Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 231

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 231

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Day, two days, and four days.

The third day after the extreme superhigh gates appeared in the world, the agitations of the countries where the gates were created and the neighboring countries began to become noticeably worse.

It was because no measures were taken.

Angry citizens rushed out into the streets and rallied to take measures.

The news emphasized the severity of the situation each day, alternating the size of the protesters who are increasing day by day and the gates on their heads.

– It’s been 75 hours since the phenomenon called ultra-large gates appeared in the sky, the government has not yet …

– Look, there’s a citizen marching with a picket called ‘The government answers’!

– The number of protesters is increasing day by day and the protests are getting violent.

This is the first sight I have ever seen in Korea where the ultra-large gate appeared.

Experts quickly analyzed why Korea was different.

The conclusion is simple.

One was the determination of the Korea Hunter Association that gathered the nationwide hunters immediately after the gate appeared.

The other was the psychological stability of Koreans, who were the best hunters in the country, surpassing the national power.

One expert invited to the featured program said in front of the camera:

“Sung Jin Hunter almost solved two S-class dungeon brakes. The ants and the giants, two of the most striking events of the past year, have been resolved in his hands. ”

There was no need to mention the dolls who appeared in Japan, and the world interest in Cheju Island ant raid was also hot.

At that time, the broadcasting company that monopolized the raid relay had earned the sales of the previous three years in one room. What more do you need to say?

Nod nod.

In front of the moderator who moved his head, the expert was tapping his temples with his index finger.

“So, naturally, the Korean people had to have faith in their minds. Sungjin Hunter will be able to solve any threat. ”

The reason why the citizens could be relatively calm even though the super-large gates appeared in the sky of the capital city where 10 million people live.

The expert concluded by emphasizing that the presence of Sungjin Hunter was a blessing that could not be valued in Korea.


Every country can not be so lucky. The number of outstanding hunters was very small, and not everyone was evenly distributed.

Countries that are under the influence of ultra-large gates are in inverse proportion to their hunter powers, which is bound to increase confusion.

If you can afford to pay more taxes, are you asking for some more high school hunters to be picked up?

The governments were shocked when they watched the wealthy, who had been paying taxes, voluntarily offered to raise money to lose their homes.

In this way, the sense of crisis is on the rise.

As requested by the Korea Hunter Association, the world’s greatest representatives from around the world gathered in Seoul, the capital of Korea.

They want only one.

Getting information on eight very large gates that appeared simultaneously in the sky of the world. Especially, it was the information of Sung Jin Hun Hunter who brought out the unexpected result in the first ultra-large gate.

“Wow -” a little sigh.

David Brennan, director of the Hunter Bureau of Administration, who chose to go to South Korea as if being chased by the president, looked at the faces of those who sat around with his handkerchiefs sweating in the forehead.

‘…A lot is gathered. ‘

President, Secretary, Guild Master, President of the Hunter Association.

The director knew most of their faces here in the auditorium.

All of them are prominent, knowing their names.

As they watched the nervousness of their faces, they wiped their sweat off their jaws.

‘No one, no matter what, everyone’s feet are down.’

Everyone seemed to be sitting calmly, but he did not know that he was rolling his foot inside.

That’s what you are.

What would be better if Sung Jin Hun Hunter said, “These gates will also end without notice.”

If you tell the story above, you will not be counting on the president who was taking care of himself. It was a good opportunity to save the crumpled face.


If you know the opposite of one …

The director felt the chest hovering down and checked the time by swallowing the dried spit in a tight sense of tension.

The watch on the wrist was pointing to exactly 2:55.

Five minutes remaining until the announcement is made.

Click, click.

I heard the second hand of the wristwatch, which was exceptionally enlarged today, and the director took a hard head.

* * * Same time.

Jin-woo asked Valion after he had finished checking the shadow corps.

“What happens to the corps whose monarch is gone?”

“The army heads of each army will lead the soldiers on behalf of the monarch.”

The army of the giants who took the king to the rulers was followed by the commander that the commander was leading the monarch.

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Eight gates appeared. If the captains can command the corps, they could explain why the gate of the corps that lost the owner was created.

Then one question came up.

“Then, when I die, will you, the General Army Officer, take over the Shadow Legion?”

Belion shook his head.

Our lives are with the Lieutenant. If you close your eyes, we will return to nothing.]

The life of a soldier whose owner’s neck is attached is not over.

The loyalty of the soldiers who move for their masters without taking care of their lives was certainly a strength of the Shadow Legion.

But conversely if you talk.

As soon as the owner had a problem, the Shadow Legion prayed for the end.

‘…’Strengths and weaknesses are the same as the front and back of a coin. Sometimes strengths can be weaknesses, weaknesses can be strengths.

The enemy will try not to let it go.

Then why not use it?

‘…’In the eyes of the thoughtful Jin-woo, his eyes shone for a moment.


Another voice came from the side.


This was the grit.

“There is no odds in total war.”

A low-pitched, powerful bass voice.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a conversation with this grit, but I still can not adapt to that voice.

It is such a voice in armor with a light and sleek appearance.

Though the energy in the voices is not understandable because he was the best man in the world who had conducted hundreds of articles before being revived by Shadow Monarchs.

‘What’s the difference between this …’

I do not know if I know Jinu’s grievance, but this Grit silently confided to Jizu about his concerns.

“Unlike the former monarch who stopped the maintenance of the corps in a fight with the rulers, the monarchs constantly improved and increased the soldiers.”

“How long do you think I have a car?”

This time Belleon.

“I do not know exactly, but it will be over a hundred times.”

Berman, who had no idea about the size of the other corps, quietly listened to his conversations with his masters and commanders.

Jinwoo’s face got hardened.

I do not know if there are more than 10 million soldiers in the enemy.

“A hundred times …”

Jinwu replied, “I was chewing on the numbers.

“I do not want to do a full-scale war.”

It means that one can be all, and the whole idea of throwing away the merits of being one, and facing each other in front. In the head of Jinwoo, the future battle was being drawn like a picture.

And at the end of a minute of static.

Burr – Burr – Jinwoo lifted a shaking mobile phone in her pocket.

I heard a familiar voice over the receiver before the call was connected and Jeu could say something.

– Hunter, this is Woo Jin Chul.

“Yes, President.” – As you said, you have gathered all the representatives of each country as auditoriums. Where is Hunter now?

Jinwoo looked back quietly before answering.

Traces of a grueling battle.

The vast land that was severely divided, pitted, and shattered unfolded to the end of sight. The trees that covered the floods had already evaporated without trace.

A work created by a Shadow Legion divided into three sets through a mock battle.

Mana-reinforced land was completely overturned by terrible impact.

The Japanese Hunter Association, which had been informed to Jinwoo at the time and watched the change of the restricted area by satellite, was not surprised by the enormous magic clash.

The power they watched. It was the real power of the Shadow Legion.

Jinwoo also saw the power.

This allowed us to accurately grasp the power of shadow corps.

The result is very satisfied.

Looking back, Jin-woo’s eyes moved forward this time.

Over one hundred thousand awaiting command of the main army kneeling in front of Jin – woo and waiting a little without any movement.

Jin-woo has not answered for a long time.


Then, Jin-woo, who put up his tail, replied naturally.

“Yes, I just arrived.”

* * * “Did you arrive? when…”

When Jinwoo comes to the employees, report it immediately. Woo Jin-chul, who had instructed him, turns around with a strange voice.

He suddenly found a queen standing behind his back.

“It is.”

Woo Jincheol, who blinked his eyes for a moment while he moaned without knowing himself, soon laughed and put in his cell phone.

“…Now that’s a meaningless question. Asking Hunter for his location. ”

Jinwoo replied with a smile and shrugged his shoulders.

The place where the two people stand is the waiting room of the auditorium.

Beyond the door, representatives from various nations filled their seats with their necks, waiting for Jinwoo to appear.

Wujin checked the time.

The clock on the liquid crystal display of the cell phone told me that the presentation time was two minutes.

There is still a little time.

Woojin chul felt his relief and hearing his head.

“Hunter-sama. Are you going to tell them the truth? ”


“It’s going to be a big mess when people know. Some countries may not be able to cope with confusion. ”

“I know.”

It is a matter of course.

The rulers concealed their intentions to the end because they knew that things would flow.


If everything is going to end with this, should not you know what is happening to you?

‘It is unfortunate to close your eyes without knowing what the situation is.’

So Jin-woo decided to tell people the truth.

It is not only you who need the preparation of your mind.

Woo Jin-chul, the head of the association, also nodded his head when he saw the treacherous look.

“Okay. If Hunter’s idea is correct … ”

Jin-woo passed through Woojin-cheol and walked toward the entrance to the auditorium.

By the way.

Woojinchul, who discovered something, urged Jinwoo to hurry.

“Hey, Hunter!”

“…?”Jinwoo turned to the wonder of his eyes and opened his mouth with a smile that Woojin cheated.

“There are quite a few reporters outside.”


Jin looked down at his dress.

The attire was quite messy because I kept moving in the restricted area and moving the soldiers.

‘This is something …’

However, I did not want to tremble, just to move to another place to change clothes.

But you can not buy any clothes in the store like you used to.

‘…Wait a minute.’

Buy clothes at the store?

The system was no longer available to use the system store, but the power that was used to maintain the system was originally a shadow ruler. It is also possible, in theory, to make clothes.

That moment.

Jin-woo recalled the only clothes he could produce.

Shu Aak – In a moment, the black smoke in the waiting room wrapped Jinu’s body as if it were alive.


When Woo Jin – cheol, who was surprised at the picture, scrambled back and wiggled his eyes. Black smoke had become black armor.

“How about this?”

The original armor is one of the equipment that the hunters must wear to protect themselves from the transcendent forces of the masters.

The powerful Hunter, like Jin-u, added an extraordinary amount of equipment, which gave him overwhelming oppression.

Woojinchul, who was struggling with the stomach, barely moved his lips and replied.

“That… It becomes a picture. ”

Jinwu made a pale smile.

“I know by praise.”

Jin-soon moved back to the door and slowly entered the auditorium.

Then, the sound of banging disappeared in a moment.

‘Sungjin Hunter …!’

‘He came out.’

Everyone’s eyes were concentrated on one person on the pulpit, Jin-woo.

Jinwoo looked around their faces and cleared the mind that crossed the minds.

Now I am going to tell them about the future.

Eight conscripts desiring the destruction of the world are arriving.

It is a group of soldiers of the martial law that each army can not fight against human power.

‘…’If you know that, how will their eyes change as they wait for official announcement with their irritated faces?

The tension that pressured their heart was conveyed to Jin-woo, and Jin-woo’s expression became a little dark.

“…”Everyone stopped breathing and listened to Jin-woo’s voice.

The auditorium, which was still quiet, was quieter.

After some time, Jin-woo, who does not need a microphone, puts mana on his neck.

“It will be a tough time for everyone.”

Inside the quiet auditorium, Jin-woo’s voice spread softly.

In the ear of Jinwoo, the delegates heard their heartbeat running wild with the sound of a dry spit.

But as their heart grows bigger, the heartbeat of Jin-woo strangely seeks stability.

Jinwoo’s eyes gained weight.

‘…The tension is gone. ”

At some point, Jinwu, who was completely restored to his composure, calmly followed.

“But nobody can turn away from this fight. They will appear in front of you and destroy all of you. “

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