Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 86

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 86

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86 The distance is not too far.
Just by giving a little force to the legs and away from the ground suddenly, when the bottom again on the floor of the high oak hills were in front of me.
. I think while landing.

‘It is easy to dismantle high orcs as it is.’

However, it is not meaningless to hide the body with the skill of the hiding.
The Hunters, including Son Ki-hun, are all the best in the country.
If the high orcs are seen to be torn by an invisible force, they may soon realize that they are not healers.

‘Well, there’s nothing wrong with it.’

I did not want to recall the bad fertilizer today, which was the day before the outcome of the grading.
So I wanted to wait until Reid completely failed … It seemed that the damage of the Hunters going to be so big.
Right now the healer just killed him once.
In Jinwoo ‘s eyes, the shine blossomed.

‘I only take things that are not conspicuous.’

I decided on the way of this battle.
It took 1 or 2 seconds to worry so far.
Shortly afterwards, ‘Baruka’s Dagger’ and ‘Night Killer’, which were called reflexively, were heard in both hands.

‘When did you call?’

The smile of figs came out.
The beating of the heart, which was stifling with the familiar grip, gradually came to rest.
I was glad.
I can not see anybody in the stash state.
I do not want to be a crazy person laughing alone in the middle of a battlefield where humans and high orcs fight back and forth.
Especially when you see the leader of the raid surrounded by high oaks and sweating, you will be looking good.

‘For once, from these guys.’

Jinwoo moved.
I leaned against my body and made a high orc on my back with a reciprocating dagger.


The high-orch warrior cried out in pain as soon as his feet were cut off.
That was the beginning.
In a smooth, continuous motion dancing, the other side of the side of the guy’s ‘dagger’ of the barracuda stuck in, and then the other one cut the back of the knee.


The horns of the high orcs, which were attacked at the bottom of the battle, were stiff at the moment when they could not tolerate the pain alone.
That was enough.
Just as the torrents poured into the water, the struggles of the high orcs began to strike back.

“Crew … I will. ”

Sohn raised his head.
A long sword from his hand penetrated a heart of high orc.

“Turn it off.”

High-oak, who was staring at his lips, soon turned his eyes and turned back.
Sohn picked up his fist.

‘Good! can do!’

While Son Ki-hoon sneaked into the inside of the high orcs besieged by him, Jin-woo paused every corner of the dungeon without hesitation.


In a slow time, I moved freely by myself, and I broke down the balance little by little.
Every time Jinwu rubbed through, there were big and small scratches on the bodies of the high orcs.


High orcs are stiffened by a sudden wound, and when the nerves are dispersed, it ends. The attack of the top class hunters who did not miss the gap continued.

‘Something… It’s easier to fight. ”
‘Do you win without hurting so many high orcs?’

The raid was puzzled, but the chest went up.
At least one of them was prepared to die and everyone was fighting better than expected in battle.
Fuck it!
One hunter woke up and a high-oak head was broken in Mace.
Then I heard good news from Jinwoo’s ear.

[Level up!]


There was a hard work around.
The level went up.
Even if you did not break enemy’s breath or put on fatalities, experience was coming in.

‘Two dogs treated directly.’

More than 13 dogs helped to kill.
If you do not come in at all experience levels would have been level up.
Jin-woo’s movement was much faster.


Due to Jin-woo’s laxity, the battle was going down.


After stepping backward, Jinwoo returned the daggers to the warehouse and looked around.

‘If this is enough …’

The situation seemed to be almost clear.
There’s a bonus up to 1 up.
Suddenly, the gaze of Jinwoo went down.
On the floor were the bodies of high orcs close to twenty spheres.

‘If you’ve got all these guys alone, I would have gone up one level.’

Unfortunately, this was their hunting ground, where the Hunters were given big money and were allowed to attack.
This might be the best.


Jinwoo went back to the grim corner of the dungeon where the original porters had to hide, with a satisfactory face.


One of the last high oaks that had been surrounded by the Hunters screamed.
The scream of the bell rang inside the cave.
Jinwoo saw the high oak fall and lifted the stealth.
The Hunters breathed a sigh of relief.
There was no high orc standing still to turn.

“this… Did you win? ”
“it’s over?”

Prior to enjoying the joy of victory, a leader, Son Ki-hoon, confirmed the injured.

“Hurt people! Anyone got hurt? ”

In fact, the injured does not come out well in raids with advanced healers.
If you have only one life, you can immediately heal with magic.
Sohn did not ask whether he was injured.
He was indirectly asking if there was a dead person on the team.
The healer who faced the snow shook his head.
There were injured but no deaths.
And the treatment of all the wounded just finished.


Then the faces of all the raids were blurred.

“I won!”
“I won!”
“Wow -!”

The Hunters were happy to embrace each other.
Jin watched the hunters with their arms and with a gentle expression.

‘Are these high oak strong guys?’

Well, I do not know …
Jinwu who does not have a higher dungeon raid experience, the cheers of the raid did not reach the skin well.
Jinwoo did not know.
A and B grade dungeons, not only the grade, but also to calculate the amount of horsepower to try to capture the fact that the fact.
High Orc was also a high level of athlete in class A dungeons.
If it were not high Orc, it would be a high orc warrior with 20 or more …
Now the result is close to a miracle.
The main character, Jin Woo, who caused the miracle, did not even know the value of his work and just calmly congratulated the victory of the raid.


In the meantime, the healer approached Songhi with a serious face.
I had a feeling that there was something I wanted to do.
Jinwu listened to them.

“There is a cheer.”
“It’s time to fight Hi-oak …”

W The healer slowly and carefully explained what he had just seen.
The high-orcs hovering in the air pulled their heads out and attacked and killed another high orc.
With a very serious look.

“…”Sohn did not find a word to say.

“It’s real!”

As he watched the healer appealing for the unrighteousness with the red face, Jinwu swallowed the smile and swallowed it.
So enjoy the luck of the victory for a while.
The hunters gathered round around Son Ki-hoon, one of the leaders.

“Captain, will you continue?”
“Is not this a little dangerous? I did not go a little far from the entrance, but it was high orc. ”
“Why do not you just pull out?”

Sohn looked at the other side of the cave and asked his mouth firmly.

‘It will not be easy.’

Jinwoo was able to understand Son Ki-hoon’s mind.
It may be the first and last time that Son Ki-hoon takes on the elite raids in the Hunters with two S-class hunters.
It’s like this in your first career, and you can retreat in such a short time.

‘Anyone can desire to be clear.’

But if you’re a smart captain …
Son ‘s lips slowly stirred up his resolve.
Jin-woo’s eyes narrowed.
Fortunately, Sohn was not a fool.

“I will withdraw once.”

The leader’s decision in the dungeon is absolute.
As a member of the raid, there was an unquestionable obligation to unconditionally obey the decision of the raid captain.
Why does not the command disobey the soldiers on the war and execute them?
Dungeons were, in a sense, much more dangerous than battlefields.
So, what kind of leader is one of the problems that is directly connected with life and death, and Son Ki-hoon did not disappoint his team members.
All of the raids swept the chest at Songhi’s retreat.

“Wow -” “I was too stupid to see my brother go to the end.”

Sohn smiled and shook his head shoulder.

“I’m not that bad either.”
“know. But look, brother. I’m shaking hands. ”
“Stop the suicide. Now, let’s move on. ”

Jinwoo looks around the bag.
Following the instructions of Son Ki-hoon, the movement of the raid resumed.
The direction was reversed.
Jinwoo laughed bitterly.

‘I wanted to go inside.’

Anyway, he was a guest.
I can not comment on the owner ‘s decision from the viewpoint of the guest. Unfortunately, it seemed to be here today.


W Heeler came to Jinwu, grunting the boss who did not believe his words enough.

“It’s good.”

Her mouth was piercing, and she looked at Jinwoo with one strand of hope.

“Hey, you’re high orch.”
“I have not seen you.”
“Hiding …”

The expectation collapsed without a doubt.
Jinwoo had to struggle not to notice the swallowing of laughter.
How far did it go?
Suddenly I stopped pacing from the lead.
Sohn raised his right hand.

“Hey, stop!”

I was embarrassed by his voice.
The other hunters who walked with exhausted pace and Jinwoo, who had been tense in the back of the horse, stopped at the same time.
Male breeding.
The voices of the Hunters rose.

“What happened to this?”
“What is this?”
“Why is the road blocked? You were fine when you came, did not you? ”

The crowd passed over them and Jin-woo came forward and stretched out his hand.
Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

‘Blocked … have?’

The road was blocked by an invisible transparent wall.
At first, I remembered my thoughts.
The walls that divide the boundaries of indonse and the real world.
But soon he shook his head.

‘No, it’s not like that.’

There was a strong artificial smell on this wall.
It seemed to be a magic wandered by an intelligent marsh, considering that magic was mixed.

‘But why?’

Why did not you stop the way, but stop the way?
Jinwoo turned his head.

‘…?’As if awaited, a terrible amount of magic waves came from the far end of the cave like an angry tsunami.


This is the boss of this dungeon?
The scale was different from the horsepower wavelength I could feel when I first entered the dungeon outside the gate.
Other hunters also felt tremendous horsepower and trembled.

“What, what?”
“Suddenly the apologies are rising?”

Looking at the increasingly pale Hunter ‘s face, he came up with a hypothesis.

‘If you have a boss who can hide his position …’

Walls that were not on the way. And the boss starts to reveal his teeth after creating the wall.

‘surely… Did you dig a trap and bring in the hunters? ”

When I thought so, the spine became cooler.
just as expected.
It’s a jerk.
It’s a jerk.
Beyond the darkness of the dungeon, a myriad of footsteps sounded that did not compare with anything else.

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