Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 244

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 244

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(2) After getting into the gap of dimension, Jinwoo has a habit that was not from the outside.

Write down what you saw and heard on that day. It was not such a big deal that I wanted to leave a fight with the monarchs.

The gap in the dimension is a space of total radiance similar to the world of rest.

This empty world of endless darkness was so overwhelming that it would not have been able to survive without a battle.

But it is not just because there was nothing to do.

With the experience of living the same time again, Jinwu realized that the viewpoint of the same thing could change with time.

As time went on, I noticed that I could see things I had not seen before.


I wanted to know how it feels if I see the records that I left here long afterwards.

Do you feel embarrassed that you have left a record, or do you regret that you could do better?

Will it or will I miss this damn war now?

That was the reason why it recorded ‘diary’ in time.

Square box.

In the deepest darkness, only the sound of the end of the pen scratching the note sounded silently.

Jinwoo who wrote down the record of today suddenly laughed.

‘…I do not think I’ll ever miss things here. ”

Let Jinwoo look up.

The bodies of the monsters, which are so numerous that they can not count the number, are in sight.

Once again. Jinwoo won the battle with the monarchs, and took the ‘monarch of the Circle’, which had been falling down.

It has been 27 years since I was in the niche of the dimension.

Finally, the long, bored and tough fight began to end.

Now the remaining enemies are the Solomon and his direct soldiers, the Corps of Destruction. I was excited by the expectation that I could go back, and my heart ran lightly.

‘I am glad that the outside hours and the times here are different.’

Perhaps it took about two years outside.

Reunion for two years.

How much is Jin-a? How will my father and mother be? Should I have explained the situation a little more?

These kinds of troubles went through my head for a while.


Jinwoo shook his head like he was trying to shout.

Now is the time to concentrate on decorating the last page of this diary.

Belion, approaching him, bowed his head in front of Jinwoo.

[Lieutenant, the summary is all over. There is no breath.]

Jin looked around.

The shadow soldiers who came back after checking the entire battlefield and confirming the killing were endlessly waiting for Jinwoo’s next command.

Ooh – counting the number of soldiers has already given up before.

Jinwoo laughed and covered the diary.


Jin-woo put the diary and pen into the space store and came down from the mountain of the dead body and stood on the floor.

It is time now.

The strongest opponent I once wanted to meet again.

It was time to go to see him who gave his first defeat to himself as a shadow lord.

Even if the results were overturned by the intervention of the rulers, Jinwu was defeated by the solvent in the fight.

‘…The second does not. ‘

In Jinwoo ‘s eyes, a long –

When I thought that it was too late to return home, the heart that ran lightly now ran wild enough to hurt my ears.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.


Jin-woo, who listened to his heartbeat, thought that maybe after a long period of time he might miss this fight.

Jinwoo turned to the direction of the feeling of the solvent.

With the soldiers for the last fight.

“Get up.”

The same number of shadows arose beside the numerous dead bodies of the Shadow Monarch.

Behind Jinwoo, three captains of Veliwon, Berr, Erik, and the captains under them lined up.

Behind it was a troop waiting to cover the continent.

‘…’Where there was no air flow, the wind that showed the end of the war seemed to fade.

Jinu closed his eyes and breathed quietly.

And when I opened my eyes again. A word came out from the mouth of Jinwoo to end the war.

“I go to the solvent.”

I also felt the solvent.

I was able to feel that a huge crowd was coming to this side as it was hard to guess the scale.

Since when?

From the outside of the corps, the Shadow Monarch, who continued to strike and devour his troops a little bit, began to confront with all his troops.

The legion that followed him was now being turned against him and being chased by him.

Of the legions scattered, only the legion of the ruins remained.

So it was not so difficult to deduce where the shadow monarch’s gaze would end.

The final battle.

I had never imagined that the struggle as the sovereign monarch, not the struggle with the rulers, would set an end, but it was not bad with the fight to decorate the United States.

Decades ago, when you think about the battle with the Shadow Monarch, does not the blood still boil?

‘…’He stopped and stopped, and one of the soldiers came carefully to the solvent that was looking around.

[Solvent …]

The soldier who was wearing his arms immediately answered.

[Yog Munt was hit.]

Suha, who had been surprised by the sound of the monarch of the race, bowed his head again.

[So some more moves away from them …] [no.]

The solvent showed teeth and showed teeth.

I am tired of seeing the back. I will fight them here.]

They have spent more than 20 years hunting the troops’ troops.

Perhaps it will not give you time to reorganize your troops. If you can not get out of the net, I will make a betrayal here.

It was his own choice, the king of the dragons.

[Prepare for battle!]

In a word of the monarch.

All of the corps of destruction are ready for battle.

Aaa aa great!

The ancient people, the dragons, the Yongin, and the drones they are riding on, cried and cried.


The solvent turned its head in the direction of the movement of a huge force.

It was clear why the Legion was defeated by a Shadow monarch.


The Shadow Monarch could not keep up with the mobility of the Shadow Legion that could be summoned for free. No matter how close you are, you will quickly disappear, and you will be able to come to an instant.

The solvent was looking at the drop now.

The shadow monarch climbs up in the dark.

And at the same time.

Hundreds of millions of black soldiers were behind him.

Shadow monarch!

The momentum that the gunmen of the Shadow Legion, which was lined up with him and the others behind him, was enough to make the solvent burn.

After the decades of war, he was the strongest army he ever had.


The solvent that faced them laughed very coolly.

[amazing. It’s really great, King of the Shadows.]

We deal with a handful of numbers.

When I first met him, the situation was the opposite.

I did not think you could shake the whole army. Eventually I will come here.]

The shadow monarch, armed with a black armor, stared at this without words.

The shadow of the monarch, whose former strikes disappeared and the stillness of the vacant seat occupied, exerted much stronger force than before.

Crying, crying.

The solvent, which had a strong opponent in front, shuddered with excitement.

I want to tear him.

I would like to tear it up a few times and swallow it in a bite.

The nature of the dragon wriggled in the solvent.

But it is too early to check whether it is a festival or punishment. I wanted to enjoy the moments when I waited a little more for this expectation.

[One thing.]

There are still things I want to ask him.

[Why did the rulers use the “cup of reincarnation”? Why did you save the dead monarchs and their soldiers?]

On his own day, he was destined by the hands of the rulers.

At that time, the pain of the pierced windows was still clear.

The corps that lost its leader due to his death would have collapsed immediately, and the war of the monarchs and rulers that had been long with it would have come to an end.

Victory of rulers.

It was a perfect defeat for the monarchs, even without any excuse.

By the way.

They resurrected themselves and all the monarchs.

Turn the time to ‘The Cup of Revolution’.

From that day on until now, I have wondered many times about the intentions of the rulers, but I could not even guess.

So I have to ask the shadow monarch who was with them at the time.


[I wanted it.]

The eyes of the solvent grew in the unexpected answer returned from the shadow monarch.


Jinwoo slowly said again so that he could understand well.

[I asked them to write ‘the cup of reincarnation’ because I wanted to kill you with my own hand.]

Crazy bastard!

The solvent barely tolerated the utterance that rises to the bottom of the neck.

Only one hundred thousand soldiers spend time with their god ‘s tools to deal with 10 million soldiers!

It sounded ridiculous, but then all the questions were answered.

The reason why the rulers wrote ‘the cup of reincarnation’ and the shadow monarch began to run. The two were not separate issues.

“haha… Ah ha ha ha ha ha! ”

The solvent was a big smile, as if it were hard to believe.

Shadow monarchs voluntarily wanted to fight again with the corps and succeeded in pushing the corps into the corner as they had hoped.

Awe beyond wonder.

I can not express my feelings for the shadow monarch who has almost succeeded in the challenge that can never be established.

The Shadow Monarch finally left only the last challenge of the challenge.

Do you eat?

Are you eaten?

Solvent was the first person in his life, or wanted to know the name of the opponent to eat himself.

[My name is Antares.]

He told the Shadow Monarch his real name, which he had been given to the Absolute, but which he did not tell anyone.

[That’s my name.]

I wanted to know the name of the shadow monarch.

Solvent asked with more serious face than ever.

[What is your name?]

Shadow monarch, Jinwoo answered the question of the last solvent.

[Sung Jin Woo.]

He said that there is no further question and answer.

[Do you have any more to say?]

On the shoulders of Jinwoo, the power of death, the snakes, came out blisteringly smoothly.

It was easier to draw the power of death in the gap of the dimension resembling the world of rest.

Shadow soldiers assimilated to the power of the monarch also raised morale.

Oh ah ah ah ah ah!

The shadow corps swung all over.

The solvent that was watching them raised their mouths.

‘No more words.’

What kind of words do you need more when the splendid essence is unfolding in front of you?


The dragon turned into a flaming dragon and confronted Jin Woo, who became a black giant.

Taishan and Taishan.

The two great beings stared at each other ahead of the final battle.

It’s also a while.


All the corps of the destruction rushed as the solvent drove the roar to shake the dimension.

Compared to that, Jinwoo quietly pointed to the front.

Immediately, nearly 10 million soldiers moved.

Almost at the same time, Jinwoo drove toward the solvent.

The end of the long fight. I do not know how long I waited for the reunion with Solae to see it.

There was an eerie light in the mouth of the solvent.

The experience before the turn and the turn to show how the long struggle here has transformed itself.

All the time slowed down and Jinwoo’s eyes remained only her and Solae.

Jinwoo ‘s fist, with the black – eyed man, stretched out as the glare of the destruction burst slowly.

So again, light and darkness collided in a gap in the dimension.

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