Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 90

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 90

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90 “Come out.”

Everything started from that one word.
Gamma – A tremendous tremor stretched out in all directions, far more than the magic wave from the shaman.
But change did not stop there.
At the same time as the horsepower was opened, a shadow spread out from the foot of Jinwoo.
The shadows covered the floor at an alarming rate, as if they had poured black ink on the surface of the water.

“What, what?”

Sohn, the team hunters were astonished at the shadows passing by their feet.
How should I interpret this?
Even experienced Hunters were a phenomenon that I had never seen or heard before.
Vague fears pushed me.
Sohn, who looked down at Jinwoo while laying down on the floor without power, trembled with trepidation.

‘What … What the hell are you doing? ‘

When the shadow covers the entire floor of the boss’ s room, as if to answer the question of. Thrust.
The surface of the shadow is lined and soldiers armed with black armor came up one by one.

[‘Skills: Area of the Monarch’ has been cast.]
[Shadow soldiers fighting on the shadow of the caster will increase their stats by 50%.]

Jinwu made a pale smile.


It was a profession-only skill that attained 70 levels in evil and was newly acquired.
I felt the morale of the stronger soldiers.
It became a satisfactory face naturally.
Summoned Shadow Soldier 50 encircled Jinwoo as if he were escorting Jinwoo.

“Cry, creep!”
“Let it go!”

Secondly, the brave High Oak warriors were scared by Jinwoo and his soldiers, and one step backward.

“Oh, the orcs are back!”
“What the hell is this …”

The hunters began to have a real hope, shaking their body in an unbelievable scene.

“Did you feel it?”
“this… Does that make sense? ”

Magical hunters, sensitive to magic, could not stop their heartbeats accelerating quickly.
The overwhelming amount of magical power was flowing out of the porter, who was known as E class, and brought it to the other side.

‘No, is this the first time in the first place?’
‘It is more ominous magic than the High Orc Shaman’s!’

It was hard to breathe under the pressure of horsepower that filled the boss room.
I was relieved of the fact that this power was not hostile to them.
On the other hand, there was an extremely high tension between the high orcs.
With the advent of shadow soldiers, the gap between 150 and 150 was reduced from 50 to 150.
Moreover, the 50 was not a mere 50.
Stronger than the ark, which can not be treated as a number!
As if to prove that fact, Jinwoo was the first to pop out.
Then the shaman shouted.

“What are you doing? Do not kill that person right now! ”

The high orcs pushed back on their vocals full of magical powers and listened to their weapons.

“Great ah ah!”

Monarch’s area skill is for Shadow soldiers only. However, even if there is no rising buffs, Jinwoo showed a different strength in the dimension.

“Big, big ah!”

High orcs screamed.
The bodies of the high orcs, which were cut into two bags of Jinwoo daggers, were scattered with blood all over the place.
It was so fast that the after-images were engraved on the eyes of first-rate hunters.

“Yeah, just like the vice president.”

The name of Cha Haein was dancer.
It was a nickname attached to a figure who seemed to be dancing with a fast tempo when he entered the battle once, even though he was normally cool.
Although it was not widely used because it was forbidden by the party for the reason of being ashamed, it was still a nickname that is often mentioned.
Now the porter was showing the same or better movement than that of the car.
If the car hail was a dance, the porter was a storm. It was the center of the storm and crushed the masters.
Stop it!
Shadow soldiers were not available either.
Shadow soldiers began to advance, starting with the forefoot of the tank, which was the head of Ice Bear.
Iron came to the forefront.
Iron, as always, went out in front of a full-fledged battle.

[Iron uses ‘Skill: Shout of provocation’]
[The effect of the object is not high because of the resistance.]

When his skill did not work out, an angry iron screamed. Then he began to smash the high orcs with a massive sledgehammer.
Bu Woo-wook!


I wonder if the high orcs in front of the iron are pitiful.
The grit, on the other hand, grazed the neck of the enemies gracefully and efficiently enough to contrast with the iron.
High orcs caught by this grit were breathless without screaming.
As the sword of this grit drew a circle, another high orc lost its head.
General soldiers were hard to deal with high orcs, but they had tiredness and infinite regeneration.
Just by pulling the time, the magic bottle fell off.
Cuauan -!
The number of high orcs sharply decreased.
The shaman shivered like a pig.

‘This cheeky man!’

The gaze of the man was fixed to Jinwoo.
I had to catch that guy.
Soldiers in black armor are summoned by human beings!
If you kill a human, soldiers will also disappear. The magician memorized the order to catch Jinwoo.

“…”The shaman’s lips moved quickly.
Song of slowing, song of blindness, song of high fever, song of pangs, song of suma.
Five powerful curses were completed in an instant and flew to the opponent.


The shaman ‘s mouth came up.
As soon as the curse was completed, Jinwu also felt the movement of magic.


Jin-woo and the shaman’s eyes met.
The shaman laughed.

‘It’s already late, human.’

The curse can not be avoided unlike ordinary magic.
At the moment of activation is the end.
A man who walks with all kinds of curses is destined to be torn apart by the curves of warriors.
It was the last time that I fell in love with the human being who did not know the fountain.
But then.
I heard a familiar sound from Jinwoo’s ear.

[An abnormal condition has occurred.]
[‘Buff: Immune’ effect will remove the anomaly.]

String, tie, string.
The machine sounded fast.

[‘Curse: slowing’ disappears] [‘Curse: blindness’ disappears] … …

Five curses were removed without a chance to play.
Jinwoo laughed this time.
I had a buff that I received as a player.

[Blessing of the Great Sorcerer Candiaru] – Sustained Effect ‘Healthless Longevity’: Becomes immune to all diseases, toxic and anomalous effects, and explodes abruptly when you sleep.

I did not have to worry about the magic beyond the curse.

“Oh, no!”

The shaman trembled.
As a boss of class A dungeon, he quickly noticed that his curse had been neutralized by another force.

‘How is this body cursed?’

It did not make sense.
To neutralize a curse, you need a blessing or a lifting magic of a person with greater strength.

‘Is there anyone in the human who is superior to this body?’

But before longing, the shaman had to scream in the pangs coming from the instep.


Looking down, one dagger was embedded in the instep.

“Turn off …”

Jinwoo’s dagger was ‘Night Killer’.
The shaman lifted his head and gazed at Jinwu with his eyes.

“You dare …”

Jin-woo, who broke one of the high orcs that rushed to him, delivered a doctor to the shaman in a mouth-like manner.

– Wait for your turn.

Do not do anything unnecessary.
The face of the shaman who was staring at Jinwu rose like a ripe sensation.

“What a human!”

You still have a lot of anger.
Jinwoo ‘s expression cooled down.
In fact, as soon as the battle had begun, I could remove the shaman.
But I did not.
As the shaman did to the hunters, he wanted to instill fear in the shaman.
But it seemed to me that it was not enough to awaken the fear of that arrogant Masu.
His eyes were still alive.
if so.

‘I’ll show you an interesting sight.’

Now is the real Necromancer’s domain.
As a shadow monarch, the surrounding scenery was a scene of a festival full of delicious delicacies.
Black smoke has come out of the bodies of high orcs that have been circulating all over the place, and it has come to a steadily peeping like waiting for the call of Jinwoo.
Jinwoo called them out.

“Get up.”

[Attempts shadow extraction.]

I have heard terrible screams that resemble the flurry from somewhere along with a system message that tells me the skill has been activated.
Aaaa – The shaman’s eyes have grown.

“What is this!”

The shaman could not get behind.
It is because the black hands have risen from the shadow of the high orc bodies before they even speak.

[Shadow extraction succeeded.]

Jinwoo smiled when he saw the newcomers who joined the Shadow Legion.

‘My warriors are on the undead …!’

The shaman shivered.
The number of fighters who lost their lives is about fifty.
Just that number has turned into soldiers of black armor.

‘Then all the soldiers he has …?’

The shaman finally realized that an unidentified human being is not dealing with ordinary pets.
And how much of the opponent’s power works against them.
The 50 to 150 fight has been changed from 100 to 100.
Although they were high orc warriors who fought intensely against their enemies stronger than themselves, they suddenly lost sight of their colleagues who were revived by Shadow soldiers.

“Large … I will. ”

High orc warriors who are not afraid to bloom have begun to backfire.
The fact that they could not go to the holy place of the warriors and become the puppet of the enemy was a nightmare to the High Orc warriors.
It certainly had the effect of showing the shadow extraction skill.

‘I was eaten by warriors, see what a shaman is?’

Jinwoo looked at the complexion of the shaman.


Jinwoo’s face brightened.
I found a fear in his eyes.
The shaman remembered the presence of the ability to shake and treasure the dead as shadows.
There could not have been more than two of them with such strength.
He is.

‘That’s right … Then why are we here? ”

As soon as the shaman recognized himself and his self, his mind was fresh and his memory disappeared cleanly.
The feeling left in the place was only fear.
Jinwoo made a satisfactory look.

‘Yes, that’s it.’

The shaman is at the end.
The plan to make the shaman tremble until the end was successful.
I laughed and laughed and saw a woman familiar from far away at the entrance threshold.
Jinwoo had a headache.

‘Who is it?’

I can feel the distance again because I am familiar.
So it was only after the time of the moment that I could remember her name.
The S Class Offshore of the Hunters.

‘But why is she here?’

Cha, who was surprised to see that Jin-woo was surprised to see that he was a car Ha, looked at Jin-woo and Shadow soldiers with his eyes round.

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