Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 220

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 220

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When Jinwoo closes his eyes to catch the beast and concentrates all the nerves there. The monarch of the cold was intuitive.

Shadows of the shadow monarch.

This is a chance not to come back twice.

Although there is a difference of power, I sell a glance in front of the enemy.

If you miss this opportunity, it is only death that can not be avoided.


To overcome the shadow of death, the monarch of the cold was able to make his final win.

‘You have to settle everything in one room.’

The mana is gathered in his right arm, which is tilted backward, and a window of stronger cold than ever has been created.

Put all the power that you pulled up in a mortal resolution here!

Ghastly magic was concentrated in the chill window.

The power was so strong that the monarch’s feet, holding the spear, were frozen whitewashed with a chewing sound.

The moment when I think that the right arm of the monarch who was holding the window of the chill was inflated too abnormally.

A window shot like a bullet caught the atmosphere and rushed in a straight line.

Shu profit -!

At the same time, the ice-men, who were instructed by the owner, flocked to Jinwu as angry dogs.


Just before the ice window that flew for the beauty of Jinwoo pierced his face.

Jinwoo woke up.


At the same time.

The time around the movie stopped, like when you pressed the movie stop button.


It slowed down to seem like it stopped.

The window of the chill spinning at high speed was coming slowly but surely, and little by little.

after that.

I saw a cold monarch watching his face squinting at me.

Where is it?

I was able to see the faces of the ice humans who were jumping from all directions, surrounded by layers.

This is the sight of the Shadow Monarch who started the battle.

The cognitive abilities of the universe, which humans can not reach, make it seem as though things have stopped.

Jinwoo looked around like a stranger in a still image.

This feeling.

‘I’ve never felt before …’

When was that?

Slowly looking at the memory, Jinwu recalled that the sculptures had been attacked and went to the point of death.


At that time, it did not move like this time stopped.

‘From then on there was already a shadow monarch.’

Only after he had gotten his strength, he realized how long he was watching.

Jinwoo, looking around like that, found the backs of the two officers.


Even when the time seemed to have stopped, Berwiggit was slowly responding to the enemy.

It was evidence that their agility was different.

Jinwoo, who looked at both of them, remembered the window in which he was flooding himself.


Like a hard crawling insect, the window has narrowed the distance a little bit at this moment.

Jinwoo uses force to prevent the window from advancing.

‘The power of ruler.’

The power of Shadow Monarch, which has been studied for a long time in the name of skill. As soon as I wrote the power of the ruler, the mana scattered around spread around the window of the cold.

The window caught in Mana lost momentum and stopped in place.

For the first time, Jinwoo, who was able to see the working principle of the ‘power of the ruler’ skill, was amazed.

‘It was not an invisible force.’

Mana you did not see.

The mana was moving according to the will of the caster.

Mana’s move, which had never been seen before, came into the eyes of Jinwoo.


As I pulled my passion to the limit, I felt every single flow of mana surrounding my surroundings.

Jinwoo’s eyes glimpsed around Mana.

This is the fruit of the rulers who have worked to strengthen this world.

Mana was overflowing all over the world without mana.

He who has inherited the power of the Shadow Monarch has been given the power to deal with the mana freely.

Pounding, pounding.

I felt heartburn in the breath of mana I felt around.

‘…Let’s do it. ‘

Jinwoo went through the slow time and approached the two officers and put their shoulders on each other with both hands.

‘You do not have to go.’

Under the orders of his master, Bergh and Grit stopped immediately.

Jinwoo stepped forward to them.

Maximizes the movement of mana that has been practiced for a while with the skill of ‘ruler’s power’.

Looking around at the ice humans, Jin-woo breathed a deep breath.

The emotion that fills the heart now is thanks to the shadow monarch that emanates from deep inside.

And he was grateful for the use of the power he taught through the system.

Jin-woo moved his mana at once.

Then there was a moment of space.

Woong -!

It’s really quick.

Suddenly, a powerful mana wave that had begun to emerge from the vicinity of Jinwoo swept away the ice humans that had flocked to it.

The cold monarch also sensed an intense mana or storm.

[…!]He hastily defended himself by unfolding an ice crystal.

When the rough mana stream passed and the cold monarch hastened to release the vignette, the only thing that came into his sight was the wreckage of ice humans all over the place.

A mighty mana sweep swept away everything.

Even up to the clouds of snowstorms that he invites.

This is the power of the shadow monarch. [uh… how!]

The monarch of the cold was thrilled by the power of the Shadow Monarch, one of the greatest fragments of brilliance and the strongest kings.

wall. A wall that can not be overcome. The gap between him and himself is not so great!

Jinu looked around and nodded at the satisfactory results, confronted with a frightened monster of a frightened monster.

I’m sorry.

He felt tremors in the distance.

He still has a debt to pay off.

The expression of Jin-woo, the former president of Jin-hee, was changed into a colder look, but Jin-woo did not easily reveal his feelings.

The first thing you want to kill is the later one.

So that the opponent facing the inevitable death will be given plenty of time to fear.

Said Jinwoo.

“You are the last.”

Jinwoo’s new model slowly permeated into the shadow of his feet.

“Until you bring the beast, you wait there.”

* * * As soon as the TV broadcast video was cut off, Wu Jin-chul, the president, hit his desk.


The last screen that was transmitted before the video was disconnected.

It was the scene that the Sungjin Hunter who was hit by them fell down without power.

Wang Jin-cheol’s crest of seeing the scene collapsed as well.

This desk would not have been the one used by the president of KKC, but it would have been broken into a fist.

The fist of Woojin Chul grabbing trembled.

The staff members who watched the situation together with Woo Jin Chul in the president ‘s office were also asked to speak firmly.

A heavy silence passed.


The person who knows better than this that there is no time to be here is the president of Woojin Chul.

Woojin asked.

“Are the guilds arrived at the scene?”

“Yes, I have arrived at the scene of all 5 guilds now.”

Woo Jin Chul woke up from the seat and said hurriedly.

“Let’s go to our surveillance. Of course I go. ”

“Too dangerous, President!”

“Is it dangerous, safe and important now in this situation?”

Woo Jin-chul’s eyes were blown, and the staff who were crazy lost their say.

The Republic of Korea has lost its last line of defense, now called Sungjin.

There is no place to back off anymore.

Hunter If a person can not join forces to block those monsters, there is no future.

As soon as Woo Jin-cheol, who was wearing the coat, looked up and saw the video of the surveillance camera next to the relay screen.

Camera fixed to the sky for 24 hours.

The camera continued to shine through the ultra-large gates that lie above Seoul.

Woo Jin-chul’s eyes shaking at the moment.


Maybe Korea might already be kidding.

My chest sat down.

Fortunately, if you kill monsters, the damage will be great. Could the remaining hunters, or more precisely, be able to handle the huge gate without the Sungjin Hunter?

I think the connection between the monsters in the city and the extreme ultra-large gates forced me to despair.

But Woojinchul hardly shook his head.

Thousands, hundreds of thousands, even if all the people of this country are thinking of themselves, somebody has to fight.

The power given to the hunters was given for that. When Woo Jin – cheol was trying to make a wonder of it, a staff member urgently called him.

“President of the Association!”

Woojin’s head went back.

Not to the staff, but to the large screen where the urgent message of the organizer of the breaking news is heard.

[Our station camera is connected with the scene now!]

I was shooting somewhere on a high-rise building, and the camera sent me to take a picture of a remote area.

But that was enough.

The snow storm that was covering the whole area was scattered by some force.

The excited Woo Jin-chul, the president of the association, rushed all of his staff and ran through the employees and stood in front of the screen.

As the fog cleared, the appearance of those there was clear.

Five people. No, four with one.

One of them, a man standing in front of an ant soldier, was a face familiar to Woojin Railway.

“Sungjin Hunter!”

Woojincheol saw the screen and screamed himself.

The staff also cheered on the wreckage of ice humans all over the Jinwoo.


Not only is Jinwoo alive, which he thought was over, but it seemed like he drove the enemy into defensive ways.

I poured tears into my eyes.

enemy. The frosty monster, which seemed the only enemy, was terrified and did not move as if it were nailed there.

I do not know what happened in the storm, but the situation has changed 180 degrees before.

Even if I did not listen to it, Woojin Chul could feel that the eyes of the whole world gathered on this screen.

Now, how does Sung Hunter destroy the monster?

There was a lot of anticipation in the eyes of Woo Jin-cheol’s president watching Jinwoo.


Jin-woo, who seemed to be talking to the monster, began to disappear from his feet.

‘…?’The faces of the employees who were embracing and cheering also gradually solidified.


Jinwoo’s appearance completely disappeared in the field.

The cameraman was upset too. He moved the camera around and looked for Jin-woo, but could not find a hair.

“Huh …”

Woo Jin-cheol could not hide his embarrassment and swept his mouth.

Again, there was heavy silence in the president’s office.

The canine monarch who trembled trembled as he returned to the jungle with a hideout.

The energy of death that has tied the neck.

I regret that I was not able to get out of that place more quickly because I was having an argument with the monarch of the cold.

When hunting the Great Hunter in Brazil, the Earth was just a hunting ground full of weak prey.

I was in a sense of liberation that I had found a new hunting ground outside the gap of dimension where there is nothing to do.

By the way.

Shadow monarchs will not come down here with malice.

I do not want to fight with the real shadow monarch, though I am a human being who pretends to be a shadow monarch.

To prevent him, he needed a monster of destruction with more power.

‘This is so, I have to be quietly hiding here until the solvent arrives …’

The beast lay down on a bed made of leaves and branches.

Then, the beasts of the modern age, which humans commonly call “Do not Do,” gathered around him and buried himself in the foot.

These beasts with powerful magic are his guards.

When the king ‘s hand reached the wild beasts, they looked as if they were pets.

Laying comfortably, the canine monarch, who stroked the heads of the beasts, felt his wonder and stopped his hand.


All the hairs of the wild beasts stood firm.

Animal Hunch.

It was a strange sensation that was passed on the back of his throat, and the moment it creeped up.

The eyes of the nervous beasts seemed to be silent, and his eyes narrowed like a thread.

The shadows of the trees were a few steps away.

The canine monarch once felt the smell of death that began to permeate into his abode and made a despairing voice.


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