Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 223

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 223

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225 Should we say good fortune?

Jin-woo’s voice, which the world could hear at the same time, was not the language of the people, so most people accepted it as a thunder in the sky.

There were many opinions about why everyone heard the same thunder.

The world was cheerful and cheered for Jinwoo ‘s victory, so that such a question would not be a problem.

It was the same in the field.

The Hunters, who were awaiting a bit of frustration in the area where the battle took place, cheered when they heard that the monster had been killed.

The two men who run the best guilds in Korea, Jong In and Baek Yoon – ho also gave a sigh of relief and laughed face to face with each other.

“Mr. White, look at you, but now you’re not feeling well.

“Mr. Choi is a sweat on my forehead and I’ll clean it up.”

“I have a single Aung Hwan, do not you think the heart is still rumble?”

“Oh, what a sweat you shed. Here’s a little handkerchief. ”

It is a sharp nervous battle between the guild masters who struggled for the first or second place in Korea.

But the situation is over, so you can give and take a joke like this, but until now, the two of them had not even swallowed the tension.

He would.

Are not your opponents the monsters toyed with Thomas Andrew, a national power hunter?

Their lives, as well as the fact that the guild’s life could be dangerous.

Not only did the two masters, but all the hunters gathered in an emergency, felt it.

If Sungjin Hunter is defeated, they have no life.

The two men expressed a joke called nerve warfare, a joy away from the overwhelming pressure.

Baek Yoon-ho’s gaze of smiling and exchanging conversations with the final man was fixed over the shoulder of the final man.


The final man followed his eyes and looked back.

A man who walked alone in a city that had turned into ruins.

Jinwoo, who had finished fighting with the monarchs, was quietly moving toward this side.

Soon the other Hunters found Jinwu one by one.

The scene, which was buzzing with resilience and cheers, quickly became quiet.

Only the sirens of the ambulance arriving at the station are ringing around the station. Even after the fighting ended, Jinwoo ‘s eyes, which are still pungent, have overwhelmed the atmosphere.

No one opened his mouth when he found Jinwoo.

How fierce the battle was, still a little haze on the shoulders of Jin Wu came up.


Baek Yoon-ho, who confronted Jin-woo and snow, sent a baptism.

That was the beginning.

The Hunters bowed their heads toward one or both of them, just as they would salute a soldier who had completed a dangerous mission.


How could Hunter, who showed such a fight, not be respected?

They all greeted with heartfelt greetings, not by someone else or by any noticing.

They keep their greetings in their eyes.

‘…’Jin-woo escaped and walked past the hunters to where the familiar vans stopped.

Thomas Andrew and Renat Nairman, who were on the verge of boarding the ambulance.

Renat said with an anxious face.

“Sung Jin Hunter’s face is not good.”

Thomas, who was already in a much better condition after the healers’ first aid, nodded and agreed.

“Looks like it.”

“Why? I fought with such strong monsters and I survived. ”

The Hunters’ mind is the Hunters know. It was almost impossible to say that the mood of clearing the dungeon and drinking the outside air was difficult.

But why is the face of St. Hunter dark?

Thomas gave a clear answer to Renat’s question.

“I did not like the fight with them.”

“…!”Renat was astonished.

Even though it shows movement beyond human limit, does it not like that it is dark?

Is that what it is?

As if Renat knew what he was thinking, Thomas nodded his head.

“I do not believe that … Maybe he was disappointed in himself when he was in crisis and fighting monsters. ”

Oh, then.

Renat recovers his nostrils, which he had pierced his chest on the nail of the beast.

Also, when the old Ice Elf put a dagger in the chest of Jinu himself, his eyes were dark.

But was not it because the enemies were too strong?

How many of them will be able to hold on to each other even if they fight each other?

Thinking so, Renat shook his head.



It is the common hunters’ idea that they can not help because the enemies are strong.


Sung Jin Hun Hunter who has the power of degree may be focusing on how to win and how to win.

Thinking so, I was horrified at the back of Renat.

Finally Thomas added to him who was surprised.

“It is a horrible man. Sung Jin Woo. ”

“…I think the same. ”

It was Renat who vowed not to let the Sungjin Hunter go to the enemy as long as Thomas, who had finished the reasoning, was carried to the ambulance.


Bongo of the Azin guild stopped and Yoo Jin-ho in the driver jumped off.

It was Yu Jin-ho who drove the car without thinking about it as soon as I saw Jinwo being hit by the monsters.

I do not feel like I am a senior Hunter.

Among the many hunters in the field, Yu Jin-ho, who found Jin-woo in an instant, ran and ran.

“Popney Ii im!”

I looked at Yu Jin-ho, running with tears like a waterfall, and then the evil spirits in Jin-wook’s eyes were softened.

Yoo Jin-ho was carried as it was.

I would have avoided the water flow as if it was annoying if it was usual.

Today was different.

Jinwoo slowly dragged his back on Yoo Jin-ho’s pouring tears.

The warmth of others who really care about themselves was a feeling of melting a little frozen heart.


It is not Yoo Jin Ho who is really needing comfort today.

Jinwoo made a smile soothing to Yu Jin-ho.

Barely calmed down, Yujin removed his face from the runny nose and asked.

“Brother, are you all right?”

“It’s okay.”


Yoo Jin-ho, who is surprised and grows bigger, pointed to his top coat, which was stained by a runny nose.


Yoo Jin – ho hastily leaned his head, stealing his eyes and nose with his sleeves.

“I’m sorry, brother. I am so thrilled that my brother was unhappy … ”

Jinwoo laughed and laughed.

Anyway, from the old days until now, it was a strange guy.


Now, only Jinwoo’s work has become a younger brother than anybody who is noticeable.

Yu Jin-ho, who had tears with difficulty, said with a bright face.

“Brother, I know that, and I have prepared clothes for you to wear.”


Jin looked down at himself.

In the battle with the monarchs, a garbled garbage from the top to the bottom came into sight.

“If you enter … Will not your mother worry? So I brought my clothes to wear. ”

Huh. When Jin-woo sent his eyes that he was well-behaved, Yoo Jin-ho stole his cheek and stood cheerfully.

“Let’s go, bro. I will take you home. ”

Thinking about it for a while, Jinwoo nodded his head.

‘My mother and Jin-a will also watch TV.

As Yu Jin-ho rides on the driver’s seat, Jin-woo has once again caught sight of the city center, which was the battlefield.

A lot of people who rushed to clean up the situation were in a hurry.

This is the greatest income in the ruins.

Jinwoo lifted the daggers that he left behind. The handle still seemed to have the warmth of his father.


Jin-light, who kissed the dagger’s knob lightly and stored it in this space, got on the passenger seat.

The sun went down slowly behind the ‘bongo’ leaving the scene.

The long day was ending.

In the end, the Hunter Association announced the monsters that appeared in Seoul as unidentified masters.

The amount of damage they left behind was enormous.

Many were killed or injured, and the number of collapsed buildings and lost cars was enormous.


It was not all that was damaging.

Did you call it a cop?

Ability to cope with a sudden crisis.

Especially, the powerful power of Sungjin Hunter changed the minds of the world.

The different ideas soon appeared to move.

The signs began with an unexpected country that no one expected.

That night. Woo Jin-chul, president of the association, visited Cheong Wa Dae to discuss the backwashing of masseurs in Seoul and the handling of ultra-large gates.

As the matter was the case, President Kim graciously welcomed him.

I briefly said hello and asked me.

“Do you mind if I do not evacuate to another place?”

The president, hesitant to answer with a confused expression, said with a sigh.

“I admit that I made a mistake to you. I’m sorry. But do not think that I’m forgetting my duties. ”

He felt human fears, but he continued to speak with a look to overcome it.

“How much will the people shake when I get out of Seoul? I do not want to leave my name as a blot in history. ”

Woo Jin Chul, who remembers as a politician who wants to scrape the president out of his mind, was short-tempered by his unexpected appearance.

It was a rude act in some sense, but the president did not bother Woo Jin-cheol because he had made mistakes himself.


Woojinchul pulled out the prepared materials and prepared to make a presentation.

By the way.

One of the Cheong Wa Dae employees hastily ran something to the President.

“What? Is that really true? ”

The staff responded with a serious face to the president ‘s reaction, which seemed to be unbelievable.

“That’s right. President. How would you like it? ”

“Once connected. I’ll take it. ”

The employee pushed the phone to the president with the phone connected to the other party.

When the president picked up the phone, everyone in the Republic of Korea had a familiar voice in the receiver.

– I’ve been worrying a lot of time … I concluded that it would be best to help the southerners.

Voice of North Korean leader.

The president, who did not understand his words properly, looked up at me.

“What… What do you do for help? “- There is a gate in the sky above Seoul. We will also send the hunters.

North Korea started.

Even though the gates of an unprecedented size appeared in Korea, the neighboring countries that had reacted lukewarm to the cooperation changed in a flash.

Korea should not collapse.

It was the conclusion that each country saw when fighting Jinwoo and Masu.

Close to North Korea, Japan, China, Russia and far away from the United States, Germany, Britain, France.

The Hunters hastily headed to Seoul to meet the time limit.

One thing in their minds.

‘Sungjin Hunter helps the martyrs in Seoul.’

The concept of the last line of defense was planted with the action of Jinwoo.

like that.

Now, not only all of Korea’s hunters but also the world’s hunters have gathered in the capital of the Republic of Korea.

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