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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 232

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234 How should I accept this?

After the long explanation of Jinwoo, the embarrassment of the faces of the representatives came to mind.

The reporters who carefully selected forgot to obey their own duties and paid attention to their observations.

Male breeding.

Suddenly, the auditorium in which the stillness was sitting was disturbed suddenly.

Finally, someone who could not bear the curiosity of fear was shouting at Jinwoo.

“Now, tell us to believe that?”

How can we believe that terrible beings are coming to destroy everything on this earth?

The voice of an elderly man contained urgency.

“The evidence … Show us the evidence! Until then you can not believe your words! ”


“Is not it too blurry!”

“Could it be that there are hundreds of things like Kamish that can bounce off the bottom?”

When a person is faced with a reality that is difficult to deal with, the reality is denied or angry.

The angry voices of the representatives of various countries who deliberately erased the miracles that Jinwoo had shown so far headed for Jinwoo on the stage.

But Jin-woo silenced all of them with a single beckon.


“…!”The dozens of gates that came out behind Jinwoo’s back.

Jinwoo uses dozens of gates and gates to connect space and space with the power of the monarch.

‘I do not need to make a gate because it’s faster to move through the shadow …’

There will be no more effective evidence to understand people.

If you were a gigantic person like this, you could easily create a lot of nowadays.

Looking at the gates, Jin-wook looked at the audience again.

just as expected.

Representatives, reporters, as well as the staff of the Korea Hunter Association, which has been giving full credibility to Jinwoo, could not keep an eye on the gate.

“that… Is not that all Gate? ”

“Oh, how does this happen?”

‘Sung Jin Hun Hunter made the gate, and it made several at the same time in front of people?’

Everyone’s eyes were shaken like an earthquake.

Even David Brennan, the director of the Hunter Bureau, who watched the scene where the dragon took his first step on the ground with a dungeon brake, rubbed his eyes as if he could not believe it.

‘It also works.’

Jinwoo satisfied with the reaction of those who witnessed the power of the monarch closed the gates.

As if everything that had just happened was a lie, the gates were all gone before they blinked once.


At the same time, a reporter who felt the heart sank down suddenly asked reporters standing on both sides.

“Bar, who just took the gates? Does anyone have a record, whether it’s a camera or a cell phone? ”


Reporters who are overwhelmed by head wrapping or sighing.

It was so fast, and I had forgotten to leave it as a visual record because I was not sane.

As the stirrings of the reporters became a signal, the horrible voices burst out here and there.

Male breeding.

The noise that shook the eardrum filled the auditorium.

But then.

“Sungjin Hunter!”

The sharp treble of the British representative who got up to the podium attracted people’s attention.

“Maybe you are not with them either! Soldiers from the first gate, are not they also called to kill us? ”

Everyone froze for a moment in his word.

Maybe the worst that can be imagined is because it came to mind.

The vague fears of whether Sungjin Hunter was not with them spread like plagues in people’s hearts.

He did not see the gate of the other world, the power of death, and the fear of the other world.

“…”Jin looked at the British representative silently for a while.

So the British representative knew he had made a mistake.

If Sung Hunter was on his side, he would have said it, and if not, would not it be hard to survive here?

“Oh, of course I totally trust Sungjin Hunter …”

As the British representative, who had suddenly become pale, blurred the horses, he sighed as if he was watching him.


I have already done my duty.

Jinu no longer felt the need to appeal to them to believe in themselves.

“Whether you trust me or not, accept my words or not, it’s all your choice. I have done what I have to say, and you will judge. ”

The reporters who felt the announcement were finally busting out of a series of shocks and bursting into the flash quickly.

“«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ -!

When Jinwoo, who is looking at the audience, is about to turn around.

Until then, David Brennan, the director of the US Hunter Bureau, who did not say a single word, shook his hand.

Jinwoo, who had the director and facial expression, pointed to him.

“Commissioner Brennan?”

The director got up slowly with his firm face.

Since there was no one here who did not know the name of the head of the Hunter Administration, the inside of the auditorium once again calmed down.

“It’s been a long time, Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”

He politely bowed his head, and Jinwu bowed his head.

The director said.

“Now I know what will come out of that gate.”

There are tens of thousands of black athletes from the first gate.

Fortunately, they were the subordinates of Sungjin Hunter who “got the power of the monarch” by chance, and were immediately submissed to Sungjin Hunter.

Today, however, the people who will appear next will find that they will never be benign.

How then should mankind cope?

The chief calmed the trembling mind and asked carefully.

“What should we do now?”

Jin looked at the director for a while and turned his gaze around the people inside the auditorium.

Feelings of anxiety, anxiety, irritability, fear, shock, and confusion were felt through their expression and gaze.

It was not always helpful to have a sense of surpassing human limits.

After a while. ‘…’

Determination gave Jin Jin the best advice they could give to them.

“Please move away from the gate. As far as possible. I hope you run away a little further. ”

* * * The power of Jinwoo’s information was enormous.

It is not another person and it is genu.

The information of Jin-woo that surprised the whole world with the incredible sight at the first ultra-large gate.

In a warning that a number of underhanded masters will be poured out by the forces of mankind, scared people struggled to move away from the gate.

Road lane road was blocked by cars in many places, and earnest horn sounds were disturbed in each street.

There are six letters in the newspaper under the face of Jin-woo.

– Run away!

It was a word enough to move around the world.

However, the bigger the movement, the greater the power of opposing the movement. Not everyone trusted Jinu’s words.

Canada’s nationalist Hunter J. Mills, the largest of the eight gates, has confidently made a counter-statement.

“Please do not shout like dogs.”

Canada’s best Hunter, who was invited to the Hunter Channel, blamed Jeon in front of several panels.

“If I knew the contact of Sung Jin Hun Hunter, he would have told me that. Anyone who sees this broadcast, please give him the same. ”

The host smiled a broadcast smile to cool down the frenzied atmosphere.

“Thank you. Still, is not Saint Hunter one of the best hunters in the world? If such a Hunter’s warning can not be ignored? ”

Jay Mills’ Hunter Ranking is at 17th place at best.

Even though he is a rookie less than three years old, he can not compare with Jinwoo.

So he admits the gap with Jinwoo.

“Yes, of course, Sung Jin-woo is a very great hunter. With the power to knock out Thomas, a lot of petals … But even if he’s a great person, he’s not all that great. ”

“If so, does Hunter have any evidence to deny Sungjin Hunter?”

Jay laughed and smiled.

“Then what about Sungjin? What evidence is there for him? ”

While the host could not find a word to say, Jay stares at the camera in front.

“I think so. Sung Jin Woo was at the front of Seoul Gate. So those terrible black things knelt down on him. Maybe other Hunter was there instead of that, and the opponent might have been different. ”

Jay pointed at the camera as if Jinwoo was looking at the screen and set up a vein in his neck.

“Sungjin Hunter, if you scare people with some shitty words, you will not be able to dominate the gates at all. I was not as scared as the mosquito nose. ”

Beep – Woo Jin – cheol president turned off the TV.

Jinwoo sat down where he quietly turned the remote control down.

“In Canada, the Hunters gather around Jay Mills. Other countries that are known to have strong Indian or hunter powers seem to be preparing their own raids. ”

Jinn just nodded quietly.

The choice is theirs. Now it was time to concentrate on fighting monarchies.

“The United States is watching Hunter ‘s actions. No, it’s no exaggeration to say that the world is watching Hunter’s movements in the same situation. ”

Wu Jinchul, who was so lucky, pulled out the words he really wanted to say.

“What do you think Hunter is going to do now?”

Woojin chul tried to calm down the heart that was watching Jinwoo.

‘You should not interfere with St. Hunter’s choice.’

In fact, he had one thing hidden from him.

That is what SOS is pouring into Jinwoo from all over the world right now. In fact, it was difficult for the association to do normal work.

Among them, the United States, which is adjacent to Canada, was requesting the help of Jinwoo to the extent of seeing a person.

Help Hunter concentrate on hunting Mayusu. That’s the role of the Hunter Association.

In spite of the beliefs emphasized by the president of the association, Woo Jincheol waited for Jinwoo’s decision without saying anything.

However, contrary to the expectation of Woo Jin-cheol, who is anxiously waiting for Jin-woo’s answer, Jin-woo has set an answer from the beginning.

‘It is impossible to deal with all eight corps.’

If so, you should first remove the threatening factor for your family in Korea.

The other monarchs then.

As the battle goes on repeatedly, this multiplier will increase.


Jinwoo lifted his head and said to Woojin Chul.

“I’m going to China.”

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