Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 247

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 247

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Abdomen chapter 6 Your daily routine (1) Wu Jinchul often felt loss.

A strange sense of loss that seems to have forgotten something important.

But no matter how much I thought about it, I could not forget it.

The more I tried to remember what I had just lost, the greater the emptiness just as I had found a vacancy in memory.

“Sir, what troubles you so seriously?”

The youngest detective handed me a hot cup of coffee I had just pulled from the vending machine.

Woo Jin-cheol, who shrugged his shoulders as if it were not a big deal, accepted coffee.

“thank you.”

The smell of fragrant coffee permeates the tip of my nose, so I feel a little filled in my heart.

Detective Detective, Detective, 4th year Detective, Woojin Chul.

It is not a life that has been weak enough to shake the wind in the wind, but this feeling of loss that started suddenly three years ago has often come after him.

If you tell this story to your acquaintances, your age is full, but there is no home. Woo Jin-chul, who laughs like the aftertaste of coffee, immediately emptied the paper cup.

Did busy bees say they have no sorrow?


It is the best way to get rid of the worrying melancholy. At last, the back of the men who sat in a row in the sight of Woo Jin-cheol entering the Homicide office came in.

Woo Jin – cheol, who played a paper cup with one hand, pointed to four of them with a tuck.

“What are they?”

“Ah… Are they? that…”

Woo Jin-cheol, who was listening to the voice of the youngest man who felt something tough, walked quickly and stood before them.

just as expected?

As if he had never seen it, the four men in a whitened face were unable to meet their eyes, and their whole body was trembling like a tree.

Looking at their faces, Woo Jin-cheol spoke out to me without even knowing it.

“Shadow monster again …”

It was not uncommon for the embalmers who came to the police to confess their sins because they could not win the guilt or were afraid of the tail being caught.


It was certainly an uncommon sight to see the frightened embroiderers go and paddle themselves in their cell.

By the way.

The cases that have not been common for several months have been repeated.

And this.

“He, the shadow … A shadow rose from the ground and told me. If you do not embroider in 24 hours, you will regret being alive … Brother, detective, everything is wrong. Please put me in the bread! ”

It was a common statement they made before the detectives.

When this happened repeatedly, it was said that it had fallen to the top of the truth.

“So all of you saw the shadow monster?”

“That’s right!”

Based on their confessions, Woo Jin-chul, who wrote the book, sighed from the part where he surrendered.

‘How do I report this again?’

I think that we should report the shadow monster or the curse of 24 hours to the top line.



I turned around to touch the shoulder gently, and the detective walked over.

“Jin-chul, leave the letter to the youngest son, and you should come to the meeting room once.”

What is the use of conference rooms in the yard where there have been a lot of violent incidents in recent years as a shadow of a shadow monster?

After wandering the wondering eyes of Woo Jinchul, he entered the conference room.

The Woojin Railroad, which was struggling with its head, rose soon.

“I’ll take it, sen.”

“Yes, effort.”

Woo Jin-chul, who encouraged the youngest to take charge of chores, went to the meeting room along with the detective.

* * * “Yes? Let’s send out embroidery people? ”

“Enough! Kill that voice. It will be outside. ”

Wujin asked as if it was unbelievable.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I do not want to go out, but after 24 hours outside, let’s watch how it comes out.”

A fellow detective who heard the opinion of the senior detective frowned.

“Sir, they’re just drunk on drugs and bullshitting. Maybe the monster is the side effect of the new drug. ”

“But I did not get any response from the drug test. I went to Nucup to check the results. ”


“And because of the side effects of the medicine, does it make sense to embroider when all the kids who have no connection are the same?”

“…”After all, my colleagues asked me if I had anything to say.

The meeting of the detectives continued.

“Somewhere over the top, we have not gotten the sense that the instructions have fallen to find the cause. Is there anything else? This way, I have to lead any clues. ”

Then, at first, the detectives who had not been able to cope with each other began to nod their heads looking at each other.

If everyone has seen the same illusion, there may be something in their bullshit that might be a clue.

“So they want to make a situation where they can make bullshit.”

“…”Woojin-chul, who was sleepy, spoke late.

“But what if something really happens?”

“…?””…?”The eyes of the detectives who were facing his head all went to Woo Jinchul.

Figurative, figurative.

Their mouth tongue, looking at Woo Jin-cheol, went up slowly.

“Woo-woo, what kind of character do you believe in ghosts?”

“I did not see that, but Jinchul is more emotional than I thought.”


“…”Of course, Woojin Railroad Shadow monsters, such as a foolish story was not immediately accepted.


If everyone saw the same fantasy, why not?

For some reason.

Wu Jinchul felt the ominousness of discovering the gaze beyond the darkness in the embroiderers’ statements.

Do not touch it.

I heard that feeling.

The boss said he was worried about Woo Jin – cheol ‘s concern, tapping his shoulder with an anxious face.

“There is no accident day. I’ll take just one embroidery guy to a silent warehouse and watch how he gets out. A lot of strong detectives will be keeping it, but what will the fleet go to? ”

I do not believe in telling you that you are a real monster or a ghost, but nod nodded that he did not win.

Then the headman laughed and laughed.

“As the real guys say, after 24 hours, the monsters will show up and do what they do. Then, is it also thankful in its own way? ”

They go to the houses where the elderly live, rob the robbery, beat the old couple to resist, and kill them.

They should not be put in three or three pieces of bread, but torn by monsters.

The chief raised the loudness with joking half-seriousness class.

“Then I need an applicant now …”

The captain laughed at the woojincheul looking at it.

“If you do not like Wu detective, let him get out.”

“……”I know people who have done a bit of social life, but this is not to be missed.

Woo Jin-cheol, who had been worried for a while, immediately replied.

“no. I will go. ”

* * * “Tongue, Detectives! It’s really, really bad! I’m dead! ”

“Stay still, I’ll check it out.”

“I’m dead!”

“Hey, who’s dead, dead? We’ll be standing next to you. Kim, how long until 24 hours? ”

“It’s like 30 minutes left?”

“Ow – it’s cold.”

I still have a cold spring feeling, and the breath of white from the mouths of the detectives has come up.

In the silent warehouse of dawn. The detectives were having a boring time to watch the change of the embroidery.

One of them.

Only Woo Jin Chul watched his surroundings with sharp eyes.


Somehow the surrounding air is different from usual.

I felt a vague feeling that something near me should never be near.

It would be nice if this feeling just ended with a refreshing.

Woojinchul repeatedly breathed quick to calm the breathing.

The time has come so slowly that the shadow has warned.

“uh… It’s time? ”


A detective stood up looking at the clock.

Click, click.

Twenty-four hours past embarrassed emphasis was passing.

If it is natural, will it be natural?

Nothing happened, and there was no way to make it happen.

When the urgent detective stared at the embroidery man, the embalmer who was trembling in his face looked at himself.


No one to see, the detectives surrounding him screamed in groups.

“Hey, are not you a drug of any kind to a real group?”

“Do not be afraid. Work a little easier. ”

It was quite a while since the embroiderer who looked around and looked away from his eyes, but scratched the back of his head.

“No, it’s … Then we saw it? Actually, we were five at first. ”

When he said so. Until then, Woojin-cheol, who was wary of the surrounding area, suddenly turned to detectives and made a noise.

“come out! Come out there! ”

What are you talking about?

The detectives who looked at Woojin Chul with such strange face dropped out for a moment.


“Shut up!”

The detectives who rolled the floor quietly fell asleep without moving at once without consciousness.

Woojin chul, who stood in his seat trying to run to detectives.

His pupils were engraved with monsters coming up in the shadow.

The horse did not come out.


My breath is blocked.

It was not human.

On the necks of the insects, which are in the form of human beings, there was an ant head instead of a human head.

Shadow monster.

‘There are three such monsters …’

Embroidery was not illusions nor drug side effects.

Their statement was one-sided falsehood.

“Uh, uh ah ah ah!”

Surrounded by ants all over the place, the embroidered siege screamed.

The worst scream that can come out of human mouth.

It was a scream of the ending.

The ants began to swallow the limbs of the embroidery without any hesitation.

“Ah, ah!”

The screams did not last long.

At the end of the ants’ meal, only a few blood and a few flesh were left.

Woojin chul watched the scene as if it was enchanting.

I’m in.

The two ants, who had eaten the meal, found Woojin Chul standing on the floor and moved his foot.

Woojincheol tried to run away, but his footsteps did not fall.

My legs stiffened and I could not move any more.

“My… please.”


The big winged ants on the back of the approaching ants stopped them.

The big ant that I put on their shoulders turned and laughed as I looked at Woo Jin-cheol with a good looking eye.

“……?”Ants laughing?


The ant smiles second.

How do I know that face is a smiling face?


In this horrible horrible and terrifying situation, Woojin Chul felt a longing.

Just as there was a time when I was used to this situation.

“Hey, hey! awhile!”

In spite of Woo Jin-cheol’s desperate mind, however, the ants disappeared into the shadow.

When Woo Jin Chul ran and stood on it, I could not find any trace.

The ants were gone.

“…”Again, Woojinchul felt the emptiness of the empty heart, and the ants slowly stroked the shadow that had disappeared.

How long have you been there?

“Uh …”

Woo Jin-chul, who was late to his moaning peers, rushed to them.

“Hey, are you okay?”

But until his ambulance arrived, Woo Jin – chul ‘s gaze was directed toward the shadow for a long time.

* * * “Good work! Good job! ”

The captain jumped a long way.

I have to.

The embroiderers hid their places, and the detectives who should have kept the embroiderers stunned at something and could not remember at all.

The boss who looked at the two criminals leaning over his head with his bandage wrapped around looked at Woojin Chul.

“Woo-woo, are you?”

“…””Did you call the ambulance? Do not you remember anything? ”

“…Sorry. I was so upset that my colleagues were stunned. ”


The captain pounded his heart and sighed as if it were frustrating.

“Fortunately, there is no report on the top, so I’m closing my mouth. You’re hungry and you’re hurt. Okay?”


“Yes, sir.”

The event is just over.

For a while, the Homicide was quiet.

“Senior, you look good now. Do you have any good work? ”

The youngest detective handed a warm cup of coffee just from the vending machine to Woojin Chul.


Woo Jin-cheol, who shrugged his shoulders as if it were not a big deal, accepted coffee.

But it was not wrong.

That day, after seeing the monsters, I felt strangely filled with a bit of empty space in my mind.

‘There is something.’


The sense of a veteran detective, no human woojin cheol, was telling me that there was something.

The youngest detective who wandered over his shoulder when Woo Jin-cheol looked at it circled his eyes.

“uh? uh? Are you still investigating that embroidery case? That’s … ”

“Know. I’m just looking at it personally. ”

Woojinchul, who was in the junior college, quietly grabbed the coffee.

“Wow… Apart from our jurisdiction, there are quite a lot of criminals who have embroidered themselves because of shadowy monsters. ”



The youngest man asked me when I was looking into the contents of the notebook.

“uh? But at the end of February and early March, the number of embroidery workers has been reduced. ”

“Why? Do you have any idea? ”

“Oh, that ‘s nothing special. My aunt used to have a small book store in the past. ”

“…By the way?”

“I always remember that at the end of February and early March, the children were crying because they started school and were not in business because of the admission season. haha. It’s not a real deal, is it? ”

The youngest man scratched the back of his head and was amazed at Woo Jin-cheol, who just wrote his words in his handbook.


“I do not know.”

Opening, admission season.

The monotonous six letters without any modifiers were added to Woojin Chul ‘s notebook.

* XX High school.

On the day before the entrance ceremony for the freshmen, the principal had secretly brought the student manager to the principal’s office.

“Tomorrow we will have a problem with our school.”


The principal threw out a student file that he had prepared in advance.

The student manager, who was looking through his profile, looked up at me.

“My father is a fireman, my mother is a general housewife. I do not think there’s a big problem with the grades. ”

“Enough, this person. See the exemption below. ”

“……!”Runaway for two years in junior high school.

Of course middle school was cut off.

But did not you apply to our high school after completing junior high school course with GED?

‘No, not 1, I just graduated from elementary school, and I left home for two years?’

The pupil of the student manager who instinctively felt the appearance of strongness trembled.

The principal’s voice was lowered.

“How about you, sir? Will this student, the teacher, be able to afford it? ”

widely. The teacher ‘s teacher covered the problematic file.

“Do you know why I am called a serpent? Please leave me with any problems. I will train you to keep you from having trouble. ”

His eyes were full of confidence.

The principal nodded.


The principal ‘s face was solved only after he heard the teacher’ s assurance.

The student manager, who watched the principal’s expression, smiled gently.

The battle is tomorrow.

At the entrance ceremony, the chief of the student director was excited by the determination to suppress the steamer at a glance.

The memory of the extraordinary piece of BER is on the EQ to the EQ!


Chiekae, chrysanthemum, Chiekaeek, Chiekek, Chiekaeek.

Kiaak, Kieree, on the kick. Chieye eek!

Keeheheheheet ~!

On the key to the on to the eek! Key ah!

Carrer Lurtle -!

Key science.

There are many people who want to memorize the memorization of the author. Thank you!

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