Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 89

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 89

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A black car stopped next to the road.
Sunglasses and a black suit.
The man who came down from the driver’s seat was Woo Jin-cheol, the head of the Hunter Association’s Overhaul Department.
Three men also appeared in the passenger seat and the back seat.
It was all the hunters of surveillance.

“Sir, did not you go to our association?”
“There is a little something here.”

Woojin chul turned his head and looked at the gate in the distance.

‘A grade gate is always scary when you see it.’

Woo Jinchul frowned.
If the door of that huge hole is opened and the bandits come out at once …
I imagined that it would be a shaky one.

‘But why did the man support the miners in such a terrible place?’

It’s not a day, but two days.
It was something I wanted to know about once, even if it was not a personal request of the president.

‘The background is … impossible.’

Your opponent is a S-class awakening.
It was impossible to investigate the S class without knowing it was only A class.
So I just came to be proud.
I was just about to say that I stopped by on my way, so I was going to ask a few questions.

‘Do not you think it’s strange to ask?’

If a Hunter has already been awarded a S-Class and is dug in the dungeon, anybody will be wondering about it.
Besides, is not Sung Jin-woo receiving the attention of Hyun-tae Hunter Association?
In particular, the President of the Society was giving his eyes and ears to each of his trends whether he liked him or not.

‘It’s not me weird.’

It is natural to be curious, and it is normal to ask.
Wu Jincheol reinterpreted this and found the official of the Hunters Guild.

“I’m looking for a mining team.”
“who… Are you? ”
“It’s from the association.”

The guild staff who confirmed the status of Woojinchul pointed to the place where the mining team was waiting.

“You can go that way.”
“Thank you.”

Four surveillance and hunters visited the mining team.
The team leader Bae Yun-seok ran out of the hurley to see if he was contacted in advance.

“Oh, and what have you been doing here since the association surveillance and hunters?”

The nervous struggle in the face of the mining team hunters rested comfortably.
The pressure on the Hunters by the word ‘surveillance’ was great.
The beings who catch, rehabilitate, and sometimes eliminate the awakeners that public power can not afford.
The place where such people gathered was the ‘surveillance department’.

“What happened?”
“Surveillance and hunters came.”
“Where is the surveillance department?”

What’s going to happen?
The mining team hunters were curious and gathered by one or two team leaders.
Woojin took off his sunglasses.

‘…’Woojinchul, who was looking at Sungjinwoo, finally asked the team leader about his whereabouts.

“Where is Sungjin Hunter?”
“I knew it!”

Suddenly, one hunter came out among the hunters.
It was Lee Seong-gu who hit the shoulder with Sung-woo in the dungeon yesterday.
Lee Sung-koo spit on his throat.

“The young lady looked at me and laughed, but it was a very eye-catching look! I do not think so.

Woo Jin-cheol’s hair was slightly wrinkled.

‘Eyes to eat people?’

What the hell happened?
Male breeding.
The voices of the Hunters rose.
Woo Jin-cheol ignored the noise and asked Lee.

“What happened?”
“Oh, well …”

Lee tried to answer and realized that he did not do anything good, and he took off his hands.

“It’s not that important, it’s scary to be his eyes.”
“…”Woo Jin-chul’s eyes turned back to Bae.

“Where is Sungjin Hunter?”
“Sung is … I went into the gate now. ”

Sung Jin-woo in the A-level gate undergoing the raid?
Woo Jin Chul’s eyes grew bigger.

“Why is Sungjin Hunter in the dungeon?”
“I did not have a porter today. There was no one who wanted to enter the dungeon, so the assistant Sung went into the porter. ”
“…””But it is awkward.”
“What do you mean?”
“no. Not really … Just the tea hunter, or the van hunter, searched for Sung and walked into the gate. Because I want to take a prize … ”

The head of the ship said that he had a headache.
Woo Jin-cheol’s head, which had heard the answer, became complicated.

‘Cha Hae, vice president of Hunters, looks for Sung Jin-woo? It’s too late to follow him to the dungeon? ”

How things are going on.
I just came to ask for my sincerest regards, something was getting bigger.

‘Let’s go to the gate once.’

What I can do now seems to be the best.

“I’ll take a look at the gate for a moment.”
“Yes, please.”

The head of the ship laughed and nodded.
Woojinchul tried to turn around with his staff, and Lee Seong-gug caught up quickly.

“There’s Hunter!”

Lee Seong-gwu asked with a face full of expectation.

“Gnome, did a guy named Sung Jin wore an accident? Did you kill someone? And then he looks like a guy like that. ”

Woo Jinchul frowned.
Suddenly, it seemed to be understandable why Sung Jin-woo had a scary eye on this man.

‘Sung Jin-woo seems to fly with only a snot …’

But there were many eyes to see here.
As a hunter belonging to the association, I could not do anything to irritate others.
This is why it is annoying.
Wu Jinchul, who had a sigh of relief, replied as gently as possible.

“If you watch the news tomorrow night, you will know.”

I asked how much I wanted it, and Lee Sung-koo said that he knew it.

“Look at me, did I? He is a human being. ”
“It does not look like that …”
“Yeah. Work well and well. ”

Lee Seong-gwu did not care about his colleagues’ lukewarm response, and he showed how great his vision was.


Woojin chul, who looked at him like that, moved with his men to the gate.
By the way.
At a position a few steps from the gate, Woojinchul instinctively stopped his foot.


The men suddenly looked at Woojin Chul, whose face had hardened, wondering.

‘Unbelievable… This is ridiculous. ‘

Woojin chul took out the phone.
I went to the association’s information room and looked at the information on the A-level gate that Hunters was supposed to attack today.
Woo Jin Chul’s eyes grew bigger.

‘Why is this magic value so low?’

The head was padded by itself.

‘The measurement is wrong.’

A grade Hunter is not all the same A grade.
Woo Jin Chul was the highest Hunter in the A class.
That sense was telling.
The horsepower measurement is wrong.
Woojinchul quickly gave orders to the next guy.


His subordinate, who felt that his expression was unimportant, quickly ran to the place where the car was parked.
A small horsepower measuring instrument used in the surveillance department is a thing which is different from a measuring instrument used by the general association staff.
As a measuring instrument made with the finest marble rock that costs a billion dollars, there is little error or error.
Back. The results came out.


There was a clear difference from the association measurement results.
If you believe the announcement of the association and put up a raid, there may be a major crisis.

‘There is no doubt that two S-grades have entered in …’

When Woo Jin Chul is about to stand up with a measuring instrument on the ground.
Woong – The gate oscillated.
Suddenly bursting in a powerful horsepower wave, not only Woo Jin-chul, but also three men fell in sensation shuddered trembling.

“And, sir?”
“What is this?”

Woojinchul looked at the youngest child whose complexion was pale.

“Are you okay?”
“Hang, it’s okay.”

After the answer, the youngest child looked carefully at his hand.
There was such a creepy ripe rice.
Woo Jin Chul raised his body.

“Go inside.”
“Listen, is that simple?”

Woojinchul was determined.

“A scary man can get away.”

You are the only person who knows that the measurement results are wrong.
Somehow I had to inform the Hunters inside.
Managing the Hunters, monitoring them, and helping the Hunters do their jobs. That was the mission of the Association Hunters.

“Oh, no.”
“Let’s go together.”

Woojin had nodded his head.

“The youngest, you stay here and report the results to the association.”
“Yes Yes?”
“Can you do it?”

Woojin chilled his shoulder and the youngest person froze nodded hard.

“Yes sir.”

Woojin chul turned his head.
The gate looked.
Despite being overly high in self-power, the giant magical tsunami has just been pushed to the outside of the gate.

‘What is happening now in the alternative?’

Beginning with Woo Jin Chul, two of the monitors and hunters threw themselves into the gate at the same time.

*** That time.
Car Haein was following the trail of the raid in the dungeon.

‘It’s weird. Why do not I see the traces of the masters? ”

If you are in a normal dungeon, you must have the bodies of the masters here and there from near the entrance to the boss room.
Is there any place where masques are gathered?
In the midst of moving the steps with such thoughts.


I finally found the body.
Because of blame. As a S-class battle series hunter, Cha Haen arrived in a blink of an eye.


Her eyes turned round.
The bodies are all high orcs.
Unlike ordinary Orcs, red skin and long molar teeth, it was easy to distinguish.

‘How did Mr. Sohn’s team win against this number of high orcs?’

Where is it?
There was not one victim.
Of course, if the victim came out, you would not have to go through all this trouble, but you would have retreated.

‘Did I underestimate A and B hunters too?’

Maybe it is.
Looking around the scene, the battle seemed to be very unilateral.
By the way.


The car Ha, who discovered something, lowered his posture and looked at the body.
Her eyes got bigger.
She started to look at other bodies quickly.

‘Here too … Also here … ‘

The suspicion has become increasingly confident.


This is what happened.
Almost all of the high orc bodies were left with traces of being attacked with short, sharp weapons.

‘It is not a fatal attack enough to break the breath, but …’

I felt enough power to suppress the action of high orcs.
After all, the other hunters just put a spoon on the table. It was nothing but a mass murder of a hunter by 20 horns.
Only two of them were dead in different forms.
One was torn by a strong force in his throat, and one died with a blunt force on his head.

‘Then, except for the two orc, who made everyone into a state of dying alone?’

Is this possible?
Confident in speed, she could not be sure if she could do the same thing in the same situation.
And as far as she knows, there was no assassin – type hunter who wrote a dagger or a dagger to Son Ki – hoon ‘s team.


At that time, some sight passed through my head.
The man who was standing in front of the boss room yesterday.
Sungjin clearly held a short weapon in both hands.

‘Is not he the man?’

When there was a crazy idea, the head of the car Haen went back inside the dungeon.
Her face became stiff.
There was a strong horsepower wave, not magical vibration, which I had never experienced before in the deep dungeon.
The air was shaking.


Cha Hae – in bites his lower lip.
If this is the horsepower of a boss-class mage, Son Sohn team never survives.
She ran at full speed toward the boss room.

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