Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 240

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 240

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While being pushed by a tremendous impact on the side.

I saw the solvent.

A huge black shadow stood there to meet the sky.

Just as there is a world that rejects what it should not be.

The black lightning strikes thousands, tens of thousands of times, over the shoulders of the giant black shadow.

‘…Spiritualization? ‘

No, I will not.

The shadow monarch, who was one of the original fragments of brilliance, originally appeared without its hidden form.

By the way.

How does the Shadow Monarch now look like that huge figure?


When you give your legs power, the surface is sliced like an apple peel, and the solvent stops in place.


As one family passed through the brain, the solvent ‘s pupils shook.

‘He’s … Are you bringing the power of death to the earth? ”


How could anyone who was only a normal human being so long ago could deal with the power of death so deeply?

[like that.]

The elasticity flows out of the mouth of the solvent.

You are the one who has spent a long time at the border of life and death.

The reason that Asborn, the former shadow lord, was able to give his full power to the human being.

This man has been fighting his own war all the time before he received his power.

For life.

Unlike the previous generation, the honor came to mind in the mind of the solvent, who had looked down on the shadow monarch in front of us a little.

[…]And for a while, he used his frailty to reflect on himself trying to use him to fight the rulers.

‘must… I have to kill him now. He’s too dangerous. ”

The giant shadow monarch, like himself, was still staring at himself.

The Great Shadow Monarch.

Jin-woo looked down at his hand, which had changed to a size beyond imagination.

‘this… Is this me? ”

I moved my fingertip.

The gigantic body, which had become the darkness itself, was moving as he thought.

It is not only bigger.

In the body.

Inside this massive body, the stupendous power that could hardly even imagine the end was bracing endlessly.

I myself have become a mountain to bring down the mountain.

Jinwoo lifted his head downward.


The ruin was running.

Kuwoong -!

Rough flames and black lightning bounced all over.

Jinwoo gave strength to the legs stretched backward to prevent the dash of solvent.

Power is a whistle!

The soldier, who was following the tight controversy for a while, bit off Jinwoo’s shoulder.

A flaming fire flashed on the bite.

Jinwoo did not panic, pulled his horn and pulled his head off.

And one room in the face again – Fucking!

This time the solvent did not back down.

Aaa great!

As soon as it fell, the instantly running solvent poured out its huge vagina and asked the side of Jinwoo.


After starting fighting with the solvent, the unbearable groan came out for the first time in the mouth of Jinwoo.

bang! bang! bang!

Jinwoo pulled down the head of the solvent with his elbow, but the solvent, which lifted the Jinwu over the sky, shook his head right and left without any reason.

The pangs, like the waist breaking on both sides, came up from below.

“Great! Great! ”

The solvent, which he thought gave enough damage, threw Jinwoo on the floor.


The breath of destruction came upon it.

When his breathing, such as commercial, passed, Jinwoo’s arm had disappeared.

However, instead of screaming Jin Woo bit this.

Jinui quickly narrowed the distance and pushed the remaining arm deep into the agar of solvent.

I love you!

The huge tongue of the solvent came out with the sound of the thick skin breaking.


Instead of blood, muddy lava exploded at the cut end of the tongue.

Jin wiped the head of the solvent to struggle with pain. The head was twisted sideways and lava was scattered all over the place.

Then, the solvent stared vertically and gazed at the elderly pupil. Then he hung his cheek.

Fight of the day.


Every time they hit, the earth vibrated and the atmosphere cried.

Everywhere the flame fell like rain, it burned in black, and everywhere the black lightning strike, it crumbled horribly.

A frantic fight.

MOLLY watched the two monarchs struggling.

In its magnificent and terrifying spectacle, the High Oak Ordinarian could not keep his mouth shut with his soul.


If the Absolute had created these to see such a fight, I felt as if I could understand it as well.

The battle of the two was such a disaster, and at the same time was a great minister.

My tears shed tears as I watched the fighting of two beings, like God, confronted with power.

The power of destruction and the force of death were tangled together, shaking the world.

Jinwoo gave more power to the hand holding the fist.

Kwang -!


Become, become, become!

It was a strange hit with a shock wave that tore up the atmosphere.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

The sharp claws of solvent go through the air.


Jinwoo, who had retreated a short while back from the attack, stroked his shoulders and knocked down the solvent.

Kuwoong -!

Jinwoo rises quickly on the fallen solvent.

And back again.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

A bloody blow from the top down was ruthlessly applied.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

The lightning, the flame, the sound of the air crying endlessly.


The limit was obvious for one hand to be critical.

I used to concentrate mana on one hand, but as time went on, it gradually escaped as if it were hitting in my dreams.

‘What happened?’

Jinwoo’s face got hardened.

Soon he noticed the change that happened to Jinwoo. Soluta stretched out his hand and grabbed Jinwoo ‘s fist.


What happened so quickly. To Jinwo, who is embarrassed to be unable to remove his fist, Solange said.

[This is the difference of experience!]

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

“Ah, ah!”

A spoonful of the solvent, which put the sharp nails of the other hand in the side of Jinwoo, spit out a laughing voice.

[Keeping a huge power does not only consume a lot of stamina.]

A terrible energy began to swirl in the mouth of the solvent that made Jinwu unable to move.

A flash of destruction was prepared for the end of the battle.

It’s over – Sola convinced himself of his victory.


Immediately before the bust of the devastation just broke out, I saw a new arm sprouting from the shoulder of Jinwoo, who had been cut off.

‘Have you still had that much strength left?’

The solvent was amazing.

There was no possibility of winning or losing in this situation.

A glare gleamed from inside the mouth of the solvent.


Jin pushes his newly created arm into the mouth of the solvent.

“Ahh – oh!”

I scraped the remaining power to the bottom and concentrated it on my fingertips.

Woong -!

The light enveloped the surroundings with intense shock.

The light is blinking.

Silence fell on every side.

Jin-woo, who returned to the human form again in the form of a huge shadow, laid barely on the floor and panted.

“Ha, ha, ha …”

My whole body was as hot as fire.

There was no wound in the whole body.

Jin-woo, who was trying to calm his breath and calms his breath, slowly made his weary body slowly.

Someone was approaching beyond the thick fog of explosion.

Jinwoo looked at the human form of the solvent and revealed his tongue.


The solvent was not a good body, but it was much less injured than Jin-woo.

[He is a persistent man.]

Who will do it.

But Jinwoo, who wanted to save his power to answer, quietly pulled out two bags of ‘Kamish’ s anger.

The solvent also pulled out the sword.

In the absence of the power to maintain the throne – emotionalization, the solvent pulled up the last force to break the breath of Jinwoo.

Jinwoo also stopped breathing and bitten it.

Only one step, Jin – wook leaped to the nose of Jin – wook, and wielded a long sword.

Two daggers and one sword struck in silence.

Whenever the blades of each other hit the flames, sweat and blood slipped all over the body.



One of the “anger of the camisheh”, which was badly damaged by attacking the steel scales of the solvent, broke down.

‘…!’I had to turn the black body down by the oblique line, but the balance I was holding was slightly collapsed.

The solvent did not miss the gap.

The moment the sword stretched out, he broke through Jin’s abdomen.


In the midst of terrible pain, Jinwu pulled the dagger in the other hand toward the neck of the solvent, hurting it.

But just before the tip of the dagger reached the nozzle of the solvent, the solvent held the dagger blade with his bare hands.

The black aura that was chirping from the day was blocked by his sword red.

The solvent laughed.

[Did you want a dagger made of a dragon tooth to go into the body of this solvent?]

The solvent spoke confidently and gave strength to the hand holding the long sword handle.

A long sword dug deep into his abdomen, and Jinwu blew red blood.

“Keruk -” Soluta pushed Jinwoo on his foot and pulled out my sword.

When Jinwoo rolled off the ground and barely reached the ground and tried to raise his body, the tip of the sword of the solvent that was already approaching was pointing to Jinwu’s neck.

‘…’At the end of a very close sword, Jinwoo stood still.

The solvent laughed and said.

Is not it funny?

I looked down at the face of the enemy who had already caught the suspicion of his victory.

[The fire that was born in the darkness and the darkness that was born in the light. One that fight is ending now.]

Jinwoo agreed to the words of the solvent.

“Yes. I see the end. ”


The solvent that looked up and down the seriously injured Jinwu asked with a half-mixed expression of wonderment and pleasure.

[Is meaningless resistance ceased?]


Jinwoo’s eyes, which seemed to be as if he had given up everything, changed instantaneously.

[…!]Although the solvent pushed the sword in haste, Jinwoo went forward, not falling back unlike the anticipation of the solvent.

The long sword passed by the gang’s artery with a breathless interval. Though the flesh of the neck fell off and the blood splattered like a fountain, it was not a fatal injury to death.

‘can do.’

Jin-woo, who was able to attach to the solvent at the price of serious injury, called his father’s dagger in the warehouse.

The eyes of the solvent grew bigger.

Before he even recognized the situation, Jinwu’s dagger stuck to the breast of the solvent.


The dagger that stuck the armor pierced the heart of the solvent.

[Big ah ah ah!]


Still more. Jinu knew well that the monarchs were not killed by this kind of attack.

Even if I was a human, I was struggling like this because I was wounded with a strange wound.

Jinwoo pulled out a dagger and fired the skill ‘Nando’.

Two doo doo doo doo doo!

Numerous attacks were struck by the solvent.

Once more!

Two doo doo doo doo doo!

[Yeah… this guy…!]

However, in the midst of innumerable attacks, the solvent swept the sword.

Jinwoo’s eyes shook.

A heavy-handed solvent with a hole in his chest was striking his daggers one by one.

The more Jinwoo skill, the faster the speed of the solvent.

This is the strongest creature that the Absolute created in darkness, only for destruction.

Jinwoo ‘s forehead began to pounce at the speed he was most confident of his sweat.


The solvent pushed the beast out of the roar.

Shock-like impact on your wrist.


When Jinwoo barely got the center, the solvent was already in sight. Unlike before, the solvent did not make the mistake of stopping the sword.

I went through the black heart.

“Shut up!”

Jinwoo felt a fiery pain coming up from his chest.

The throat tightened and the horse did not come out properly.

The unbending leg bent down and kneel naturally fell.


Still, the solvent burst into a rough roar toward the sky.


In the middle of the human form and the dragon form, Yongin turned into a Yongin family and extended his fingernails long.

A dragon ‘s screaming voice came out of my mouth.

[Yours, I’ll tear the shreds and feed them into the dripsticks!]

If it was a mistake to try to execute a shadow monarch in the last courtesy with a royal courtesy, it would make the mistake and give it a cruel death.

I will show the king of these dragons the last of those who resisted to the end!

When the angry solvent is crying out with its long, sharp teeth. Suddenly a shout from the sky burst out.

Waaaaaa – The solvent was lifted up.

Then an unbelievable sight unfolded in front of me.

Through the gigantic gates, the armies of the rulers and the soldiers of heaven were pouring out without end.

The flapping wings were filling up the black sky covered in dark clouds.

‘It’s impossible …!’

The solvent was astonishing.

For sure.

When I arrived here, I could not see the gate.

But where did the gates come from, and why do they have soldiers?

To open the gate to connect the world and the world right here would require a tremendous amount of energy.

There are so many crazy moments.

The solvent looked at Jinwoo, panting with his trembling eyes.

[You … Did you attack me with all my strength from the beginning …?]

Was it not from the difference of experience, but from the beginning?

To tear up the space with a huge power collision to invite the friendly forces?

Solvent had only guessed the intention of the Shadow Monarch with his own eyes.

I’ve taken care of the corps and brought myself here.

Everyone thought that they did not want to be disturbed by the fight with themselves.

However, the purpose of the shadow monarch was separate.


[But… There was no way you could have contact with the rulers …]

The solvent could not speak.

There was a way.

A bowl of rulers.

The rulers have lent their power, and the vessels connected with them have not yet been left.

So they prepared the gate for it exactly.

[…]The solvent looked at Jinwoo.

He chose a way to win in the Gulf, even though he was out of the fight.

It was his own outcast, who was just watching the fight.

Jinwoo, who was barely enduring the pain of the wound, laughed hysterically.


[…]”The monarch of the white flame and the monarch of the canine, both of whom ordered the shadow monarch from behind.”

[…Has the lord of the white flame heard it?]

Instead of the answer, Jin-woo looked at the sky where the soldiers were coming down, and looked at the solvent again and smiled at her mouth.

“Asborn asked me to say hello to you.”

As Jin-ho lifts his middle finger, the solvent’s eyes turn upside down.


The nail that was sharpened rushed to Jinwoo sitting with no protection.


The fingernail was blocked by six beautiful wings that were not able to reach Jinwoo and were wrapped around Jinwoo.

The dragon who had gathered the stopping nails stopped him and looked at the character and groaned.

[The most splendid brightness …]

The solvent lifted his head.

On the head.

Six angels with six wings were slowly descending.

The end of the fight is visible.

Solme smiled self-consciously, recalling the conversation he had with Jinwoo.

[…That’s it.]

Soon the rulers’ windows pierced the body of solvent from every direction.

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