Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 246

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 246

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Grot’s memory The first place I met him was in the ideal space created by the power of the Lord.

My task is to try him out of the room. The Lieutenant said he wanted to know if he was a qualified person to be his bowl.

I could see why.

That it is the last command your lord will give me. There is certainly a reason why the Lieutenant, who has lost interest in the war since he forgives the rulers, is so interested in humble humans.

From that point on, I may have guessed that I would be separated from the lord.

But the command of the master is absolutely absolute.

I had no choice but to question his intentions and to answer that I would be a ministry.

That was all I could do.

So I stood outside the room where I would try his qualifications with most of my original strength sealed.

‘People in this world say this space is a dungeon?’

A deep throne was placed deep inside this virtual dungeon, which seems to have been modeled after the master of the king.

I do not even remember now, but I stared at the memories of the days I was human.

‘indeed… Using the power of the Lieutenant, he made a sophisticated stage so well. ”

I was impressed by the designer’s ability to touch the thick pillars lined up from the entrance to the one with the throne.

This denseness is making the human body more and more capable of accepting the power of the Lord.


I felt the impression coming to this place.


I was surprised at the speedier approach than I expected and once I went up to the throne.

But when I sat down and pondered, I thought I was a little cocky sitting here.

The man who I will test is entrusted with the consciousness of the Lieutenant, and the worry of whether it is right to see me sitting on the throne in front of the LORD is troubling me.


I hurried to come down from the throne and hide behind the nearest pillar.

Grgggg -!

The door opened at the awesome timing, but fortunately the surroundings were dark, so he seemed to have not found me hurried.

thank God.

I could have made my planned miscalculation my own.

As I sighed relief, I walked slowly behind the pillars when he was about ten feet away and blocked his front.

‘…!’I felt his tension in the serene air.

Young man.

Of course I did not look at my gaze.

‘The author has chosen …’

I had no intention of neglecting this fight even if it was not my last assignment.

If he thinks he is scarce, he dies in my hand.

I was burning my fingers, and the man lifted his two fists holding me in front of me.

‘…?’Are you thinking of knocking me down with your bare hands?

I think the courage to think human beings for a while.

In order to fight on equal terms with him, he took off his cape and dropped his weapons in turn.

‘…!’What is so surprised at one by one.

I am in love with one of the eyes of the will to live, but do I have the ability to match my eyes properly?


The results soon came out.


He barely knelt at me, even though I rarely used my true strength.

It was a disappointment.

But I was relieved because I was disappointed.

If he is not qualified to take over the power, the lord will be able to stay for longer.

I was relieved by the failure of the first and last time.

And I decided to give him the last to fit the courage of the human body.

Using the power the Lieutenant gave me for a while, I brought a sword that was far away.

It was enough to send him away without pain for the moment.

That was the greatest mercy I could give him.

He also laid out his nose in a straightforward manner as if I had read my thoughts.

‘It’s the right choice. Even the smartness that suits your courage … It’s a nice guy but there’s no way to give up the lord. ‘

I carried out beheading to him who chose honorable death.

But then.

His eyes, which seemed to accept the death, changed.


My sword was blocked in his hand, and his dagger was stuck in my face.


I was surprised.

I was more surprised that he had not given up until the end of the situation, rather than saying that he had blocked my sword.

And I realized late that the eyes that I had looked at were very similar to the eyes of the lord I know.

‘So the Lord …’

I could not respond properly to his attack, which came in succession.

I was stuck on the wall.

Kooang -!

I was stabbed a few times.

Caen! Caen! Caen! Caen! Caen! Caen!

Eventually, the armor that protected my neck was no longer able to survive.


He has the power and the power I have. I would have been a few steps higher in my ability as a test of his qualifications.

But I was defeated.

Is it because I have assumed that I am a human and I have been vigilant, or is it a miracle created by his powerlessness?

In his blurred vision, he came to see his hands glittering with both hands.


When I saw it, the strange smile came out, does not it mean I’m insane now?

My gaze turned upward in a dimly lit consciousness.

Endlessly, the pillars stretched upward looked dark and did not look well.

The darkness felt so far seems to show the distance from the lieutenant.

‘Whether we should rejoice that the Lord’s choice is right, or should we grieve that we have not returned the Lord’s decision …’

I lost consciousness without catching it.

Until he comes back to me and says, ‘Get up.’

He saved me.

Perhaps because I was his first, not exactly the first, not the very first, soldier?

Often he was grateful for his kindness.

What I especially remember … One day, he gave me a word.

“You can have a conversation if the rating goes up?”

How do you express your mind that smiled at the time?

He did not know what he thought of me, but to me he was my master, friend, and colleague.

He and I have gone through many fights together.

We fought together.

Sometimes with monsters, sometimes with monsters, sometimes with hunters.

I was happy when he was happy, I was hard when he was tired, and I was sad when he was sad.

I know that the loyalty to him deepens the nostalgia for his former masters.

So I gradually accepted the new lord.


It was not easy.

There were many moments when I sweated.

“Do this.”

I believed in a lightning sword, and I fought a stronger girl than I was at the time of restraint.

“Are you really the strongest black knight who is just the strongest pet?”

‘…’I was humiliated.

It was a shadow soldier with a deformed power and a roommate who had not been on schedule.

On the key to the eek – on!

‘…’I am very loyal to my nature, and even if I have a roommate beside it, even if its nature is not so vicious, I do not know how I missed my gentle old colleague.

It was just my feeling that I met Belleon again.

So honestly … When Belion knocked him down, he was a little cheerful.

very little.

But it is also a moment to rejoin the reunion with my old colleagues.

Is not it soon that Vellion begins to stain Vern?

[Hey, this black flag … Would not you be pleased if you put it on top of that castle?

[…Is it true?

[It does not have the qualities to make something like ants, but I can do anything if the lord is pleased.] [My point is not that … No, stop it.]

Well, you do not have to tell the reaction of the new owner.

Anyway, his forces became stronger due to the joining of the original Shadow Legion, who was waiting for a call from a gap in the dimension.

Unlike what I was worried about, he treated “the soldiers of the previous monarchs” without discrimination, and as one united we were ready to fight for him.

It was a short training and break time.

Soon our resolve was spent in war with the monarchs.

We fought with all his might for him, and he led the war against the monarchy to victory.

When he was fighting the solvent, we all were watching the battle in the shadows.

The confrontation between the two monarchs was so beautiful that they felt emotional.

[Kick, what are you? Is this Grit you crying now?

[…Shut up.]

I thought the dangerous moment was coming for a moment, and all the armies of the shadow army were excited and rushed in the shadows, but the armies of the rulers who opened the doors of the sky at that moment!

Wow ah -!

We cheered as we watched the supporting forces pouring out of the sky.

[Early to go early!] [Is not it the time you intended to make them fall between us?] [If I was out there, I started with those things, real.]

In fact, we were all embracing and delighted in the victory of the master, even though we were pouring complaints on the outside.

But the song of joy did not resonate for a long time.

“one more time… Would you like to use the “cup of reincarnation”?

Time tells me that he wants to erase the traces of monarchs and rulers in his world. When I was a human being, I had emotions that I fully sympathized with. Perhaps I would not have made the same choice if I could?

I respect his decision.

I and my colleagues were ready to meet again for any enemy, not the army of the monarchs, for him.

But not everyone could be invited to the fight.

There were those who had to disappear once the time had come back, and the soldiers who sat on the condition squeezed and sang.

I have been with the irons for a long time, and since the birth of the lord, I had a hard time grasping the grudge.

So the moment of parting is over.

A new war has been given to us who returned to the past.

Our masters became more and more skilled at war, and we also became stronger along with our masters.

There were several big and small crises, but every time he went beyond the crisis, he did not know.

So about 30 years.

All the enemies are destroyed and only the ‘Corps of Destruction’ remains.

The battle between the master and the solvent.

While the master was fighting against the enemy head, we were dealing with ancient dragons.

One of them.

Grano had talked to me, who was defeating the dragon’s army like crazy.

[This Grit! Is not it embarrassing for you to follow the command of the monarch, who was one of the wings of the Shadow Legion, who was only a man? ”

I have already seen the dragon in the form of a human being who is holding his sword in his chest and panting his breath.

It was.

I forgot.

The time I spent with my new host was so glorious that I had forgotten the former lord.

Since when?

I have completely disappeared in my head.

Although Granoden was sickened, I could not leave for a long time even though there was a battle taking place in every direction.

Did the owner, who once said that it was all mine, meant only this to me?

Such skepticism made my hair white.

But then.

“This grit!”

I heard a shout somewhere that made me feel better.

I hurried up.

A glowing light burst out of my gaze.

‘The Breath of Destruction!’

After the bloody battle with the lieutenant, most of the force was exhausted, and the solvent, which came back to human form, spewed the breath toward me.


It will not be for me.

I just stood in the direction where the solvent poured out my breath. It was just luck.

But almost all accidents happen because of some bad luck and take the lives of the parties.

This time it was my turn.


I saw the flashing light and realized that it was already too late.

And I gave up my life.

I thought of facing the light that covered my vision.

Maybe this is.

Is it not my punishment that I had forgotten the former monarch who pledged allegiance?

Then it should be sweet.

I am a sinner.

So when I am waiting for the end of the light. The moment of the moment.

In a moment, someone in front of me blocked the breath of destruction with one hand.


The terrible attack of the solvent burned the left hand of somebody, but he seemed totally unthinkable to take his hand.

I cried unwittingly to him who was blocking the flame that burned everything in the world for me.


When the breath of destruction ceased, the LORD turned to reproach me.

‘…!’Just as he had called my name loudly once again his mind flashed.

The lord who turned around for a moment rushed back to Solae.

I also raised a sword to deal with the Yongin who were trying to surround me.


Again, the sword and the sword hit each other, and the fire spattered, and the Yong people torn by my sword cried.


I have never forgotten the Supreme Lord.

The mind that thinks of Him is only to have come to the present ruler. How can it be a defect to be loyal to all that I have assigned to the successor of a former monarch?

I am an article.

Sword of the Lieutenant. One of the wings leading to the Shadow Legion.


If there is a moment to be separated from the lord of the present, I will say a word of greetings to the former lord.

Every day I fought under the Lordship was a day of glory for me.

[Ahh ah ah ah ah -!]

I rushed to the dragons that rushed to me, extinguishing a wild shout.

* * * After the war was over, we returned to the world of lordship with the lieutenant.

Square box.

I told you that I was sharing my sight in the shadows to the Lord, who sold out to study until late at night.

[Lord, the answer to question 14 is 2, not 1.]

“Oh yeah? thank you.”

The lieutenant, who was expelled from the junior high school because he could not fulfill the attendance days, stepped into a new battlefield called the black gossip.

I keep my mock score close to perfect score, but sometimes I have to worry about it and miss it.

Who then will assist the Lieutenant?

A big gun like the big mountain, the officer Belly?

Or are you smart enough to be an insect bugger in the end?

When I was a human, I graduated from a knight school with excellent grades.

“But answer # 14 … One time? Can you put your life to the second, Grit? ”

I admit that I was a knight in the keen point of view of the army.

[It looks like my water is not enough yet. I will devote a little more time for the Lieutenant.]

‘…’I am the Knight’s Knight.

Sword of the Lieutenant. The battlefield of the main army is my battlefield soon.

The LORD has set foot on the new battlefield, and my glorious days will continue for a while.

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