Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 267

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 267

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Hoon Dam 5th Episode. Conclusion The distance from him is about 30 meters.


As Suho concentrated his mind, the time around him suddenly slowed down and everything that had not been seen before came into sight.

A black knight wielding sword. And lightning of blueness that flickers straight from the tip of the sword.

‘That was it!’

It is now possible to see a strong attack that has dropped the battle before you can do anything.

Agility and sensibility that were pulled up to level up were played to the limit.

Move forward one step away from flashing in front.


With just one leap, the distance of 15 meters disappears in a flash, and the distance from him is reduced by half.


The second lightning crosses over the head.

While admiring the power of the black knight who made a second attack by changing his posture immediately after trying the blow.

Suh took the next step.

fault. The distance between them is gone.

Quad gain.

Suho grabbed his fist with the gauntlet.

‘Now is my street.’

To my surprise, the black knight seemed to be nervous.

Thanking you for the level up that raised your abilities to such extreme.

The Suho regained power.

Shh profit -!

The fist, now leveled over the bullet level, hit the front of the black knight.


The black knight, who was trying to stop the gauntlet in a hurry, was pushed hard with two legs.


The slabs on the bottom of the toes of the black knight were broken and made two long rows of grooves.

When the black knight pushed for a while, barely stopped. ‘……!’

He realized that there was a pillar behind his back.


The embarrassed black knight turned his head back to the front.

Suddenly the guard was blocking the front.

‘surely…… The previous attack was to get me into this place? ”

The black knight was greatly surprised at the base of his opponent and moved sword in a reflex.

The light of the guardian ‘s eyes sparkled the light.

The guard, who stops breathing for a moment, strikes the sword of the knight falling down by the oblique with the back of the hand protecting the gauntlet.

And patience to step out.

Suh, who made the gap between the two zero, pushed his fist again.

This blow hit the chest of a black knight.


Originally, there was a quack on the surface of the column that received the black knight that had to fall off.

Awesome destructive power.


It is even more surprising that such an attack with destructive power does not end with a single shot.

Soon, the attack of Suho was poured into the fire.

Two doo doo doo doo doo!

The black knight, Ani Grit, thundered to the inside as he watched and attacked Suwo’s attack as if he were looking at the skill of the lord.

‘Is this the power of the Lord, who has not yet become 100 percent?’

A father with a divine being and a mother with a past who once was a S class awakening.

The potential of the patron born between the two was more than this grit imagined.


A strong armor begins to crumble a little at a brisk blow.

I raised the speed limit, but it was not enough to stop the attack.

Then eventually.

Cheng Gang!

The sword that stood firmly to the guardian ‘s stronghold broke down loudly.


Looking at the bones of falling shattering, this grit sensed that the game was over.

However, this defeat, like when we first met Jin Woo here, also made this grit’s heart beating.

Suho put all the magic power in his fist for the final blow.


The surrounding mana was swirling like a wave and spreading around.



The fist, shot like a cannon, left a hole in the abdomen of a black knight.

The black knight hit the pole slipped.

Then he did not move anymore.

‘……’Carefully touching the black knight, Sukho sighed a great deal of breath.


I won.

He won against a strong enemy who seemed unable to win.

From the depths of my heart, joy flocked like a tide.


Unexpectedly, there were no major changes in the situation.

‘The end is …… Is not it? ”

Slowly looking around, Suho found a new gate beneath the stairway where the throne was installed.

The eyes of the patron enlarged.


It was a smile on the face of Suh, who was able to finish this bizarre adventure anyway.

The guard, running with joy, threw himself into the gate.

As it came in, I opened my eyes after a long darkness.

“Kie e ee eek!”

“I’m tall!”

“……”This time, humanoid ants of the size of a man were giving out the tumult.

* * * “Huck, huck, what are all these ignorant ants?”

Suh poked his tongue at the body of the ants he had treated.

Strangely, when I found an ant that was lined with ants because I was a child, I was resentful of myself who had been careful not to step on my mistakes.

To that extent, these ants mean terrible and strong.

Armor monsters were not comparable to.

‘But if you find a point of comfort …’

The stagnant level hunted the ants and began to climb back up again.

Shaash, shaash.

Somewhere I hear the ants’ footsteps.

Suh, who succeeded in breathing for a while, grabbed his fist tightly.

Quad gain.



Suho focused on raising the level by tapping every corner of the cave, based on lessons learned when dealing with black knights.

The screams of the ant monsters resonated in the cave, which was intricately intertwined like a maze.

How much do you push in the cave?


When the level was no longer raised even after hitting the ant, Suho entered the last room of the cave.

Empty room huge. public.

There was no light in the boss room, but it did not hurt to see the guard, who has already surpassed the human senses.

‘How big is the owner here?’

When I started to worry about it.

Suh looked at one of the humanoid ants turning around at the end of the room.

Unlike other ants were winged ants.

‘Is he in this room?’

The common atmosphere was similar to the room where the black knight was.

But that ant man could not feel the force he had at all other than the story.

Strong or weak.

Suh killed his footsteps and looked at the ants carefully.

When I got close enough to be considered close enough. The ant turned out to be a patron without any remorse.


Suho shuddered and stepped back.

I was not afraid.

I was just surprised by the unexpected situation.

He can not help it.

The turning ant was crying.

Even though he was crying so badly that he knew that the conversation was a monster that could not communicate, Suho could not take the lead first.


If a human-sized insect is standing on two feet and dripping tears, it would be normal to feel bizarre.

I wanted to soothe the ants without knowing why.

I felt that way.

However, I have a sincere heart for a while.

The guard, sensing a strong aura, stepped back.

‘……?’The ants were stealing tears from their hands, just as if they were holding their weak minds.

Oh My God……

Surprised by the mighty power felt by the ant, he looked down at the fur on his arms.

That ant.

Along with the ants that have fought so far, the black knight is also different in dimension.

I was thrilled with my whole body.


Suddenly the guard came to his shadows, and an ant came up in front of him.

The ant that was twice as big as the big one finally made a terrible roar.

[To the key to the on to the on!]

* * * thank God.

Thank you.

Suffering and dismembered, Suho repeated the idea many times.

The winged ant was a terrifying enemy.

But each time a dangerous moment came, the ant did not know why, and he stopped pounding.

Thanks to.

It was difficult, but I was able to knock down ants in a breathtaking way.

“Uh …”

The defendant twisted the throbbing throat, and the guard raises his body.

A new gate was created at the expense of knocking down the strong.

Suho checked the level.

[Level: 99] The level stopped at 99.

If it is a level of 99, it is all dealt with in the game of a lot of people.

‘So you can go back to the real house now.’

The heart of the swollen patriot swooped in expectation.

Suho gladly jumped into the next gate.

And when I opened my eyes. “Well? Sound? ”

“Creuror ……”

I was able to find the giants and dragons that filled the view.

“Ha ……”

* * * Mountains beyond the mountains. Suho made a mountain of giants and dragons and followed the long path in the field.

The level is still 99.

Although his stats have not risen, he has been able to deal with his powers more skillfully during many fights.

The strong power and the skill to deal with it gave Suu great confidence.

After a while. Guardian found another black knight waiting at the end of the road.

‘……’Unlike a black knight with a red feather on his helmet, his big size was huge and there was a trail of broken wings on his back.


Maybe it is stronger than the ant that you fought some time ago.


‘……He’s a fake. ”

Suh was convinced.

Because there was a real thing that I could not think of was floating above my head.

I felt my enormous presence, and my head hung up.


[Cicadas-] The dying dragon flying in the sky cried out loudly.

It was just after that something fell off the dyke.

When the infinitely fallen Inyoung landed lightly, the ground was dented and the dirt was blown.


Suh swallowed his saliva.

‘That’s real …’

Someone who was wearing the hood so that he could not recognize his face felt a sense of pressure to breathe.

As he came down, the knight in the back who had been trying to pull the sword stopped acting and stepped back a few steps.

As if he would no longer be involved in this fight.

‘It was really this way too.’

The guard gave strength to the trembling legs in a breathtaking sense of pressure.

It is the first time people have appeared, not monsters.

“excuse me!”

I tried to put a word on him, but the lips that were exposed under the hood smiled but did not return the answer.

“Oh really……”

The patron, who gave up trying to put a horse, found something and opened his eyes round.

‘That …?’

For the first time.

The gate was created before the enemy could be knocked down.

The position was that the hooded tee was behind the inside of the house.

‘That’s true …’

Maybe this is the last time.

If you knock that man down, you can go home.

At the conclusion of such a conclusion.

The body moved.

Ability to combat strenghts and abilities that have soared to the limit.

Pounding, pounding!

Feeling the beating as if to explode.

fault! fault! fault!

Suh, who has surpassed the speed of sound, quickly rushed forward.

A little nose.

On the streets that were never inevitable, a fist that could not stand even if it stopped, was shot toward the face of the man.


The man pushed the attack so easily that he had to pull his face back.


In a slow time, Suh saw the face of the man who was slightly exposed under the hood.


The man laughed and laughed.

“Not yet.”

In the eyes of the big guard, I saw the palm of the man approaching faster than the light.

Suho closed his eyes.

Soon the light covered the field of vision.

* * * “Ugh!”

The guard, who rose from the chair, looked around.


It was in the classroom where the after-school quiet air permeated.

Suho wiped his forehead wet with sweat.

‘I have a strange dream.’

Did you play too much?

The final boss who barely met after wandering in a strange dungeon is his father.

It is an embarrassing dream that can not be said anywhere.

I was really lucky because it was a dream.

A sigh of relief, turning around, I saw a schoolgirl stuck in front of Suho’s eyes.

It was a surprise that the patron who was asleep suddenly rose.

In order to shake the awkward atmosphere, the guard first spoke.

“Do not go home?”

Looking at the details, she was the girl who had been poking her back from behind.

“I am the Lord … I have to go to the barracks … ”

The guardian said to the female student, who is distracted, not to mention a small amount.

“Can I help you?”


The girl who was embarrassed by the offer that she did not think nodded shyly.


* * * Same time.

On the rooftop of the same school, Jinwo and Berr, Lee Grit stood.

Said the grit.

[Lord … Can you give me your strength back now?

This was the first time that a small lieutenant had reached the lord, although he had tested it several times before.

This grit wanted to give a passing score to the excellently tested Suho.

But Jinwoo answered with a smile on his mouth.

“If I believed in my strength and tried to work with Solace from the beginning, could we have won?”

This grit shook his head.

That was what Jin-woo wanted to teach Suho.

The fact that no matter how strong you have, you should be able to run away in situations where victory is not guaranteed.

It is not courage to run wildly against a strong enemy without any calculation.

‘It’s silly.’

While feeling the fact that he can not win, Suho has challenged himself.

The courage is virtual, but it was the result of worrying about the father.

Not yet.

Yes, it is early.

But Guardian will know soon after clever childhood.

How to use force according to circumstances.

[Soviet Lord ……]

BERR began to blush as he watched his old drawing paper.


Jeu, who patted the shoulder of a grassy bell, approached the ledge and looked down at the school.

I saw the back of my son who was going out with the same class student.

Jinwoo, who looked at the chin and looked at the guard, said with a smile.

“Do you want to eat out in the family today?”

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