Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 243

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 243

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(2) In the sky, the ashes fall down like snow.

Jin-woo, who had said goodbye to the shadow soldiers before the farewell, looked at the representatives of the rulers without hesitation anymore.


‘Brilliant Brilliance’ invited a beautiful cup with a slightly sad face.

Jinwoo’s eyes shone in the eyes of Jinwoo.

‘That’s the tool of God that can turn time back into the past, the cup of reincarnation …’

It’s black.

Finally, I thought that the moment to finish everything and come back again, I swallowed the dried spit over my neck without my knowledge.

Gwanghui asked Jeong’s face, which was full of tension.

[Really… Do not you regret it?

He, who had been in a fight with the monarchs for a long time, knew the weight of the war better than anyone else in the world.

The weight of the baggage that the shadow monarch will bear alone.

Two shadow rulers, Jinwoo nodded his head.

The first fight was successful.

The second fight will be much better than this.

It should be.

Nostalgia and confidence confront the face of the brightness also nodded.

His will to recover the things he had to lose with the fight.

How can we not know ourselves, who have rebelled against the Absolute for the men who are dying forever in an endless war?

[Surely your courage can save your world.]

So he prayed so deeply, and reversed the cup of reincarnation.

Then the light filled in the cup poured down and began to soak the ground quickly.

The world began to be surrounded by light.

Soldiers wounded in battle, families tearing through their TVs through TV, prayers for the safety of their loved ones, those who were sickened by uneasy news, those who fell in despair and fell.

At home, in car, in hospital, in school, in company.

Everyone saw the light shining through the window.

Soon the world fell into the light.

And the light that quietly covered the whole world blinked silently, as when it appeared.

* * * morning.

I could feel the morning sunshine telling the beginning of the day over the wounded eyelid.

Jinwoo touched the bed sheet of the familiar texture that he lay down without opening his eyes.

I have not broken sleep yet.

I was able to see all of the surrounding situations with a feeling of exceeding the human realm already.

‘The smell of boiling stew, the sound of chopping board, and the air in my room with my smell …’

It was a house.

I came home.

Jin-woo’s heartbeat began to accelerate slightly.

My mother’s voice was heard outside the door.

“Jinya, will you wake me up?”


My sister Jin-a, who likes sleeping like a grown-up girl but strangely does not have a chance to wake up, has come to wake up her brother, who is always sleeping with her mother’s request.


When I realized that my childhood memories were being vividly reproduced in my dreams, I was smile at the mouth of Jin-woo.


“Brother …”

Before his brother opened the door, Jinwoo slowly raised his body.

“uh? When did you get up? ”

To her sister who saw her brother who was silent and opened her eyes round, Jinwu smiled silently.

There was Jin-a who did not lose friends to the masters.

Jin-woo went down to bed and went over to his living room.

“Son, are you up?”

Prepare for the morning Mother to look back at the footsteps from behind.

You do not have to look at the mother who is struggling to get out of sleep that never breaks.

But the scene that I wanted to see more than anything else is.

Jinwoo chased down the paper one by one and turned his head toward the table.

Waiting for breakfast, the father quietly reading the newspaper felt his gaze and lifted his head.

The moment my eyes met with my father, Jin-woo stopped breathing.


The word father that flows out of his mouth without his knowledge.

Sung Il-hwan was a mother who used to call herself “Dad” and suddenly expressed mature expression.

Did the child have a scary dream?

When he looked at the face of his young son, who seemed to be forcibly persecuted, he approached his son.

“Son, what is it?”

The voice of my father coming right in front of me.

It was a dream-like moment for Jin-woo, who remembered the touch of his father, who had just vanished like dust from his fingertips.

But this is not a dream.

On the contrary, it is a reality that must be protected.

In the tears of Jinwoo ‘s eyes, the sorrow disappeared and a strong determination was taken instead.

In front of me, my father and mother were looking at themselves with an anxious face.

Jinu, who changed his expression hard, said with a smile.

“…I guess I had a bad dream. ”


The nightmare is over.

The nightmare is over, the younger brother, the healthy mother, and the father who has not disappeared.

The last chance to correct everything was given.

I do not miss opportunities.

Now I will write my future again.

Along with the determination, Jinwoo shone in the eyes of Jinwoo.

* * * That’s what I promised yesterday.

Already one week.

Jinwoo could not get a chance to get into the gap of the dimension.

I heard voices from Jinwoo who was staring at the chin and staring out of the classroom window.

[King …]

‘I know.’

I know.

The fact that the monarchs who are looking for this land beyond that sky are now preparing for a huge gate.


It is time for a short vacation given to myself that ended a big fight a while ago.

any… Maybe a little bit to enjoy this peaceful time?

As an award to yourself.

‘…’I was spending time with such troubles, and I was finally able to hear a nice sound.

Ding Dong – Dandong – It was a bell to announce the time of leaving.

Until then, it was suddenly vigorous in the faces of the children who were definitely dying.

Jinwoo also became a bright face.

Even if it is twenty-four or twenty-five young people, is not the appearance of fourteen little children?

The end of the ritual is in a brazen atmosphere.

A lot of boys with their hair on their heads came around Jinwoo quickly.


“Are you going to the pic today?”

Jin looked at the faces of the kids and laughed and nodded.

“Oh yeah!”

“Hey, is this our team today?”

“Oh, what do you mean? It was your team yesterday. ”

“Instead, we take the end of the gel can not.”

“Oh, yes. We will take the end of the min pyo jeonwoo our side. ”

“So I decided to rock scissors.”


In this middle school classroom, there was a famous boom in strategy simulation games, and Jinwu’s amazing reflexes and senses showed the New World to peers.

For junior high school boys, game skills are a popular sequence.

Your eyes turned on your eyes to become a team like Jinwoo.

While the 3rd scorer and the scissors rock team, which were three winning streaks, were transformed into the fifth and third best times.

Girls who were not interested in the game left the classroom looking at the boys who were eager for the fight against Jinwoo.

In the back door of the classroom.

There was a child who packed the bag late and squinted a little here.

I am interested in games but I do not want to make friends.

Such children can only do so by looking at the same classmates who cling to their envious eyes.

Figuring out.

Jinwoo laughed quietly.

Things that were not seen when they were younger began to come into sight one by one now.

Is it because of an adult?

Or is it because of the senses beyond human levels?

Even within this narrow space of classrooms, a lot of emotions hit and loosened and a small world was formed.

In the meantime.

“Wow -!”

Children who were determined to be like Jinwoo did not even know that they were embarrassed.

Jinwoo kicked his tongue inward.

‘This is why girls look at me grievously …’

The winners, who were behind the kids who were clad in scissors rocks, wrapped around Jinwoo again with a bright smile.

“Jinu, let’s go!”

But Jinwoo pointed to the back instead of the answer.

“I’ll team with him today.”


At the place where the boys’ heads turned, there was a child who was silently wrapped in a bag.

When everyone’s gaze fizzled, the child surprised him and circled his eyes.

“uh…? I?”

Jinwoo replied.

“Yes, you.”

Jinwoo, who discovered the traces of many anxieties appearing on the child’s face at the moment, laughed and asked again.

“Why? Hate?”

“Ah… no.”

Jin-woo lifted the bag while looking at the child’s face smiling shyly.


The child nodded his head around the bag.


Jinwoo laughed.

a little bit.

Feel a little more this.

If this time I enjoy is not harming anyone, please do not hesitate to take one more day. ‘To make you stay …’

Jinwoo’s stepping out of the classroom with his friends was both lighter and heavier at the same time.

The sun on the back of the school was already reddish in the sky.

I stopped for a while and looked up at the sky.

“Jin, what are you doing?”

“This is the place for your pic?”

The guys. Hurry up …

“Go, go.”

Jin-woo caught up with the children who were ahead of him.

The children were full of anticipated voices and talked about the contestants to be made in the pic today.

Even if he was not in the conversation, he could feel the excitement and excitement of the children.

like that.

In the streets under the reddish sky, Jinwo walked with his young enemies’ friends who had met again in a long time.

I laughed and walked.

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