Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 221

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 221

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223 The snow of the beast has grown.

Something was slowly coming up on the shadows.


No, Shadow Monarch?

The beast could not determine the identity of the opponent.

However, the energy of the opponent, who was told in the five senses, was the same as that of the man who drove himself to the edge of the brink long ago.

Whatever his identity, he had the perfect power.

‘Did you follow me and come here?’

The animal was trembling in the fear of death that penetrated to the uvulae.

And when the whole body of Jinwoo comes to the ground. Creur.

One of the beasts that threatened Jinwoo with his teeth to protect his master quickly rushed out.

Unlike ordinary cats and animals, Masuo has three red eyes, and he is considered to be one of the hands to be inspired even in Honsyu.


As he opened his mouth, dozens of sharp teeth, like a knife, flashed a sharp light.

Jinwoo looked at the wild beast rushing at him.

It was a beast with horsepower S class dungeon boss grade horsepower.

Jinwoo should be in the posture if it was in the past, but now there is no threat.

By the way.


Jin-woo lost his head before he was ready to do something, but the limbs of the beast plunged without force.

The culprit is the canine monarch.

The canine monarch, who jumped in a flash and broke the head of the beast, pulled out his fist.

‘Why is he a soldier …?’

When Jinwoo looked at his wondering eyes, the monster monster lowered his posture and bowed his head.

Then a trembling voice came out of his lips toward the floor.

[Shadow monarch, the king of beasts do not want to fight you. Please forgive me of my atrocities and accept me as your friend. ”

The instinct of the beast.

If you can not win and you can not run away, get your head together.

Instinct was forcing it to move.

The canine monarch, with the habit of beasts, abandoned his face and self-respect and adhered to the demands of instinct.

[Soon, Solomon will lead his soldiers down on this earth. Then I and my army’s army will help you.]

He took the lowest attitude he could.

Suicide-squatting – The beasts in the back were also completely frozen and sneezed sullenly.

None of the wild beasts living for survival were more afraid than the breath of death that came near.

Jin-woo, who was looking down at the king of the beast that had fallen down, replied quickly.


The canine monarch, who was nervous about his consent, was laughed inside.

A smile came out from the face toward the floor.


‘He is not real.’

If the real shadow monarch betrayed him once, he would not have committed himself to forgive himself for trying to get rid of the vessel for the coming of the day. I got time because of human warmth and foolishness.

How can you submit to him, smelling the humans, or the prey, mixed in the smell of the Shadow Monarch?

As long as you are aware, you must wait for the destruction monarch to arrive pretending to work for the Shadow Monarch.

‘When that time comes, I’ll tear you apart and swallow your body.’

How can it not be laughing like this?

The canine monarch lifted his head with a bright face.

[I will do my best …]

Then I was surprised by the cool eyes like ice.

How surprised was the distance of several tens of meters in a few moments.

Jinwoo said to the animal whose pale color was pale.

“Before we owe the remaining debt to each other.”

The beast squeezed his voice with a hardened face.

[debt? I do not know …]

The feudal lords and canine monarchs had previously pursued the shadow monarch. Jinwoo also saw the fact through the recollection of the Shadow Monarch.

But what Jin-woo is doing now has nothing to do with it.

Jinwoo pulled out a “camishee outrage” from the space that the system called ‘inventory’.


In one hand, Jin-woo holding the “Anger of Camisch” pointed to five of his chest with the thumb of the other hand.

“There are five fingernails that cut through the chest.”

The terrible pain remained vivid.

“If you keep only five attacks, I will forgive you.”

It means to hold all five deaths.

Realizing the intention of Jinwoo, who had no intention of taking care of himself from the beginning, the last pride of the beast gave a strong roar.

[me…! I played with the king of these beasts!]

The canine monarch who tried to formulate turned into a colossal size wolf.

It was much smaller than what remained in the memories of the old Shadow monarch because it was not the original world.

Nevertheless, it was the king of beasts with enough power to destroy the world.

The king of angry beasts cried out to the Shadow Monarch.

[My life will be here, but you will not be safe!]


At that time, a cool wind passed by the side of the wolf ‘s face.

The wolf hurriedly looked back after chasing the trace of Jinwoo, who disappeared in front of his eyes.

Jinwoo, who had just moved backwards, was slowly turning to him.

“Once for one.”

The wolf saw.

A black-eyed, terrible, intense black-and-white coming from the body of Jin-woo.

He is not a fake.

His movement exactly matched the Shadow Monarch.


Without knowing himself, the dried saliva passed over the esophagus.


Took something down to the floor.

The wolf’s gaze, which forgot what an opponent was in front of him, went down for a while.

The giant ears fell. The ears of the wolf, cut off from his face, fell off his feet horribly.

Soon the blood was poured like a waterfall, and a painful pain came.

When the wicked wolf saw his head, he saw another dagger in the hand of Jinwoo.

One on each hand.

Jin-woo, who held the “Anger of Camisch” in the hands of a black man, made a final judgment against the wolf.

“It is now four times.”


After Jinwoo disappeared, the monarch of the cold was unable to do this and was unable to do so.

If there is no odds, it would be better to run away.

His gaze turned to the two captains of the Shadow Monarch.

‘That ant that heals the injuries of the dominant side.

The other side is the problem.

Is not this grit, called one of the two wings of the Shadow Legion, watching over here?

His nickname is ‘Knight of Death’.

It was the strongest soldier who shot countless battlefields along the Shadow Monarchs and destroyed countless enemies.

One of the most alert targets was in front of me.


This is not a monarchy, but a monarch.

It would not be difficult to knock down two soldiers of the army class if you can do your best.

the problem is.

It is that they have the ability of immortality.

They can play indefinitely until the Shadow monarch is depleted.

It was never a good news for the monarch of the frigid frigid period that the physical power consumed in the spiritualization.


To hit them is like telling their master about his movements.

All Shadow Soldiers are connected to Shadow Monarchs.

Even if he succeeds in defeating the army officers, he will eventually bring the Shadow Monarch back to this place.

It only had to stop.


The cold monarchs turned to create a gate to escape.

“ä_ – However, as the grit interrupted his head and slowly slid his head slowly, he touched the handle of the sword in his waist dancing with his fingertips.

Do not do anything unnecessary.

His will was clearly communicated without a word.

“ä_ – Turning his head, this time, the ant on the other side opened the agar and roared as hard as he could.

“The key to the eek -!”

The guy who treated the cracker ‘s arm came here.

When the monarch’s gaze turned to the front, this time the wounded who had completely recovered from the injury came up here.

[These guys …]

The cold monarch trembled with anger against the enemies that surrounded him.

[Dare you guys!]

The wrathful king ‘s resignation shook the earth.

The atmosphere began to freeze, and clouds gathered again.

[How do you think you can hold on to me?]

This grit pulled out a sword, set up Berga’s nails, and the man in the robe grabbed a dagger.

But none of the four forces faced each other.

The first thing I noticed was the monarch of the cold.

[…!]As his gaze turned in one direction, everyone’s gaze turned toward him as if he had made an appointment.

The shadows were shining.

The cold monarch, who needed more time, bit his lower lip.

[Shadow Lord!]

In the shadows of moderately distant places, Jinwu sprang up.

‘It’s nice that the system is gone and the time limit is gone.’

All constraints of force are unlocked.

Jin-woo’s eyes, which came back to where he was once in an instant, moved on to the monarch of the cold.

Jinwoo gently threw something in his hand.

The monarch ‘s pupil, who had received something that fell in a parabola, shook momentarily.


Ear of the Wolf. There is only one wolf of this size that he knows.

[In a few minutes you disappeared, you have been killing the canine monarch!]

The astonished monarch of the frigid shouted, but Jin-woo’s answer did not come back.

Instead, Jin-woo brought two swords as he had done to the beast.

Two daggers made of dragon teeth had blood of the monkeys who had not yet died.

As soon as the evil of the stronger man was drawn to himself, the monarch of the cold was trembling.

The two officers and Rob’s man fell backward when he saw the black auras begin to rise from the shoulders of Jinwoo.

Jinwoo gave strength to both hands holding the dagger.

I gave enough time.

It was now time for him to pay off his debt.

The monarch of the Pestilence, the monarch of the canine, and the monarch of the cold.

The death of these three will be his warning to the remaining monarchs.

As Jinwoo began to run slippery, the monarch of the cold sprang up the arrows of ice.

[Ino Ohm!]

However, even if it has been improvised, the magical arrows created by the uppermost creatures are extremely demanding.

Even the S-class Hunter, the magical arrows that could not withstand a room, were poured in innumerable countless times.

Two doo doo doo doo doo doo!

The cold monarch struggled to prevent Jinwoo from approaching with all his might.

[Ahh ah!]

But Jinu ‘s hand was much faster than the arrows.

The speed of rushing did not slow down at all as he hit all of the ice arrows that were aiming at him.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah!]

Two heads Two heads Two heads Two heads Two heads Two heads!

A countless number of ice arrows were fired at no cost from the front of the frostbite.

Jinwoo stood in front of all his attacks.


On the shoulder of the cold monarch, Jinwu once more inserted the “rage of Kamish” exactly where the dagger had struck before.

It was Jinwoo ‘s intention to remember the president of the association.


At that time, there was a different kind of pain, and the monarch of the cold was hitting his head and screaming.

Before the dagger stuck in the other hand, the chilling monarch hastily poured out cold air from his mouth.

Jinwoo stretched out his hand and shut his mouth.


As the chill that can not penetrate the hand swing in the monarch of the cold, the dagger that Jin – woo changed to a counter – clock was put on his chest.


The ribs crumbled and I heard a heartbeat.

The attack as it was.

[Big ah ah ah ah ah!


Having already taken the lives of two monarchs, Jinwoo was well aware that this level of attack did not kill the cold monarch.

“The animal died on the fourth day.”

In the eyes of Jin-woo, the blue light shone brightly.

“How long will you last?”

The uncle’s monarch’s eyes, looking down at Jinwoo, flooded with fear.

Lord of Death.

It is not the same look as the best warrior who has been passing his enemies over and over in an endless battlefield!

Then he realized who he had touched and trembled and shook his body in fear.


The dagger stuck in the heart fell down and tore the monarch’s body.


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