Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 251

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 251

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(5) Woo Jincheol took Jinwoo to the end of the corridor.

At this point, Woo Jin-chul stopped walking as he dropped out of the classroom as if he would not hear any conversation at all.

Jinwoo quietly followed him and stopped.

Jinwoo went to the classroom.

I felt that the distance that the student was going out from the classroom during class was quite unfamiliar to me.

Woojin Railway first apologized to Jinwoo who looked at the classroom to see if he was concerned.

“I am sorry to call you during class.”


I thought about the teacher who is doing the class hard and thought until it was boring time that I wanted to be missed anyway.

Instead of saving the horse, Jinwoo looked up at Woojin Chul.

Young Woo Jin Chul.

One of the heads was bigger and the shoulders were much wider than ones who changed body like one student.

‘On the surface, someone who seems to be able to fold a gangster was living as a detective.’

I met a nice face again for a long time and suddenly laughter came out.



It is Woo Jin-cheol’s president who had not seen it for several decades if he included the time of the gap in dimension.

Even if I did not want to express my feelings, I could not help but being happy with the expression.

‘……?’However, Woo Jin-cheol, who discovered Jinwoo’s smile, felt embarrassed.

There are a few people who can visit the sudden detective’s visit, the visit of a criminal who looks like a dirty person like himself.

What if the subject is a student?

By the way.

The student in front of me was smiling at the mouth.

‘This student … Something is different. ‘

I felt it when I entered the classroom, but it was really different.

I met a lot of gangsters who killed a few people in the profession or the gangsters who scored an alley.

But none of them were so calm.

‘How can the student’s eyes be like this?’

It’s black.

Woojin chews swallowed the dry spit without feeling the tension.

The heart that is pounding from the moment I saw him is still in a state of continuing unfamiliar beating.

Woojinchul took out his notebook to solve the various questions surrounding his head.

“Shadow in the … No, Ant … ”

Wujin took out the pen from his wrist when he could not tell the contents of the notebook.


Woo Jin-chul, who painted something in front of Jin-woo, who was watching her with an interesting eye, came up with the results.

“…”Jin-woo burst into admiration.

‘This man, I think, was better than I thought.’

Wu Jinchul’s drawing was the approximate appearance of Ber.

Even though it can not be described to precision, it is like an ant head and a person’s limbs, a sharp nail, and a long ant wing attached to the back. If you know Beres, you could recognize Beres at a glance.

Woojin asked.

“Do you have anything to look at this picture?”

As he looked up at the picture, he heard his head, and Wujinchul’s face looked a little red.

Woojin railroad will not know how absurd it is.

However, he seemed to want to find memories that had happened to him and now disappeared.

With that kindness.

“…I know?”

Woojin asked again.

Just before the uneasiness flowing from the question grew, Jinwu replied.



The heart that was shaking violently hit my chest.

“Oh, you know?”

Woojinchul’s voice has grown.

However, in contrast to Woo Jinchul, Jinwoo was speaking with a pretty face.


Woojin chilled his eyes.


I finally found it.

The voice, which was as fast as breathing, poured out questions continuously.

“What is this ant monster? And what is your identity? ”

After Jin-woo stepped away from the exciting Woo Jin-chul, Woo Jin-chul realized his mistake and thrilled his excitement.

“No, I was a little excited. It’s been a problem for a long time. ”


Let’s find out the information this student knows.

Is not it a difficult catch?

There was no need to rush.

Woojin chul, who succeeded in calming his mind so much, voiced his voice.

“Yeah, you know this picture?”


Jinho, who nodded his head, gave a nude look.

“Is not it a monster from a special shooting drama that kids watch? Like a masked rider. ”


In the mouth of Woo Jin-chul, who felt the shudder of seeing the sandstones piled up all day long being washed away at once, a small sigh came out.

It was disappointing as the expectation was great.

The hands of Woojin Chul, who was holding his notebook, fell down naturally.

His face looked very tired as if he had no power to hold a notebook.


What was wrong with this student who said he was angry with the boy who had set his expectations for him?

A tough smile surfaced in the face of Woo Jin Chul.

“Thank you for your time.”

“Is it over?”

“Yes. I have told my teacher well, so there will be no problem. ”

Jinwoo said to Woojin Chul, who is trying to put his notebook into saying that.

“Can you give me a picture of that monster, in commemoration?”

Woojin railroad smiled when I saw the face of sunny Jinwoo.

Wu Jinchul, who was holding his notebook for a moment and looking down at his painting, soon grabbed the page and handed it to Jinwoo.


“Thank you.”

Just as I do not want to feel sorry, Woo Jincheol went back down the stairs as soon as I heard Jinwoo’s greetings.

‘…’Jinwoo was still there and listened to the footsteps of Woo Jin-chul going down the stairs.


This grit came up on a shadow spreading sideways as the water spread.



[why… Did not you tell him the truth?]

This grit, with a memory of a person, knew better than anyone how sad and difficult it was to forget a person’s memories.

So, in his eyes, the approach of detective Woo Jin-cheol just seemed to be an excellent opportunity.

Even one person.

Would not it be nice for the lord to know just how much one lady has saved this world?

In the tone of this grit, I was filled with regret.

But Jinwoo shook his head.

“Oblivion is a blessing God gave to man.”

Even though it is an artificial result of ‘tools of God’.

Jinwoo decided that he had no right to choose the memory to disappear and the memory that would not disappear.

That’s God’s job.

So I sent back the president of Woojinchul.

[Is that so.]


Suddenly, he looked down at his left hand.

Solvent blow.

The burn of this left hand, which received the ‘breath of destruction’ in front, was not restored anyway.

An unforgettable unpleasant memory resembles the scar of this hand.

Wounds that can not be erased.

It is my request, but it is not necessary to remind such a memory deliberately.

There is no trace of suffering from the masters and the monarchs in any of their memories.

So I did not want to leave the previous memory in the head of Woojinchul association president.

[Yes, sir.]

This grit quietly went back into the shadows as if he understood.

Jinwoo, who was looking down the stairs for a while, turned to go to class.

* * * As time passed, the children’s attention was concentrated on Jin-woo.

When will the children see the drama situation in which the detective comes into the classroom during class?

It is natural that all the attention is poured on the protagonist. Girls who had always been interested in Jinwoo were crowded together at the same time, and the area around Jinwoo was filled with phosphoric acid.

“What is it?”

“Why did you come to detective, Jin-woo?”

Jin-woo, who was laughing at the children’s hot interest, surrounded the warm excuse he had just made.

“I do not know anything about it, but I have something to ask you.”


“Are you friends with Detective?”

“Jinwoo is good.”

As the attention of the children continued in an unexpected direction, Jinwoo was able to endure laughter.

‘Young Gil, why are you glaring in there again?’

However, the invisible wall of the children who had difficulty with Jinwoo because of the visit of the detective seemed to feel a little deteriorating.

At this time, the girls wanted to ask questions that they wanted to pour out.

“Boys say you’re so handsome?”

“Really? What are you doing? ”

“Oh, I saw Jin right now running with the top athletes.”

“Wow, look at the shoulders wide.”


Surrounded by the girls, Jin – woo is in the midst of agonizing how these girls would quietly go back to their place.

I have interfered with four people who were uncomfortable with the concern that one person was hogging.

“Hey, how are you going? I came to the police. ”

The boys returned to their seats when the 4th man arrived, and the girls quietly stepped back one step.

Nam Joon-sik, the highest ranked person among the four members, tapped his shoulders and raised his mouth.

“Is it school violence to play like this? Are you going to report it to the detective? ”

If you keep hitting it, your hands will only hurt.

I wonder if Jin-woo is staring at me like that.

My knocking hand hurts and Jinwoo ‘s reaction is so vivid, Nam Jung – sik’ s face gradually turns red.

“Oh, but why is the real eyebrows like this?”

Nam-sik’s hand swept over Jinwoo’s desk.

Textbooks, notebooks, pencil cases, etc.

In the shadows, all the shadowy legionaires who watched the death of a puppy dog cried for a moment.

Nam Jung-sik saw his hardened face at the moment and grasped his neck.

“What? Do you want to try it? Impress when you say good words. ”


A huge forearm wrapped from the top wound around Nam Joon-sik’s neck.

“Shut up!”

There was a familiar face on the head of Nam Joon-sik, who was banging his breath while holding his forearm.

“What are you going to do to our lovely track and field ace?”

The third grade was the third grader, such as Choi Tae-woong, the land-based claimant.

The four members who surrounded Jinwoo were all tied to the underarms and forearms of their seniors, and their complexion was blurring.

I picked up the pencil case that Jin-woo ran from the seat without words.

If there was a stain on the pencil case that Jina delivered as a high school admission gift, it would not have been safe for all four people.

I asked Jinwu, who had blotted the dust on the surface and put it back on the desk.

“What are you doing here?”

“We came to dry before the Ace dies of the four idiots.”

“Do not be kidding.”

“Ha ha ha!”

Choi Tae-woong, who laughed enrapturedly with his huge body, said.

“I forgot to tell you that your freshmen are welcome today. Is it time for you and the spirit today? ”

As Jinwoo looked around the road, Sung nods his head.


“Then I’ll see you both after school.”

Jinwu called up the seniors who were smiling and leaving the classroom.

“Where are you going to take them to your armpits?”

“Haha, are they?”

Choi Tae-woong exchanged his eyes with each other.

“Well, what should I do?”

“Would you like to play a little on the playground lightly?”

“Nice clothes – Ji!”

Within the country, the sound of the victory over the country and the cries of the national sovereignty moved away from the classroom.

* * * Ding Dong Dong, Ding Dong Dong.

After school, after the bell rings a few more times after the bell. Jinwoo walked out of the gate with the on-the-ground members.

Thanks to the help of Jinwoo, who has been on the road for a long time, he has become accustomed to training on the track and found the fun of sweating.

Jinwoo, who listens to his advice to his seniors and listens to the dialogue at a distance of one step away from Sungwoo, who goes out of the gate.

It was a picture of peaceful everyday life.

I went to Jinwoo and asked him about Jinwoo.

“Yes, it is Jinu. What are they today? Do you want your seniors to be serious about not being troubled? ”

Jin-woo replied with a face that it was not that easy.


“Are you worried? I do not think it will hurt me to get out of the tournament because of them. ”

Jinwoo laughed.

“I’ll make sure I do not have any problems.”


Someone who popped out by the door called Jinwoo.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”

As time has stopped.

Jin-woo looked up slowly in the direction that the voice heard.

Detective Woo Jin-cheol was waiting for Jinwo until now.

Jin-woo’s voice trembled.


After listening to Jin-woo’s answer, I was convinced that Woojin-cheol’s eyes turned red.

“Also… You were Hunter. “

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