Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 268

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 268

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Hoon Dam 6. good bye [Brother Sangdang’s chaebol who made the whole country tumultuous, Brother Hwang Soo-soo being arrested today]

Beep – Jinwoo woke up after turning off the TV at the homicide office where the news flowed.

Se-hwan, who was handling the paperwork, asked.

“uh? Brother, will you go? ”

“I have a lot of things today, so I’ll go in first.”


Jinwoo, who gave a smile to a partner who had funnyly saluting, got out of the office with his coat hanging on the chair.

Sehwan who watched the backwardness laughed with his arms around.

“It’s weird. Brother, every day on this day, the work will be faster. ”


Suddenly some conclusions were passed on to the brain of Sehwan who was watching the calendar hanging on the wall.

“Well, today is …”

* * * The face was covered with soot and white yoonho sighed.

“After-” just about. It blocked a large wildfire that tried to spread to a neighboring residential area.

Over 50 fire trucks, fire helicopters, and 800 firefighters were mobilized.

Baek Yoon-ho looked around.

The exhausted colleagues were lying down or sitting down.

However, no one had a dark face.

Some people smile or raise their thumbs when they meet.

At that time, Baek Yoon-ho also looked up his thumb.

No one was killed or hurt and they caught fire.

It’s a miracle in this big fire scene. In the midst of all the wrath of the night, they encouraged each other with facial expressions and celebrated victory.

“Oh, the chariot.”

I looked around at the chill of the neck, and the chief of the castle stood holding a bottle of cold water.

“Thank you.”

Baek Yoon-ho accepted the bottled water.

Sung Il-hwan sat next to him and shook his neck with other bottled water.

A warlord.

Or a master.

The captain of the castle, who is no stranger to be called, showed a unique presence in the field today as well.

I am proud that Baek Yoon-ho has always been a team like Seong Il Hwan.

Even the soot buried in his face felt like a medal.

‘I will someday ……’

Baek Yoon-ho, who was squinting at the face of his esteemed senior, poured the remaining bottled water over his head.


I guess I’ll buy some now.

It was the feeling that the fullness of the heat was washed away from the head.



Suddenly a scene of the past passed through my head.

The side face I saw then!


Sung Ilhwan looked back at Baek Yoon-ho, whose eyes are round.


Baek Yoon-ho said.

“Why are you there, a big fire in Daesung Building three years ago? Remember? Our team was stuck and nearly killed. ”

“I remember.”

At that time, Sung Il-hwan and his team members who were losing consciousness could survive with the help of someone who appeared to be a lie.

Some of the people who questioned the isolated firefighters hid their footsteps as if they were seeing firefighters as hallucinations.

“Actually, I saw his face next to him for a while before I fainted.”


“Yes, but that is exactly …”

But Baek Yoon – ho could not say more.

It was because Sang Ilhwan grabbed the bag of bread he brought with water and gave it to Baek Yoon-ho’s mouth.

“Oops, Oops.”

Baek Yoon-ho glued his bread to his head.


Sung Ilhwan smiled and grinned the other bread without any response.

It seems to cool the head of exhausted firefighters. Somewhere a cool breeze blows a string and shakes their hair lightly.

* * * Inside of a meeting room located on the top floor of a skyscraper. “Boss?”

“……””Dear sir, are you okay?”

Yoo Jin-ho kept pushing his mouth to the sky.

“Yes, it is okay. then……”

Yoo Jin-ho, who is behind the documents in front of him, looks up and sees the faces of the employees filling the conference room.

Yoo Jin-ho smiled and asked, smiling.

“Where were we?”

“……”Although the staff members who have learned that Yu Jin-ho did not hear anything during the 30 minutes of the meeting were hardened for a while …

The meeting was resumed again in a calm atmosphere.

“We have told you that we have to set a title for the virtual reality game that will be released by our company.”

“Oh, I did.”

Yoo Jin-ho nodded and stood up and yelled at the employees.

“Our wife has a child! It’s already six weeks! ”

The face was full of joy that could not be controlled.

There was a static in the meeting room.

But that also for a while.

As soon as the documents were flying, the cheers of the employees burst out.

“Congratulations, President!”


“Finally our father is my father!”

Yoo Jin-ho went inside the conference room with his high-five staff members who were as excited as his work.

A lovely wife, a child who will soon be born.

How is the world beautiful?


Yoo Jin-ho, who had a powerful inspiration during the ceremony, climbed onto his desk and confidently said.

“Beautiful World!”


All of the employees’ gaze gathered at Yu Jin-ho.


To the employees who doubted their ears, Yujin kindly proved that their hearing was not wrong.

“Our new game title! We will be ‘Beautiful World’! ”

In the room where the joy was overflowing, the stillness became again.

“……Are you serious? ”

Yoo Jin-ho answered without hesitation.

“Sure. ‘Beautiful World’ is the perfect match for our game to create a virtual reality close to perfect … Oh, what are you doing? Wait, wait! I’m falling! ”

Yu Jin-ho, who struggled with the employees who desperately pulled him down from his desk, looked at the window suddenly.

‘Hey, it looks like something’s gone.’

However, the feeling of seeing something soon after suffering from the sanctification of the employees surrounding him was whitewashed.

“Dear sir, once again think …….”

“This game has a good reputation for our company!”

“It’s not really ‘Beautiful World’, is it?”

“You do too!”


Yoo Jin-ho was just as happy even though his own sense of naming was denied by employees and subjected to all kinds of disgrace.


Yeah, if you can not name it, how about it?

The world is so beautiful.

Yoo Jin-ho muttered into the window looking at the sunny window.

‘Then the name of the children to ask Jin Woo brother?’

* * * [Ajin Soft Yu Jinho representative, a miracle-like success myth of a young entrepreneur who rejected the succession of a conglomerate!]

Swing, swing.

In the toilet of Eugene E & C, scissors clippers clipped to newspapers.

The famous chairman who finished the scrap operation heard his head.

“Are there any other articles?”

Kim secretary holding a newspaper with one hand shook his head.

“……I know. ”

The face of the famous chairman covering the scrapbook was full of unpleasant colors.

“It’s a game company that slaps the place you’ve made and sets it up. “ø¤“ø¤. ”

Kim looked at the corner of the desk.

There were a lot of newspapers piled up to find only the articles of Yoo Jin-ho.

All of them are newspapers that the president himself handwritten.

‘……’Kim secretly paused a little to endure laughter coming from the bottom of his chest.


The head of the president went back to the window.

“……?”Kim secretary walked to the window and looked out and asked.

“Why are you doing, sir?”

“no…… No. ”

This is the top of the skyscraper.

Something could not have passed by.

No, even if I passed, I would have a little bird or something similar.

I handed this famous scrapbook to the Kim secretary who was raising his head.

Kim ‘s secretary received it and put it in the bookcase of the presidential office.

Already four.

The secret secret collection of the famous chairman who no one knows except the person and Kim secretary has increased a lot.

* * * Peaceful.

Suho was in an important battle to decide who would go backpack with the same half –

“Scissors, rock ……”

The serious face of the girl adds weight to the game.

Soon the time for the signing comes.


The girl left the room, and when she lowered the ball, Suho changed her behavior and made a crucible.

It was a combination of unusual fuselage vision and motor nerves.

“Oh yea!”

The girl, who was pleased with the victory, extended her backpack with a proud expression.

Suho laughed and laid her back on another shoulder.

“You can not see a real scissors rock.”


“Where can you put a man because he can not make rocks with scissors?”

“I’ll learn to you.”

The patron walked with a backpack, smiling on both shoulders.

The girl also walked along the guard.

The two walked side by side in a quiet alleyway, sharing an ordinary chat.

Then suddenly.

The guard, who stopped walking, lifted his head toward the sky.

‘……?’The girl even lifted her head, but there was nothing in the sky.

Only clouds go silently like two people watching.

“Why? What’s up there? ”

Suh, who stared at the sky for a long time, grinned as she looked at the girl.

“No, nothing.”

* * * [Tiara -!]

Haine asked, on a chisel, crossing the sky, with a roar.

“Honey, is this really okay?”


Jin-woo explains that magic has erased the position of Caesar so that no one can hear or see.

“Hold tight.”

In Jinwoo’s smile, the power of Haine’s arms around her waist is getting stronger.

Jinwoo speeded up.


A much faster wing of the wing, the chisel pushed up and broke through the clouds.

A broad, blue world spread out at the foot.

‘A little more!’


Caesells’ wings are getting stronger.

Height, height.

The two men, protected by magic, have now climbed up to space closer to the universe than to the sky.

The spectacular sun rising above the outline of the earth.

On a quiet sky, a smile surfaced on Haines ‘face watching the Minister leaning against her husband’ s shoulder.

I took out the present which Jinwoo had prepared for the opportunity.

Hain’s eyes grew bigger.


A special necklace made with careful beard dwarves.

Jinwoo quietly walks his beautiful necklace to his wife’s neck, receiving the sunlight.

Wow ah -!

In the shadow, the shouting soldiers cheering for the perfect wedding anniversary event of the Lord’s army burst out.

But just before reaching the lips of Jin-woo and Haine who were getting close.

Jinwoo told Hain.

“Honey, I’m going back. I’ll follow right away. ”

Haine knew the situation when he said this.

“Will you come soon?”

Jin – woo nodded his head to Caesar.

Kaiser, who turned to the ground, quickly disappeared.

Jinwoo, who watched his wife’s back, turned around.

just as expected.

In the twisted and warped outer space, a sulfur mist was leaking out.

The blue mist, which was forced to break down the walls of the space, slowly gathered from one point and gained a huge shape.

Jin-woo recalled what he heard from the rulers of the rulers.

‘Being with mighty powers could bring in terrible things in this world.’

I did not have to ask who the blue fog monster came from.

A blue mist began to cry out and expose the enemy.

“Fu -” Jinwoo closed his eyes as he always did and took a deep breath.

Could someday be a patron?


Father and son are against the same enemy ……

Jinwoo laughed and opened her eyes.

Thousands of shadow soldiers who have already been prepared for battle have shouted at gunpoint behind Jinwoo.

The exhilarating sensation of just before the battle rises up the toe.


When the outer space is fully open and the blue mist has the shape of a giant giant. Said Jinwoo.

“come.” – I complete my leveling up after myself alone.

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