Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 95

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 95

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Jinwoo surrounded by reporters was very embarrassed.

‘These people do not take an immigration to take, why are you doing this in front of me?’

I wanted to see if there was any immigration in the back, but I looked around for a while, but behind it was only Baek Yoon-ho and two finalists.
Then the thigh shook.
Woo Woong – Woo Woong – It was a cell phone put in a pocket.

‘Jinna calls this time?’

As soon as I pressed the call button, my brother ‘s urgent voice burst out.

-brother! My brother is on TV!

Of course it is.
I only have a few cameras at the stations here. No matter what channel you turn.
My sister ‘s phone call at school. She was nervous. She sighed.

“Well… Is not there anything else? “- Another day? You say that now? What is re-awakening? What is S grade?

Listening to his voice, he seemed surprised.
However, it was not possible to explain each situation carefully.

“My brother is busy right now … I’ll tell you at home later. “- Brother? brother?

Despite his brother ‘s voice seeking his brother, Jinwoo stopped the phone.
And I realized why this happened.

‘…There was a message. ‘

The Hunter Association delivers information in real time through the application.
It usually tells the location of Dungeon A or above and the location of the dungeon brakes, but it was different today.


Confirming the message, Jinwoo quickly accessed the association site.
just as expected.
The ink is not yet dry in the S-grade certification, but the list of superheroes has already been renewed.

[Sung Jin Woo, S-level, magic series] Hunter was as it was written.

‘…This is also unnecessary fast again. ‘

Jinwook put the phone back in his pocket and looked ahead.

“Sung Jin Woo! Is it the E-class Hunter Sung Jin-woo who belonged to the association? ”
“You are a rare re-awakening! How are you feeling now? ”

The reporters struggled desperately to take a picture of Jinwoo and his voice in a little more camera.
But the explosive interest of the reporters was only annoying to Jin-woo.

‘I’ll have to get out of here once.’

If you ask him to move out politely, he will not be eaten.
Jinwoo’s eyebrows wriggled.
Just call out the Shadow Soldiers and break through the road?

“Here you go! Mr. Sung-Jin, look at this too! ”
“Sung Jin Woo! I am looking at all the people, but please give me a smile! ”

In front of camera lenses and microphones that are getting closer, Jinwoo seriously worried about 2 seconds to bring out the shadow bottle bottles such as the real ‘tank’ or ‘molar’.
The back of Jinwoo.
It was the last person who saw Jinwoo who was blocked by reporters and was unable to go.
He approached Baek Yoon – ho.

“I am sure that our new Hunter is having a hard time getting too much attention.”
“Who is your favorite newcomer Sung Jin Hun Hunter?”
“I can not joke, I joke too.”

Two people who were exchanging snowballs again.
Eventually, the finalist stepped down.
He sighed, he said.

“Anyway, if you get time off here, it will give you a chance for other guilds, too.”

Baek Yoon-ho agreed.
As well as the Reaper Guild Master Im Tae – gyu who came here by chance because of immigration, the remaining two large guilds would have been frightened to contact Sungjin Hunter.
Baek Yoon-ho looked at the reporters.

“So Mr. Choi said …”
“Before the flies smell and they come to us, we are going to bring Sung Jin Hunter home. I’m going to talk together and go on. ”

The two men are gathering power without the need to increase their rivals.
If Sung Jin Hun Hunter had any ability, he would need a guild if he turned a higher dungeon, and if he was good today, there would be another S class in one of the Backhoe or Hunters.
The last man was confident in his hunters.


Baek Yunho was not bad either.
The backhoe is not as big as the Hunters, but it is a guild with enough vision.

‘Our chief executive officer and his current deputy have known Mr. Sung Jin-woo from a long time ago.’

I was convinced at least that it was a closer relationship than Hunters.
The interests of the two were in accord.
The two people who gave their strange eyes turned and turned to Jinwoo.
The first person I spoke to was Baek Yun-ho.


Jinwoo looked around.


The finalist who had taken the player was tongue-tipped inside, but he did not give a damn about his promise to cooperate.
Baek Yoon-ho was able to speak with a bright smile as much as possible.

“Are you confused by reporters? We’ll take you home comfortably. This is also our specialty. ”

It was a little mixed up, but it was not a bad thing.
Everyone in S-class Hunter has been through it once and has learned how to operate a large guild and deal with people’s interests.
The finalist also took care of it.

“Let ‘s go with us. There are some things I would like to share with you. ”

But Jinwoo laughed at the kindness of the two people.


And he hugged his hat on the hoodie.

“I’ve got to stop by.”
“Yes? Reporters are scattered all over the place now.

The last man could not speak.
Jin-woo turned to the reporters because he jumped tens of meters and landed on the other side of them.

“Oh, huh?”

Jinwoo was mixed with crowds before the confused reporters reacted.
The last man lost his word.
It was a movement that even the S class member did not react properly.
It is no wonder that the reporters, who are ordinary people, did not follow their eyes. The last man laughed.

‘As soon as you are registered as a S-Class Hunter, is it Superman play?’

It’s a magical series of hunters with such athleticism.
It was the same magic series hunter.
So, how did it just look in the battle series S class?

“just now.”

The last man who turned his head to Baek Yoon-ho to inquire was surprised and retreated.

“Hundred, your eyes?”

I was too surprised and forgotten.

“Ah…! Mi, I’m sorry. ”

Baek Yoon-ho hurriedly turned his eyes with one hand.
When he woke up again a moment later, he returned to the human eye, not a monster.
However, it was not shocked that the eyes returned.

‘How could it be …’

Baek Yunho trembled.
Just when Jinwoo gave his legs power to jump, the magic that he was hiding showed for a moment.
No matter how good a hunter is, it is almost impossible to grasp the moment.
However, in strong horsepower, Baek Yoon-ho instinctively pulled out his ability, the beast’s eyes, and his eyes succeeded in sensing the power of Jinwoo.


The fact that he was strong was already known.

‘That’s not important.’

I once had the eyes of a wild beast when I stuck with him before Red Gate.
At that time, Baek Yoon-ho carved the power of Jinwoo.
It was obviously strong.
Even if it is self, it is hard to win without sacrifice of one arm.
That was the only one.
If you sacrifice to a certain degree, you could always win.
But now.
What is the difference between these strengths?
I felt magic that was not comparable with that time.
He got stronger.
Much better than that.
If it was re-awakening, it would have ended long ago.
In the moment, Baek Yoon-ho’s mind came up with a nonsense hypothesis.

‘He is not … Can you grow? ‘

Maybe he is not re-awakening, but through growth …
When I thought up to here. “Hey, a hundred. Are you okay? The complexion … ”

The last person anxiously asked.
Baek Yoon-ho swept his face with both hands and shook his head.

“Suddenly my head is a little cluttered. It’s okay now. ”
“Young people … Be careful. ”

Baek Yoon-ho continued conversation with the finalist, but he turned his gaze toward the disappearance of Jinwoo.

‘If he is already beyond the ordinary S class and can raise more strength here …’

Call it.
Baek Yoon-ho shivered in shiver.

*** “taxi.”

Jinwoo, who left the reporters, caught a taxi on a quiet road.
I got my S grade qualification as I wanted.
Level up is good and dungeon is good, but what is urgent now is mother’s treatment.

‘The lifeblood …’

I really do not know if I can make my mother happy.

‘But if there is a possibility of a thousand or even a thousand …’

I wanted to clear the demon dungeons as quickly as possible and gather materials to make ‘the lifeblood’.
To do that, I needed artifacts to protect my body from the heat of the devil.
She sat in the back seat and said her destination.

“Korean Hunter Auction.”

The taxi driver who looked at Jinwoo with a mirror in the rearview mirror laughed.

“I’m going to go for a good one. You know the things you’re trading at Hunter Auction are thousands of units at least? ”

Jinwoo showed a smile instead of an answer.
Knight swallowed spittle.
The sound of going to the Hunter Auction to sell something tells you that you are a Hunter, and you have to be particularly careful when dealing with Hunter.
There were many people in Hunter who were as wacky as their powers. It could lead to a serious accident if it was admitted wrongly.

‘That young man does not look like that, but you’d better be careful anyway.’

Knight looked at Jinwoo ‘s eyes and banged his mouth, and the cab was quiet.
Jinwoo used the interlude to go to the Hunter Auction.
Internet articles, SNS, portal community, and so on.
By the morning, the first place in the search query was the immigration, but I could not find it in the top 10 right now.
“ø¤. Jinwoo kicked the tip of his tongue.

‘I did not expect that much.’

I thought of some kind of interest, but I never thought it would be so hot.
Do it.
Only ten in Korea.
If it includes a person who has died or has left Korea, how is it that the response is not hot, even if it is an S class with all eight?

‘But why was it quiet when it was a car?’

Because the car Ha, who was the 9th S class, was hardly exposed to the press, Jinwoo knew he was going to go so quietly.
After searching for a place, Cha Haein was asked to protect the information of the association after he became S grade.

‘If you ask the association, you can not get access to the media, the guild and the law.’

Why did not the president of the association tell me why there is such a convenient method?
Ah. Jinwoo came up to the question that I heard while going to the inspection office.
The association president asked.

“Do you have a guild I thought?”
“Not yet.”

Did you ask for this?
It seemed that the president of the association did not speak separately because the guild could not access the information protection application.

‘Then it is.’

Jinwoo received an online application for information protection from the association and called the Hunter Auction in Korea.

– Korea Hunter Auction.
“I want to feel the artifacts. I’m on my way to the Hunter Auction right now? “- Of course. But what kind of artifacts do you want to feel?
“It is a bead with an effect that amplifies magic.” – Oh, a magic ball with amplification … But I know that you know exactly what effect you have been feeling elsewhere.
“But I do not have credibility, so I’d like to get a rating from Hunter Auction.” – Haha, you thought well. There is no place to judge the value of artifacts as much as we do.

The conversation, which had been interrupted for a moment, seemed to resume after a while.

– How many amplifications did you get in your previous emotions?
“100 percent.” -Yes?
“There is a 100 percent amplification effect.” -…

The voice flowed out after a while.

– I’m sorry, but is the seller a hunter?
“Yeah.” – The identity of the seller is required for smooth feeling. What is your grade and your name?

Jinwoo raised his mouth.

‘I thought this was true.’

If an E-class Hunter sells these nonsensical artifacts, would Hunter Auction do it?
It was no exaggeration to say that he was re-examined for this moment.
Jinwoo said in a calm manner.

“S grade. I’m Sung Jin Woo. “

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