Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 259

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 259

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I had forgotten Jinwoo because he was not the one who shared his memory.

There were a few more who were connected with the upper beings.


One of them was very lucky to be able to make direct contact with Jinwoo, the uppermost person.

Early moning.

“Son, what is it?”

Sung Il-hwan, who saw his son woke up from his room and laughed, laid his hands on his son’s shoulders, saw another past unfurled.

It was only physically the same time, but it contained a long years like eternity.

– I missed you, always. – I wanted to talk to you a little more.

I’m sorry I can not be a good father.


The last thing that made my heart down went past my eyes.


The time has been reversed and the memories from the present to the present have been reproduced like a panorama image reproduced upside down.

The only divine tool that makes it possible, ‘The Cup of Revolution’.

Sung Il-hwan, who knew that there was a cup of reincarnation through the memories of the rulers, saw the expression of his son and realized that a contract had been established between the son and the rulers.

Regardless of how harsh the price of the contract is, Jinwoo has decided to carry the burden.

Sung Ilhwan had to lick his lips in order to endure the emotions that were going to be poured out.

That effort was successful.

Jin wiped out the tears he had cried and laughed.

“…I guess I had a bad dream. ”

Then Seongilhwan saw a strong determination that was on his face for a while.

But even then.

No, he could not even imagine what his son had promised to his rulers until Jinwu was suddenly disappeared leaving a piece of note.

* * *”…That promise alone was to beat the whole army. ”

Sung Ilhwan recounted the time and laughed.


If the son knew the content of the promise before leaving for a niche in the dimension, did he dry his son, or did he leave his son for the world?

“You did a great job, though, did not you?”

The agents of the rulers who were listening in the right place laughed.

Seong Ilhwan nodded his head.

Because of the sacrifice of Jinwoo, the terrible wars that this world had to go through have completely disappeared.

However, when she recalled the pain that her son had endured, Seong Ilhwan could not laugh at all.

One year after that.

It has been about a year since Jinwoo came back from a gap in the dimension.

“The son …”

The hesitant voice disappeared after being buried in the soft music sound flowing in the cafe.

The agent was still drinking half the cup of coffee in the straw and waited slowly for the next words of Sung Ilhwan.

“What decision did the son make?”

“The Shadow Monarch.”

The agent smiled lightly when he saw the tension that struck at the face of Sung Il Hwan.

“You decided to stay here. He told me that the first few minutes are important here. ”

Sung Ilhwan sighs a long relief.

The agent, who had left the cup, gently put the cup on the table.

Waiting for Jinwoo ‘s decision, his role in this world was completely ended yesterday.

Now is the time to leave. Seong Ilhwan was the last guest he met before he left here.

Is that so?

Although he does not like to talk, he wants to talk a bit more.

“Shadow Lord … No, would you keep hiding from your son? ”

“I do not want anyone to remember that kid.”

If Jinwoo wants a normal family life everyday, he was willing to postpone for his son.

“His son is his father.”

An agent nodded and laughed and listened to his face.

“Once I leave, the rulers will not be intervening anymore.”

“I know.”

“Then this is really the end. With this world … ”

The agent looked at the inside of the cafe and said with a wet voice.

“It was fun. I was waiting for the shadow lord to come back, and I had a heartbeat about what the results would be. ”

In fact, even the rulers did not say that Jinwoo did not expect him to succeed.

I do not need to put cold water in the warm moment of separation.

Just before you stand up.

The agent said before he said goodbye.

“The rulers feel thankful not only to the Shadow Monarch but also to Seongilhwan.”

Without his help, he might not have produced this result.

He fought on behalf of the rulers and suggested that the rulers should join forces with the Shadow Monarch.

His help was great.

The rulers, who concluded so, prepared a small present for Sung Il Hwan.

“Do you have any help for us?”

When we think of the mighty power of the rulers and the ‘tools of God’, it meant that we would listen to any wishes.

But Sung Ilhwan shook his head.


Do it.

The agent could understand the mind of Sung Il Hwan.

Is there a need to talk to others about the existence of a person with the same power as God in the name of the family in the immediate vicinity?


The moment the agent tried to get up from his seat, he bowed his head briefly.

Sung Ilhwan said late.

“for a bit.”

The agent, who stopped, put his butt back on the seat.

“Do you want more …?”

Sung Ilhwan, who was worried for a moment, made it difficult.

“My memory … Can you erase the memory of the previous time? ”

“Of course it is possible, but why do you choose …?”

“It’s hard not to pretend not to know anything in front of a noticeable son.”

Sung ilhwan laughed and said so.

Is it a son and father?

The smiling face was exactly like Jinwoo.


He was slow in gazing down and thoughtful.

“I also want to be an ordinary father worried about his son.”

I want to go back to my father who can usually worry about my son. I am worried about where my son will be hurt.

“For me, Jin-woo is not a shadow monarch, but a precious son.”

It was a small wish of Sung Il Hwan.


If it means that.

The agent smiled and accepted the favor of Sung Il Hwan.

“After leaving this cafe, the work of the disappearing time zone will be completely erased from my head.”

The agent who gave the magic spell to Seong Il-hwan, said good-bye with a small voice that he could not hear.

“You will not remember, but you’ll be fine.”

Time flows, flows.

One winter morning.

Sung Ilhwan, who woke up to the alarm sound that was set at 6 o’clock, rose from his seat.

At the same time, the wife was facing her husband.



I was relieved to see that the couple who checked the time in haste confirmed that it was only 6 o’clock in the morning.

“Honey, what should I do? Will you wake up? ”

“I still have some time left. Let me sleep a little more, even though it is the day of the test. ”

“Yes. I’ll have to drive it to the test center. ”

“7 o’clock… I’ll wake you up at seven. ”

Sung Ilhwan nodded at the wife’s end.

The couple, who had been checking the needle unnecessarily, rushed out of the room as soon as 7 o’clock and opened a visit to Jinwoo.

“Son, you know that today is the day of the SAT?”

“Son, do you want me to take you?”

The son, who seemed to have just happened, answered with a smile.

“I’ll go now.”

Watching Jinwoo coming out of the room, Sung Il-hwan taking his clothes and taking the keys of his car quickly, he lost his gaze to the key ring for a while.

It was the key ring that I received from Jinwoo.

The face of Sung Il Hwan who saw a white castle key chain with a black flag hanging at the top, which seemed to be handmade, smiled.

In clear weather.

It was a refreshing morning that morning sun began to permeate from early morning.

* * * December 24 evening.

Jinwu walked the street full of Christmas atmosphere.

I could easily find the faces of popular entertainers and sports stars in commercials hanging around the streets.

‘The distance has changed a lot.’

When he recalled the time that the Hunters’ faces were decorating the streets instead of the stars, Jinwu was still feeling awkward.

Then I found a poster of some sports drinks and laughed.

There was a familiar face there.

How many people went to work to make this natural look.

‘Idol of the land system …’

Certainly the smile of Car Haen on the poster was called Idol.

She was attracted attention by the dazzling sexuality, and eventually it was in the eyes of the media.

‘Even in the S-class Hunter, the guy who was not in front of the camera is a popular sports player …’

In the future that would not have happened if he did not fix the injuries of Jin, Jin made a satisfactory look.

I still think that the camera is awkward, but it will be better.

Jinwoo laughed and moved to the place of promise again.

Suddenly I looked around and saw the colorful clothes of the lovers filling the streets.

‘Who did not go to the examinations, so I put on too much?’

Jin-woo, who was tongue-tipped in his usual attire, found a clothing store nearby.

Of course, the shop was closed for the time, but I did not want to buy clothes from the beginning.

Jinwoo stopped in front of a guy wearing the cleanest clothes among the mannequins seen in the show window.

Shaaqaq – The smoke of the black which wore the body of Jinwu for a moment changed like the clothes which the mannequin of the opposite side wore.

Jinwoo, who was looking at the clothes in the shop window, asked for the shadow soldiers.

“What do you think?”

From a certain moment, I had an urgent need to ask who would answer the first molars that had a great interest in fashion.

[Best, Master.]


The lighter footsteps let me get to the appointed place in an instant.

Near the large Christmas tree in the middle of the square, many people were standing around waiting for the other party.

Is it because today is Eve that even the faces that look nervously at the clock feel happy?

Unlike them, Jinwoo, who was looking up at the sky, could afford it.

Even among the many noises of the people moving in and out of the street, Jinwoo was able to distinguish the footsteps of his opponents accurately.

‘…3, 2, 1. ‘

When the child arrived just behind his back, Jinwu turned around.

“I’m here?”

Haine, who was trying to scare Jinwoo down, lowered his hand.

“I think he has eyes behind his back.”

I was laughing because I was so sad.

Haine was using the hood as if he had been before to avoid people’s eyes.

“Would you like to go for a walk?”

In the proposal of Jinwoo, the nines laughed and nodded.

Whenever the two fell out, people walked to the lesser side.

When I heard Jinwoo’s performance, Haine circled her eyes.

“Why do you go there with such good grades?”

“It’s a bonus to study for a full scholarship, and there are people who want to meet there.”

The hin ‘s ears were tense.

“Is not he a woman?”

The tinted Haines eyes are funny.


The ball swells rapidly. It was a different pleasure for Jin-woo to see the various aspects of Haine that were not seen when both were adults.


Talk. Something that fell from the sky sat down on the nose tip.

Coolness melts on the skin.

It was a snowflake.

I lifted my head and the white spots were falling from the black sky.

White Christmas.

Jinwoo looked at the falling snow, treated the solvent, and recalled the gray ashes that had fallen.

White ashes, like as snow, and light as snow, were falling down silently.

“Brother, what do you think?”

Jinwoo laughed and gave a rough answer.


Looking at the snow falling from the night sky on the eve of Christmas, I can not say that I was reminded of one of the enemies that was most threatening in my life.

Hearing the answer of Jinwoo, Haine, who showed a single single smile about what he was thinking, said to him.

“Brother, remember the promise?”

“What promise?”

“I promise to answer whatever I win in running.”

“I remember.”

Then Haine pointed to the roadside tree a little away.

“Shall I bet then? Who knows where to get there. ”

Jun-woo, who laughed at the sudden challenge of the Hinans, asked.

“What do you want to ask?”



“What do you sometimes think about your brother, who you want to meet in college is a woman or a man, and …”


“It was not that day in the tournament, but when we had met again.”


Jin-woo, who accepted it with ease, took off his hand in his pocket.

Whether or not putting his hand in his pocket will not affect the outcome, but he has shown his determination to take this fight seriously.

But then.

One step away, Hainin approached me and asked me with a shawl around which he had been hanging over his neck.

“Brother, do not move here if I like it.”


Jinwoo is embarrassed.

Hain, who started walking while gazing at Jinwoo, slowly moved toward the avenue.

Jinwoo was laughing as he watched the game with the defeat confirmed.

“Ha …”

Eventually, Haine, who succeeded in putting his boulevard in his hand, jumped lightly and declared victory.

Shadow soldiers, who were watching the two men’s game excitingly, were thrilled.

[I am, our lord!] [There is a time when the lieutenant is in a game where a bet is taken!] [The Lieutenant was wrong!] [ChiEeEe -! King, come on now!

Jin-woo, smiling at the devastated room and scratching his side head, looked around and walked toward the tree-lined street.


Because I was looking for a road without people, I did not see a passerby on the road.

“I won?”

Jin, standing in front of Hain who is waiting for an answer with his cheerful face, issued a grand order to Shadow Soldiers.

‘Shadows, close your eyes.’

[……][……]In the desperation of the shadow soldiers.

Slowly touching the face of Haine, the lips of Jinu were overlaid with her lips.

In the sky, still white snow was falling quietly.

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