Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 94

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 94

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94 Tue 10 minutes ago, in front of the Hunter Association. When it was not possible to speed up the grading process, Lee Min-sung, who felt a sense of crisis, eventually uttered a bomb.

“Well, I will retire from the entertainment industry and serve you as a hunter regardless of the results of the screening!”

It was the last number thrown to revive the atmosphere of the press conference which was cold with the sudden appearance of Koguryo.
The effect was certain.

“Migration will retire?”
“Regardless of grade?”

Soon the mood rose.
Click, snap, snap!
Numerous cameras turned to immigration, and the questions of excited reporters poured out without hesitation.

“Mr. Lee, please look here!”
“Is it possible to leave the name of Asia’s top star and choose a lower-class hunter?”
“Are you putting down everything you’ve built up as an actor?”

Lee Min-sung was very happy with his attention focused on himself again.

“If the result is not good and you get a low rating, I will fight against the masters to repay the love that many have sent me.”

Of course it was a lie.
Just two years.
As a hunter of grade A for only two years, I was given a high salary and I was planning to help the guild’s public relations activities.
This was the best way to keep the army problems that fell with my father’s help.
Get down from the finest position and protect your citizens with your life!
It was a great chance to get the right to prevent the use of life that is often said.
Lee Min-sung continued his interview with the excitement of feeling that everything was flowing as planned.

“And with the president of the guild, Mr. Tae-gyu Lim, who has given me my intention.”

It was the time when reporters were listening to the aspirations of immigration.
Belly, Belly, Belly.
My cell phone rang.
Several reporters around me noticed.
The owner of the cell phone quickly disconnected the phone and looked down at the elongation head.
The interview was interrupted because of it, but fortunately there was no interruption. Immigration also continued to hold press conference hearings.
But again. Someone else ‘s ringing sounded.

“Oh, that’s true.”
“Who is your cell phone?”
“Is not it a good idea to check the phone before the interview?”
“Turn it off now.”

Lee Min – sung, who thinks the score is a daughter opportunity, laughed and said.

“I’m fine. Everybody make one call and continue. ”

Ha ha ha ha ha – laughter burst out here and there in the instant wit of Lee Min – sung.
But that was the beginning.
Woo-woo-woo-wing-wing-wing- Suddenly the phone started ringing here and there.

“Uh, me too?”

At first, the reporters who hurriedly called the phone noticed something strange about this time.
The eyes of reporters who confirmed the contact grew.

“Is the association contacting you?”
“No, tell me why now!”

Reporters hastily entered the association’s site.
Then, as I prepared it in advance, there was a picture and name of the new S-class Hunter.
The measurement results were announced today.

‘But you said you can not use the measuring room in the morning?’
‘Was not it because of immigration?’
‘So the emptying of the measuring room is not because of the grade of immigration, but for this S-class hunter?’

At that time, a man ‘s face rubbed in the head of journalists.
The man who just walked in with him, the president of Kun-hee!
The man who wrote the measuring room today was the only man.
If I go along now, can I shoot him?

“Kee, reporters?”

Reporters who turned into hungry beasts ignored immigration and rushed toward the association building.
Wurr-Woo Jin-cheol sent an autograph in his eyes, and the guard and the hunters unfolded and made a barricade.

“Let’s go in!”
“You said you got S grade! That’s what you have to do in advance! ”
“Look out!”

The reporters ran aggressively but did not cross the walls of the surveillance staff with the power hunters.

“What, what?”

As soon as the emigrant who became a cold-blooded person ran to the manager with a puzzled face, the manager showed the screen of the mobile phone just confirmed by him.

“S grade?”

Immigration has become a soulful face.

“Today, the S-class Hunter came out?”

I became an A-class hunter, so I tried to get one’s attention in one body, but one S-class hunter out of it messed up everything.
Migration shook his head.

‘No, it’s definitely something wrong.’

S grade is not a grade that pops out when you put only coins like some vending machine coffee.
Is there anything the reporters know about this?
Finally, a reporter came in late, talking to someone in the eye of the immigration and climbing the stairs.
It was the newspaper reporter who asked for advice on how to get the article heading tomorrow.

“Hey, Lim!”

Even in the urgent voice of Migration, the reporter responded with dryness.

“Oh, Mr. Lee, I’ll get back to you.”
“Yeah? Thank you. You! ”

Lee Min-sung was able to listen to his conversation, which is getting farther behind his back.

“…Yes. Tomorrow’s headline is ‘E-grade of tears, S grade of joy’.

Immigration turned around in his powerless eyes.
There was no one around him.
Immigration sat down.

“what… this.”

When he was muttering without force, the door of the association opened wide and Korea’s 10th S-class Hunter appeared.
“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_!
Jinwoo flashed his eyes.

‘What is this?’

Jinwoo was shot in the front of the camera, and behind the scenes in the back yonghwa Baek Yoonho, along with the finalist to make a bitter smile together.

*** Lunch hour.
The drill team hunters who had finished the morning work sat down and sat for lunch.
The mining is the main task, but the atmosphere was free because there was no fall or collapse.
There were also hunters who laid down the air of rice, lay hunting hunters, fiddling with their cell phones, hunting hunters, and hunters sitting around and enjoying accompaniments.


One of Hunter ‘s hands on his cell phone was stunned and busted.

“This is Seongseo?”

Lee Seong-gug was eagling his ear.

“Are you sure?”
“Sung is on the news?”

I was not mistaken.

“I thought I would.”

Lee Seong-koo, who had a face in earnest, ran to the place where his colleagues gathered.
Yet his mouth did not know to rest.

“I knew it when I saw him! Let me see how bad it was! ”

Is it because the voice of Lee Seong-gu was big?

“What did Sung jive about?”

The mining team hunters who were near, including the team leader, came all the way.
A large caption was passing under the face of Jinwoo, which filled the palm filled cell phone LCD.

[…Sung Jin-woo, the tenth S Rank Hunter of Korea, who has succeeded in making Sang …


An earthquake occurred in the pupil of Lee Seong-gu who discovered Jin-woo.

*** Eugene Construction President’s Office.
Yoo Jin-ho stood out briefly before the door.


He looked up at the door smoothly open, looked at the documents, looked at his father turned his head.

“Come in.”

While he was responding, he was signing the famous document.
Yoo Jin-ho stood beside the famous.
The famous who had confirmed his son’s face for a while continued to work on it.

‘You are still, Father.’

In the past, he may have run away without saying what he wants to do with his father’s appearance.
But now it was different.

“I have something to say.”
“The story about Sungjin Hunter?”

Famous finally heard his head.

“Yes. What happened? ”

It was then.
The famous phone rang.
DÌ_rr – “Wait.”

The famous hand clutched the words of Yu Jin-ho. The eyes of the famous who checked the message got a little bigger.

‘Sometimes my father is surprised.’

Yoo Jin-ho stared at her head.

“…You have something to see. ”

The famous replied, instead of quickly moving the remote control, put a big TV on the wall.
Then breaking news came out.

[Yeah. It’s just confirmed. Hunter, who turns out to be S-rated today, is a reincarnator who has awakened after awakening and is said to be an E-grade Hunter Sung Jin-woo who was a member of the association.]

The reporter ‘s hilarious voice was telling the atmosphere of the scene well.
Yoo Jin-ho, who was listening to her unconsciously, was surprised by the name ‘Sung Jin-woo’.


The following screen changes.
On the inside of the screen, a person who was obviously well aware of him was watching his face with his expressionless face.
It was your brother.

‘Are you sure. Your brother is annoying now. ‘

I was stuck with my brother for a while, and I could feel what I was thinking when I looked at my face.
No, is it S grade than that?
I know that you are great, but the degree of greatness has exceeded your expectations.
At the same time.

‘Even with such a power, you went into the dungeon every day and sold it to training?’

Awe-inspiring awe.
Yoo Jin-ho’s heart, which had kept the name of Jin-woo standing on his TV, continued to rise.
Beep – TV turned off and his face disappeared.
Yoo Jin-ho made a sad face.


Continue to talk. Yoo Jin-ho said, bowing his head as he prepared.

“I’m sorry, Father. I could not turn my brother’s heart. ”

The face of the famous set.

“…Yes. What did Sung Jin Hunter say and refuse? ”
“That’s it …”

Yoo Jin-ho hesitated and said.

“I’m going to make a guild, if the vice president’s place to come in …”

My father ‘s face, which I thought would be angered or ignored, was momentarily stiffened.
And within.
Figuring out.
I laughed without the famous sound.
The famous chairman, known as the poker face, showed a change of expression in front of his son.

‘Why are you doing that?’

Yoo Jin – ho, who can not ask the reason for the car and rolls his eyes around.
The famous erased the smile and asked.

“Why do you think I’m going to make an Eugene guild?”
“Hunter business is money …Is not it? ”

The famous said firmly.

“If it is money, it still rots so much. Do you think you’ll be going to do something that could make you a few more pennies and rub against large guilds? ”

Is not it about money?
Yoo Jin-ho opened his eyes in a circle.


I put the famous pen on my desk quietly.

“To protect us.”

Yoo Jin-ho also swallowed a dry spit in the eyes of the famous guru.

“The power of the hunters is getting bigger and bigger. It is not uncommon for a person to have the same force as a state. ”

The world’s strongest hunters, so-called state power classes.
Famous people were referring to such people.

“In some small countries already, the hunters say they reign like kings. In such a situation, how long can law and public authority protect us? ”

The famous voice was heavy.
But Yu Jin-ho, who was listening to the explanation, suddenly realized that he was delighted.


He told us that we were including him.
Yoo Jin-ho was a little pleased because it seemed to have peeked at the cross section of the first for the first time.
Famous explanations continued.

“I wanted to build a guild and collect trustworthy hunters. I do not need money or networking, but hunters who can personally believe and rely. ”

The famous again smiled a faint smile on his face.

“You seem to have already got that person.”

Yoo Jin-ho made an immediate response.
It was hard to judge exactly what his father meant, but it was clear that he could trust and depend on his brother.
The famous nodded.

“That’s acceptable.”

What does it mean to pass?
Yoo Jin-ho still lifted his head was uphill.

“Do not leave the Eugene Guild to you.”
“Eugene grow up the guild. Build strong and dependable hunters into your people. In the future they will be precious over any form of property. ”

The famous said in a confident voice. As his confidence was great, Yoo Jin-ho’s joy was great.
Perhaps it was the first time I was born and recognized by my father?

“Thank you, Father!”

Yu Jin-ho, who smiled at full speed, bowed her back to a degree of 90 degrees.
The name was watched gladly by the famous.
Then Yu Jin-ho’s answer was completely different from the famous expectation.

“But I can not.”

Famous eyebrows twirled.
Eugene E & C ‘s funding ability could put its wings on the Eugene guild, which will be made later.
Already some of the S-class Hunters have come and gone.
It is obvious that Eugene Guild can be a very large guild that is called Korea.
Yoo Jin-ho would not know that.

‘So he said he would be a master.’

What else does it specify that you will give a guild at the moment?
Did I get scared?
The famous barely pressed his disappointment and anger at Yoo Jin – ho and forced his voice.

“…Why? ”

Then, Yu Jin-ho, with his head, replied faintly to his face, which looked good.

“I will go to my brother’s guild.”

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