Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 256

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 256

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I am going to meet now (1) USA, white house official residence.

Important people gathered in a white building built for the US president’s residence and business.

“……”The seats that occupied the seats in the conference room were all tense, like one.

A person whose face is exceptionally dark.

The president has wiped his face off and worried about whether his judgment is correct.

‘There was no gold in the sky, and there began to pop out something.’

The situation of colostrum.

Is it possible to handle this unprecedented event without a single hemisphere?

No, is it possible to process ‘something out there’ before?

The president, who was waiting for the manager in pain, opened the door of the conference room and greeted Chester Harrison.

“Harrison, what the hell happened?”

A final report from the field.

– The situation has ended. Report again. The situation has ended.

It did not contain the order in which the work was solved, ie, causality.

So many of the conference rooms, including the president, were waiting for him with a firm face.

Chester first greeted the president briefly, then looked around for a minute and headed for the front.

“It would be much faster to see one of the images here than to say a hundred words.”

It is a small USB that I can hear in his hand.

The president, who was curious to have been in it, quickly nodded.

The eyes of both the president as well as the conference room were at the fingertips of a general with a shining face.

When the general named USB on the terminal, the video started to play on the huge screen installed on the wall of the conference room.

“This is a video shot with drones and robots in the field.”

So short, Chester Harrison stood beside the screen and swallowed the saliva.

I could not figure out how they would get this video.

I could not tell how many times I would turn myself into a video.

But the important thing is that this has definitely happened.

The evidence here is contained here, and the person responsible for this work was obliged to release this video.

The beginning was from the crack.

“Great …”


The cracks of the space itself seem to have been broken, and giants of rocks walked in and groaned from everywhere.

If there was no prior reporting of the creatures, perhaps this meeting room would be a mess. But the more amazing scenes were in Pharaoh.

Is not someone standing alone in front of the ghastly giants who seem to breathe?

In terms of body size … boy?’

“Is it Asian?”

The excited defense minister pointed to the screen without enduring.

“That man! What is that man? Where are the soldiers and the common people standing in the middle of them, Harrison? ”

It was.

This image was not the record that the strongest elite army defeated the creature of this world as the figures gathered here were expecting.

A video about a man who could not even know his name.

Even as when a man stood up in unison, such as back to black soldiers came out of the scene, was fixing the eye Chester Harrison seemed the General moan said.

“…I want to know that. ”

* * * “Do I look alone?”

That Word, along with Jean Wu back not at all close to shadow soldiers had open simultaneously.

There are hundreds of tribes walking out of the crack.

Hundreds of thousands.

If it is normal, 10 million will be overwhelmed. the problem is.

The presence of hundreds of gods, one parent was the fact that it has the power of improvisation.


Ebb and flow of battle ahead of Jin Wu jumped at their heart.

Jinwoo sent a signal to the molars that control the magic bottles.

– Ready?

[No problem, lord.]

All of the magical sicknesses, including molars, were committed to keeping the spell that minimized the impact of this fight.

The present world without mana was so weak that it was an inevitable choice.

Uninvited people have their own purpose to eat this land, so they will not use powerful magic unnecessarily. Inevitably, the aspect of the battle that will start from now on will be the battle of enemies and friendly forces.

Fight of strength and power.


Fortunately, I do not like that fight.

She smiled at the mouth of Jinwoo.

One of the toughest members of the group, who had misunderstood the intentions of the laughter, quickly put down a fist in anger.


But the target, Jinwoo, is already flying in the air.

Just like a pole vault, Jinwoo rises lightly and falls down on the fist of the giant, just as the feathers fall.

‘……?’The smile of the human face climbed on the back of the hand, and the face of the people who felt the unbearable flame stiffened.

just as expected.

Humans began to leap from their arms above their arms.

Faba Baba -!

The legs were so fast that the upper-class power had not been able to show any reaction before, Jin-woo had already passed the giant’s shoulders and was heading for the nape.

Soon, a dagger in the hand of Jinwoo penetrated the giant’s neck.


Just like passing a scratched car surface with a coin.

Jinwoo grabbed the dagger stuck in the neck of the giant and ran toward his shoulder across the street and left a long line on his neck.

Kwagga Kagawa is available!

Black Aurora at the end of the sword clears the giant’s head with his neck.


On the shoulders of the giant, whose head was falling, Jinwoo looked at the other giants standing behind him.

There was anger, embarrassment, and fear that floated on their faces.

One by one.

The memory and the mood when hunting the corps in the gap of the dimension came to mind of Jinwoo.

They succeeded in breaking down their momentum.

The goal is to destroy the giants.

Jinwoo then moved the shadow corps that had been waiting.

‘All forces, leave!’

I felt the momentum of a huge corps that started moving from the bottom.

Wow ah ah ah ah ah!

‘The captain’s feet should not be stopped here.’

At least it was not a shadow monarch, his style.

Jin-woo’s sharp eye found the next game.

I’m sorry.

Jinwoo and one of the gangs facing his eyes shook his shoulder.

Those who are captivated by fear are the first to be eaten.

He jumped up toward you and wielded a dagger full of Oler.

The dagger that holds it is not “the wrath of the camishee”, but Jinwu’s control over the 27-year-old battlefield is no longer dependent on the weapon’s level.

At the end of the dagger, the black Aurora spread out forward and divided the face of the frozen giant.


He was frightened by the overwhelming power of the small creature, and his life was so empty.

But all of the giants were not cowards.

Jinwoo cried out his eyes.

Behind the giant, whose face was divided and backward, came into view with other giants spreading their guns to catch themselves.

After avoiding a huge fist rushing to the front and avoiding downward, I flew up to the fingertip, sharply digging from behind.

The power of the ‘ruler’, which has already been absorbed into the body, made it possible to move freely in the air.

However, the strength of the enemy is far beyond expectations.

I pulled up the fist of the giant group of people who were hammering down, and this time, the hand was blown from the side.

I hastily gathered my arms to reduce the surface area of the body to prepare for the shock.


He pulls himself back to avoid falling and pulls back the mana with only his hands away.

The giant hand is pulled away in a flash.

A dagger swung by Jinwoo cut off his wrist.


Kusin held his clipped wrist and hit his head.


Jinwoo quickly moved to the neck, and inserted a dagger near his neck.


In one sharp room, that colossal body passed over again.

Jin-joo jumped as he pushed through the chest of the fallen god, and cut off the hands of the gods.


When Jin – jin finds a room where Jin – woo escapes to rise up his hand – wielded blade and can look all over everywhere. The moment of the moment, the shoulders of the breeders that had come close to each other struck from both sides.

Kuwoong -!

“……!”Jinwoo, who stood between two shoulder blades and held up with both hands, pushed them hard.

Then they were thrown back like lies.

[How big!] [How with that little body!]

There was an astonishment at the fact that they were pushed out of power, while others were calmly beating their arms as if they were waiting.

The palm of the giant falling from above as if to beat the worm.


Jinwoo spat out mana in a terrible roar and bounced off.

The hands were pushed out of sight, and I was late.

‘……?’A huge and fistful punch that comes upon herself.


The black Aurora, concentrated in the right hand of Jinwoo, turned like a giant’s arm and blew the head of the giant.

Soon afterward, Jinwoo, who surrounded himself with Oura, giggled the giants.

Giant men made of rocks and shadows that fought together like hungry beasts.

The result came soon.

In the middle of the kneeling kneeling kneeling, the giant shadows were crushing the arm pulled out of the shoulder of the just –


Whether he was tired of the moment, or the envoys surrounding Jinwoo, stepped away from Jinwoo.

‘……?’When Jinwoo looks at the giants with wondered eyes. Among them, a man who looked much stronger and stronger than the other giants walked out one.



The voice was heard from a small creature climbing on one shoulder of the body.

[There was a talent that could be used on this small planet.]

The rock man, who seemed to reduce the size of the giant, showed a smiling smile to Jin-woo.

[But to inflate your body to maximize your power is a testament to the abundance of your species. On the other hand, our gods are so much smaller when they reveal power.]

He laughed, pointing at himself, bent down with both hands pointing down.

[Huh, of course, it’s possible that only the best fighters of the family including me …]


The moment Jinwu heard his face with the same expression, his head swung down to the side.


Suddenly, a flash of red light burst from the back of Jin-woo, instantly erasing the top-of-the-line warrior.

Veliion, who was riding in the ancient city that sparked the flash, puzzled.

[Lord, are you in conversation with him?

Jinwoo, who shook his hand saying it was okay, moved his gaze to Belion.

“They look pretty hot, so you have to be particularly careful.”

[Leave it alone, lord.]

Velyon, who bowed his head gracefully, flew somewhere.

Jin looked back at the giants.

Already a large portion of power was lost by Jinwoo, the dark waves of shadow soldiers were covered.

[Ciaaaaaq!] [Kokh!]

Above the desert, the giants of rocks were full of screams.

* * *”……””……”silence.

Is there a word that can better explain the atmosphere here than these words?

The room was quiet as if it had put cold water in it.

The president, who had lost his words for a long time after seeing the video, made it difficult to say.

“That man … Did you identify your identity? ”

The general shook his head.

A real monster that can beat scary monsters like a toy.

The power of the monster saved the US without anyone knowing.

‘No, maybe the world …’

But the power to save the world, in other words, means to destroy the world.

At least.

The president asked the members of the conference room, who concluded that it is best to identify his identity.

“Is there any way to know the identity of the man who just appeared in the video?”

There were a couple of comments, but it was impossible in reality.

By the way.

“It’s impossible in reality. The current, the actual, the enemy. ”

It was David Brennan, the director of the US Central Intelligence Agency.

The president ‘s head moved to him.

“……Do you have something you want to do? ”

The director took care of himself.

“If realistic methods are not possible, why not look for them in an unrealistic way?”

The director smiled as he looked around at the people around him.

“There is. A person who informed us in an unrealistic way about the facts that nobody knew. ”


There is no one to know in this American land. The fact that she has a special relationship with the CIA is a publicly known secret in politics.

The president, who remembered her name, asked her eyes openly.

“What do you mean …?”

The director said confidently.

“Yes, Mrs. Nomselen. She will always give us the answer, as always. “

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