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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 225

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227 The 50,000 hunters gathered around the world in an attempt to stop the huge gates of a fireball saw the black losers kneeling before Jinwoo unanimously.

“Jesus …”

The black armor and the black smoke-bound soldiers were endlessly connected.

Each one of them had enormous horsepower, but there was another that made the Hunters’ eyes skeptical.

“Do not you think that?”

“At the end, can you see that at the end?”

“…I’m watching. ”

The hunters pointed to the back with their pale faces.

At the back of the soldiers, three black dragons are bowing their heads as if they were beasts in front of the master.

The Hunters who found the dragon in the black soldiers were lost to say anything.

The first and last dragon in the history of humankind ‘Kamish’.

The hunter of the top class was wiped out to that one, and the whole world was almost caught up in a terrible fury.

The name of the dragon is a flame that can not be turned off.

By the way.

There were three creatures that could threaten the survival of mankind alone, and the Hunters who tried to fight them were feeling all the way through.

What would have happened if they had collided with them.

The hunters were horrified by the whole body of the hunters who imagined a battle with the black masters who were slowly lowering their positions.

At the same time.

I was wondering about the identity of Sung Jin Hun Hunter who appeared before them.

Jinwoo saw the total commander, Vellion, and an endless number of shadow corps kneeling on his back.

‘This is the real Shadow Legion …’

This grit was right.

The grit, who had called himself the other day, politely said.

– Master, the Shadow Legion is all set.

It took some time to fully understand the word.

It was such an amazing story.

So I was troubled.

Who knows more about the monarchs, the rulers, and the gate than anyone else, and will also be able to make others understand the dubious story?


It was impossible.

To convince the hunters gathered around the world to stop the gates that might be the worst disaster ever. And.

If there is one or only one of them, and the information on this grit is wrong, how can we handle the last day?

So Jinwoo waited.

I waited only for the opening of the gate without confirming anything until I could see it with my eyes.

The result was right in front of me now.

Jinu swallowed his spit and looked around the soldiers.

Although they were not the soldiers who raised them with their own hands, they could feel that each one of them was connected with them.

A network that is intricately interwoven like a spider web.

Through the network, they were vividly shown how delighted they were to reunite with their owners.

‘This is the legacy inherited by the former shadow ruler …’

They were pledging complete obedience to the new owner.

Like their heart beats, Jin-woo also got a lot of chest.


Looking around at the dragons in the back for a moment, he moved his gaze to the top again.

Total Commander Belion.

To the back of the armor of his armor, equipped with all the dignity and power, in accordance with the position of the general commandant, the traces of the wings were seen.

‘Four wings …’

Jin-woo, who recalled that the wings of ordinary soldiers were two, and that the wings of the rulers were six, was able to guess a certain degree of his courage.

In the eyes of Jin-woo, who concentrated on his grief.

Then the captain of the whole army was able to look at the ghastly magic that had not been revealed before the main army.


You have the power to do this, so you deserve to lead the shadow army that includes the dragon.

Jinwu lifted his head.

Shadow Legion.

The king who wanted the war retrieved his soldiers.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

The chest of Jinu, looking down at the soldiers, began to run wild.


Not only those who are kneeling here are not shadow corps.

If they were soldiers of the former Shadow Monarch ‘Asborn’, Jinwoo had his own loyal soldiers.

‘Come out.’

When Jinwoo called, another shadow corps appeared behind Jinwoo.

Nearly 2,000 soldiers have increased in number.

Berry, Lee Grit, Grid, No. 6, molar, iron, jima, tank and so on filled the back of Jinwoo.


. They kneeled like soldiers through the gate and bowed their heads.

All of the shadow soldiers around Jinwoo have conveyed the allegiance of silence.

Jinwoo nodded his head.

The Shadow Legion, now scattered, became one.

It is a powerful force that can oppose the enemy’s army.

Everything was smooth.


Jin-woo, who felt the gaze flying over the neck, stared back.

‘…”…’There were tens of thousands of hunters and hundreds of reporters who sought their lives to record the historic battle.

They all had a face that I could not figure out what was happening now.

‘okay, now…’

Looking at their stiff hard look, Jinwu showed a strange smile.

‘…How do you explain this? ‘

* * * Of course the world was upset.

It’s no surprise that Matsu, who poured out of the ultra-large gate, was shot live on the world scene where all the knees of Sungjin-Hunter and his head were being kicked. Viewers who were nervously watching the moment of opening the gate were not able to easily get out of the shock that hit the back of the head.

All the communities got hot on this.

-what? What the hell are you doing? Who can explain it to someone who understands?

– I do not know if all those bosses were Sookmyung’s pets.

‰ÓÓ Crazy … It says that the number of the masters from the gate is over 100,000.

‰ÓÓ No, how do I get a Hunter pet from the gate? I have to make a sound that makes sense.

So he tried to explain it to me.

The first thing that happened was the same as the Saddam Hunter. But how did the pet come out of the gate?

Most people responded that they could not believe it, but there were quite a lot of eyes from other perspectives.

– Are not you glad they are not enemies?

This is real.

‰ÓÓ It was already dead. I heard from interviews that there were only three dragons out there.

‰ÓÓ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ Crazy I’m crazy ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ Kashisu come out, I have to look back to look at each other ‹ÉÜ No ‰Û´, nine years after the death of Kamiishu What camish is out come back again?

I do not have any friends. – I’m sorry, real … I just want to let you know that Sung Jin Hun Hunter came out and told me coolly …

Broadcasters repeatedly tried to analyze the situation by repeatedly showing the scenes of the time.

However, there was no specialist who could persuasively solve the situation of colostrum, which had been dragged into a dragon, where an unpretentious giant gate, not a handkerchief, popped out of a private pet.

“Huh …”

“I do not know how this can happen …”


Everyone was losing their words and just hung their heads.

Especially when the pets who were over 100,000 kneel down to Jinwo, they came to the moan.

It is the appearance of the servants who are obeyed by the master even though they see it.

This is the story of how to make Jinwoo’s nickname the devil.

Surrounded by the black soldiers, Jinwoo had been so powerful that he could not be called a devil.

Experts gathered their mouths to define this case.

Wonderful thing. “It’s amazing and really embarrassing, but fortunately for us.”

“Thank goodness?”

“Do you see the numbers of those wrestlers, no pets?”

Shadow corps in the picture pointed by experts.

Beyond them, standing in front of them, endless troops were gathering their heads.

The organizer, who was glancing at their numbers by eye, swallowed a dry spit in a gruesome number.

It was a terrible head, even if he did not remind him that there were three dragons in his troop.

“If the hunters had to fight those things, it’s not a matter of being or not. The entire human race would have had to calculate when they would reach the other side of the earth and completely destroy mankind. ”

The moderator nodded his head without knowing himself.

“Fortunately, however, they were the pitfalls of Sung Jin Hun Hunter, and Seong Jin Hunter seems to be able to praise them.”

But it’s just an estimate. “The truth is only Sungjin Hunter knows.”

The expert concluded that.

At the end of the game, the last scene that made everyone amazed was on the screen.

“This is the time.”

Jin-woo, who was looking around the Hunters, seized his shadow into his shadow.

Jinwoo disappeared.

The moderator, who shook his head and shook his head, rewrites his glasses and fires off his notes.

“Where did all of these controversy, Sung Jin-woo Hunter, disappear?”

The Korean Hunter Association, which had to suffer from a phone call from the world, was not available.

It is not surprising that it has become an anointed oil of interest that has been as hot as fire.

The host said, staring at the camera with a face that was not excited.

“I hope he can come back soon and cool off the doubts that are going on.”

* * * With the curiosity of many people behind, Jinwu was in Japan’s flood.

This endlessly abandoned land was the best place to move the entire Shadow Legion.

In front of the far away Jin-woo, 130,000 large troops were divided on both sides.


When Jinwoo gave instructions to the inside, both sides of the army rushed to each other fiercely.

Two doo doo doo -!

The sound of them spurting the ground shook the ground.

When the distance between the two armies suddenly decreases, eventually both soldiers face each other. Jinwu moved the troops behind him to the rear of the forces behind him and made them close.

Where is it?

When the troops are raining, supplementary personnel and troops in the isolated area are summoned again after they are summoned and re-summoned at appropriate places, causing the current to flow.

The smooth military operation based on the battle was applied to over 100,000 large armies.


All the shadow soldiers who received the will in Jinwoo’s small voice stopped moving.


Striking action.

Jin stopped the mock battle and looked around.

“What do you think?”

The commander, Veliion, said in an admirable voice.

“I did not think about operating this kind of force. I can only say that I am surprised, Master. ”

The control of this force was unfamiliar to Vellion, who had incalculable battlefields with former Shadow monarchs.

It was a surprise to him that he took advantage of the freedom of summoning and releasing soldiers.

This grit, who has been accustomed to Jinwoo ‘s fighting style for a long time, kept pushing his chest as if he were watching.

I heard the phone ringing at the grit, which was somewhat cherished, and laughed and laughed.

Boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo. Jinho.


According to Jinho, Jinwoo suddenly disappeared, and the association, as well as Ajin Guild, was poured into contact, so that all the phones would be messed up.

“…I’m sorry. Please understand until your thoughts are clear. “- No, my brother. In the beginning, the purpose of the Azin guild was not to let your brother concentrate on the raid easily?

Yoo Jin-ho laughed and said, “Jin-woo smiled silently.

– Yes, did you contact your family?

“I just said I was going to chill a little.” – Then you’ll be less worried. Thank goodness, bro.

After the call, Jin put a phone call and sighed a heavy sigh.

I knew that this was not something to avoid.

But when you begin to explain the gates and the shadow soldiers, you have to tell the story of monarchs and rulers.

How will the soldiers of the monarchs pop out of the remaining eight gates and tell them that the whole world is bound to change into battlefields?

Jinwoo had no choice but to avoid a position to sort out his thoughts.

This was the best.

more. I wanted to keep people calm for a little longer.

‘So you can put off a few more days.’

When Jinwoo is so determined. Berga, who had been unable to speak for a long time, came to cheer.

“King …”


When Jeu turned around, Berga kneeled and bowed his head.

“Please test me that I am a total army officer.”

“Total Captain’s Qualification?”

Is not there already one officer in total?

Jin-woo, who was puzzled, came up with system information that he had read about enemy rank before.

‘If so …?’

just as expected.

I heard Berga’s head.

“I will challenge the General Commander Belion, the Commandant.”

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