Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 80

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 80

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80 – Will you be responsible if I get cut off?
“Yes? What do you mean by that? “- Yesterday, the President of the Society issued an emergency order. If the identity of the awakening person is out of the way, I will punish it by catching it all the way to the end regardless of means and methods.
“And the president of Kun-Hee? Have not you ever been before? “- How would I know your mind?
“…” – I will quit if you do not tell me more.
“…I will contact you next time. ”

The phone was disconnected.
The face of the immigration guild master Im Tae – gyu who put down the receiver was not good.

‘What is this …’

I heard that a very large newcomer appeared in two years.
But this answer is coming back.
Will you be responsible if you get cut off?
There will be a big guild that will get the association employees who were kicked out by the president of the Kokai Association, not the other.
There is no guarantee that they will succeed in acquiring knowing the identity of an awakening person.

‘I take punishment without taking measures and methods …’

It was something I could do well enough.

‘But why did this infant suddenly get angry? Why did not he do it?’

What kind of wind is it?
I do not want to reveal an awakening person.
It was unprecedented.
Thanks to this, until the official announcement was made, the envoy was obliged to suck his fingers.
That is not all that is unfair.

‘Then how did you know Baek Yoon-ho was the last person you were there yesterday?’

Is it a difference in information power?
Does that mean the guild’s influence on the ground is dead?
If a super-sized newcomer who appeared yesterday enters the Hunters or Backhoe, he will not be able to keep up the gap. The situation is like this, but a foolish shade that does not exist has blocked the path of the god of death.

‘What inspiration did I lose with my past life?’

It was the inspiration that Baek Yoon-ho helped the Baekho guild to be created safely when he left his guild.
In the aftermath of this, the goddess was thrown out of the position of the best guild.
The Hunters and the White Horses are ahead as much as they were, and the ambassador was constantly hovering.

‘If it was about this time, should I help you?’

Suddenly, Kanghee was resentful.
But is there a sharp point?
Lim Tae-gyu was unhappy and was just rolling his feet.

*** ‘I finished the daily quest.’

Jinwoo ran the Internet with a light heart.
The remaining time to re-measure is two days.
In the meantime, I turned on my computer to collect information about artifact trading.


The eyes of Jinwoo who glanced at the auction information grew.

‘The minimum unit is billions.’

Where is it?
Things that I want to be okay have gone over billions of basics.

‘Well …’

For Hunter, the equipment was like life.
I did not have to say that the better the equipment, the safer it is.
There is not a small amount of hunters’ income, but a tool that makes it safer and faster to hunt. Is there any reason to save money?
I could understand.
I can do it, but the fact that I am surprised did not change either.
The prices of artifacts made me nervous.

‘I do not think this is going to happen with the money I have now.’

I did not find any artificial defensive artifacts on the auction, but it seemed like nothing to buy a high grade armor.

‘I thought I had collected enough money …’

It was a public view, but it was still lacking from the Hunters’ point of view.
The money in the account is about 1.7 billion won.
To buy the artifacts you wanted, you had to sell ‘beads of greed’ too.
As the seller came in, Jinwoo’s look changed.

‘The fact that I have a lot of money to buy artifacts means that I can sell expensive artifacts.’

Move the mouse to search for the magical tools that are currently on sale.

‘…’There is no artifact that increases magic damage by a factor of two.
The level should be 20-30% higher than original strength.
Such artifacts were unbelievably expensive.

‘The price of magic tools is not a joke.’

I thought about 20 percent less.
It is rewarding, not superhuman, to buy these expensive artifacts.
But will you give them 20 percent more power?
The difference is enormous. The higher hunters know that, so they buy the artifacts with the money.
In fact, it was often the case that the item that had just been on sale was marked for sale.
Even if it’s 20 percent …

‘How much does this have to sell for?’

Jinwu swallowed the saliva.
I did not dream about artifacts just before, so I was not sure how much I could get at this stage.

‘So you have an auction.’

When the auction of greed beads is released, please come out a decent price.
Jinwoo closed the auction window with a satisfactory smile.
As a result, there are two ways to sell artifacts.
One is selling through a formal route. The other is the black market. That is, selling through the black market. But the black market had no way of approaching it.
There is a limit to the information available on the Internet.

‘If I could touch with a few mouse clicks, I would not have called it a black market.’

The beads of greed are not behind things, so you do not have to go through the black market.
So the best way now is to sell the beads of greed to the sale experts and sell them to the auction.
Taxes and commissions were the fastest and least irrelevant way to go.

‘The problem is that I have to reveal how I got this …’

E-class hunters have come up with nonsense artifacts that do not exist.
Do you want to pass this quietly?
Korea Hunter Auction is the largest company that brokers dealings between Hunters. I will be sure to point out the suspicious parts one by one.

‘So I need a license.’

A new Hunter certificate with an S rating.
I was reevaluated for that.
The result is successful.
If I trust the words of the president, I could get a new certificate in two days.
I was worried for a minute that I would not be disrupted by rejecting the proposal to enter the association.

‘I am glad the president of the association is not like that.’

Even at the moment of sharing the last greeting, the smile did not leave the mouth of the association president.
If you live for a long time and notice others’ opinions, it is a good idea to grasp the atmosphere.
It was just Jinwoo.
He lived in E class for four years, observing other Hunters. So I was able to grasp a lot of people’s facial expressions.
The expressions of absolute highness were not false.
At least it looked like in Jinwoo’s eyes.
So no worries, it would have been just a matter of waiting for a re-measurement in two days.

‘By the way… What are you doing? ”

Jin woke his back on his chair back.
Two days.
It is short to do something, a long time to play.

‘Would you like to take a look around?’

Half interesting, I moved my mouse cursor to the bulletin board of the Hunter site.
A large number of posts filled the screen at the click of a button.
Especially, there were many articles about recruiting personal raids in the neighborhood.

‘…’The cause is obvious.
He and Yoo Jin-ho monopolized the C-level gates in a few days and the jobs of the surrounding raids were temporarily cut off.
It seemed that the raids that were in the hands of the rebound were actively raiding right now.
Jinwoo smiled bitterly and turned over the page.

‘Now in class C dungeon is not up.’

Finally, when I entered the Class C dungeon, it took me one full day to get up.
No, not a day or two, and it was only one up.
Now I’m 15 or more higher than that.
If there was a scale in experience, it was not even possible.

‘Now the C-level gate has no meaning to me …’

Unfortunately, there were no posts asking for members to advance into a higher dungeon.
It is suicide that a personal raid seeks a higher dungeon, and there is no possibility that guilds will seek alternative members from these.
But I do not know.

‘Do you want to change your search terms?’

Jinwoo changed the search conditions so that only the advanced dungeon was opened.
I was not expecting anything at all.
By the way.


There was a real buzz.

*** “Is it E grade?”
“Have you ever worked on this?”
“There is not.”
“Perhaps… Which character? ”
“It’s a battle series.”
‘That’s a good thing.’

The head of the team captain who wrote the safety helmet searched Jinwoo upside down.

‘It looks pretty solid for E-class. Your eyes are fine. ”

Jinwoo slowly awaited the team leader’s answer.
Soon the team leader gave Jinwoo’s certificate and laughed excitedly.

“Hahaha, there are many people like Jin-woo. Let’s not get nervous. ”

Even though he passed the age of desperation, he was a very energetic uncle.
A mustache suits you well. “You are waiting here and you can come in when you come. Do not forget the equipment before entering. ”
“If it is equipment …?”
“You can carry anything on the floor over there.”

Jin nods as he looks at the pickaxes gathered in one place.
Then a man with a towel around his neck came up quickly.

“Mr. Pear! My team is not working well now, and I’m dying.
“Oh, and that’s all I need. If you do not get the timing of the gate closure, you will be responsible? ”
“No, but still.”

The uncle of the beard smiled at Jinwoo with his uncle.

“Sung is resting there. We’ll come and talk with each other. ”
“Just tell me where you going and where you going?”
“Well, come on.”

The two men were angry and soon disappeared somewhere.

‘Is the other a collection team …’

The upper dungeon is so large that one raid can not do all the work.
So I make division of labor.
Raiders to attack the dungeon, mining team to catch the ore in the dungeon, collection team to collect the dead bodies of Masu. The mining team and the collection team are put into the dungeon when all of the wrestlers except the boss are killed.
Jinwu supported the mining team.

‘…Is this all the tools? ‘

I picked up a pickaxe with a miserly face.
I felt magic even though it was weak.

‘The magic is on it.’

Modern machines that use electricity do not work in dungeons.
Because of this, it seemed that these old tools were used to infuse magical power.

‘…’I was sure to grab a pick.
It was not to tease the mining team hunters that they were dunks.
Jin turned his head and looked at the gate.
A huge hole floating in the air.
There was a gate in front of the size which can not be compared with C class.

‘This is a class A gate …’

The reason I came here was this guy.

‘I want to see the senior dungeon directly.’

Although all bosses have been removed except for Boss, I still want to check the internal structure of the class A dungeon with the naked eye.

‘Someday I have to go in.’

Knowing is power.
However, there are limitations to indirect experience through books and the Internet.
The new guilds of the Baekho Guild have not been affected much because they overlooked the fact.

‘Without me, no one would have survived.’

Knowing and experiencing are different.
Jinwu volunteered to the mining team to keep the A-class dungeon in the eye when the opportunity arose.
I saw regrettable pickaxes for a while but regretted that I was watching the ghastly gate.

‘I think I’m well.’

It’s a good opportunity to have some time to re-measure.
As soon as the story was released, Mr. Beard, and Mr. Bae Yun Seok, a team leader.

“Now let’s go, everyone is ready.”

Jinwoo grabbed the pickax and laughed and nodded.

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