwoo walked in the corridor without saying a word, but quietly entered the office.

After his disappearance, Kang Tae – sik, who was looking down at his hand full of sweat, pulled out of the “Open” button.

“…It feels like a ghost. ”

* * * ‘The President …’

Jinwoo stopped.

I was sitting at the fountain of the association and was reviewing the documents.

On the threshold, Jin Jin looked at the president with a longing gaze.

Kanghee said with a smile.

“It’s not enough for me to open the door with confidence. You can come in, Sungjin Hunter. ”

Kanghee woke up from his chair and walked forward, encouraging Jinu to sit on the sofa.

And he put his butt on the other side.

“Are not you going to sit down?”

Suddenly, when I first met at the face, I saw the superimposed superstructure, and the face of Jinwoo hardened for a moment.

Jinwoo, who was standing for a while, sat down.


Kun-hee, who saw such a genius, opened a speech.

“If you look for me right after the review, I think you know some of the procedures.”

“That’s right.”

“Then I’ll tell you in a short and straight way.”

“Before that, I have something I would like to suggest to the president.”


The president of Koganeh President was embarrassed by the young man who acted as though he knew he would become a S-class hunter.

But dangham is a great weapon for young people.

I did not hate the young man who was in front of me.

So is it.

I listened to the young man’s words without concealing their smiles naturally.

“What do you want, Hunter?”

“Please change the rules so that Hunter can include the summoned summons in the raid.”

“You want to fix the rules … It is quite a difficult request. I hope it will be accompanied by an attractive condition that I can not help but demand. ”

Said Jin – woo, who had been in a hurry for a while.

“I’ll catch all of Jeju Island’s ants.”

Now it is urgent to supplement the soldiers.

And there are a lot of good quality athletes waiting to be made into shadow soldiers in Jeju Island.

If this proposal is accepted, not only will the shadow soldiers be reinstated, but there is no need to worry about the personnel restrictions in future activities.

I wanted to finish this work before I wake up my mother with ‘the life of life’.

However, in the ears of the president, Jin-woo’s proposal sounded like he was going to commit suicide.

“Do not be ridiculous!”

Reasonably anticipated response.

Jinwoo freed all the magic power that was sleeping in him calmly, without delay.

From Jinwoo, a mighty force that can not be predicted was spread.

Only a strong person can measure the strength of the opponent. Thousand and.

The president of the Koguryo Association, called the sky above, shook his head with a face that he could not believe.

“how… How is this … What is this? ”


I have never felt this magical power anywhere and in anyone.

State power hunter?

No, they were able to overcome it, and the president of Kun – hee did not close his mouth.

“I can solve Jeju island ants.”

It is said that it is the life expectancy of the chairperson of the Kunihi Association.

I was trying to scold the young man’s lack of iron in the expression of Jin-woo, and there was a change of expression on the face of President Kun-hee.

“Sincerity… Are you? ”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

“I can only do that. Please leave it to me. ”

* * * Jin-woo looked at the carcasses of ant athletes scattered from the end of the earth to the end of this earth.

And now at the feet.

BER, no, the body of the ant king was still in place.

I had not seen him a long time, but I already missed the voice of Beres looking for the king.

Jin wailed toward the ants.

“Get up.”

Then, in the shadow of all the ants that came into the sight of Jinwoo, the shadow soldiers came up sharply.

Among them was Enver.

“King …”

Looking around at the thousands of ants kneeling around him, Jinwoo slowly nodded his head.

A new army.

From the beginning, the new Shadow Legion, fully equipped, pledged allegiance to Jinu.


Jinwoo was able to convince after talking with them.

“…Let’s stop.”

Emptiness in this heart that is not filled even though it is equipped with shadow corps.

Berga lifted his head with a worried look, but he could see that even his look and feelings were false.

So, now that I am facing them, I feel more sore.

A thick tendon formed in the neck of Jinwoo.

“I know this whole thing is fake. Stop at this point and expose your identity! ”

So fantastic reality too.

So for a while I really wanted this real thing to be real.

But as much as the time spent here.

The emptiness that grew in proportion to time could not be concealed anyway.



Jinwoo, who made a roaring effort toward the air, realized the change.

Stopped time.

The eyes of all ant soldiers who lifted his head were toward him.

The mechanical eyelids burst into embarrassment.


From the foot of Jinwoo, the territory of the monarch, the shadow of the bird, spread quickly.

All that touches the shadows faded away.

Bere, soldiers, dead bodies, the earth, the sea, and finally to heaven.

Soon the whole world was shaded.

It turned into darkness itself.

Then, a heavy voice came from somewhere in the darkness.

If you want, you can stay in this world forever. Just like in a happy dream, it never breaks again.

She looked around looking around for an unknown voice.

“Do you mean to stay locked in the fantasy that you made?”

[no. I did not make it. This world is what you made.

“I made it?”


I felt something approaching to Jinwo who refuted.


Jinwoo turned around.

just as expected.

Someone walked out in the darkness of the back.

A black armor made elaborately so that it can not be compared with other shadow soldiers. And the shocking pressure that I could not feel in any other existence.

Jinwoo had difficulty even opening his mouth as he faced him.

He said.

[A world created by adding my strength to your desire to make up for the mistakes you have made in the meantime. This is death, my domain.]

Jinwoo is just that.

I realized now that this standing darkness is enveloping myself more than any other place in the world.

‘This is eternal rest …’


So, the man who says the world beyond his consciousness is his realm …

Jin asked to hear the answer directly from his mouth.


The man of black armor slowly approached.

I have been watching you for a much longer time than you think. You are closer to death than anyone else and have resisted desperately more than anyone.]

me… You were watching?

After all, he looked down at Jinwoo with black eyes that he would suck.

[I am the work of your rebellion, a sign of your resistance, a reward of pain. I am death, rest and fear.]

One word of his voice sounded heavily in Jinwoo.

The memories that had fallen in order to survive even though they were weak, made their minds jump as they passed through the brain like a spear.

Grabbing Jinwoo’s wrist, he raised Jinwoo’s hand on his chest.

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

Even though I was beyond a thick armor, I could feel it clearly.

How do you not know?

This familiar heart beat that you can always hear if you concentrate a little.

The sound of the second heart that could not know where it is running.

Black heart.

A black heart was beating rapidly in his heart.


He spoke quietly.


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