Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 96

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 96

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I arrived at the 96th Hunter Auction.
Our headquarters building is rather low, rather than low, reminiscent of a museum or museum rather than a corporate building.
The auctioneer will accept all bags or cloths.
It is a beautiful building erected in the middle of the parking lot.
I was able to guess how much money Hunter Auction is making through the artifact trading.
Jin-u walked out of the taxi and headed toward the building, and before he took a few steps, a man dressed in formal was running out.

“Are you Sungjin Hunter?”

The man confirmed his face and made a surprise expression.
But soon he came up with his voice and greeted him with a bright voice.

“I was contacted by Hunter Auctioneering Appraisal Team. Come over here. ”

Jin nods a short nod.
Kim Jeong-gi guided Jinwoo to the emotional room and thought about arrogance.

‘There is a S-class rookie behind me just behind the reporters.’

When I first got a call, I thought it was a prank call.
Once the artifact effect itself did not make sense, it was more like the Hunter, who became S-class today.

‘I almost swallowed the S-class Hunter, you almost did?’

When the Hunter Association confirmed that Sung Jin Hunter ‘s number was correct, I wondered if it was cool.
I was fortunate enough to be rude not in accordance with the manual.

[…Newly registered, Sungjin Hunter has awakened after awakening and skipped five levels from E class to S class, and possesses the ability of magic series …]

His face was still coming out on TV, which was still inside the building. I press the hood again to see if I care too.
It is not his story, but Kim Jung – ki has become unconscious for some reason by watching the news referring to the elongation genius.

‘Let’s try to take a picture with him.’

I shook my head.
Even if it was not a job here, I would have asked for something like a sick or a sign.
But I could not have done such a rude thing to a customer who came in for an important deal. It was a moment of patience.

‘Was it so short from the entrance to here?’

While many thoughts crossed, emotional room appeared immediately.
Kim said with a sad face.

“This is it.”

In the large room, the emotion team leader and the senior apprentice who waited for lunch also waited impatiently.
The head of the team who found Jinwoo waved his eyes.

‘That’s the guy in the real news?’

The chief appraiser swallowed the dry spit.

‘Then the magic amplification is really …?’

No, I do not know yet.
There is no real thing to say that a person is real.
The chief appraiser resented it so much that it comforted him.
The amplification rate of magic amplifiers made by the world’s best artifact creators with their best materials was just over 50%.
Even it is not easy to collect the materials, the number of people and time required for production, so I can see once a few years.
The magical series of hunters, who buy themselves, are lined up all over the world, but they can not sell because they have no goods.
Well, there is nothing to go to the world.
In Korea alone, the magical series Hunter, the final weapon, and the final man were pushing for more than 50 percent buys.
But the grade is only S-class. Hunter, whose name is not well known, brought a thing with 100 percent amplification?

‘Nonsense …’

Even if the opponent was not only the best hunter, it was a foolish story that kicked his butt out.
S-class Hunter was not able to cover the gap.
Even if this is happening, it will be an important customer for a long time.

‘It’s a basement.’

The chief appraiser told Jinwu with a bit of anticipation and more than doubtful doubts.

“That… Can you show me artifacts? ”

Kim Jung-kee and the head of the emotion team also gazed at Jinwoo with a lot of nervous face.

“I will.”

Jinwoo pulled out of his pocket and called out the ‘beads of greed’ in the warehouse.

“This is it …”

The chief appraiser corrected the glasses.
Beautiful Blood Beads.
It was the thing that put the power which makes the viewer see the elasticity.
The emotional team was a little admired.

“Hmmm.” But the chief appraiser glared at me with my glasses.

“This is not an artifact created by the power of marble or stone, is not it?”

The chief appraiser nodded.


Seven years since I started my apprenticeship.
I’ve been observing artifacts for quite some time, but I’ve never seen red-looking crystal balls.
Ordinary correctional ornaments are clear and bluish, and as you get to higher grades, they become closer to black.
But red?
The chief appraiser repeatedly turned his head, and handed over the crystal ball.

‘What, what?’

Suddenly the spine became cool.
It was because of the unknown power felt in crystal ball.


He was amazed and looked down at the magic ball.
The senior appraiser himself is also a B-class magical awakeninger.
I was able to get a sense of what things I am holding.
I had sweating all over my body.

‘Oh My God!’

The power to come out of the magic bulge sprouted, and as he hurried his head, Jinwoo was staring at him.

‘If the person who brought it was a low-grade hunter …’

This feeling was the first.
I have been exposed to super high artifacts for a while, but this time I was the only one who wanted to knock out the emotions and rob the artifacts.
But your opponent is S grade.

‘…?’Jin looked at her smile.
In his eyes, the appraiser could barely push his desire.

‘Rape against S class?’

I did not dare try to imagine the Hunter had a gap enough to not be able to.
As the appraiser saw the magic ward, Jinwu saw his appraiser and looked up at him.


Did he get sick anywhere?
Anyway, the appraiser asked the team leader to steal the sweat from the ceremony on the forehead.

“Team leader, please turn on the camera.”
“Ah! Yes, yes. ”

If you want to turn on the camera, it means that the thing that the appraiser is holding is not bogus. The team leader ‘s heart rate accelerated.
The expression of Kim Jung – ki who received the first contact with Jinwoo was no different.

“Start shooting.”

The team leader turned the camera lens toward the appraiser.
The appraiser stood in front of the disk-shaped force gauge.
The first time I dropped the magic ball.
Beep – The figure came out.
And the second time, holding the magic sphere and measuring once again.
The horsepower reading from the appraiser has doubled in a flash.
The complexion of Kim Jung – ki, who confirmed the results of the beep – measurement, came out.


The team leader also ran and confirmed the results.

‘100 percent? Are you really a magic ball with a 100 percent gain? ”

My heart was numb.
At Hunter Auction, an average of 5 percent commission fees are paid to assist with artifact trading.
It is a business that can save 5 billion won even if it is 100 billion won.
However, it was impossible to predict how much the price of this red magic ball would go out with his long career.

‘jackpot! It’s a big hit! ‘

If I had not had eyes to see, I would feel like hanging out and hugging my subordinates.
What is the incentive for successful trading?
I was blocked by excitement.
The response of Kim Jung-ki was no different from the correlation. I held my fist tight with the above face.


If you take this job properly, the upgrade was a victory.

“city… Let’s do a demonstration. ”

When the appraiser barely spoke with a trembling voice, the two emotional teams that were stuck fell far away.
Jinwoo also retreated.
The camera was still running well.
To appeal to buyers, the image was much more effective than the simple figure.
The attitude of the attorney turned to the camera.


On the right hand of the appraiser, a snowstorm of the size of a truck wheel struck.
The appraiser was a horse.

“I will keep the magic power and touch the magic ball.”

The moment his left hand touches ‘the ball of greed’.
Flying -!
A snowstorm dancing on the hand shook the whole room.


If the surprise appraiser did not immediately reap magic, the whole room would almost freeze.

“Please turn off the camera.”
“Yes, yes.”

The head of the team rushed away and turned off the camera.
This ended the artifact appraisal process.

Jin-woo, who had been feeling awkward at the fingertips of the ‘Huh-‘ appraiser, felt momentary explosions and took a sigh of relief.
But not only Jinwoo, but everyone in the room sighed to calm the trembling heart.
Temporarily settled down in the room.
Jin asked.

“How far will you go?”

Can I get the artifacts I want to sell?
No, but that ‘s it, but I was curious how much I could get a 100 percent boost spell.
The appraiser looked at the ‘beads of greed’ with a face that he could not believe.

“This … How do I price this stuff … ”

His gaze moved to Jinwoo.
He swallowed the dry spit.
Where did this guy get these artifacts?
Appraisers are not a problem to be involved in, but they knew it and could not bear it.

“Where did you get it?”

Jinwoo was not an appraiser, but looking at Kim Jung-ki.

“Is it also a question for a smooth sale?”

Kim Jung-ki scratched the back of his neck avoiding eyesight.
The appraiser shook his head.

“No, no. I just … Too amazing. But when it turns out that these spells exist, they’ll wonder where they came from. ”

Indeed, the other two people wondered that I was dying.

‘Well, do you mind?’

When asked, there was no reason not to tell.
It is not something you have learned in a way that is not clear, and it is not something you can ask someone to tell you.
Jin’s lips fell.
The three people except Jin-woo stopped breathing and focused on the answer.
Jinwoo said with a smile.

“I picked it up in the dungeon.”

*** Baek Yoon-ho entered the presidential office.

“Do not be nobody because you want to be alone.”

He did not tell the secretary separately. He locked the door and turned on his computer.
I started to read all the information that I could reach using my own authority as a S-class Hunter and a Guild Master.

‘Is it possible?’

In the mind of Baek Yoon-ho, his thoughts about Jin-hee did not leave.
A hunter capable of growing?
But if not, how will he explain his changed power in a few days?
His finger moved quickly.
I also looked at the Hunter site, which is available only to some of the finest hunters in the world.
But it was blurred.


There was no hunter who could raise his stats by himself.
It can only grow through luck, awakening or reawakening. Would Hunter otherwise be called God-chosen?
Numerous window repetitions and disappearing repeatedly, and numerous letters came on the screen without a break.
Three hours.
He was tired of searching for a long time.

‘Did I react too sensitively?’

Maybe it is.
It may be that Sungjin Hunter had more power than he thought and reminded me of a nonsensical assumption.


What are you doing during busy times?
I have to send another letter to Sungjin Hunter at this time.
Is not it possible that Choi, who is quick and quick, is already looking for Sung Jin-woo Hunter and pushing the deal?
Baek Yoon-ho opened the window one by one while laughing.
And when the last window is left. ‘wait…’

Half of it was a joke that he put ‘Hunter Growth Capability’ on the search site.
Of course, there was no achievement.
Baek Yoon-ho was not expecting something.
It’s just a subconscious repetition of what you did every time you needed a search. ‘Come to think of it… I did not have lunch today. ‘

The moment when Baek Yoon-ho tried to turn off the search box, which rubbed his belly and rubbed his back in a hunger that felt late, his eyes flashed.

‘…?’One link linked to the fifth page of search results.
If the link address is not the address of a private caf̩ that only hunters can sign up for, it will be handed over. Baek Yunho moved the mouse.

[Title: Strange thing happened.]
[Content: Suddenly you can see the stats like the game, you can raise the stats. Is anyone in the process of doing something like me?

It was written anonymously.
But what do I say.
As I read the article, I felt my breathing accelerated and my heart beating.

‘Who would you say is crazy?’

I do not think it would be bad to check it once though.
Baek Yun-ho heard the receiver.

– Yes, boss.

Soon Ahn Sang-min of the second management department received a phone call.

“I do not want you to know one of the manager.”

On the day that this anonymous article was posted, I wanted to know what happened to Sungjin Hunter.

-Yes. Let’s take a look.

The phone was disconnected with a clear answer.
The inside manager is a competent employee.
It was someone who would look it up in any way if you were waiting. But the result was faster than I thought.


Baek Yoon-ho heard a ringing call right away.

– It was not long since I had some remaining records.


Baek Yoon-ho had a bright smile.
Then, according to the instructions of the manager, the second management department said that they had collected all the information they could gather about Sungjin Hunter.
Thanks to this, the waiting time has been shortened.

– Yes, on that day, Sung Jin Hunter … Oh, this is the time. Why was not there a double dungeon incident a few months ago?
“There was.” – Sung Jin Hun Hunter was a double dungeon survivor. I know that there was no consciousness while I was in the hospital.
“Ah… Is that so.”

Baek Yoon – ho had disappointed eyes.
Unconscious people can not post on the Internet.

‘Raising the stats … Such a thing can not be done. ‘

It was a really funny happening.
Somewhat tired. When I decided to go home early and have some snow today. -uh? Wait. I was stunned all the time …

Ahn Sang – min ‘s voice seemed like a miracle beyond the receiver.

– You just opened your eyes that day.

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