Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 226

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 226

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When the system still remained, there was definitely mention of the part of Berg.

There can only be one enemy class.

So the soldiers who reach the new enemy class have to fight each other?

Assuming the total captain’s rank is the enemy rank, this time he was qualified to challenge the newly-appointed bureaucrat.

As an anthropologist familiar with the collective life, he seemed to want to set the order among the commanders.

‘The commander …’

I wanted to see another gentleman who moved his eyes to the grit, and he politely ordered it.

This grit was not interested in the order of the captains.

As this grit quietly stepped backward, Vellion, who naturally kept her side, came into view.

Currently, Belyon, the general director of the 130,000 Shadow soldiers.

On top of that, there is only one person, Jin Woo, the master of the corps.

He confronted his gaze and bowed his head.

I was lowering my posture as much as possible because I was in front of my master.

“I will follow the will of the LORD.”

I will follow your will.

Jinwoo laughed in a smile on her answer.

Modest tone.

However, it was meant to avoid the challenge of the new commandant under the permission of the owner.

I turned around briefly and Verdo was burning his fingers revealing his fingernails.


Unlike Vellion, which conceals as much magical power as possible, BERR spewed out the wicked magic power.

‘Hmm …’

Jinwoo, who had been worried for a moment, made a decision.


I know Vera well, but it was not Vellion.

Vellion’s combat power can be an important piece of data for moving the corps in the future. It is a matter of course that the mind tilts toward allowing the challenge. “Instead, I decide when the game ends.”

The two eyes of Vere, who had been accepted by Jinu, were filled with joy.

The excited Berga sparkled his eyes and raised his voice.

“The castle is this reticent.”

“Do not.”

“…Thank you, King. ”

BERR who is pleased with given opportunity and BERLION who is preparing for fight seriously.

There was something to check before these two guys, who seemed to have moved the contestants and champions, to fight in earnest.

Jinwoo called a sack of “Anger of Camisch” and put an aura on the end.

Then he swung lightly toward the forest side.

Home |

The black roar that had been poured out of the anger swept through the forest.

But the damage was not bigger than I thought. Jin nods his head and sends the dagger back.

‘If this is enough …’

The battle of the two army officers did not seem to be the case.

The land that has been accumulated with accumulated mana has thus become suitable for battlefield.

‘…’She looked up at the ground with a bitter look.

The gaze towards the two captains was full of anticipation.


Then the new commandant general, who was waiting for his master’s command, nodded his head at the same time.


“Give me your due, King!”

Jinwoo said with a smile.

“To their position.”

Korea Hunter Association.

The emergency meeting room of the association had been running more and more busy now, even after the emergency was over.

“Foreign media are in the mood for a statement!”

“I do not know if you can show me the location of Sungjin Hunter at the US Hunter Bureau.”

“The City Hall disaster headquarters asks if the citizens who have evacuated can be recalled.”

“I interviewed Sung Jin Hunter at the” Jimmy Show “on the Hunter Channel …”

“Jimmy is Nimi. If you can get there, take it! ”

It was useless that the communication network was not paralyzed by the phone call.

Wu Jin-chul, chairman of the association, sighs when he watches the tops of the memoranda that are piled up even while he is giving his breathing instructions.

“Huh …”

My job was like Taesan.


That’s good.

If the mounts are mountainous and cross these mountains, that mountain will be the next mountain, and the next mountain will be another mountain.

This is how the end is lined up invisible.

Is it enough to cause dizziness in the head of class A Hunter?

By the way.

I heard a word of a staff member who could not listen to Woo Jin-cheol’s ear that waved his head to break his sleep.

“There is a protagonist of Sungjin Hunter out of there …”

Complaining tone.

Woojin chul, who wandered away at a moment, immediately brought him to him.

“So, Mr. Sungwon, I thought yesterday I should have poured out of the ultra-large gates at the gate, right?”

“Yes? Oh, not that … ”

Woo Jin-cheol’s irritation continued to his subordinates who could not speak to embarrassment.

“Do you think that if the calls you are receiving were not the request of an interview of the station, but the family’s phone call asking whether or not Hunter died, would you just be as busy as you are now?”

My subordinates did not face Woo Jin-chul’s bloody gaze.

I do not know anyone who does not work in the field even though I am an employee of the Hunter Association.

What happens to the hunters in an emergency?

What happens and buries in this dark dungeon without seeing.

Considering the number of cases that could have occurred during the ultra-large gate raid process. Yesterday was the best result.

More than 100,000 athletes popped out but nobody was hurt.

Nothing was broken.

In addition, they were absorbed by the forces of Sungjin Hunter.

Who would have thought?

It was more than imagination that I could not dream of.

Therefore, Woo Jin-cheol was able to cope with laughing a lot of things to do for a few nights.

By the way.

Just because he was a little tired of himself, the employee of the Hunter ‘s Association said he had a job yesterday.

Is this a sound to say?


If there was a Sungjin Hunter nearby, Woojin Chul would have come out of his cheek before he got angry.

As much as Woo Jincheol understood Jinwoo’s heart.

He stopped all of his employees for a while and gave him strength in his neck as he looked around the employees.

“Sungjin Hunter suddenly disappeared suddenly, I know the embarrassment of your mind I know.”

However, there must be a reason for the disappearance of the responsible Sungjin Hunter.

“Perhaps the most embarrassing person now may be Sung Hunter.”

It takes great responsibility for strong power.

Wu Jin-cheol, president of the Ambassador who appeared in the film, thought about the weight of the gym on the shoulders of Sung Jin-woo Hunter.

“I’ve seen Hunter for a long time, but it was the first time I was so nervous.”

He had no idea what would happen after a while.

Suddenly, at the gate where you were ready to fight for your life, if your pet suddenly plucked out and swore allegiance, anyone would be confused and want to avoid the place quickly. Who can point to him?

It is the task of the Hunter Association to share the grievances until the Sungjin Hunter overcomes the confusion and returns and explains the situation. The association must always be a hard breakwater for Hunter.

“If the Hunter Society can not understand the anguish of Sungjin Hunter, who can understand it?”

In a hot speech by the president, the staff blinded and blinded their tiredness.

Employees who had been pestering the pet from the gate without iron were blushing to the tip of the nose and bowed to Woojinchul again.

“I’m sorry, President. I thought it was short. I’m really sorry.”

Woo Jincheol, who encouraged him by patting his shoulder lightly without any words, returned him and sat down again.


I just had a bit of a pile of documents on my desk that looked twice as big as before.

‘…’Woojin-chul, who turned his head from the paperwork, worried about Jin-woo, who would be troubled at this moment.

‘What would Sung Jin Hunter do now?’

* * * Jinwoo fell away from the two captains with a bright face.

Next to this, the grit approached.

The other Shadow soldiers made enough distance to draw a huge circle so that the two captains could move freely.

At the very end and end of the circle.

Berr opened his fingernails to the end and opened his rope with a wide open spout.

On the key to the on-ex! ”

Vellion quietly pulled a sword on her waist.

So far I thought he was a type of test similar to this grit.


The gaze of Jinwoo was fixed to the sword of Belion.

A very unique sword. ‘Can I call it a sword?’

The blade was a weapon consisting of dozens of parts, like a chain.

Both looked at Jinwu at the same time that the preparation was over.


As soon as Jinwoo ‘s sign fell, Berga ran along like.

Kiee Ee -!

Belleon, who narrowed the streets at a tremendous pace and blocked the nails of Berr, who had swung as hard as he could.

He turned toward Berr, who was moving away from his back due to inertia.


‘…!’Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

Belleon’s straight sword stretched out like a snake and was pouring into Berre.

Susususususu -!

I rubbed the Berga sword in a hurry.


That was the beginning.

Veliion began using the sword as a whip to pour out a ruthless attack like a storm.

Moving freely according to the will of the Black Belion with the mana to be machined, it devastated the land and atmosphere around Berre.

bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!

On the other hand, Berr was barely attacking the attack.

“Kie eek!”

Looking at the attack of Belyon, which surpasses the limit of the weapon of the sword, Jinwoo thinks that if it stood there, the image.


Everything slowed down.


Even during the stopping time, Veliion’s black threat was fast.

Jinwoo’s eyes gained weight.

The pupils who had a strong eye on Ankwang did not miss any of the unpredictable movements of the sword.

Top left, right side, top left again, bottom left, top right. The hypothetical self who avoided all attacks stood in front of Belial.

And it is ben.

In Jinwoo’s head, Belion’s neck fell off.

It took a while to get there.

But Velion, who instantly sensed the creepy feeling of his throat, looked up and looked at Jeon.


I found the interesting weapon and I reacted too seriously.

For a moment, I answered with a sorry expression of the face of the embarrassed Belion and the face of the confronted Jinwoo.

Berga, who had not missed that niche, struck out the sword of Belion who followed him and approached it like a lightning bolt.

“Kie e ee eek!”

FooK -!


It was Belion who broke the expectation of Jinwoo and put his weapon in the abdomen of the opponent.

Reflexes beyond expectations.

In addition to the terrible destructive power that blows the ground.


It was indeed a soldier who had no place in the position of the general captain.

‘…Still, it’s a no-brainer. ”

I say this to my soldiers, but the greatest strength of the worm is its persistent vitality.

just as expected.

With a sword in his stomach, he pushed his huge fist into the head of his opponent, greatly expanding his body.

Toukou -!

How shocked it was, a part of Belion’s helmet was broken and black smoke was scattered.

Key eek!

Soon after, the second attack of BER came in.

No, I almost got stuck.

However, Berr’s wrists entered the barren grasp of the Vullian by the difference of a few seconds.

Berga tried to shake his hand by giving him strength, but Belion did not budge.

Velyon pulled the other arm back. A huge mana began to gather in his pulled arms.

That moment.

Kuwoong -!

Berga was thrown into a straight line in the chest.

At the same time, the shock waves sweeping through the forests have blown away the surrounding trees.

There was a straight line in the forest where the trees were lush.

“To the key to the ee!”

Berger, who was flying without end, stopped hurriedly spreading his wings.

But Berion had already arrived in front of the barely stopped Bere.

A blow to the ground!

Koo Woong -!

Belion fell down on the land that had fallen like a meteorite.

In the center of the dented land.

Berger, who had endured the shock that had already been fragmented if he was an ordinary enemy, reacted with his body raising.

“ä_ -!

Belyon, who struck his fingertip with his hand, took the head of Berr as it was.


And the badge that started.

bang! Thug! bang! bang!

The attack of Berr was a bit of a hindrance to the Balion’s balance.

Kuwoong -!

The attack of Belion was fatal.


As soon as the exoskeleton of Berr was broken, it began to crack.

Key eek!

However, BERR resisted desperately until the end and tried not to give up the game.

Belion grabbed Berr’s neck, which had removed Berr, who was trying to bite his shoulder.


Although he was struggling to twist the Bergga whole body that could not move, Vellion focused his mana on his opponent’s arm again to insert the final blow.

Even the head of the dragon, which was able to break down on the blow, was a horrible mana that distorted the atmosphere around him.

That’s it.

Vellion’s punch poured over to Bern’s face.


Jinwoo, who did not want to see Vera’s head fly, grabbed Vellion’s fist.


“So far.”

Belion quickly realized that Jin was the one who stopped his attack.


Vellion hurried to his knees and bowed his head.

‘…Good work.’

She showed her talent without hesitation, and came to Vere, who had fallen on the floor, with a glance at her.

“Kie eek, kings, I, kie eek! I can still do more … ”

“…”Jinu, who looked down at the staggering verse with a sad face, asked.

“Ver. Why are you so obsessed with the commander-in-chief? ”

“Keeck, I, as the general captain, are with you forever …”

When Berga was unable to speak with a heartache, Jinwu, who was scratching his side head, said a word.

“The gun captain stands on the right, and you have to stand on the left?”

“…!”Then he realized that he could stand with his lieutenant even though he was not the general commander.

“…The castle is this. ”

“Do not.”

When Jeu woke up with a sigh of relief at the verge of tears. One soldier came over.

It was this grit who listened to the dialogue between Jinwo and Berr without speaking.

“Lord, give me a chance to challenge …”

Jin responded as if he had waited.

“You’re behind me.”

“…!”This grit could not speak to the gentleman ‘s glance.

* * * “is it… After all, the shadow monarch has turned to the enemy. ”

The human form of the solvent has been reported by the monarchs who are slowly descending to the ground.

In the darkness only the voice of the monarchs kept quiet.

“I know. I handle it. Do not move. No further losses should be prevented. ”

Solving the situation enough, the solvent broke up with the monarchs.

The sound disappeared soon.

There is nothing in the world, the gap in this dimension is immediately immobilized. This space, which had nothing to destroy, was a hell for them.


The Lord of Destruction, created from darkness, was commissioned to destroy everything that existed and did his best to get out of here.

And finally, the day to taste the fruits of it is not far off.

The solvent turned.

And he gave orders to the darkness.

“Soldiers, prepare for war.”

Then dozens of ancient dragons, hundreds of dragons, and dozens of Yongin groups, shrouded in the darkness, shouted in their eyes and shouted.

Aah! Aah!

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