Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 257

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 257

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I am going to meet now (2) Sadness residential area in the United States, the suburbs.

A black sedan sailing on the road arrived at the destination.

A small house with a red roof.

Tak, Tak, Tak. Those who were off the sedan were David Brennan, chief of the Central Intelligence Agency and his attendants.

The director, who was looking at the house for a while, instructed his men.

“You wait here.”

“Chief …”

It was an embarrassing instruction to the agents who should be responsible for his person, but the attitude of the director was stubborn.

“All right, all right.”

He shook hands with the men who were about to leave him.

“Your wife does not like this ridiculous visit.”

After leaving the attendants in the car, the director who walked to the door alone trimmed the clothes for a while.

Then I knocked on the door carefully.

“Mrs. day…”

Before he even introduced himself, a door opened and a black kid came out.

The director who recognized his grandson lowered his posture, adjusted the child to eye level and stroked the little head.

“Are you a grandmother?”

“You’ve been waiting for your mustache from before.”

The director shed a figurative laugh at the kid’s hand pointing at him.

All right.

Who is the woman you want to meet now?

Spirit power, prophecy, psychic.

It is not Mrs. Norma Serna who is the awesome astrologer of the world that is not awkward to add any modifier.

Of course, the director did not trust her from the beginning.

But even at the Central Intelligence Agency, which is at the height of intelligence, reporting on her supernatural power to overcome the abandoned difficulties forced her to doubt.

She was real.

‘Real ability …’

It would be easier for her to guess her unannounced visit than to turn the TV channel on her remote control.

The director who got into the reception room with the guidance of the grandchild greeted the wife who had put the car on the table politely.

“It’s been a while, ma’am.”

“Come on, Dave.”

The director looked up.

About a year ago. When she visited her house last time and looked around the reception room where nothing had changed, the director put her butt on the sofa slowly.

“Your wife will never imagine how hard it has become since your wife retired.”

Any information in the past is worthless compared to future information.

The sense of loss that her retirement brought to the CIA, which had been helped by his wife, was more than you could imagine.

I am a director who is laughing and talking like a joke, but I am sincere as to the regret that it is dissolved in the words.

However, she said gently to the child who was asking for sweets.

“I told you, Dave. I can not see anything since he came. ”


And that ‘s the god of death.

The director was bitterly apprehensive about the same answer every time he returned.

The existence of a powerful force that can twist causation has fallen on the earth, so that his ability has become useless.

The reason for her retirement, which is difficult to understand by common sense, has always been lost.

“…”So silence came between the two.

The director, who was wondering how to break this awkward silence, took on the smell of food that tickles his nose.

“wife. Have you been eating at all? ”

She shook her head.

“Actually, I have a guest who came to my house first.”

“Ah… Is that so.”

Another guest for her who does not enjoy meeting people.

The director who had a headache for a while finally decided to take out the matter and finally smiled his face.

“Then I will tell you quickly so that I will not be your wife.”

Then it seemed like waiting. Your wife replied.

“The answer to the first question is yes, and the answer to the second question is slavery.”


When the director who has been clogged up before the horse comes out is embarrassed. She smiled grinning.

“I do not know the future, how do you know the question?”


“Dave. It is a thing of the past to think of the answers you want me to get. I just put the answer to the past cross-section. ”


To the director who nodded low and groaned, Mrs.

“Can you answer the question now?”

The director took the sweat of his forehead with his handkerchief.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Then his explanation began.

“Yes, Dave. I know who you want to know. ”

Yes to the first question.

But the answer to the question that followed immediately was No.

“But I will not say anything about him.”


The voice of the director increased.

It was not intended to threaten his wife. It is just too excited that the sound has grown.

“If you are a wife, you know what the man did! Without any measure against such a person … ”


She shouted as if she could not bear it.

“I know because I know!”

It was the first time.

The first director of his wife’s face was angry that he did not know what to look for.

But his wife ‘s castle did not stop there.

“Is the director’s eye an ornament?”


“Did not you see the video on the USB stick that day?”


One human being did not step back from a step before the ghastly monsters.

The force was scary and powerful, but it certainly saved mankind.

“If that’s not the first time, would you believe it?”

The director ‘s face was frozen as it was on her face.

“…”Was it such a thing again in the past?

Without knowing, we thought that humanity was in danger of being destroyed several times.

Come to think of it.

As the government designated this job as secret, no one knew what he was doing or what happened that day, except for a very small number of officials.

if so.

Could there be any similar cases in other countries?

‘Maybe he’s really like …’

The director caught his head with his hand wrapped around his chin and took care of something seriously.

“I believe in your wife.”

It’s only been three years since I found out about her, but I often feel like I’ve known her for a long time.

So she had a sense of confidence that could not be grounded.

She nodded, and the director cautioned.

“The man who appeared in the video … Can you promise me that you are not a dangerous person? ”

She answered without hesitation.

“I promise.”

The director who nodded his head alone listened to his decision.

“Then I see. I did not hear her saying she knew the man. ”

The director took his seat with a sad face.


It was his wife ‘s affectionate voice that caught the director who wanted to turn around after bowing briefly.

“Dave, I’ve made some cookies, do you want to bring them?”


The director who looked at the envelope of cookies in his hand laughed and ordered it.

“I’m okay.”

After the ceremony was over, he returned to the ordinary impression. The wife, who showed a soft smile to the director, called his grandson and entrusted his guest.

The boy, who likes ‘mustache’, ran after him and took the hand of ‘mustache’ uncle David.

“I’ll see you again, ma’am.”

“Good night, Dave.”

When the director who was caught in the grandson ‘s hand went out of the house, another guest hiding in the wall of the reception room walked out.

“I do not like the inspiration. Do you want me to look at your hands? ”

She turned her blonde hair all over, and took a handful of cookies from her cookie envelope.

“If I had one more problem, would not I be suspended, Thomas?”

Thomas smiled and laughed as he filled his mouth full of cookies.


“That’s what …”

Thomas Andre.

The fact that he was one of the few friends of the UFC, an unrestricted champion of the UFC, was largely unknown.

If reporters know, they jump out and press the shutter. However, Thomas’ face was a comfortable expression as if he had been playing at his aunt’s house.

Thomas quickly asked if he had left a bag of cookies and that he did not get caught up in the castle. He took the cookie envelope and poured the remaining cookie crumbs into his mouth.

“Do you mind if I ask?”

As his wife nodded grinningly, Thomas spoke with an empty paper envelope round the ball like a ball.

“There are a lot of people who die in an accident.”

Especially if the number of people dying from traffic accidents is huge.

But not all of them received your phone call.

A holiday that I have come to expect.

Thomas Andr̩, who had been trying to enjoy the frenzied rush on his favorite sports car, was one of the few unfortunate luck candidates.

A small peg was embedded in the horse ‘s wheel, which I had checked quickly after receiving a phone call from her.

Fortunately, the accident did not happen, but if you had started your car without thinking, you might have lost your life as your wife warned you.

So to Thomas, Mrs. Nomselner was a life saver.

After that, though Thomas was so close to his wife to eat, the work still remained.

“Then, why did you save me?”

I do not think she would have been a fan of the UFC and quickly picked up the receiver.

Thomas always wondered why his wife helped him.

“…”To Thomas’ sudden question, she answered later, rather than slapping his face, which is now a big sport star.

“I have done a lot of good things in my past life.”


This Thomas Andrew, who is called the evil of the UFC, no demon?

Thomas, who wanted to eat what he could not eat for a moment, did not take his mind out of his mouth because of the example of a sweetheart.

“Ho Ho.”

She laughed and turned her eyes and watched the car departed from the window over the window.

The grandson waved at the uncle ‘s uncle until he could not see the car.


Is not there really a fate when you see that the ties that you have touched in the past are so intentional or unintentional that they are reunited?

She thought so.

Thomas, who had confirmed the departure of the director, sat down on the couch where the director was sitting.

“So, what did the man in the video do to find inspiration?”

She spoke in an incredible tone as if she had been washing clothes on a clothesline.

“I saved the world.”

“……”Sometimes I could not tell whether she was joking or doing something serious.

‘Well, it’s so funny.’

Thomas, wearing his favorite sunglasses, looked around Mrs. Selner in a darkened vision.

“So where is the user who saved the world now?”

Mrs. Selner smiled quietly, not leaving her gaze at her returning grandson after she had finished her walk.

“Well… Do not you enjoy your youth somewhere? ”

* * * Wow!

National student athletics meet preliminary fever full of cheering.

When the rival two high schools met, the flames sprang from the eyes of the allegations.

“Hey, Choi Tae Woong! Many of you are dead too. I put all my first grade in the game. ”

Jin, the longtime rival of the track and field division, belonged to Jinwoo.

“An idol guy has been resting for a few months with an injury, but is it enough that I have to leave the Ace to the first grade?”

Choi Tae-woong laughed and laughed at Jin-woo’s shoulder on the provocation of the early stage.

“You will not be able to keep up with the skills of the first grade.”

“I do not want to increase the number of records, but the joke skills have increased.”

Jinwoo, who had watched the nervous battle between the two, scratched his side head with his index finger.

‘This makes it difficult to jump around invisibly …’

Jinwoo, who is expressing his frustration, was pushed up and down, and Cha Gui-seok, who got more confidence, raised his mouth.

“But there he is. What a wonderful coincidence. ”

Backstage, the old man stroked his staff and stood behind the officers and walked out with a confident face.

“Actually, we’ve come to us, too, a freak.”

By the way.

I knew the face of the monster new face, and I did not even know it.


“Your first grader is already feeling it?”

He has already raised his voice to the shoulder of a freshman who has already been in the high school level and has muscles.

“This is our Mars secret weapon, first grade Kim.”

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