Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 78

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 78

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78 Hwa Hunter Association President’s Office.
The doctor ‘s look at the doctor was not good.
My doctor had a stethoscope on my chest.

“President of the association.”
“no. You do not have to talk. You can see it if you look at it. ”

Kanghee laughed and laughed at the buttons of the shirt that had been released.
His doctor could not keep his mouth open.

‘And the president of Kun-hee … This is a miracle to walk around. ”

Nevertheless, it does not reduce any active activity.
Do not you have time to go to the hospital and bring your doctor to work?

“I mean.”

The chairman of Koganeh President put his arm on his suit jacket.

“When healers come out and heal magic comes out, I’ll be able to regain youth again, and now I’m thinking of this damn old body.”

Kanghee also laughed again.

“But that’s not it.”
“Was not there a driveway?”
“Old age is a hell of healing magic of the higher Hunters.”

If the magic of the healing hunters could have eliminated all sickness, perhaps the whole nation’s hospitals would be shut down and the doctors would have kicked all the cans.
But it did not happen whether it was fortunate or unhappy.
Helping to play. The limit of healing magic was to make the trauma disappear.
I could make my cut arms grow like a miracle, but I could not make the heat of a cold child fall.

‘Thanks to the unemployed, but I did not …’

My primary caregiver looked at the president of the Kun – hee Association, who is already preparing to go out.

‘The president of the association should be able to recover from the power of magic.’

However, the magic of healing and modern medicine were not enough at this stage.
All you can do is advice.

“You must be absolutely stable. You have to rest a little. ”
“I want to do that, too.”

But then what do you think the Hunter Association will be?
Ko Kun-hee replied with a smile.

‘This is an association that does not exist.’

Large guilds, at this very moment, were being massively invaded by huge funds.
Their strength is equivalent to the military strength of a country that is already quite good.
In the meantime, it was not the government behind the association that was able to exert influence on the association, it was thanks to Kogei on the association.
As soon as the association loses power, the hunters become unbuttoned foals.

‘Not yet… Not yet. ‘

Retirement is early.
Now the association was the only line that could control them.
I could not get out of the situation without any alternative.

‘I have to be there to show that the association is healthy.’

Class S above grade S.
I needed a name named Koge Hee.
Until then somehow …


Kanghui shed a painful groan. The wise shirt that wriggled in the hand holding the chest was wrinkled.

“President, here …”

The doctor has prepared the painkillers and water without speaking.

“Thank you.”

The pain medication went in and I felt like I was just going to live.
It was then.


The signal rang on the phone.
While I was in my doctor ‘s office, I told him not to contact me no matter what.
Gonhee frowned and lifted the receiver.

“I’m on a medical examination now.”

Then I heard the urgent voice of a male secretary over the receiver.

-Sorry. President of the Society. It’s so urgent news.
“Did you hear from Japan again?” – I’ve been contacted, but not because of that.

The moment Kaganei’s eyebrows wriggled.

‘Jeju Island has bigger problems than ants?’

What the hell is going on?

“What is it?”

Just before the patience of Kun-hee revealed the floor, the secretary replied in a breathtaking way.

– The Judging Division has contacted us.
“In the judging department?”

What the judging department does is to grade the gate or awakening. It was not a department that would cause a big problem.

‘Or maybe …’

Did you also make a gate measurement error?
Reminiscent of the friction with the Baekho guild a while ago, Koganehi won the war.
However, the unpleasantness is a while.
The secretary’s story far surpassed the category of ‘problems’ that Koguryi had expected.

– Just in the audit department … It is said that an irreducible grade has emerged.

*** “Hunter Association Chairman Kang Hee?”

Did you just hear it right?
Jinu doubted his ear.
A man called the best Hunter in Korea came after me to the hospital this time to meet me?

‘Nonsense …’

When Jin-woo was half-skeptical, Woo Jin-cheol pointed to the back and put a wedge.

“Here is the president of the association.”

Woojin’s nervous eyes waiting for answers.
It was not an atmosphere to go jokingly.

‘…I think it’s true. ‘

Why is someone like me looking for me?
Jinwoo had a strong question.
What I can think of is the result of the rating review …

‘To attract the association?’

But the association is a non-profit organization.
It was a place where the president of the association would not have to move with the surveillance staff to bring in a Hunter.
Even you have not finished re-measurement yet.
The more I thought about it, the more I wondered about the importance of the president.


Jinwoo accepted.
Woojinchul made a brilliant look to the extent that the previous tension was unparalleled.

“Thank you!”

My voice came out of my heart.

‘You look so blunt, you can build this look.’

Jinwoo was surprised and followed Woo Jinchul.
Turning around the corner, I could see an elderly person sitting in a stiff hospital waiting room chair.

‘That man …’

Jinwu swallowed his saliva.
Thousand and.
The S-level Kosei-hunter called the sky above.
He found out that Jin-hee got up from his seat.

“Sungjin Hunter?”

Despite the age of over 80, he was a great old man. It was a big reminiscent of a retired wrestler or a wrestler.
However, there was no high-pressure attitude at all.


I looked at it in style, but I thought it would take a lot of weight, but rather the attendant next to him had a more scary face.

“I am Sung Jin Woo.”

Jinwoo replied.
Kun-hee reached out with a bright face.

“nice to meet you. It is Kanghee. ”

They shared a short handshake.
Ko Kun-hee pointed to the waiting room chair, which changed its layout so that it could face each other in advance.

“Sit down and talk.”
“Thank you.”

After Jin-woo sat down, Kogun-hee put his ass on the chair.
Suddenly, Jin-woo’s gaze came in with a gold and silver paper attached to the kimono’s kimono.
He is a current member of Parliament and a president of Hunter Association.

‘There is a S class awakening.’

Gohan was not an opponent who could meet anyone because he wanted to meet.
Not to mention the personalities of the real world, but also to the big ones abroad. The characters who wanted to meet him could not count.
So I was more curious.
Why is it that a man like Gong Hee has come to hurry to find himself?
Come to think of it.

‘Is the final man next?’

Today, I met two people who did not care about the best of the day.
I’m not sure it’s still S grade.
Finally, Kun-hee spoke out.

“Congratulations on being a S-Class Hunter.”

Jinwoo had a headache.

“There are still re-measurements left.”

Then Kanghee shook his head.

“In fact, re-measurement does not make much sense.”

Jin-hee showed a gentle smile to Jin-woo with a grim expression.

“A precision instrument is a machine tool that breaks down measurement results. It is not a tool to overcome the measurement range. ”
“Then why …”
“Are you saying that you have made a procedure called re-measurement?”

That was right.
If the results are the same anyway, why bother doing more work?
The answer of Kanghee was clear.

“It’s a grace period.”
‘Grace period …?’

Before Jin-woo asked, it was like saying that Kun-hee was very sorry.

“It’s the least amount of time we can earn to meet people like Sung Jin Hunter.”

Ah-Jin-woo fully understood what the president would like to say.

“As you know, there are not a lot of excellent hunters like Woo Jin-cheol, unlike the scale.”

Because of the large guild.

“Because there are large guilds.”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

“If you go to a large guild, your income and reputation are guaranteed. Who will be coming to the association?”

The association hunters have a considerable income.
But if they paid for what they could earn in a large guild, it was really just a penny.
The popularity is the same.

“Even though some people memorize the names of the elite raid members of the large guild, there is no one who knows the name of our Woo Jin-cheol.”

As an elite member, Jinwoo recalled Kim Cheol who was a class A hunter.
Sensory stats allow you to identify your opponent’s capabilities.
Jin-woo’s judgments were certainly better than Kim’s.

‘It’s the same grade A but it’s different.’

Jinwoo looked at Woojin Chul.
Woo Jin-chul bowed his head with the face reminiscent of the praise of the president and the gaze of Jin-woo.


If Kim made his debut with Hunter without any problems, he would have earned much more money than Woo Jin Chul and became even more famous.
That was the difference between Hunter of the Association and Hunter of the Guild.

“So we have created a small trick to prepare for when a truly awakening person visits the association.”

Is that a re-measurement?

‘Well …’

If the results of the measurements were published and began to spread all over the place, would the association be able to approach it so prominently?
It was a convincing method.

“I’ll tell you what’s going on.”

The smile disappeared from the face of the president.

“We can not promise much money because we are not a business. But.”

I touched my heart and Kun-hee pushed forward his fist holding something.

“I can help other roads.”
“What do you mean …?”
“Sungjin Hunter, I think I can raise you to the other side.”

The clenched fist spread.
On the palm of Koge hee, gold bars were shining.

‘authority… is it?’

But Jinwoo was wondering.

“I do not know English.”
“Do you need to do this to me?”

A valid question.
I was young when I looked at Jinwoo.

‘I do not be fooled by my background or misled by the interests in front of me,

Was I in a hurry?
Who did it.

‘Old age means less patience.’

It was not wrong.
He was swallowing the laughter and speaking.

“Do you know the 5 guilds?”

How can I not know?
Jinwoo nodded silently.

“Five dinosaurs are barely balancing in Korea now.”

Hunters of the metropolitan area, backhoes, reaper.
Local fame, Knights.

“When Hunter enters any of the five guilds, the balance will be broken and the dominance will change greatly.”

Even now, the pride of the large guilds stabs the sky.
What if one of them gets another S-class Hunter and raises it up as a driving force?
Will the association end up eating at that time?
The association had to play a role in centering the hunters with their strength.

“Laws and institutions, ordinary public authority, are not enough to keep the Hunters together.”

Jinwoo had the same idea the other day.
Only monsters are not monsters.
The hunters are also monsters that are not as good as they are.
Hunters were the more dangerous monsters than “Masashi” if they were to take “power” alone.

“So I need an association.”

The face of Kun-hee has become quite serious.

“And the association needs Sungjin Hunter.”

A man who has the same strength as you.
Kun-hee’s eyes were sharp.

‘I have to watch it to some extent …’

If Sung Jin-woo was OK, there was a will to push him wholeheartedly.
S-class is worthy of such treatment.

‘That would have been explained.’

After a long time, Ko Kun-hee tasted a mixture of tension and irritability and asked in a quiet voice.

“How would you like it, Mr. Hunter?”

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