Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 85

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 85

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85 Episode E Hunter will enter the A-class dungeon!
It was very frustrating.

“The senior athletes are glaring their eyes and going to get in?”
“Sung, what the hell are you doing?”
“I do not know if a person who is still in the future will die for a few pennies!”

The mining team team members came to urge Jinwoo.
The team leader explained to Son Ki-hoon.

“Oh, and I think my friend started work yesterday and did not know anything and raised his hand.”
“What is that rank?”

The head of the ship, who looked around Jinwoo, said with a small voice.

“E grade. No matter how bad the ratings are, take another Hunter. Taking that friend is too dangerous. ”

Sohn’s expression was serious.

‘That guy is E grade …?’

The man I met before.
Certainly he did not say that he could detect a horsepower that would stand out.
But what do you say?
I can not explain … I felt something like a sharp, well organized energy.

‘I do not think it’s E grade.’

I did not see Hunter as the lowest grade.
Of course, there is no reason for the ship manager to lie, but at least he did.

‘And what’s the importance of the porter’s rating?’

The porter is good at baggage.
If the porter at the end of the raid is in a dangerous situation, you must already have seen the whole raid fail.
If so, I can not guarantee the life of class A, but what is the point of classroom class C or class E?
Everything is the same.
I was distracted by the time I had to think about it.
The raid has not begun yet, but it has been too long.
Sohn said, looking at Jinwoo.

“No, I’ll do that.”

*** “Is not it heavy?”

Sohn asked.
Jinwu shook his head.


There was a lot of extra clothes, weapons, and armor for the raid on my back.
The volume was substantial but not really heavy.
Strength was the strength of the stats.

‘It does not look like it’s being overdone.’

Sohn turned to the gate, looking at Jinwoo’s complexion.
Jin turned his head.
There was a gigantic gate in front of me as I saw yesterday.

‘No, is this a little bigger?’

Yet the amount of horsepower today is said to be less than yesterday.
Since the difficulty level is determined by the amount of horsepower, not by the size of the gate, the second group would have taken over this gate.

‘Really… The horsepower flowing out is less than yesterday. ”

I could see clearly in front of the gate.
The results of the association seemed to be wrong.
But why?
When I stood before Red Gate, I felt a strange sense of ominishness.

‘…Would you? ”

Son Ki-hoon gave instructions.

“Let’s go.”

The raid which waited for a moment in front of the gate started moving again according to the instructions.
The Hunters entered one and two dungeons.

‘…’Jinwoo, looking up at the gate, followed them.

[I entered the dungeon.]

The inside of the dungeon was plain.
Jinwoo, who was nervous about the strange feeling, sighs when he sees a passage of a much smaller scale than yesterday.


Fortunately, it did not move to another world.
It is the members who are able to clear even if we go to the Red Gate in the future.
11 for A class, 6 for B class.
If it were not Hunters but other guilds, they would never be classified as 2nd group.
Jinwoo laughed with a smile.

‘I’m not a member of the raid, but do not mind too much.’

Yesterday and today.
It was closer to what I came to play with.
Today is more spectacular. I did not need to be sensitive.
I think that makes my mind a little easier.

“Do not be too nervous.”

On the side of the healer, a female healer came to speak.
How old are you in your late 20s?
His face was stiff and he wanted to release some tension.

“It is a real hunter, hunter, those who are here, including you and your leader. Except for me. ”

Smile healer.
There was no fear from the beginning, but while watching the woman’s hungry face, the wind-like balloon-like tension was gone.
Jin nodded with a laugh.

“Oh, yes.”

The healer became a proud face when he was satisfied with the achievement.
At the end of the day, the lead author confirmed that there was no liquor in the vicinity of the entrance.


Jinwoo and the healer also moved slowly to the pace of the raid.
The speed was slow due to the movement around the perimeter.

“Can I help you if you are heavy?”

The healer, who was in charge of Jinwoo’s burden, asked.
Jinwu silently handed the bucket on his left hand.


The whirlwind quickly snatched the bucket out of the healer’s hand.
All of the sudden raids stared at the healer.

“Sorry Sorry.”

The healer had to roll over to the side.
Of course, the sound of help from behind did not sound at all.
It’s a bonus. Jinwu swallowed the smile and walked without knowing.
It seemed to laugh in the dungeon for a long time.

‘Even if you sell a little bit, it gets dangerous soon.’

Especially nowadays.
The difficulty of the upper level of the demon has been shaken by now.
But today is different.
Sometimes it was a good feeling to put on the raid as a third party.
Jinwoo’s pace stopped.
A few minutes later than Jung Woo, the raid hunters have noticed this.


All of the raid hunters were ready for battle before Son Ki-hoon’s orders were dropped.
It is really blinking.
Jinwoo admired.

‘This is the raider of the higher Hunters …’

The fish that I have been watching has been different from the raging raiders.
The clear and transparent light was already rolling in the hands of the healer which seemed to be unreasonable.

‘I do not have time to go out.’

Although Jinwoo was relieved, he also felt sorry.
Anyway, Masuo arrived.
beast? dog?
Sohn’s eyes narrowed.
Hyena-like characters have gathered in the swarm.
It was one of the Taiwanese who were medium in size.
Sohn Ki-hoon nodded his head.

‘Dungeon jackal?’

I was able to see for sure.
It was a dungeon jackal.
Sohn, who was in front of the shield, did not use the provocative skill but solved his defensive posture.
And he drew a shield of a dungeon jackal that jumped to his neck.

“Dungeon jackal?”

Other members of the team were nervous and nervous.
Soon the jackals flew into the cave.


The jackets were cleaned up quickly.
More than a dozen jackals instantly turned into dead bodies.
The Hunters wondered as they shook their hands.

“I ended up with no time to cast a casting spell.”
“Why is a dungeon jackal coming out of a class A dungeon?”
“Are not you just shoplifting them?”

The voice rose.
In principle, do not make a loud noise in the original dungeon.
But the appearance of the dungeon jackal was shocking enough to forget such basic things.


Sohn, who was looking into the body of the jackals, scratched the back of his head.

‘Why is the mage coming out of the class C dungeon here?’

Sohn turned around and looked around with no face.
They all had similar expressions.
But only one person.
Jinwoo was staring at the body of the jackal with serious eyes.

‘It is not an ordinary jackal.’

Jin’s eyes narrowed.
The marks of the hair on the necks of the jackals were clear.
It was evidence that he was tied up somewhere.

‘The story that these guys who raised these guys are separate …’

Mashi with an intelligence.
Jin woke up at the red gates he met at Red Gate.
It is known that intellectuals are not easy to deal with any race.

‘perhaps… Maybe my feeling was right. ”

It was not a good sign.

“What do you look so serious about?”

W The healer stared at the jackal as if he were Jinwoo.


Jinu heard the index finger.
It’s a jerk.
It’s a jerk.
I heard a foot walking from the inside of the cave.

‘The real ones are coming.’

Jinwoo raised his body.
The hunters also noticed that something was wrong.

“Oh My God…”
“that… Prepare for battle! ”

Sohn helped him squeeze his voice.
Finally, the outline of the enemy gradually emerged in the darkness of the cave.
The Hunters’ eyes grew bigger.

“High Orc?”
“No, why is High Oak?”

Well-trained high orc warriors stood in line.
The numbers are twenty-two.
It was not just High Oak, and it was not an easy opponent if you were twenty-two high orc warriors.

“Something… Something’s wrong. ”

Someone muttered.
Next to the lower classmate, the classmates who are named to be stronger among the senior classmates are coming out.
chuck! chuck!
The long windows of the High Orcs headed to the hunters.

‘Hunters and high orcs are similar in power.’

Jinwu escaped into the corner.
It was in order to catch the timing of self-reliance rather than keeping quiet situation.
But he thought he thought differently.

“You are hiding there! Do not get hurt. ”

It feels strange.
Jinwoo closed his eyes and took a deep breath and quietly tried to calm the heat.
The battle began soon.

“It’s big!”

Son Ki-hoon has been casting the skills of the provincial provocations toward the hi-oaks.
However, high orcs were not easily provoked.
Soon the high orcs and battle series hunters mixed up.
His blood sprang and his screams burst out.

“Ah, awake!”

Within magic hunters, magic flying from the side of the high orcs were flooded.
Fun Bun! Fuck you!
The heads of the high orcs hit the light arrows flew away.
But the next attack did not come.
The magic effect was good, but it took a long time to cast.

“Ah, ah!”

High-orcs were dominant in the hand-to-hand combat.

“heel! heel!”
“Fast, quick!”

The wounded followed, and the healers got busy.

“Hi … Healer! ”

W The healer was too impatient to run around.

“going! I’ll go! ”

A healer who knelt beside Hunter, losing one arm, remembered the spell.
Uwo Woong – Then his arms slowly began to grow with the light of his eyes.
Only class A healers were possible regenerative light.
So long shadows were placed in front of her eyes, concentrating on the patient’s wounds.
The healer lifted his head.
One high oak, who thought he was dead, took his ax and took a rough breath.


The healer’s pale face became pale.
Unfortunately, there were no friends around.
When Orc had picked up the ax, the healer covered the patient instead of running away.


However, no matter how long I waited, I could not feel the pain.
One second equals one minute.
The healer lifted his head.
Then I could see the miraculous sight.

“Large … Cuckoo … ”

The oak in the air was dropping the bars.


What is happening?
The healer opened his eyes.
The head of the high oak was pulled out and a part of the spine came up.
It was a terrifying force.

‘…?’Looking at the body of the high orc that fell on the floor, she said that the healer could not understand.


The head of the High Oak was still floating in the air.

‘…Blood bounced. ‘

Jinwo frowned and threw out the head of the high oak.
Come on!
One high orc, which was hit by the head of my colleague, rolled over the floor.
It was difficult to regenerate the neck because of a strange direction.

‘I did both.’

Jinwoo turned direction.
Now I’m in a hiding state.
High orcs and hunters were not even aware of their existence at all.
I was going out of my way to interfere with the other raid, I was pointed out that I would be pointed to a suitable time, but later came a ‘stealth’ skill.
If this is what you want to do, do not you think that you can go to work?
Jin-woo’s mouth came up.

‘So let’s get started.’



Finally, a raid leader, Son Ki-hoon, who is battling with three high orcs, came into the picture.

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