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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 84

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84 The pain was not long.
Said Jinwoo.

“I can not help it if my surname is right.”
“Where should I go tomorrow?”

In an unexpected answer, the team leader circled his eyes.

‘Is it true that I did it right?’

I guess tomorrow will be more dangerous than today.
When I heard the story, I did not feel so good, so I tried to give up cleanly.
But what is this?
Thanks to Sung, I was relieved from having to find a replacement member tomorrow.

‘Where is that?’

A castle that makes four or five people alone.
It’s also the first day.
I was really shocked when I saw the speed of his work, admiring the ace of the mining team, the necklace …
I heard that Jinwoo was coming, and it seemed as if Bae had gained Chunghwangmansa.

“Sung, I thought good!”

The team leader smiled brightly with a mustache.
And he suggested an unusual condition that he would change his mind overnight.

“I’ll talk to the person in charge, and I’ll ask you to double your daily salary.”
“Are you okay?”
“Cancer. Do you think I will not do that to Mr. Sung?”

The team leader pounded his chest.

“Do not worry, Mr. Sung, just come out tomorrow.”

All right.
Would it be worth twice as much to get a worker to do 4 or 5 servings?
If you were the president, you could give more than three times, not twice, considering the future.

‘I’m not the president of Hunters.’

The team leader swallowed the laughter inside.
Then Jin-wook asked.

“Yes, I have an appointment tomorrow night, right?”

I received a phone call from Yu Jin – ho this morning.

– Brother, can I find it once?

An excited voice.

‘This guy, yesterday until I liked it was good work …?’

Jinwu was surprised a little.
However, since I had been supporting the miners’ recruitment, I had to postpone the appointment tomorrow.
The team leader laughed chuckle.

“I hear that tomorrow’s dungeon is smaller than today’s hard. It will be enough until six o’clock. ”

I wonder if the work is over at 5:00 today.
Tomorrow was faster as soon as possible.
Jinwoo nodded his head.
That was enough.

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Draw. Be careful. ”

Turning around watching Jinwoo, the team leader smiled generously.

‘If I had married, I would have a son who was alone.’

How about the rear view too?
How good is it for newcomers like Seo?
The smiling smile did not leave the face of the boss team leader.
But the person who was laughing was not only the team leader.
A light smile came up at the mouth of Jinu, who was walking toward the bus stop.

‘I do not want the raid to make a mistake tomorrow …’

If there was a problem, his presence could be a great help for the raid or mining team.
I did not change my mind otherwise.
Ironically, in fact, class A gates have a higher success rate than lower grade gates.

‘Once the association does not give any guild permission.’

The guild that got the chance was also full of energy.

‘The Hunters Guild does not do all the power to attack tomorrow.’

I split two elite raids into two A-class gates.
It was the number one confidence in the industry.
But it was also dangerous.

‘Either way, I do not want to lose.’

The best result when raid is done safely.
On the other hand, if the accident happens, instead of helping the Hunters, they occupy the higher rankers.


Jinwoo was on the bus with a smile.

*** Late night. Cha Haein turned around.

‘Why is he different?’

I could not sleep easily because of the man I met in the boss room.
I awoke my ability and I met many hunters for two years, but there was no exception.
When I approached the hunters, exactly awakening, the unpleasant smell stimulated my nose.
At first I met many doctors who wanted to be ill.
But there was no driveway.
At that time, a doctor who had been consulting carefully gave his opinion.

– Maybe Car Hunter is not able to feel magic with his sense of smell?

It was a convincing speculation.
Higher grade hunters had more stench, and lower grade hunters had less stench. Of course, the public did not smell anything.
By the way.

‘…It’s the first time he’s smelled good. ”

When I came to work today, I suddenly felt heartbreaking.
I was curious as to who he was, and as soon as Reid was finished, he stopped by on the association’s site and asked for a man’s identity.
E grade.
Sung Jin Woo.
The information of the man I saw in the Hunter certificate was shown.

‘No contacts …’

What would you do with finding out your contacts?
I realized that there was no more information on the association site, and without knowing it, I pressed the number of the assistant manager’s fixture.

– No, what happened to Tea Hunter at this time?

Then the time is already at 1 am.
The sender was the only female S-class hunter in the Republic of Korea and would not have received it if she was not the vice president of the Hunters guild she belongs to.
I regret that I had done something wrong with the voice of the fixer when I fell asleep.
Cha Hae – in made his lips harder.

“Can you find out about Sungjin Hunter?” -Yes? Do you mean the E-class Hunter, which belonged to the Association?

Cha Haein was surprised.
The fixture is the person in charge of recruitment in the best guild in Korea.
How does one know the name of E-Hunter?

“Do you know him?” – Oh, that’s … Mr. Choi asked me the same thing yesterday. Look for information about him.
“Mr. Choi?” -Yeah. “Do you know what’s going on?” -I do not know. I will not …
“…So what happened? ”

Beyond the receiver, a sigh of voice came out.

– I tried to find out, but he had a lock on the association. I do not think I’ve ever seen Hunter’s information blocked.
“Ah …” – But what is Cha Hunter looking for? Can I help you?
“No, I’m sorry late.”

That was a conversation three hours ago.
I had the courage to know who it was, but I was just wondering about it.
A Hunter’s representative is an E-class hunter who wants to know the identity and the association wants to hide information.

‘There’s something obvious.’

No, please, if there was something …
I was eagerly hoping.
Maybe it might be a clue to release the secret of this peculiar constitution that has been bothering him all the way from 21 years old who awakened his ability two years ago.

‘He, can I meet you again?’

Maybe it is not possible to meet again forever?
I had a vague sense of anxiety.
Fortunately, however, the car Haen reminded me of Sung Jin-woo’s helmet.
I remembered that his helmet and work clothes had the mark of the Hunters Guild.

‘Then I was on the mining team.’

Unlike the team that you are a member of, the mining team has been working today.
I wonder if Sung Jin-woo could meet again if he had not left the mining team.

‘Let’s see it once.’

As a vice president of the guild, it was not unusual for him to visit the raid scene.

‘I go naturally and see if he is there or not.’

I thought I might meet again with the suspicious Hunter, and my mind became more relaxed.

‘You have to sleep a little.’

For today ‘s schedule, Cha Hae – nin forced the unclothed eyes.

*** Dongduggi Exhibition. Jinwoo started as a promise place at dawn.
It was different from yesterday when I joined in the raid and had room to spare.

‘Was I worried about you?’

I was worried that it might be too early.
There were already many hunters in front of the gate.

“What? Sex! Sex! ”

First, Bae Yoon-seok, the leader of the team, was taken aback.

“The castle is here.”
“Hey, Mr. Sung!”

Other hunters also send out snowflakes unlike yesterday, or raise their hands to the chest, and they welcomed him.
Each one of them was important, so a good colleague was always welcome.
The excitement of the mining team hunters was revealed.

‘Something… It’s awkward. ‘

Having been an E – class Hunter, I was always surprised to receive hospitality for the first time after receiving only my classmates.
But their straightforward reaction was not uncomfortable.

“…”Jinwu silently bowed his head and answered the greeting.

“One, two, three.”

The team leader, who was counting the number of team members, wrote numbers on the note.

“Eighteen, thirteen. I’m alive. ”

That was enough.
Well, it was okay to miss one or two people on the same day today.

‘I have two aces.’

When Bae Shi-shi laughed, Choi Jin-soo avoided his gaze and Sung Jin-woo glared at his head.

“There is the boss leader.”
“Child, I’m surprised.”

Suddenly, the team leader shook his shoulder in the voice coming from the side.
The ability to move easily is a testament to his ability.
just as expected.
It was Son Ki-hoon, the leader of this raid, who received a grim look at Bae’s team leader.

“I’ll go away, Son Hunter.”
“Sorry. The habit in the dungeon is a habit.

Sohn, who smiles well.
The team leader of the collection team suddenly popped out behind Son.

“The inspiration is …”
“reel? To you? What happened to the mining team? ”
“What happened is what happened. I’m here because I have a day. ”

The boss team leader looked at Songhi-hoon with his wondering eyes.
Sohn opened the mouth by looking around the mining team hunters.

“There is no one who can lift our luggage. I have to borrow one mining team. ”

The ship manager circled his eyes.

“I have a good pick-up team that carries a good baggage. Why is it on our team?”

Then the team leader of the collection team seemed to have waited.

“I did not eat our children ‘s evenings yesterday, so I ended up working overtime all three hours. But now you want to pull out the porters? ”

One reason why the collection team yesterday did not even have dinner and had to work overtime.
This is because the mining team work is done too quickly.

‘If I had been like usual, I would have finished at 7 o’clock.

The team leader of the collection team opened the ax and opened the band on the neck.
Soon, he asked the mining team hunters if he thought the explanation was enough.

“Are you going to go with the raid? The risk allowance will be added as soon as the raid is over. ”
“…”Son gi-hoon sent an angry eye back and forth, but nobody wanted to go out.
Everyone looked at the toe or gaze to the sky and avoided gazing.
Of course I will.

‘How many pounds do you spend your life on?’
‘Even if I die, I can not …’

The mining team hunters have the highest grade C grade.
The majority were D class.
Some even had E class.
But now, the place where Son Ki-hoon wants to take is the A-class dungeon which is classified as the top.
Even if it is B class dungeon, I think whether it is A grade?
I also die.
No, I lose my life when I am alone in my feet.
It was not a place that lesser hunters could afford.
I thought it was a porter’s job, but it was all about lifting loads of raid members. It was too dangerous for mining operations.

“no one… Do not you? ”

Sohn ‘s expression became more and more embarrassed.
I do not know how long it will take to get the porter again.
It was possible to fly one day in a half day, or a day if it was not lucky.

‘This is a big deal.’

Then one eye Hunter and I met.


Unlike the hunters next to him, he was staring straight at his eyes.
It was Jinwoo.


While Son Ki-hoon looked at himself, Jin-woo carefully looked at the face of Son-gi-hoon.

‘Sharp for a tanker?’

It is common knowledge that a leader usually takes charge of a tanker.
Sohn Ki-hoon was slimmer than the other rankers.
The key was also loud enough that it was more of a basketball player than a hunter.

‘…’Jin-woo’s eyes gazed at Son Ki-hoon and moved to another place.

“Hua -” So I poured out the breath that Son Soo – hoon endured.
I was so stiff that I had forgotten that I was not breathing.
It was an unknown letter.

‘Was I too nervous because I was the first lad to take on the leader?’

I have always participated in the raid as a secondary tanker.
So today’s opportunity was more special to him.
I can not make mistakes like this.
Son Ki-hoon, who was leaning on the trail and breathing out and breathing, listened to his upper body.
Male breeding.
The surroundings were noisy because of his own suicide.
But soon I was able to realize that it was not myself.
In the sight of Son Ki-hoon, who turned toward the mining team hunters, a hand toward the sky came in.
It was a volunteer applicant waiting for me.
Sohn ‘s expression brightened.
As Jin-woo stepped forward, everyone’s gaze gathered to Jin-woo.

“I’ll do it.”

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