Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 227

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 227

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229 Deep night. Jinwoo climbed on a high hill and sat comfortably.

The forest under the bright moonlight looked down.

It was at a glance that the shadow soldiers who were allowed time for freedom spend their time doing what they wanted to do.

Among them, especially huge molars and dragons attracted attention.

The dragons, who talked with their molars in a serious expression, shared their thoughts with each other, and soon the bigger dragon walked out.

‘Those guys, what are you doing?’

I thought that the atmosphere was not that bad considering that the shadow soldiers gathered around their bodies were running all at once.

Soon the dragon sparkled toward the sky.


Looking at the thickness of the flame, the mole laughed at her feet and stepped forward.


The enormous pillar of fire that burst out of his mouth sprang up, revealing the dark night sky.

When the high orc family whistled and shouted, the dragon turned his shoulders and turned.

It seemed that he bet on which firepower was stronger.

By the way.

‘Is not it folly to hold a ball of greed while making such a bet?’

I was trying to put the beads of greed that I held in my sneak into my bosom to see if it was wrong. Jin-woo and his eyes faced each other and his teeth looked at the back of his head and made an awkward smile.

Jinwoo laughed at the insidiousness of his molar teeth, but he shrugged off his hand in the sense that he did not care.

His molars laughed and crawled toward Jinwoo several times.

A peaceful sight.

However, Jinwoo’s mind was not as relaxed as the expression on the outside.

‘…’Jinwoo’s head turned to the sky.

I could feel the beings of this world that are getting closer to this land.

Their malice.

Their strength.

It stimulated the sensation of the maximized Jinwoo.

Although it is now at a level like seeing something hazy coming from the thick fog.

‘When their approach may become realistic.’

The fact that I can not avoid fighting them made Jinwoo’s heart heavy.

Jinwoo, who had been thinking for a moment, lifted his head.

I looked out for something, and ant soldiers were busy carrying trees and stones.

‘…What are they doing again?

Just before I called Jin, I heard voices from the back.

“I would like to make a small accommodation so that you can rest in peace during your stay here.”

A soft voice that does not suit big size.

The commander was Vellion.

Jinwoo nodded without looking back.


If it is the captain who will do so fast and enthusiastically, he will be the only one.

On the other hand, this grit does the job perfectly, and Belion is …


I did not know anything about Belion yet.

Now the strong bond between Belion and himself is the former Shadow Monarch. Jinwoo wanted to know more about him.

Is that a thought?

Vellion stood in silence behind JinWoo.

“Lord. Why do not you bring the soldiers back into the shadow? ”

Jinwu still gave his attention to the soldiers.

“I thought it would be frustrating. You were trapped in a gap of dimensions until you arrived here. ”

“…”It was a surprising answer. Belion was silent for a while.

So Jin-woo pulled out the horse.

“Shadow monarchs no longer … Is not it sad that I can not meet Ashbourne? ”

Jinwoo realized how much he feels to lose a loved one by looking at his father a few days ago.

Belion ‘s feelings will not be different.

Jinu could understand the sense of loss he feels.

“I kept his side even when he blocked the rulers who rebelled against the Absolute. When he had the power of death, he was the first to be a soldier. ”

Vellion continued to speak in a tidy tone.

“I have been an assistant to him for a long time near eternity, but I have never doubted his judgment.”

“The answer is wrong.”

Jinwoo pointed out exactly what he asked.

Belion, who was worried about how to answer, expressed difficulty.

“I have never thought about my feelings.”

“So I gave you a chance. Just think about it. ”

“…”Long and heavy silence.

In a silent reply, Jinwoo could feel the heart of Belion. I heard nothing but enough.

Then Jin-woo turned his head back and looked at Belion.

“I want to know about you and Ashborn. Can you hear me? ”

“It may be a long story.”

“Good. I needed a very long story to make time for my eyelids to get heavy. ”

As Jin-woo’s gaze turned to the front again, Belion sat quietly beside him.

“It was when I was still the fruit of the world’s number.”

“Fruit? You were the fruit? ”

“Heavenly soldiers are all born in fruit form on the branches of the world’s number. It is an endless tree that can cover the whole sky. ”

“Huh …”

The night began to deepen as Jinwoo concentrated on the story of the unusual scale from the beginning.

Before the sun comes up. Early in the darkness, Jinwoo jumped slowly into the forest.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been a 10-kilometer runner.

I knew that daily quests did not come anymore, but my body moved naturally.

I was able to drink the fresh air of the morning dawn, and Jinwoo almost finished the thought.

‘…Let’s go back. ”

You should tell people about the existence of eight armies that do not know when to arrive.

You have to let them know that the real war is not over yet.

I can not promise that everyone will be safe.

I can not promise that the world will be able to maintain its former form.

that much.

The power of the solvent, which I saw through the memory of Shadow Monarch, was great.

Solomon and the corps of destruction that followed him made all that was before them ashes.

Such enemies made the earth an object of destruction.


Now it was time for everyone, not just myself, to prepare for the mind.

Even when the system was not informed, at exactly 10 kilos, Jinwu stopped running.

A habit carved into the body thanks to daily quests that I did not miss almost a day.

However, it is not only customs that are carved on the body.

I learned a lot of fights and got stronger strength.

The last gift of the Shadow Monarch, who wanted to return to rest, has now become the name of opportunity.

Jinwoo turned toward the start of the sunshine.

The morning sun was rising on the ridge of the mountain far away.

* * * Now Jinwoo, who was free to use the Shadow Exchange, moved into the Azin Guild’s building.

I did not go straight into the office because of the heart health of the employees, so I met a strange woman who walked out of the office door.

A strange face that I’ve seen from anywhere.

The woman, who was about to pass by, seemed to suddenly turn and talk to Jinwoo.

“You know …”

“…?”When Jin-woo looks at the slippery, she is surprised at something.

‘Yes, she is a lady.’

Jinwoo went inside the Guild Office.



Even though the staff could not see it, it looked like it had frozen and froze in place.

‘Would you come in and say good morning?’

That’s why it’s worthwhile to get in from outside the office.

The guild representative visited the guild office, but the employees’ faces are all so why not.

Yu Jin-ho, who discovered Jinwoo, came out with a bright face.

“Brother -!”

Before sharing the pleasure, Jinwu asked what he was curious about.

“Who is the woman who just left?”

Somewhat familiar.

I did not need to add any further explanation, and everything was explained in Yu Jin-ho’s answer.

“Oh, it is my sister, my brother. I keep coming here because I keep avoiding contact. But what if your sister is rude to you … ”

“No, it’s not like that.”

I resemble a lot of people and it was Jinho’s family.

As he turned to the office door, Jinwu nodded and asked again.

“Why are you here?”


Yu Jin-ho, hesitating, looked at Jinwoo’s eyes and pulled out a horse.

“Before I opened the giant gate, did not I sit next to you, brother?”

“Yes it was.”

“It looks like it was caught in the camera, Brother.”

I got a rough idea of what happened to Jinwoo’s head.

“My family is now a vice-president of the Guild of Aging, so I want to return the Hunter’s certificate and take my hand off the dangerous thing.”

I knew it.

Jin-woo, the master, did not have to remain as a hunter until Yu Jin-ho, the deputy master, because of the hunter.

It was obvious to the family’s worries about Yu Jin-ho.

However, because he knew what Yu Jin-ho was thinking, Jin-woo did not try to persuade him.

‘I guess I want to stay with me as a hunter from beginning to end.’

Yu Jin-ho, who had been through all of his hardships, but still got through life and death, Jin-woo, who was delighted, put out his hand and pierced his head.

“Tongue, brother?”

Jin Woo, who embarrassed Yu Jin-ho, went into the representative room and took off his clothes for a few days and changed clothes to his new clothes.

“I’ll take some tea.”

“What? Will I drive, brother? ”

“no. I’ll be right away. ”

“Where are you going, brother?”

“The Hunter Association.”

Yoo Jin – ho tried to get rid of Jin – woo taking the key.

“uh? Brother, the reporters outside … ”

Jin-woo went out of the office just before he said, “I’m tired of getting out of here.


Outside the office building, reporters who were looking for scoop were waiting for Jinwoo with a face like a zombie, sleeping and eating.

As the waiting time was long, the reaction of the reporters who discovered Jinwu was very explosive.

“St. Hunter! Sexual Hunter! ”

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter appeared!”

“Are you turning the camera?”

But their voices did not follow.


“Uh, huh?”

They looked around, not looking down at the eyes that they could not understand what had happened to them.

And then I was able to realize.

The fact that not only you but everyone’s feet are about 10 centimeters away from the ground.

“What the hell …?”

Fortunately, this twinkle-free flight did not last long.


Reporters stood on the floor at the same time. But Jinwoo had already disappeared.

The reporters exchanged embarrassed eyes and laughed.


“This is true.”

A situation without words to say.

I had to add another line to the article of Sung Jin Hun Hunter.

* * * Jinwoo drove straight to the ‘Bongo’ and headed for the Hunter Association.

Jinwoo, the president of Wu Jinchul, and his staff members came in the view of Jinwoo.

By the way.


Woo Jin-cheol’s expression was not that bad. The employees next to it are also the same.

Wu Jin-chul, who came out of the car and came to Jin-woo, rushed and asked his voice.

“St. Hunter … Did you hear the breaking news? “

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