Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 219

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 219

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The moment we talked to Jin-woo, “I woke up,” I heard the voice of the female voice of the system as if I waited.

[Rise] ‘

[The destruction code for the ‘player’ breeding system has been entered.] [System will be deleted.]

As a genuine force, Jin-woo began to erase himself from the system that no longer needed.

When I was a kid, Jinwoo felt suddenly feeling like leaving my nanny who raised me.

“How did you get the female voice on the system?”

[……The designer’s voice.]

The shadow monarch, who was a little idle in his question, supplemented the explanation.

[His tribe was able to speak both men and women with benevolence.]

“……”Every time I heard a clear and humble voice in the system message, I thought about who the owner of the voice was.

I do not think he was him.

The unconscious Jin-woo refused to gaze and the shadow monarch screamed and laughed.

I’m so sick.

Even yours was a joy to me.

It was worth it to break the promise with the designer that he regarded the importance of faith more than anything else.

Slightly sad light passed through the eyes of the Shadow Monarch.

In the meantime, the system deletion process has proceeded a lot.

[All the power constraints that were hung on ‘Player’ are lifted.] [As the constraints of power have disappeared, all ‘army-class’ shadow soldiers who have been given power by the monarch regain their original abilities.] [Army class soldier ‘Grit’ power restored.] [All of Baron’s classmates ‘bers’ have increased significantly.] [Former Shadow Lord ‘Asborn’ returns to the world of eternal radish.]

Jinu, who was listening to the messages silently, lifted his head.

The shadow monarch was staring at himself with a glanced gaze at the end.

Through his memories of his past in the realm of death here, Ziu, who had fully understood his agony, expressed his sincere greetings.

Goodbye, my King.

Rest in peace from the land of rest you wanted.

Finally, a system message informed me of the farewell.

[Are you sure you want to delete all systems?]

‘Yes’ and ‘No’ blinking in the air.

Jin-woo’s gaze shifted to the Shadow Monarch again. He had not lost a smile to the end.

This is the last thing that will be remembered to each other.

So Jin-woo also laughed.

Laughed and ordered the system to be the last.


* * * Wow!

The canine monarch and the cold monarch were pushed back simultaneously with the powerful wind pressure that accompanied the light.

The eyebrows of the canine monarch, who soon settled down, wriggled.

[Shards of brilliance …?]

The whole body of the enemy who surrounded the robes was burning in gold.

Light is a symbol of rulers.

The man must have borne their strength.

Why do you mean that the rulers help one of the strongest monarchs, the Shadow Monarch?

The monarch of the cold was exclaiming.

[The worst disaster is coming to you through the human body you want to keep! Will you give this place to the disaster with your hands?

“……”The man in the robe did not answer.

Instead of answering, I only lifted the two daggers under my chin holding in reverse in my hand.

Willing to stay out of the way.

The monarch of the cold, who confirmed the intention of the company again, got stiff.

The opponent now attempts to personify the human body with the power of the ruler.

The human body can not withstand the power of God.

If they do not fully take control of the human body as they are, they will soon be shattered and powdered.

‘But still … Are you willing to die and help resurrect the Shadow Monarch? What do you think the alternative rulers … ‘

The cold monarch looked around the canine monarch. They gave me uncommon eyes.

There is no time.

Monarch, the beastly man nodded.

That moment.

The two monarchs, who approached the man of the robe in a split second, quickly attacked quickly.

The claws of the beast tried to squeeze the man through the window of the ice, but the man was attacked with skillful movements familiar with the fight.

I did not forget to fight back in time, even though I spilled the window of the ice or blocked the claws.

It was the hands of the warrior who had gone through many battlefields.

A difficult opponent.

An enemy who possesses great strength and skill has prevented himself from reaching his death.


Robe’s man, who blocked two monarchs’ weapons with powerful magical powers, pushed them again with force.

The two monarchs, who thought it was difficult to make a settlement, stood at a distant place.

fault. fault. The man did not chase them for nothing except to keep the vessels of the Shadow Monarchs.

[…What is your identity?

The cold monarch wondered, but the company was still silent.


The canine monarch returns to the human form in the form of a werewolf.

[I will quit.]

The sharp fangs that came out of the mouth went in, and the long and sharp fingernails came back to the ordinary person.

The unclean monarch called him to turn.

[Is it crazy to come here and just go back?] [Do not you feel it?]

The canine monarch lifted his head.

Having a sense of differentiating the bin, he felt the air flow that began to change and trembled gradually.

[The mana around started to cry. Soon the Shadow Monarch comes.]

The eyes of the canine monarch who headed to heaven again moved to the cold monarch.

[I will fall out.] [I promised to help me and beat the shadow monarch!]

A bloodline sprang up on the throne ‘s throat.

But the canine monarch replied calmly.

[My promise is valid only when he is a human being. But it’s a real guy coming now, and I have no obligation to keep my promise.] [Is it that the king of beasts will run away from his tail?]

At that end, the mighty canine monarch caught the throne of the overwhelming majority.

[You can not understand me because you have not seen the true power of the Shadow Monarch, the monarch of the cold!]

The canine monarch witnessed the true power of the Shadow Monarch, who survived the six legions of his legions, the legions of white flame, and the legions of the rulers.

Does pride matter in situations where such a monster will soon come upon you?

You can be pointed out that you hide behind the solvent.

If I can survive, what can not I do?

It was the right answer to leave the battlefield by abandoning the king of the demons and the monarch of the white flame.

And I was not thinking of destroying his bowl, even taking the risk of encountering a real Shadow monarch, not a fake one.

The canine monarch is the king of beasts with the source of power in abundant vitality. The power of death, which eats him vitality, was more than anything else, fear and trembling.

There is still no time to be in such a huff.

Every moment he felt that the fear of death was approaching here, he created a private gate with the throat of his cold monarch.

[Good luck.]

After the last greeting, he quickly disappeared into the gate.

The monarch of the cold became increasingly smaller in size and eventually kicked his tongue as he stared at the gate that had hidden his trace.

[Foolish guy.]

How does a guy who runs away with his prey caught in front of him is the greatest hunter in the world?

The monarch of the cold was still the same as the first. No matter what, I should kill the shadow monarch.

Already the game is on the edge of the cliff.

There was no change in that there appeared one interrupter.

You do not even have to borrow the coward’s hand.

The conquering monarch immediately personified his body.

Because it is not the world to which it belongs, it will consume enormous stamina to maintain the spiritualization.

Now is the time to see the end of the rush hour before the shadow monarch comes down. [Taste the fear of the cold, you weak!]

The monarch of the cold became a gruesome ice storm that covered the whole area.

Blizzard blizzard!

The stormy monarch of the cold storm descended on Rob’s man and thundered.

[This is my true strength!]

Tens of thousands of ice windows, made up of mana crystals in the atmosphere, started to wobble like snow.

It was an attack to be done with the power of instant death in each window.

The cars on the road were swept away like toys, and the buildings were torn apart by a sword.

However, Rob’s man did not move a step, but he kept the genius behind his back with all his might.

There was an increase in injuries to the body of the man who was confronted with the blizzard of endless ice windows.

The cold monarch did not slow down the attack.


Ice on the lap of the ice, made of horsepower, came up one by one.

That’s how many thousands!


The ice man, who was ordered by the monarch, ran into the man at once.

The man was desperately resisting to shatter and shatter the icy peoples covered in everywhere.



The man in the window with an ice window on his shoulder wobbled.

“…”In the meantime, ice humans were being pushed all over. The man gave strength to the two legs, and he bit him.

As the man stubbornly stood up, the monarch of the cold was added to the attack.

The monarch of the cold, transformed into the crystal of the cold, pushed the white smoke out of the body.

[Leave it!]

In his castle, ice humans were scattered like insects.

The monarch of the cold in front of the man opened his mouth.

Then, in his mouth, the vigorous crying began to take place.

The air froze.

The jaw of the man who was exposed under the robe was covered with frost.

This is dangerous.

The man knew.

However, if he avoids this, he becomes a direct hit to Jinwoo who is falling down.

The man did not show any sign of avoidance even before the terrible life of the cold king.

The monarch’s face was distorted.

How dare the human being who borrowed the power of the upper being dare to do such a cheeky mug in front of this overwhelming force?

From the mouth of the angry monarch burst out a terrible chill.

Coaa -!

The man crossed his arms with X-rays and blocked the chill. Too naturally, the arm, which had to take all the chill in front, quickly froze and could not move.

Indeed, a merciless attack followed to the man who could not resist.

puck! puck! puck! puck!

Every time the monarch of the frigid rage, the upper body of the man was shaken. But the man never stepped back.

The blood spilled at my feet was crowded, but I managed to hold it at the end.

[Dare to be human!]

The monarch of the cold turned his shoulders and lifted his right arm up.

Suddenly, the chill gathers together and his arm turns into a mass of ice.

Let’s see if I can hold this.

The monarch of the cold, as well as the man and the shadows of the shadow monk behind him, crushed the ice lumps as hard as they could with all the magic power.


The man looked up at the shadow of a nearby ice block and lifted his frozen arm above his head.

Even if my arm is broken and my body is crushed, I keep it.

The golden glow of his body shone brilliantly, bringing all the powers of the ruler allowed to him.

And finally.

Kuwoong -!


But there was a conflict, but there was no impact on him.

‘What is this …?’

As the man opened his eyes, he could find someone standing in front of him.

‘…!’Black armor like black.

And a red-mane, like a long-haired mane that has long passed from the top of a black helmet to the back.

The shadow monarch ‘s faithful grandmother was’ The Grit’.

This grit pushed roughly out of the block of ice that had been blocked by both hands.

The monarch of the cold, whose attack was completely blocked, doubted his eyes.

[The Grit?]

And here comes the commander-in-chief Shadow Soldier!

The monarch’s gaze of the frigid-frigid mother suddenly moved to the back of the man.

just as expected.

The human figure to be there had disappeared from sight.


Now, the monarch of the cold was able to feel the canine monarch talking.

The atmosphere was trembling.

Mana filled in the air was resonating with the emergence of transcendental beings.

Looking back, the grit graciously kneeled and bowed his head.

Kiee Ee -!

Verdo, protruding with this grit, knelt down in the same direction, revealing the roar of the owner’s return.

Jinu walked between the two.

Around the ruined ruins, Jin-woo asked the monarch of the cold.

“The beast ran away?”

[……]The monarch of the cold was able to realize it late only after confronting the true monarch of the shadows, why the monarch lived so scared and ran away.

The king of the frozen beings and himself, the frigid himself, trembled in front of the monarch of death.

Said Jinwoo.

“……I did not allow it. ”

The monarch of the cold, unable to understand his words, asked.


“I did not allow you to go.”

[What is it …?]

Without a moment to embarrass the monarch of the cold.

Jin-woo, who wore a glance in his eyes, quickly found the canine monarch’s unique magic wave and quickly expanded his fate.

The scope of the fellowship quickly extended beyond Korea to the world.

I was confident that the canine monarch would not have fled to a gap in the dimension but would certainly be found somewhere on the planet.

And confidence was right.

Jin woke up with a grinning smile, finding out where the canine monarch hid in the hiding place.


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