Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 230

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 230

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232 There was a heightened feeling of emotion on the face of the President.

No matter what he says, it is not a story.

Jin-woo, who was conscious of her mother and her brother, looked around the table for a moment and then moved on to Yoo again.

“…”President Yu waited anxiously for Jin-woo’s answer.

Jin’s lips fell at the end of a long time.

“Wherever you can talk quietly …”

Yoo, who had a bright facial expression, smiled with a sincere heart.

“I’ll take you to a quiet place. Come with me. ”

Jin, who came in and greeted his mother briefly and packed his coat, went down to the entrance to the apartment with Yu and his group.

As expected, reporters waiting for Jinwu were in the entrance.

Probably the three of the strongest young men brought by the famous president would have been attendants to drill the walls of those reporters.

The reporters fought with intimidating surveillance and hunters guarding the entrance and raised the voice.

“No, I am President Eugene Kwon and we can not get in.”

“A visitor to Sungjin Hunter? Why can not a reporter be a guest? We are also guests now, guest! ”

“Oh yeah? The Hunter Association’s supporters are fine, and reporters are not? ”

The reporters, if not the Hunters in front of them, crashed all at once and pushed it with fear that it would pass.

“Get back!”

Surveillance and hunters blocking them were pathetic.

“You said that Sung Jin Hunter rejected all articles and interviews!”

“Get back there!”

“If you want to visit Hunter’s home, please first let the association know and get your license!”

As opponents are ordinary people, they are pushing with force, and Jinwoo, who watched the surveillance staff and employees who were sweating only by their sad eyes, eventually wrote his hand.

“Uh, huh?”

The reporters’ body began to come to mind at once.

“Sa, help people!”

This time, instead of 10 centimeters, the reporters floated in the air of 10 meters.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter!”


Unlike the hunters, who are not as surprised as they have already become accustomed to, Chairman Yu and his bodyguards set their eyes off.

“Three, my god …”

President Yoo’s gaze was fixed on reporters who were drowning in the air.

Looking at their complexion getting tired.

Yoo felt sorry for the first time that the reprehensible reporters.

She was smiling at her mouth while she looked at Jinwoo’s face, which was difficult to watch and supervise.

“Hunter … This will make us difficult. ”

“It’s too loud to keep it quiet.”


The reporters screamed hard at what they were saying, but there was a sound of tentacles blocking them around them.

The person in charge who looked at them for a moment asked.

“How much will you put up this time?”

“I’m going to put it on for five minutes so I can heat it up.”

Surveillance and hunters laughed at the best record update notice ever.

Wahaha – “Shh! Shh!”

The person in charge of the laugh trying to catch up and giving notice to the men answered Jinwoo politely.

“Please do not let reporters hurt you.”

“Do not worry.”

Now, the power of the ruler, the technique of moving mana, has long been accustomed to handling something by hand.

Even if he vacates his seat, Mana will put the journalists down safely.

‘I do not even know how to bite it, but …’

I have not visited my house, which is receiving information protection anyway.


Soon, the large sedan of Yoo had arrived and Jinwoo and the famous each boarded on the left and right sides of the back seat.

The car, which started to slip, headed to Yoo’s home.

* * * Yoo guided Jinwoo to his living room, a place no longer quiet.

The two sat facing each other.

“I want to have a quiet conversation with St. Hunter.”

“Yes, sir.”

When President Yoo bit all the people, Jin woke up first.

“How did you know?”

I would not have left any evidence that he helped Yoo.

Where did it go wrong?

Yu tells the truth to Jin-woo, who looks at himself with interesting eyes.

“On that day, my daughter saw Hunter from the hospital.”

If you’re the daughter of President Yu …

Ah. Jinwoo recalled Yu Jin-ho’s sister who faced the guild office.

Somewhere I’ve seen it.

She is the same person as the woman who passed by the hospital where the famous president was hospitalized.

Jinwu was laughing at the fact that his thorough preparation had broken into a minor accident.

The renowned chairman who was watching the expression of Jinwoo carefully looked back at it.

‘thank God.’

Even if it was good, it was famous that I was worried that Jinwoo would be angry to reveal what he was trying to hide.

If only one of them would hurt his feelings, he would not have a face. But unlike what I was worried about, Jinwoo did not feel bad.

It was fortunate to have Yu as chairperson.

“You were also Sung Hunter.”


Jinwoo did not deny himself.

At the moment when the answer came out of his mouth, Yoo’s eyes, looking at Jinwoo, shook.

Until now, there were countless numbers of people who were willing to give their own encouragement to get something for themselves.

There were also some people who had just opened their hands to pull out something, even without that much effort.

But what about the young man in front of you?

A person’s life.

No, I did not want anything even though I saved the life of the manager who led the best company in Korea.

If his daughter passed away without seeing him, he would have lived without knowing for sure how he got out of bed.

The face of the famous chairman known as the poker face came up with emotion.


He was trying to suppress his feelings.

“Why did you help me?”

When asked for a helping hand, Jinwu refused to tell him that he had no such power.

But what changed his mind?

In order to do one of these questions, the famous has taken the example of Jinwoo up to here.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

It took 10 minutes for a second to pass from the mouth of Jinwoo.

Said Jinwoo.

“Because I thought you were someone you could trust.”

“…!”President Yoo’s eyes grew in an unexpected answer.

“that… what?”

“If you were the one who wanted to do what you wanted to do, I would not risk it for you.”

“I mean … Because I did not want to use Jinho? ”


Jinwoo nodded his head.

As the head of a global corporation, the famous chairman immediately understood what he wanted to do.

There was a card that could make Jinho move the famous.

Yu Jin-ho, his son and vice president of Ajin.

But after he was refused help, he retired very neatly without hanging dirty.

I believed Jin-woo saying there was no way.

Eyes have eyes and teeth. Jinwoo, who adhered to his own principles, gave himself confidence in the trust that the famous person had.

It took me a while to figure out if I could trust him.

‘My decision was not wrong either.’

Jinwu smiled.

At the same time.


Tears flowed from one eye of the famous.

“I do not know what to say thank you.”

The famous stole of tears from the palm of his hand was a careful glance.

“Please allow me to repay half or even half of the grace I have received. Please do so. ”

That way, the debt of the heart can be relieved a little.

Famous Lee said.

“Is there anything you want from Hunter?”

“I do not want to. but…”

The famous ear made a kiss.

If Sung Jin Hun Hunter wanted money, he would pay for it if he wanted something else.

But Jin-woo’s answer was a bit different from what the famous thinks.

“If something happens to me … Could you take care of your mother and your brother? ”

The answer at the end of hesitation.

Jin-woo asked his family for the worst case he might have.

I have collected money so that there is nothing short of it, but there is something that I can not keep with money.

At that time, the famous president would be a solid breakwater.

“…Would that really be that, hunter? ”


It was hard to imagine what would happen to Sungjin Hunter, but the famous president, who was willing to accept any wishes anyway, nodded straight away without showing signs of anxiety.

“I promise.”

The long conversation was over.


Jinwoo trying to stand up.

The famous person who was so sorry that he had finished conversation with him after seeing such a jinhwa suddenly realized how much he liked the young man named Jinwoo.

If you could be a family with Sungjin Hunter …

He had never even thought about using his beloved daughter for a tool of marriage.

“Do you have any women in your relationship?”

It is not too much to give Jin-hee. The famous first encountered a young man who made me think about it.

Jinwoo laughed.

“There is someone I like.”


The face of the famous president who realized how shameful his question was was reddened.

It was such a good young man.

However, he was not the kind of person who puts a fuss on what he would not have. He lifted his head and greeted him with a smile.

“I hope we will not have to keep our promises today.”

Jinwoo also rose from his seat, smiling.

“I will do my best to do that.”

* * * Now that all of your abilities are already at their peak, the only thing you can grow is your ability to operate your troops.

Jinwoo came back to the restricted area of Japanese civilians for the final preparations.

There was a wide-spread flood without humanity.

As instructed, the General Commander Veliion broke the shadow army into three and made it possible for Velien himself, Eli Grit and Berga to command each one.

Jinwoo nodded to see the soldiers divided into three beneath the hill.

It seemed that the energy felt by the soldiers seemed to be a prudent care of the balance of power.

The head of the General, who met Jin-woo and gaze, bowed his head.

He also seemed to be the type that tidied things up like this grit.

On the other hand.

‘This child is …’

Jinwoo turned back and looked at the ‘small lodge’ built on the hill.

“Bert, come on.”

Piggy -!

Beneath the hillside and up to the top, he kneeled beside the Berga Jinu, who ran in a blink of an eye.


“Head in.”

Even before Jinwoo’s words ended, Berga put his head down.

The voice of Jinwoo has increased.

“Is this a small place to relax? How about the size of the hotel and the second? ”

“The key to the ex.”

He answered with a tongue-in-cheek voice that shrugged off the back of Jinwoo.

“If the king’s house is at least this should be …”

“…”Jinwoo grabbed his forehead.

Habitat overlooked the scale of the main ants.

If they were as big as a man and stronger than a man, they should have expected what size house they would be.

When I heard my head down, I was immediately overwhelmed by the use of the “small hostel”.

A massive fortress, built of white stones, was connected from the end of this earth to the other end of the earth so that it could float in the snow.

The height is also high and the end is raised and the head is getting sore.

They came to the head with unnecessary passion of the ants poured into the untold work.

Jinwoo, who was sleeping on the temple, sighed and asked.

“The black flag fluttering at the end of the castle … What did you think of that? ”

Then Velion, who ran quickly, put his head next to Berber.


Jinwoo lost his words and looked at Serveur and Vellion and turned to the soldiers.

“All Army, start training!”

Then shouting like a thunder of the shadow soldiers shook the earth.

Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!

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