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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 218

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220 The rulers asked for the forgiveness of the Shadow Monarch.

Overwhelming advantage.

Although they could send the shadow monarch back to nothing if they were willing to do so, they wanted reconciliation.

It was when they were colleagues born at one time. It was an expression of respect for the best warrior who had led the corps of brilliance to the forefront of the forces of the monarchs.

Shadow monarchs were not their leaders, but their colleagues respected him above the leader.

So they ignored the command of their leader, the Most Brilliant Brilliance, to get rid of the Shadow Monarchs, and they knelt down.

[We have no reason to fight anymore.]

The fiery voice of the Shadow Monarch rang the earth.

[Why is there no reason!]

Shadow monarch forced the forge of the ruler to forgive.

[Did not your sword and spear harm my lord?] [He was also our master.] [That is why your sin is more terrible!]

The rulers maintained a polite attitude to the angry shadow monarch.

[Do not you know better than anyone what kind of feeling we were when we heard him?]

As the shadow monarch lifted his head, the soldiers who were in the sky were looking down this side with anxious gaze.

Loyal soldiers.

How can they not see how they are dying in the hands of the enemy?

He was the one who drove them from the forefront of many battlefields and shed blood for their masters.

[We just wanted to end this war.]

The hand of the Shadow Monarch, who was holding the ruler’s neck, became very loose.

[And now the opportunity has finally come.] [Yeah, you can finish it.]

Shadow monarch picked up a sword away and grasped it in the master’s hand.

[Believe me with this sword.]

And he cried out as he looked around the other rulers.

[Penetrate my heart with your windows! That’s what you say! You will be the victor of the war!

But soon the sword fell off the power of the ruler. No one else threw a spear at the shadow monarch.

Instead, only a voice of desperation came back.

Will not you forgive us now?

But their eagerness made the Shadow Monarchs more painful than any other weapon.

It was vengeance that made him move when he lost his servant, lost his lord, and was himself confined in eternal darkness.

I have stayed with vengeance for them until now.

He led the armies of the dead by their willingness to pay them justly.

By the way.

How could you hate those who seek forgiveness for wanting to escape from soldiers in an endless war?

Those who fought to defend their masters and those who fought to save their men were all victims of destiny. The fact that the kneeling fellows were not hateful enemies, but a fellow who lived and died, crushed the heart.

Now that the reason for existence no longer exists, the Shadow Monarch shouted as if to vomit blood.

[Kill me!]

Everything ends here.

I would rather go back to the world of radishes and forget everything and rest.


But the rulers did not move at all.

As I did the first time, I fell down on my knees and clapped my head.

The shadow monarch lifted his head.

Then the soldiers, remembering the greatest warrior of heaven, put their fists on one or two chests and bowed their heads.

[…]Even though the soldiers who did not lose their respect in their hearts expressed their respects, although they were willing to fight.

The number of soldiers covers the sky.

In the end, when all the soldiers bowed, he watched quietly and turned quietly.

The shadow monarch, who disappeared, disappeared, and the monarchs, whose power was lost due to the internal struggles of the three monarchs, were finally defeated by the rulers.

They took away the remaining troops and fled to the gaps of the dimension.

Jinwoo was unable to speak to the soldiers of the monarchs who mass-moved through huge gate.

‘The scale of the scum is so low …’

It has not even been possible to imagine how many soldiers have been sacrificed because of the “play” of the Absolute.

I also understand the feelings of the rulers who rebelled against their owners for them.

But then.

Shadow monarchs who were invisible appeared before them again.

Shadow monarch and canine monarch.

The monarchs were nervous for a moment in anticipation of the armed conflicts of the two monarchs, but nothing to worry about was mediated by the solvent.

Now is the time to make up for the declining power. I know the circumstances of both, but I will not tolerate the fight.]

The solvent readily accepted the confluence of the Shadow Monarchs.

Jinwu swallowed the saliva when he saw the solvent moving in human form.

I knew that the presence in front of me was only a remnant of the shadow monarch’s memory.

‘This is the king of the dragons, Lord of Destruction …’

The gruesome power delivered by the eyes alone was a tremble.

The monarchs who fled to the gap in the dimension were looking for a world to foster a new corps from the eyes of the rulers.

A lot of cosmic and planetary figures passed before Jinwoo’s eyes.

And finally when the video stopped on one planet. Jinwoo moaned without knowing himself.


A blue star that shines beautifully in the black universe alone. It was the earth.

At the end of a long time, the monarchs succeeded in penetrating the pathway from the gap in the dimension to the planet in the other dimension.

In the appearance of an unprecedented enemy, mankind could not avoid annihilation.

Jinwoo was hardened as he watched ashes in the cities, which were seen on each floor of the ‘demonic’ ones.

“Is this for the future?”

[It is a picture of the past.]

Jinwoo ‘s pupils shook in an unexpected answer.

Surprise for a while.

The shadow monarch remained calm and following the explanation.

[The rulers who captured the movements of the monarchs later sent their troops, but it was already over after that.]

If the monarch’s purpose is destruction, the purpose of the rulers is to maintain the world.

The rulers were angry when they saw that the crowds of their hometowns had broken down the other world.

And to correct the mistake, I used the divine tools that I had saved as a thorough taboo.

Before they revolted, God’s tool, which was stolen from the garrison of God in the first place, is the cup of the reincarnation.

It was a tremendous thing to return the time of about 10 years to the past.

’10 years! ‘

The eyes of Jinwoo gleamed.

Is it a coincidence that the gate is created and the hunters begin to appear?

[Your guess is right.]

The rulers did their best to save the other world, but the earth was too weak for themselves and the monarchs to fight.

Earth without magic has not survived a massive war.

Rulers and monarchs.

No matter who wins, the result that blows to this land is the same.

After several repeated fights, the rulers made the final decision.

If you can not save everyone, let’s survive some of them and let’s continue the world.

“Well then …?”

[It was the process of creating those who could survive the conflict between the two forces. Even so, the rulers wanted to keep you.]

Jinwoo realized just then.

The reason why the rulers knew the calamity that would come upon mankind, but did not touch humanity and quietly worked under the water.

‘Those who can survive in a changed world …’

Now that we know that everyone has to die other than a few who are called Hunter, can this society work properly?


Jinwu shook his head inward.

After a long discussion, I understood why the gates and hunters appeared.


I have not heard the explanation I really wanted to know.

Knowing the heart of Jinwoo, the shadow monk hand gestures, the surrounding background was completely changed.

[Upper beings like rulers and monarchs can perceive the passage of time that has been changed to ‘tools of God’.]

Though it can not reverse the flow.

Shadow monarch added.

While the rulers corrected their mistakes a number of times, the monarchs even refined their plans.

Until the instruments of God can no longer exercise.

“awhile… Is there a limit to the cup of that reincarnation? ”

There is no infinite power. Every power has an end as if the Absolute, who created the world, was eliminated by his creatures.]

Jinwoo looked at the shadow monarch without knowing himself in the bitterness buried in the tone.

“As the horse came out, how did the creatures kill the creator?”

[It is no different than death or injury to a machine made in your hands.]

That’s right. Even machines made by human needs can harm people as much as they use.

The same reason why humans fear artificial intelligence created by their own hands.

[We were made to fight, and it was enough power to knock down the master.]

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Soon around Jinwoo and Shadow Monarch appeared some of the monarchs who were familiar with Jinwoo.

[The monarchs were inspired by the ways of the rulers.]

Just as they lent their strength to human beings and slaughtered masseurs to enforce the world, the monarchs borrowed the human body to strengthen the world and then make the army arrive much faster than the rulers expected.

[The plan was to use the magic power of the rulers to make the earth itself a huge trap.]

“So that we can eat the forces of the rulers who came to support mankind at once …”


The monsters with great powers needed the body of this world to get to this world.

The monarchs went to the bodies of the human beings, one by one.

However, the Lord of Destruction, the Lord of Shadows, and two monarchs with so great powers could not find a man with a body that could afford their strength.

[At that time, the greatest magician who works under one of the kings has proposed to me. I will find the right man for me.]


The monarch, called the “architect” to the monarchs, said he would help the Shadow monarch to come to this world in exchange for making him a complete immortal body.

The shadow monarch, who was interested in the human world, accepted the proposal.

But no human being could afford the power of death.

[Those with a high sensitivity to magic, overwhelmingly superior to the body, a person with great spirit. Everyone was unable to cope with my strength and went out of their minds or died.]

No organism was a vessel for death.

Contract with the monarch.

It has a different meaning from ordinary promises. The designer was getting more and more urgent.

While the designer was struggling and searching for other candidates, the Shadow Monarch found a human being.

“…”Jinwu lifted his head.

As if hundreds of monitors simultaneously streamed their various images, their appearance appeared everywhere.

[I saw you, always nearest to death but desperately out of death.]

Four years as Hunter.

Jin Woo, who was the lowest among the E class, experienced dangers every day and did not leave the dungeon.

For my mother, for my sister.

I had been desperate to fight at the expense of myself.

The records of those four years remained in the memory of the Shadow Monarch.

[I have chosen you for the designer’s objection.]

The shadow monarch’s fingertips were toward him. The chest of Jinwoo leaning toward his fingertips leapt.

He said.

– I am the history of your rebellion, the traces of your resistance, the reward of suffering.

His words did not explain the process of becoming a player.

It was a story about myself before becoming a player. Again, a word of his voice sounded heavy in his heart.

[The nervous designer accepted my instructions, and he eventually brought you into the design.]

Double dungeons.

Test to survive.

And ‘Player’.

All that was the design of the designer to make a new vessel of Shadow Monarchs.

[The designer who observed humans while the world was repeating the same time made it possible for humans to adapt to my mighty power by using what humans do best and liked.]

What humans do best and what they like. As soon as Jinwoo heard about the monarch, it was immediately known.

Just the game.

There was a reason why the system for handling ‘players’ was similar to the game.

Jinwoo was the only successful work of the experiment.

[The designer’s system that I borrowed from my strength gradually changed your body to me in stages.]

“But you betrayed the designer?”

Jin-woo recalled the image of an angel who had long been hoping that he had deceived monarchs in a double dungeon that had entered again.

Why did the Shadow Monarch cheat on the contractor and chose himself?

Jinwoo asked why.


[…]Shadow monarch hesitated for the first time.

He seemed to be worried about something, Jinwoo did not prompt.

And finally he opened his mouth again.

[I wanted to.]

It’s a simple answer compared to a long anxiety.

But Jin-woo laughed strangely.

[Maybe I did not want to lose you because I was so happy for the time I was with you.]

Instead of removing the personality of Jinwoo and occupying the body, the Shadow Monarch selected Jinwu’s personality and fairy tales.

I chose to be together.

And the result.

The shadow monarch slowly took both hands and grabbed the sides of the helmet that covered his face.

The eyes of Jinwo who saw his face at the time revealed in the flaked helmet grew bigger.

‘…!’I was confident there.

The shadow monarch’s face was like his face.

Where is it?

Jin-woo, who looked down on himself unintentionally, immediately discovered himself surrounding the darkness around him like armor.

The shape of the armor was also like that of the Shadow Monarch.

The two looked at each other in the same way as they were standing facing the mirror.

[I became you, and you became me.]

I am you.

It was the truth of a lie.

[It is not strange that you and I both become masters of the body.]

The two are already the same.

So I will give you a choice. You choose.]

The shadow monarch lifts his left hand and the nostalgic faces appear.

[You can enjoy rest in this realm of death here, forever with the beautiful dreams that you have created.]

The younger mother and the young child who lived in the lost time were painted one by one.


As the shadow monarch lifted his left hand and lifted his right hand, all the people disappeared instantly, and a dragon of great size was flying over the black sky.

And countless dragon armies followed, and the city began to burn.

[You should go back to reality and fight them.]

With a firm face, Jinwu, who watched the solvent and the corps of destruction he led, replied.

No, I asked.

“Why have you lost heart to fight with the rulers and escaped to the other world with the monarchs?”

[Because there was no place for me to be there.]

The Shadow Monarch, who was both a ruler and a monarch, could not find his place anywhere.

So I will try to find my place, which may be in another world, not the original world.

After listening to the shadow monarch’s answer, Jinwoo made a decision.

“My answer is the same.”

The shadow monarch smiled before hearing Jinwoo’s answer.

“This place is not where I am.”


So I chose you, the shadow monarch nodded.

“Are you no longer able to see you?”

[I return to rest. You become a shadow lord and now you live an immortal life. Maybe there is nothing to meet.]

However, the look on the face of the Shadow Monarch was gentle.

The time of rest finally found after a long wait.

Jinwoo finally greeted the king with a sincere delight.

“Thank you for giving me a chance.”

[……]For a moment his facial expressions slipped, but he was soon erased.

[By death, your power has become perfect. How to go back …]

Jinwoo broke his words.

“I know.”

I am you.

The shadow monarch smiled ahead of his departure. After a long journey, he finally found a place to stay.

The shadow monarch said.


He stepped back and looked at Jinwu silently.

Jin also nodded his head.

And he spit out a word that would make him reborn as a full shadow lord.

“Get up.”

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