Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 254

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 254

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Abduction 13 episode A day of molar teeth a good morning! …I want to say, but in the shadow world there is no day and night, so I woke up from sleep and stretched to stretch out.

Ha Am -!

Sleeping here in the ‘area of rest’ is by far the best.

In fact, many soldiers in the Shadow Legion fall into a deep sleep until they are called by the Lord.

I enjoy sleeping, but unfortunately there is an important thing that must happen today.

The soldiers who found me looking loose from their bodies came to say hello.

“Hello, molly.”


“Good afternoon, General Mole.”


Even if you do not want to express yourself, I am glad that you are.

I came under the main army at a relatively early stage compared to the other soldiers, and I have come to the position to command all the magic bottles in recognition of the accomplishments of the past.

Because the order in the Shadow Legion is determined by how confident I am to the Lord, it is possible that I was greeted by ancient dragons, who were merely high-oak shamans!


Long live the Great Shadow Monarch!

‘Oh dear…’

Today, thanks to the Lord’s mercy, I cried out loud and I went to the Ancient Legion area with a good heart.

Unlike other shadow soldiers, ants do not like sleeping, and always doing something, they bowed their heads when they visited me in their area.


I took a quick pace to receive greetings.

Actually, the ant soldiers are a bit scared even for me.

It is because these ants are the most violent of all the shadow soldiers, and even the most sincere ones.


Chiaki Ah!

Whenever the ants burst into a roar of meaninglessness, I had to drop my shoulders.

‘If it is not the bermuda, who will move these guys …’

Fortunately, as soon as you read my mind, the bureau commander came to meet me for a while.

BERNIN ‘s shoulder, which faced me with my eyes, began to shake.


“I’m sorry.”

“Key ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Whoo Huhu!”

We looked at each other and laughed excitedly.

I looked at Berner’s face and it seemed to me that there was something quite satisfactory. So the smile must come to my face that I asked for the thing.

BERNN, who came up to his nose, showed ‘what it was’ hidden behind his back.

“How are you?”

I was impressed with my senses.


I did a good job of handbraiding and I asked Shin BERR to do it!

The robe was shaped like a jacket with a hood that the lord had recently worn.



I took off the robe that I was wearing at the moment and put on a new robe that BERR handed me.


What do you need more than these two letters?

I could not control the overflowing emotions, I gave the voice to the verse.

“This is how I should pay you …”

“Keheheht. How can I pretend I do not know your heart that I want to be like you? If you liked it, it was done. ”

“I like it. All of the magic bottles are bound to make you wear these clothes, Your Honor. ”

“Key ha ha ha ha ha!”


BERR, who had not stopped laughing for a while, fixed his gaze to me as if he had found something.

“that… Would not it be better to carry it in the form of a cane than to carry it in your hand? ”

BERR was the ball of greed in my right hand.

“H … So even if I ask you to go to this …? ”

Vernyman raised one hand to me, giving me a “bead of greed” in a flurry.

“There is no magic tool. I do not know if I should take a living beard dwarf race before me. ”

“Ah… no.”

“How about letting the Bearded Dwarfs leave you? It’s a talented soldier who does not have a good fighting power. ”

“…”I was nervous when I was worried about my chin.

“Good idea, Commander.”


I bowed down 90 degrees to the bureaucrats, and when I got out of the Ant Corps area, I headed to the area of the dragons with my friends.

My friends who were fighting in a firepower show explained the situation and I am willing to help each other happily.

I got on the back of the smallest of them.

There is no other reason.

Because my legs are too short, I have to suffer from the tearing of my crotch when I go on a friend who is too big.

Soon a friend flapping his wings and flying.

I pointed to the direction in which the bearded dwarf race resides.

This is the world of rest.

There are some places where you can borrow the strength of your friends because you are close to infinity and have around 10 million soldiers.

Flap, flap.

I paced my head from the top of my fast-flying friend and there were so many soldiers down there.

‘That’s … This is the commander-in-chief. ”

Spiral, spiral.

“Stand up straight, you guys!”

The captain of the Belleon General was training the recruits, swinging his sword as if he could control his length.

In their world, I have seen a lot of newcomers who have gone out of their way yet, and I think that they will need a thorough education of the General Commander for the time being.


Belleon, who discovered me, shook his hand and bowed quickly to me.

This grit was also seen as we passed the recruit training site.

I could not interfere with this grit commander who was concentrating on studying so much that I could not even see him passing over his head, so I got out of his position as quietly as possible.


As soon as I passed by where the commandos were, my friend, who spread his wings wide, began to speed up.

Scenery is good!

The shadow soldiers, which were as small as the ants, passed by.

Soldiers sleeping, soldiers exercising, soldiers playing, soldiers playing cards, soldiers holding each other’s neck and raise the voice of the people.

Various colors.

There were various soldiers in the foot.

This is not the original.

We are deeply connected with the spirit of the Lord, and as the strength of the Lord becomes stronger, we become more like the Lord.

In other words, as we only want destruction, we are increasingly learning the human side of the master.

Human emotions.

It was a very fresh experience to fill our vacant bosom with something new.

Now when the lord ‘s heart rushes, our heart also shakes.

I am in charge.

I thank the Lord for inviting me into a new world that I never imagined.


Great Lord of the Shadows …


I have already reached the land of the Bearded Dwarf race while I am still hunting for the Lord’s gratitude.

Like their favorite friends, their residence was home to houses such as blacksmiths, and a village was formed.

Flap, flap.

After my friend landed on the floor, I stood down carefully, shaking my toes.

“Uh, molar, general!”


The bearded dwarves who witnessed my visit all bowed their heads with me politely.

I do not think there will be a lot of people coming to this side of the street.

To those who do the example, I kindly explained the situation.

Then their elders answered with a bright face.

“Alas… Please leave. I am sorry that I have not used the sacred timber that the LORD had given us. ”


The ingredients seemed already equipped.

While receiving warm tea in the elders’ house, all artisans gathered to make my weapon.

“How about you, General?”

In front of the wonderful staff that the elder showed confidently, I screamed in amazement.


At the end of the stick, the greeting beads, which had to be kept in their hands all the time, were shining red.

“Feel so good! Very cool! ”

As I was feeling lighter, I was taking several pose with my staff.

“The word cool looks more like a robe you wear than this wand.”

“Uhfuhufuhofu! You know how to be fashionable! ”

I was pleasantly able to leave the residential area of the Bearded Dwarf race.

As I watched them shaking my hand at me to see me off, I pretended to have a thumb.

If the Lordship will ask you for the coolness of this staff in the distant future, I will not fail to mention that I have tried their best.

When I came back to the residence of magic bottles, I gathered all the magic bottles and brought out new robes and new weapons.

“You’re cool, you molly!”

“It’s best!”

“I can not stop tears, Mole General!”

Of course there was endless praise everywhere.

A nice robe and a nice staff are all magical bottles.

“Whoo Huhu!”

I shared my joy with the magic sickness and I gave the soldier who applauded the applause that I did not stop tears to the finest robe I had ever written before.

“Thank you, thank you, General!”


I saw the big ones that I could not see in my sight that knocked on his shoulder, who was pleased with his whole body.

“What are you?”

The giants, made of stones, raised their hands to the back of the head and said it was awkward.

“Belignon told us to go here.”


Among the recruits, there was a magic bottle. It is a big hassle to shoot magic with such a big body …

No, is not that what I’m going to do?


Newer magical sicknesses have a process that must pass through when they come under me.

“Come on, the other magical sicknesses are going back and the newcomers are sitting there.”

Well-educated recruits kneeled on their huge knees and sat quietly.

“From now on, I will explain slowly what I have done in the first battle between our great Lord and the terrible enemy,

After a long story about an unforgettable history and returning the impatient recruits, the day was over.

I started yawning and I yawned and yawned and yawned.

Ha Am -!

I like cool clothes, nice weapons, great stories, but most of all I like sleep too.

Especially if it is a sleeping day that has been busy like today.

I pulled up the bed to my neck and fell asleep to feel the warmth.

By the way.

Is not that someone shaking my shoulder at the moment when Suma comes in and takes me to Dreamland?


Who dares to awaken the nerves of these molasses generals!

I opened my eyes with the force to kill my opponent.

“……?”This gritmother was looking down from his head.

“I love you, Commander.”

“I am always thankful for your charity.”

“But … What have you come to me for? ”

This grit commander pointed to the distant sky to me, causing my upper body.

“Try to get started. Do not you think that all the soldiers above the general’s rank, who are in charge of the main army, should support the main army? ”


I threw the blankets and threw my head up into the sky.

In the sky, like the huge movie theater, the vision of the main army was shared with us.

“Finally, did you meet Mr. Haein?”


“Friendly Hohhot -!”

As I was resilient to the historic moment, all of the Shadow Legionaries who were supporting the Lieutenant cast their hands in the sky and shouted.

Waaaaaaaaa -!

When the lord ‘s heart beats.

Our heart also jumps.

I also shook my hand and shouted like a soldier.

Wow ah -!

I also had a heartbeat.

It is called Shadow Legion.

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