Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 98

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 98

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98 Episode “Wow! Brother, I still have reporters. ”

Jinna looked out the window and said.
late time.
Reporters who had not left still gathered around the entrance of the apartment like a cloud.


I knew the reporters who found Seung – jin were Jin – woo, and pressed the shutter with a faint hint.
Suddenly as the flash popped up here and there, Jinga was curious and hit the curtains.
Luk Ruk – My younger brother breathed out like a small animal.


After I went to Hunter Auction, the face of Jinwoo who had been trying to take a rest at home was hardened.

“Will you come down and say a word?”

It is okay for rest to be interrupted.
But I was worried that it would interfere with my sister ‘s study.
Jin is a high school student.
If you want to be a little sensitive, do not you think it’s time to get nervous when you are out of the room and you can not even hear the footsteps?

‘Although Jinnah is not the nature to call harshly …’

But I can not concentrate because I am so loud around.
Jinwoo will try to come out.

“Do not do it Do not do it.”

Jin – ae pulled out his hand.

“I do not like it, but my brother is on the internet now,” he said.

When did I do something that I did?
Jin-woo, who has a headache, gave out an Internet article.
Jin-woo accepted Jin-ah’s phone.

‘…’There was a picture of myself standing in front of the association door, surrounded by reporters and receiving a phone call.
I also liked it because the photographs were pretty good even with the ordinary models like the professional photographs.
By the way, I looked a little down.

‘Attitude is cheeky.’
“Reporters are not in any doubt already.”
‘It’s totally cool.’

The same comments are coming up, and the most recommended comments are ‘Mom, I passed S grade!’ Respectively.
The photos and comments were so exquisite that Jinwoo laughed.
Jinah was terrified when he saw it.

“Does your brother laugh?”
“It’s funny.”
“…”When Jin-woo showed his best comment, Jin-ah also managed to grasp the laughter.
Is it the reaction?

“No, that’s not what matters right now!”

Jina raised her voice with a slightly reminiscent face.

“Why did you get a call from there? There are so many reporters. Thanks to my name has spread all over. ”

Jinwoo said quietly that it was not that easy.

“Should I be aware of reporters that I get a call from my brother?”

Jin-a is gone.
No matter how you think, there is no point to refute.

‘…I will not be able to speak. ”

Jinu handed over the phone.


Said Jin – a who returned the phone with a little face.

“Anyway I’m fine. Do not worry about your reporters too. ”

Jinwoo nodded his head.
Even if this situation had to continue, the association had contacted reporters a day or two later that they would be banned.

‘I do not care that much.’

I do not want Jin – na to get bigger anymore.

“But what is this?”

Jin looked at Jinu as if it were a miracle.

“Your brother becomes a S-class hunter, reporters come into the house …”

S-class Hunter is in front of you right now, and it’s your brother.
It was a voice that Jinah was also unbelievable.
But soon Jinnah will adapt to the changed reality.

‘Like I did.’

Jinwoo laughed with a smile.
And, in the sense of surrendering to his younger brother who was still calmed down, he pulled the ball of Jin – ah.
Jinya responded as soon as usual as usual.


Rather, he had to run around his legs with his legs.


Jinna looked at her face with too much expression, and Jinwoo shrugged her shoulders.
It seemed to take a lot of time to adapt to the fact that his brother was a S-level arousal.

“Will you get busy from now on?”

Jina carefully asked.


Jinwoo nodded his head.
There are a lot of things I want to do, and there is a lot of work to do, but it was clear from the evil one.
We’ve even got artifacts of high-speed armor for the upper layer.
I have been running out of money for a while but luckily I was able to get a loan from Hunter Auction as collateral for store A class items.

‘As soon as you become an S-class Hunter, it’s your debt …’

Somehow a laugh came out.
If the items in the shop table are sold at a high price in the auction, the debt ought to be cleared soon.

“Then you’ll be harder to see.”

Jina looked a little sad when she said she was busy.
It would be lonely to be alone.
Jinwu put his hands on Jinhua’s head without speaking.
The next few days.
After clearing the evil dungeon, you will no longer have to keep your house on your own.

‘I’ll make it like that.’

Jin-woo’s eyes narrowed.
The gaze turned toward the door.

‘Who is coming this way?’

Jina noticed the ideal of his brother.
My brother asked with anxious eyes.

“You’re in.”
“What’s going on?”

One of the elevators was coming down straight from here.


The suspicious mind was holding the magic power weakly.
I did not feel like the enemy at all, but I did not like the unauthorized guests.
Is he from the guild?
Or is it a reporter who is boldly moving in the power of awakening?
Either way, over 10 o’clock in the evening, it was not wide enough to laugh at an uninvited guest who would visit his house without notice.
Jinwoo stood at the door.

‘If this is enough …’

You do not have to call out weapons.
Jinwoo loosened his body lightly.
When I moved my neck to the left and right, there was a crying sound.
As expected.
Someone knocked on the door a couple of times, and surprised brother rushed into the back room.
Jinwoo calmly opened the door.
I saw one face of a familiar young man between the open doorways slowly opened.
The man said.

“Brother …”

Yoo Jin-ho, who was blushing to the nose, stood in front of the door and was pouting.

“…”I was staring at you because I could not see it.

“Brother, I was driven out. My father threw me out. ”
“…”Then, Yu Jin-ho was carrying a backpack that was big on the back.
There was a load on both sides of the hand.

“…Did not you live separately? ”


“I was in the name of my father, Pilate, but I lost it, and all my accounts were blocked.”

Father blocks all of his son’s bank account.
It was a movie-like story, but it seemed possible that it would be possible if it was a famous chairman called the first in the Korean system.
But what did this guy do, so he bought his father’s hatred tight?
When Jinwoo was staring at the questionable gaze, Yoo Jin-ho’s voice trembled.

“That ‘s why. brother. Do I have to take care of me for a while? ”

Sloppy profit – bump.
Jinwoo slowly closed the door and locked it.
Turning to Jinwoo, Jina, who had been watching the situation anxiously, ran back and asked.

“Brother, who is it? Acquaintance?”

Jinwu shook his head.

“no. I’ve never seen it before. ”
“Who do not know? Why did you come to my house? ”
“Do not worry.

I do not think so.
Behind the back of Jinwoo pushing the suspicious Jin-ah into the room, Yu Jin-ho’s sad voice was followed.

“Brother Neiim – Im! My brother! ”

*** “Honey, did not you get so bad with Jinho today?”

The famous dragged his necktie loosely.
It’s a bitch.
I am going to hand over the Eugene guild which will be one of the main business of Eugene Construction.

“I will go to my brother’s guild.”

Follow your brother?

“He’s cheap, though.”

The famous wears a nostril.
If you want to stand alone, you must stand alone.
I was going to make sure that all the snacks had a responsibility and results.
Is it an excited state?
It was the feeling that the tie was not released more today.
As soon as the tie began to get tangled in his hands, Eugene’s hostess reached out his hand.

“I’ll give it to you.”

The tie loosened smoothly within.
The renowned woman quietly left herself in the hands of his wife.
By the way.
She laughed and laughed, holding her tie in his hand.

“Why? wife?”

The famous wondered.
It is a necktie that has been lifted for me and released. Now the tangled tie will not be funny.

“you. Are you really angry? ”

What did this person eat wrong?
What a silly sound.
The famous star gazed at his reflection in the mirror with his head.


I was surprised at myself.
Why is it that his face, which had been grumbling until just before his mouth, seems to feel so good?
The embarrassed celebrity touched his cheek and chin.

“Was it the first time today?”
“What do you mean?”
“Jinho is yours.”
“…”I am so angry.
A firm can not afford a massive body unless directed to flow down from the top.
The family has also believed it so.
Because of this, I have always stood the same attitude at home when I was in the company, and I did not tolerate any resistance to the decision.
Why is it not so bad feeling so angry today?

‘I’m angry but I’m not feeling bad?’

It was a situation that I did not even make sense to myself.
She spoke softly, as if she was reading her husband ‘s heart.

“Jinho is trying to find the first thing he wants to do. Why do not you be so angry and cheer me up? ”
“…”The famous asked all his mouth.
It was hard for me to guess myself well.

“First… I will watch a little more. ”
“You should.”

She took a smiling smile and accepted her husband’s nakedness.
But then.
I looked up at the famous wife’s face.

“It’s strange.”
“What is wrong with you?”
“I see you two faces.”

When the wife opened her eyes, the famous lost her center and staggered.


Mrs. Nolan hastily contributed to the famous.
I poured out this famous rough breath.

“Wow, great.”

Your eyes grew bigger.

‘What a sweat like this!’

The celebrity opened his eyes to shake off the sudden drowsiness, but eventually lost consciousness.

*** Famous people woke up in the VIP room of the best university hospital in Korea.
I set the turn number, and around 24 hours passed, the dedicated person who was guarding his sick room approached and looked into the face of the famous.

“Are you in the mood, sir?”
“…”I caught sight of the famous gold medal situation that I looked around for a while.

“How long have I been here?”
“He was asleep two full days.”

Two days?
It was famous for being one of the synonyms of sincerity. No matter how tired I was, I had never stuck my eyes on it for more than five hours.

“…”The famous who kept his mouth shut did not mind.

“You seem to have been exhausted.”

Recently, I have been busy without seeing many things. Sudden dizziness and drowsiness that could not be shaken is the aftermath.
However, he did not hide his serious expression.
Famous owner of domestic leading companies with hundreds of thousands of employees below. It was a foolish person to read a man’s expression.
Famous looking at the face of the stiff doctor, asked.

“Perhaps… Have you found any abnormalities in my body? “

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