Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 79

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 79

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It was not a bad proposition.
If Kun-hee pushes his back, ordinary people can run the road quickly.
National Assembly, Government, Association, Press.
It ‘s hard to find a place where Kun – hee can not reach.
What if his assistant is a S-class hunter?

‘I do not know where I can go.’

Suddenly, Jinwoo was in a neat suit and recalled himself sitting next to the seat of Kun-hee Lee.
My breasts jumped a little.

‘It is not an easy opportunity.’

The other way proposed by Kang Hee-hee is not the way that anyone can walk on his foot because he wants to walk.
There was nothing important in it.

‘Go to the association and you will no longer be able to raise the level.’

Senior Hunters from the Association do not hunt.
Their main task was to deal with other hunters, not hunting hunters.
Even if it receives permission and puts it on the raid of association.

‘The Dungeon of the Association is not a guild to look at the D, E grade level.’

Do you live with those who do not give experience?
No, I can not.
Jinwu was strongly denied to the inside.

‘I want to be stronger.’

To the higher ground.
I wanted to go up to where I could go up.
If it’s impossible or not convinced at all, knowing you can do it, give it up?
Sounds unimportant.

‘As long as level-up does not stop, I can continue to grow.’

I had a stronger heartbeat than when I imagined myself standing side by side with the president of Kun – hee.
Kogane also felt the change of Jinwoo.

‘Suddenly breathing got faster. Did you finally make a decision? ”

I wish you good results.

‘no. It must be a good result. ‘

Thinking about the time left.
As excited as Jinwoo, Kanghee waited for an answer.
One second was the same one minute.
Jin pulled his lips.


Kang-hee’s face hardened.

‘I just seemed to have a face full of will … Was it my mistake? ”

I could not hide my disappointment.

‘In the end, Sung Jin-woo was the man’s bowl.’

It was not a lie to help other roads.
Actually I thought of more than that.

‘S grade in two years …’

I put it nearest and taught my work, and when it seemed possible, I wanted to make it into a timber that would be followed by my own.
I needed a strong force to support the association when I was gone.
That was soon enough to give away everything that he had.
But the result is this shape.

‘It’s funny.’

Kanghee, like a badge, picked up his badge.

“Also… Is it money? ”

Jin answered with a sword.


Kun-hee was nervous about it.

‘Everybody is noble.’

But if you look inside you are all the same.
It is money in the end.
If you follow it up to the popularity, it is a superlative.

‘Huh …’

It is the natural nature of man to pursue the riches, but I did not intend to hate it.
Only those who can not be honest with themselves are just beguiling. “Then why did you refuse?”

Kanghee clearly knew the answer and asked.
I just wanted to see the reaction.
By the way.

“I want to fight.”

A word from Jinwoo, who came out without hesitation, hit Kanghee’s head.


I felt like I was beaten by a head.

“that’s… Does that mean you want to fight with masters? ”

Jinwoo relieved all unnecessary explanations and sincerely expressed his sincerity.

“I want to go into the gate and kill the masters. I think I should be in a dungeon. ”

The eyes of Kun-hee grew bigger.
A person standing on a large number of people can see from the other’s eyes that he is telling the truth or telling lies.
That’s where it can go.
So Kanghee could see.

‘That eye … I am sincere. ‘

Looking at Jinwoo, his eyes changed 180 degrees.

‘How long is this feeling?’

When I awakened my strength, Kogy was already too old.
So instead of fighting with the masters, I found out what I could do.
He set up associations with money to dispose of his own business, gathered hunters, and entered the National Assembly on the basis of popularity to enact hunter laws.
But it is a fundamental lack of fulfillment even if you run so hard.

‘I am 20 years younger, 10 years younger, even with these young people …!’

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.
Kanghee put his hands on his chest.
The heart, which was not strange when it stopped, was now running fast.

‘My heart could still make this noise.’

It was a pleasant beat.
On the other hand, Jinwoo had a headache.


I was able to get a chance to meet with the association and kicked off the suggestion of the president, but the president of the association was somewhat happy with his face.

‘Well, it does not matter …’

I’ve done everything I want to say.
Jinwoo got up from his seat.

“My sister alone is guarding my house so I should go.”
“Thank you for your time.”

Jin-hee got up and took something out of his arms.

“And this.”

It was business cards that were in his hands.

‘…?’”If you need my help, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Gohan smiled brightly.
Jinwoo was right. The strong Hunter had to be in the dungeon.
Although she failed to take over the Sungjin, but as the chief of the Hunter Association, or as a hunter, Koguryi wanted to help Sungjin as much as possible.
To be more honest.

‘I liked this young man.’

So I had some advice.
Because the place comes from a lot of interest.

“It is impossible to enter the advanced dungeon alone. So when you choose your guild, be careful. ”

Depending on your choice, the landscape will vary greatly.
Jin, who heard the advice of Ko Kai-hee, showed a strange smile in a short moment.

“Thank you.”

Jin-woo put his business card in his wallet and left the place with a brief greeting to Ko-hee and Woojin-cheol.

“After -” Sighs and at the same time Koganei sat down on the chair.

“Are you okay?”

Woo Jin-chul, who guessed that he would be uncomfortable to plant, was soon approached.
However, Kanghee laughed and laughed.

“no. I’m fine. ”

Cancer, it’s all right.
It is a pleasure of encountering for a long time.
He had been smiling for a long time, and Kun-hee turned his head and instructed the attendant.

“Please cancel all promises today.”
“But today I have an appointment with the ministers.”
“All in all.”

I laughed, saying that.

“Today I do not want to waste my feelings on those guys.”

I wanted to keep this pleasant feeling to this day.
It is the gaze of Kun-hee who suddenly goes to Woojinchul.
Woojin railroad was excited at the rare smile of the president of the association.

“Do you have any words?”
“Not another, you …”

I was a little nervous and Kanghee touched my chin.

“Would you like to have a drink with me today?”

Woo Jincheol made a strange smile on a horse that I could not think of.

“I could not drink … Would you mind? ”
“Huh, this guy did not look like that.”

Kun-hee mischievously pulled the tip of his tongue out.

“Does not the man say that he can carry the world as much as he can drink?”
“I’m sorry, president.”

Woo Jin-chul blushed his face and put his hands on the back of his head.

“I’m kidding. I’m in good mood and I’m joking. ”

In fact, I have a partner who wants to share a real drink.
Goh Kun – hee ‘s gaze turned to the end of the corridor where Jinwoo disappeared.

‘Sung Jin Hunter …’

How much does he have?
When I thought that I would like to share a cup together once, Ko Kun-hee smiled lightly.

*** Shaft.
Jinwoo got off the bus that stopped.

‘I came out with my brother’s excuse …’

When I watch the clock, my brother is still arriving.
Jinwoo slowly headed home.
Tick, tick. I turned my head to an unfamiliar noise and saw a street lamp that tasted far away.

‘Come to think of it.’

The surroundings were too dark.
Because it is a mysterious neighborhood, even after leaving the big road a little bit dark and uncommon places come out.
Then I recalled the news I had just heard.

‘Do not ask about the murder that happened near you.’

Was the victim all female?
This road was the way that his brother often goes.
It’s late at night.

‘My brother’s school is so close that I can not move at will.’

I was worried about it.
It is not difficult to catch a criminal if you find it, but you can not stand on the road every night because you are worried.
Is there any way?
Jin-woo, who was trying to roll his head around his arms, suddenly smiled.

‘Let me set up other kids instead of me.’

Do not you have any good kids to write?

“come out.”

Shadow soldiers appeared in Jinwoo’s call.

‘Five people would be enough.’

These are soldiers who have been well-educated in the course of a demonic journey.
I was able to just see.

“You are a vigilante of this town in the future. I will conduct patrols from now on. ”

As soon as the conversation was over, the soldiers returned to the shadow.
And it was absorbed into the shadows of buildings and other things, it started moving repeatedly.

‘Yes. Do not be so inconspicuous. ”

Oh, cute guys.
There was no way to get a shadow soldier unless the killer was at the higher Hunter level.
Even if it was one in the Gulf, if the soldiers had an abnormality, they could see right away.
Class S Hunter.

‘No, I do not have a formal certificate yet. Should I be a S-level arousal?’

What kind of thing is Hunter or Awakening is a neighborhood that S class keeps.
If the 24-hour free security system becomes known to the public, how many times will the land price skyrocket without knowing?
The smile of figs came out.


This is relief.
Looking around, Jin-woo turned to his satisfied face.

*** “I wanted to eat, so I rushed out and ran it.
“uh? Now ignore the pork belly? ”
“…””This is where you and I live!”

Yoo Jin-ho, whose face turned red, poured a nose down as he dropped the glass.

“So why am I invited to the place of that memory?”

Yoo Soo-hyun made the expression that there is no word.
I lay down to sleep and I just received a phone call from Yu Jin-ho.

– Sis, please relax.
– How are you?
– Sister Aaa – I was so sick of the whining voice, I gave it to you and I brought it to you.
Yoo Soo-hyun, who is now working as a model, grows up nicely with a chidling girl, and it is no wonder that he is disgruntled.
It is in a hill.
I hurriedly came out to the roughly dressed, but also pressed the hat, the eyes of the surrounding men continued to fly.

“What is it? Speak, say. ”

Yoo asked me to follow Suzhou in the empty cup of Yu Jin-ho.

“Look at this. You’re avoiding my phone, right? ”

Yoo Jin-ho went out and poked his phone. There was a long record of calls on the LCD.
One call and four call failures.
It is said that the first connection is disconnected during the conversation.

“Did you call me because I can not talk to someone I know now?”

Nod nod.
Yujin moved his head.

“Ha -” Yoo Hyun-hyun took the phone of Yu Jin-ho.

“Give it to me.”

Quickly click on the phone icon.
The signal was cut off after a while.
Yoo Soo-hyun opened his eyes.


Yoo Jin-ho heard his head.

“It only rings for 15 seconds and ends. This is not to avoid the phone, but the phone is turned off.
“If you do not believe it, try walking again.”

The signal was cut off in 15 seconds as Yoo Soo-hyun said.

“Are you sure?”

Yu Jin-ho’s face turned bright.

“Is it solved now? I’m going.”

Yoo Jin-hyun’s sleeves are about to leave.

“My sister – let’s just leave everything we drink!”
“Only when you are sister, sister.”

Normally you, well, you, a guy called yahoo.
Eventually, Yoo Hyun sat down again.

“uh? Do you drink? ”
“Let’s just empty the drink and go? I always wait to drink alone. ”
“There is also only my sister.”
“No thanks?”

When they did so, the two men flushed their glasses with a smile.

“But who is his brother, who is he?”
“You’ll find out soon?”

If you enter the Eugene guild.
Yoo Jin-ho, who was trying to say so, looked up at the store’s TV set on a high place and opened his eyes.

“Uh, that person …?”

Yoo Soo-hyun also looked at the TV side.
In the news on the screen, news of the actor Lee Min-sung who is active as a top star recently was coming out.
In front of the reporters who gathered like clouds, emigration opened up like a daze.

– It’s not over yet. As you can see from the asteroid rankings …

In the subtitle below, the Immigration Bureau will stop by the Hunter Association for a grading review soon.

“Wow… Also, Korean wave star emigration! Look at the number of reporters. There is also a Chinese reporter. ”

Yoo Jin-ho made an admiration.
However, Yoo Suhyun frowned.

“How do you lie blatantly in front of a lot of people?”
“I know everyone I know. That’s a show. It is already a deal that has already received grade A and is unflappable to the media. ”
“Do you have a show? Is this a symbol of humility? ”

Yoo Hyun hit his tongue.

‘How come everyone can not come?’

It seems to be gossiping from behind, but there is a note, but among those who actually know immigration, his evaluation was truly the worst.
The difference between when there is a camera and when it is absent is a word that is common these days.
Yoo Soo-hyun was a class he really hated.
If it’s just a double, I’ll pass it off, and then I will go to the rooftop atmosphere.
It was a long time ago that I had to call and leave the phone.

‘Unlucky human …’

Even before he became an arousal man, he was a man who pierced the skies. How much more will he become a class A hunter?
There was a scene where the A – grade judgment was taken live through the camera all over the country.

‘In this way, I really roll my hair.’

Yoo Hyun hurled the jellyfish’s head and drank the remaining wine in the cup.

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