Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 229

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 229

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231 Episode David Brennan, director of the US Hunter Bureau, was frustrated and frustrated.

“What did the Korean Hunter Association say?”

“There is no official word yet.”

“But why are you here?”


Is not the chief who brought himself into the office of the director?

The director was shouting at the head of the angry head.

“I should get the answer even if I hung up on the head of the Korea Hunter Association! That’s not your job! ”

“Sin, I’m sorry!”

“Go out and know what’s going on!”

The director chuckled the information chief for a long time not to get upset.

Very large gate.

A guy who appeared to be much bigger than it appeared over the top of the sky appeared in Canadian heaven.

Canada is a friendly country with its borders with the United States.

It will not be long before the spark from Canada can reach this land.

The best thing to think about is that this gate is just a happening as in Seoul. It would not be better if the Sungjin Hunter’s talent falls.

‘But the problem is …’

Sung Jin Hun Hunter and the Korean Hunter Association, which hold all the answers, are still closed.

I have already seen extreme gates in the sky in the world for three hours already.

The government was asking the Hunter Bureau for an answer.

“One of the best intelligence agencies in the United States, the Hunter Administration, is waiting for the answer from the Korean Hunter Association …”

Who would have expected it?

I wonder why I can not run and jump.

Beep. As he sighed, the director caught fire on the telephone and lifted the receiver.

“Why?” – The president looks for the director.

“I’m not in the right place now.” – Ward, chief?


The director who put down the receiver like he was throwing up looked at the ceiling, and the information director who had just been kicked out puffed his breath.


“Where are you going to crawl again?”

The director of the information department raised his hand to the director who was trying to pull out the telephone.

“Han, the Korean Hunter Association has a reply!”

Then the face of the chief turned 180 degrees and smiled brightly.

“Look! You can do it! ”

The director who put down the phone approached the director of information.

“Yeah, what’s that on your side?”

“Oh, there it is … If you want to get information about super-large gates, you can come to Korea. ”

“…”The chief of the director of information, who also spoke the words, looked at each other.

I have time to replace it for a while.

The director who succeeded in grabbing the strings of reason just asked.

“Who? Who are you coming? ”

“Anyone designated by the government as the representative is okay.”

“…”That moment.

Pirate – The director who found the fire again on the phone listened to the receiver.

– Chief, if the President keeps calling you.


The director who dropped the receiver in a hurry said in a spooky face.

“I’m going to go.”


The director said that he was kind enough to help the confused information chief understand it.

“I am going to Korea, as the United States representative!”

* * * The delegates from each country that received the call from the Korean Hunter Association boarded one or two flights to Korea.

Spooky feeling.

Just two years ago, South Korea, which had never seen a hunter force enough to take its rookie S – class Hunter to the United States, called out the world ‘s leaders.

No, it was Korea who had been laughed at by Japan for failing to deal with dungeon breaks in Jeju Island a year ago.

By the way.

One Hunter, who is now called the Superhero, the top class, the peak class, and now the superhero, has changed everything.

A man who submits to those who have been pouring down from the ultra-large gate.

The man may be able to explain the identity of extreme super large gates that are now covering the skies of various parts of the world.

Then I can naturally understand what happened to him a few days ago.

All the keys were held in one hand.

The problem is that the opponent is not very good to get the key, such as strength or conviction. Who can force him to open his mouth?

Hunter, who struck down a state-class hunter, said, “Even if I try to do what I am trying to do, the backspacers that are now over 100,000 have stuck with it.

It is impossible. That was the reason why the Korean Hunter Association asked for big money to represent a country like the president, prime minister, prime minister, head of the Hunter management agency, president of the Hunter Association, and so on.

“Do you have any more places to contact me?”

“Yes, it is all 152 countries that we have reported in the morning yet.”


Woo Jin-chul, president of the association, reported on the progress of the project.

The emergency room that was set up for the ultra-large gate raid was still useful.

“The representative of Hungary just arrived at the airport.”

“Who came from the Hungarian side?”

“President Ahnor Heydish came directly.”


It is polite to have a meeting with the right person when the VIP is originally visiting his / her home country.

But now the Hunter Society has not had the capacity to pay attention to such amenities.

Wu Jin – cheol, president of the association, who made a sad face for a while.

“Let me show you to the hotel.”


I felt that the employee who was about to turn around and hesitated for a moment.

Woojinchul tried to look at the documents again.

“Well? What do you have to say? ”


The worried employee eventually gave up courage.

“What did you hear from Sungjin Hunter at Yonsei University yesterday? I have never seen the president’s complaint so pale. ”

No, I realized that the complexion of a person could be pale so far.

What horses did they come in?

The staff who did not leave his face in the head all night had no choice but to know that it was not courtesy.

just as expected.

Woojinchil’s face hardened like a stone.

“Sin, I’m sorry. I do not want to ask a question … ”

“no. I do not feel bad because of the question. ”

Only the video that was unfolded at the fingertips of Sungjin Hunter yesterday was recalled. The armies of the dragons are pushed out of the darkness.

And a giant dragon flying from behind the dragons.

He was flying at the same speed as the dragon, but he moved slowly as if he had stopped.

The majesty that all the hunters of the world will not be able to make a scratch if they join together.

Overwhelming overwhelming feeling that you can burn all the earth’s land with one breath.

It was for him.

Just looking at it made me feel sick.

No matter how much power you have in your hands, no matter how much compensation you promise in return, you have no one to fight him.

‘I can not …’

Sung-jun Hunter, who knew their existence but wanted to confront them without escaping, was respected.

‘And then, what is Sung Jin Hun Hunter doing now?’

There is still some time left before the representatives of each country gather.

Woo Jin-chul, who was wondering how Jin-woo was spending time, summoned a staff member to turn around.

“Well, where is Sung Jin Hun Hunter now?”

“It is now understood that you are resting at home.”

* * * “Voila!”

Jin-woo put a kimchi stew that I made on my own table on the table, and it became a bright face.

“Wow! looks delicious.”

My mother, on the other hand, was sorry that she would leave her food to her busy son.

“Mom can do it …”

Jinwoo said with a smile.

“I just wanted to show you how well you’ve done it.”

It was an assassination made by Jin-woo, who only persuaded her mother to be in the kitchen.

She was pushed by Jin-woo’s iris, who urged her to taste it, and her mother laughed and lifted her finger.

“After -” Carefully blowing, the mother ‘s eyes turned into a circle, floating in a spoonful.

Jinah trembled from the side.

“Mom, how are you? What do you think? Is it delicious? ”


She looked at her mother ‘s face and shrugged.

“I did not know that my brother was good at cooking. Mom, try this too. My brother is very good at taking a side dish. ”

While she was praising her cooking skill by burping her bacon in her mouth, she asked her, who saw her mother slowly change his face.


My mother, who was quietly dropping the spoon, asked.

“Jinwoo … What’s the matter with you? ”

Jinwu kept his face as bright as possible.

“What do you mean suddenly?”

“Your dad would have cooked for you instead of doing so dangerous things before.”

“…”My son suddenly worried when he was going to kill the giants in Japan or when the big gate was opened in Seoul.

The feeling of a woman, no mother.

‘I do not know who is not blood,’ he said.

Jinwoo, who confessed his complaint to his mother, quickly shook his head.

“Nothing like that, Mom.”

Whether he wanted to be a force for his laughing son, or that he really liked it, his mother smiled and ate the spoon again.

Jinha, who had noticed both his brother and his mother after finishing the spoon, laughed and laughed.

By the time the meal is almost finished.


The voice of Bellion came to me.

[We put the soldiers on standby as instructed.]

‘I know.’

As if I waited, the voice of Ver.

[King, please. Accommodation for the Lieutenant General is also available.]

‘…Yes, thank you. ‘

I have never made it so special.

Jinwoo, who heard the reports of the captains, rose slowly.

“I’ve had enough.”

By the way.

Jin-woo’s hand, trying to clear the bowl, sensed the noise outside and stopped.

‘Four footsteps …’

I heard a lot of excitement in their hearts.

It was not a category that had a significant meaning to Jinwoo, but all four were ordinary people, not Hunter.


There will not be a crazy robber trying to smash a house with a S-class Hunter.

At the entrance of the apartment, the supervisors and hunters guarded by the consideration of Woo Jin-cheol’s president, so reporters would not be able to enter.

I heard a doorbell in my ears.


“I’ll go out.”

Jin-woo, who had left his mother to stand up, turned toward the door.


As I opened the door, I saw three robust young men dressed as information agents.

‘I do not think it’s from the Hunter Bureau …’

Jin-young, who looked over their clothes, asked them quietly.

“What are you doing?”


Three robust young men stood beside and an older man standing behind them slowly walked forward.

“St. Hunter … I am sorry to have come to you suddenly without this contact. Could you please give me a little time? ”

The voice of Jinu who recognized him got a little higher.

“…The famous president? “

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