Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 222

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 222

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224 Is there another world where the world was enthusiastic in this voice?

When Jin-woo, who disappeared, came back and put a dagger in the chest of a cold-hearted monarch, people shook their fists and shouted as if they had waited.


It was a great gift to viewers who were desperate to know that the strongest man in the world, Hunter, was dead in the hands of monsters.

Someone is enthusiastically shouting the name of Jinwoo.

Someone is tearful.

Someone is tearing the tears out.

I watched a Asian hunter kill a monster that threatened the entire human race.

All mankind.

From the moment when Thomas Andres, a state power hunter, fell and world ranker Renat Neier took his place on behalf of Thomas, the monsters were not the only unhappiness in Korea.

It is the problem that is directly connected with their own lives.

People have not forgotten the terrible fear of the dragon ‘kamish’ swallowing the cities of the United States one by one.

I do not want anyone to repeat that.

Viewers in the US, in Germany, and around the world were enthusiastic about their victory.

It seems as if the hunters, called the best, wash away the frustrations and fears of their fall.

Wow ah -!

Every time Jinwoo attacked the monarch of the cold, people’s shout continued.

And finally.

When the monster of that tough life collapsed and turned into gray ash and began to disperse, people’s cheering reached the pole.

Wow ah ah ah ah ah!

Citizens’ shout rattled the cities.

The announcers who were in charge of the breaking news screamed as hard as they could with the camera or not.

– Breaking news! Thomas Andre Hunter, who seemed to have been seriously wounded …

– When the ambulance arrives at the scene, the wounded are transported to a nearby hospital.

– The monster that killed the citizens is no longer moving. The monsters that are ashes now have only traces left!

The breaking news of the end of the battle kept coming.

Sung Jin Woo! Sung Jin Woo! Sung Jin Woo!

The excitement of the people did not sink easily.

And here is another one.

There was a man who was excited more than anyone in the world.

He was the president of Woo Jin-cheol.

Among his subordinates and cheering men, his gaze was fixed on the screen.

Woojin’s eyes, which found something there, shook.


He hurriedly pulled out his cell phone and found the video stored in his trembling hands.

I watched the video many times.

When the president of KCCI was murdered, a video shot on the security camera of the president’s office leaked.

The man there.

It came out on a blurry screen for a very short time and I could not see it easily because it disappeared.

Looking back now, is not it just like the look of a monster that Sung Jin Hun Hunter has thrown down?

It coincided with the scene where the frozen land melted quickly.

‘if so…!’

That’s it.

Woo Jin-chul realized what Jinwu had fought with.

I have killed the president of the association. And when I encountered the obligation of the president of the association at the time, the conversation I had with Jinwoo came up and the whole body was shivering.

-Thank you. Thank you for keeping the president’s end.

– He’s going to kill me.


– I must kill him for killing the president. So let me get a thank you.

Sung Jin Hunter did not forget his promise.

Masu was dead.

By the hand of Sung Jin Hunter.

Woojinchul blurred to the tip of his nose, eyes with tears hanging on his eyes and looked at the screen again.

The camera was zooming in on Sungjin Hunter, who was looking tired.

I could understand a little of the meaning of the expression.

In the deepest part of my heart, some emotions fluttered and I rose up strongly.

Now the president of the association will be able to close his eyes easily.

Woojin cheol remembers the memories of the president of the association, which he respected, and greeted Jinwo with his eyes.

‘…Thank you, Hunter. ”

The monarch of the cold, which slowly returned to human form after the spiritualization was released, gradually turned into gray dust.

It is up to the chairman of the association, and to his share.

I owe everything I owe.

Jin-woo, who looked down at the monarch of the cold, disappearing, turned around.

The officers who were waiting for the punishment of the cold monarch from the far end waited for Jinwoo.

“…”Unlike this grit, which is still polite and polite to give examples even though it has regained its original strength.

“Oh, my King!”

BERR expressed his whole body as he was able to see his master again.

She looked around and touched the shoulder of her pouting tearful ants.

The other one.

The guy who was wearing a rabbit like a ragged figure did not look at all.

“What was that guy before?”

Grit replied instead of a busy bell because he was excited by the question of Jinwoo.

“He was desperate to keep his lord when he was unconscious.”

I was surprised by the thick voice of this grit who listened for the first time.

Jinwoo wondered in his eyes.

“You kept me?”

“Yes that’s right.”

Unlike Berth, it is not yet familiar with human language, but it is this grit that speaks in the language of the hometown known as ‘Masuu’.

There was no problem communicating.

If so, why would a man who has never watched life protect himself?

Jinwoo, who exchanges the grit with the dialogue in the skillful language of the hometown, suddenly found something and went there.

There are things apart.


When I picked it up, Jinwoo’s eyes shook fine.

* * * A man who was halfway down and behind the building with only an outer wall, ducked down and took off his hood.

A man whose face has been covered with hair and bearded hair that seemed to have never been managed.

Sung Il-hwan took a deep breath in the wall.


Then he lifted his left hand, which had already lost his senses.

just as expected.

The left hand, turned gray, was scattered slowly from the tip of the fingertips.

It was the result of accepting the power of God in the human body.


His face was satisfactory, even in extreme pain.


With that strength, I protected Jinwoo.

The presence of Jinwoo, which inherited the power of Shadow Monarch, will be of great help to mankind.

So it was.

Sanghwan Hwang put his head on the wall without power and closed his eyes.

The rulers asked him to leave his power and stop the Shadow Monarch.

Seong Il-hwan, who had been trapped in a gap of dimensionlessly disappearing from the gate, had little choice.

He returned to the earth on behalf of the rulers, as their messengers, with a vast mission.


Sung Ilhwan could not fulfill his mission.

Although I know that the body has the worst disaster of mankind.

How can parents kill their children?

There was nothing I could do but to guard the Jinwoo from just a step away.

So while I’m pulling the time.

The opinions of the rulers, who were focusing only on preventing the complete descent of the Shadow Monarch, began to change.

And finally.

‘The most brilliant fragments of brilliance’ gave him new instructions.

[Protect the Shadow Monarch.]

I realized that to prevent the monarchs’ plans, I needed a Shadow Monarch who had full strength.

There was only a Shadow monarch who could get rid of the mercenaries and the corpses of destruction that would arrive here before the heavenly soldiers.

The shadow gambling is done in situations where the shadow monarch is on the side of the human, and on the side of the monarchs.

The result just came out.

Jinwoo decided to stay on the side of the human, and the Shadow Monarch agreed with the choice.

The shadow monarch who was reborn was Jinwoo itself.

I had a desperate need to save my life.

“…”I am sorry to say that I can not leave my son who greeted me in 10 years without saying hello.

But no one deserves to take a parent twice from a child.

Even if it is parents themselves.

So quietly disappearing will be for Jinwoo.

Sung Il-hwan looked at himself gradually becoming ashes and comforted him.


I heard a familiar place nearby.

Sung-hwan, who had come out of the spot, hid his face with his right arm that could still move.

Someone stood in front of the castle.

Sung Il-hwan could see who was standing in front of him without looking at his face.


He left his son who wanted to sing even once, and hiding his face with a hood, he passed by Jinwoo.

Jin turned around to him and asked.

“Did you think you would not know it when you went?”


Sung Ilhwan’s steps stopped.


Turning towards Jinwoo, Sung Il-hwan came flying with a parabolic thing that Jin-woo threw lightly.

TUB. Jinwu gave back the dagger.

It was his own dagger that had fallen from his hard left hand.

Looking down at the dagger, Sung Ilhwan lifted his head.

Jinwoo was looking this way with grim gaze.

Jinwoo’s memories still remained in their daggers.

When I was a child, I remembered that I was so angry when I heard my father play with his dagger.

Unlike the shadow monarch, who had swept the battlefield with his long sword, Jinwoo knew why his weapon was daggered.

Remember my father.

The System Dungeons, which were influenced by the fragments of those memories, always provided Jinwu with a weapon called a dagger.

Jinwoo’s low voice continued.

“Will you go away without saying so again, Father?”


Sung Il-hwan took off his hood in the word that came into his breast.

Now the rest of the right hand was slowly turning to ashes.

Sung-hwan smiled and said to his son who was terribly surprised to see his two hands.

“I did not want to show you this.”

Jin-soon, knowing that the body, which has exhausted its vitality and began to change into ashes, can not be restored in any way.

Sungilhwan blocked his right hand.

His left hand is already scattered all over his shoulders.

Jin-woo stopped to stop and asked.

“Then your father?”

“…?””Did not your father want to see me?”

I do not think I have yet to move my right hand.

Sung Il-hwan’s arm, which was approaching to a word of Jin-woo, went down the throat.

“I missed you. always.”

Even if you do not see me, the fact that you can watch you from afar is enough to make you happy.

Sung Ilhwan touched the face of Jinwoo, approaching her nose, with one hand.

Tears falling from his son ‘s eyes have dripped on his hands.

Even though this Abby has nothing to do with you, you …

“You grew up well.”

Jinwoo opened his mouth.

“Are they the rulers? Are they using their father? ”

Jinwoo ‘s voice had a terrible heavy anger.

But Sung Ilhwan shook his head.

“They just gave me a choice. I chose to keep you, and the choice was not wrong. ”

Now the rest of the right hand has turned to ashes and began to flow down.

“I wanted to talk to you a bit more.”

I wanted to stay longer with you.

Worse. Eventually, I had to erase my father twice in the heart of a child.

Tears flowed from the eyes of Sung Il-hwan who tried to endure the end.

“I’m sorry I can not be a good father.”

At the end of that.


The whole body of Sung Il-hwan, who has opposed the monarchs and exhausted all the power, has turned into ashes.

Jin-woo tried to grab the body of a broken father …

What was left in his hands was only the ash-colored powder that remained when the spirit body disappeared.


There was nothing left for Sang Il-hwan.

Something suddenly flashed inside.

The unfortunate Jin-woo finally cried with a head to the sky.

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Then the atmospheric mana shook.

The sky, the air, the ground cried.

Soon, a heavy voice like the monarchs flowed out from the mouth of Jinwoo.

[Do you hear, monarchs!]

If all this happened because the monarch ‘s settlement was Earth.

I will pay for it.

I will make it.

Mana ‘s condensed voice ran into the atmosphere and spread all over the world.

[You must pay the price of today!]

The roar of the Angry Shadow monarchy shook the heavens and the earth.

[Listen, monarchs!]

that day.

A man who had a power that could not be tolerated decided himself to use his power.

It was the moment when the beginning of the real war was going up.

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