Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 99

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 99

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Episode 99 “Have you ever heard of someone near you, Hunter or Hunter, but you have a wake-up call?”

The doctor made a strange noise.
I asked why it hurts and why does the story of Hunter come out?
The famous was on.

“What are you talking about? Suddenly Hunter. ”
“Have you ever heard of waxing?”

The famous pupil, who had not lost his composure all the time in the word ”
Sleep that can not wake up.
Life support system using horsepower was necessary because it not only can not simply get out of sleep but exhausted patient’s life force at a high speed.
It was a horrible illness that began to appear after the gate was opened and drove many people who could not afford the life support device to death.

“Drowsiness is pouring from time to time, and it is a disease that will never wake up from sleep in the end.”

The doctor was a confused face.
There have been no cases of patients waking up from sleep yet.
I can not open my eyes to extend my life. The patient was sentenced to death.

“…”The famous doctor asked if the doctor’s explanation was over.

“But what does that have to do with Hunter?”
“The wisdom is known to be deeply related to horsepower.”

Some people are not able to withstand horsepower naturally.
One of the abnormal symptoms that occurred when they were exposed to magic power for a long time was wisdom.

“The device that gives the patient vitality is said to use horsepower?”
“Yes, I do.”

Nuclear material is a dangerous substance, but as the electricity from it can be used safely, magic using magic does not hurt, the doctor explained.

“What you need to be careful with is marble, manastone, and magic.”
‘People with magic …’

The famous reminded me of Yu Jin – ho, the only awakening in the family.
The doctor said carefully.

“I heard that your younger son is Hunter.”

When the story of Yu Jin-ho came out, the face of the famous became hardened.

“so… Is it the story now that I should not see my son? ”
“If you do that …”
“Do not be ridiculous!”

The famous said to cut and emphasized again.

“Sounds nonsense.”

Then he bit his doctor as if it was annoying.


The doctor hesitated about what to do, and he escaped from the room as if he were running away in the eyes of the famous.
The famous doctor stared at the door that the doctor went out with eyes filled with anger.

‘If the sickness is terrible, keep your son away. Is that a sound to my father? ‘

Let’s just say yes.
What would you think if Jinho hears the news?
As a father, I could not hand over such a burden to my son. At least the famous had thought so.


The magic power was gradually expanding day by day, and the number of people with horsepower was also steadily increasing.
Is not that the word that you can not withstand magic in such a world has already been culled?
The famous wears a nostril.

‘This famous has been culled?’

It was impossible.

‘I do not support.’

I have done as if I had pointed out that everyone would not be able to do so.
It is also the case that Eugene Construction succeeded to be the number one company in the business world.

‘But now, why do not you bend your knees to this jumble?’

I do not.
The famous revived so many times.

*** Jinwu carefully visited his brother’s visit before he left.
It was still early, so Jinn was sleeping so deeply that no one could know.
I suddenly worried.

‘Maybe there is a person who wants to approach his brother without me.’

Of course, S-class Hunter’s sister would not want to hurt the big guy, but I still do not know people.
The minimum preparation was necessary.

‘Oh, but then my soldiers could hide in the shadows?’

Do not ask Jin-woo, remembering when the killer patrols the Shadow soldiers to show up in the neighborhood.
Then the soldiers hid in the shadows of things.
It seemed that I could protect my brother without seeing anyone.
There are some usable ones.

‘come out.’

Jinwoo called the marsupials who were in charge of escorting molar teeth.
Among the high orcs, the ones that are not jokes are popping out at the same time.
By the way.

‘what? Why three?

Obviously the escort was four.
Jinwoo, who stumbled through the memory, spoke out with a silent voice.


It came to a conclusion that I had inserted one of the escorts into the ceiling late. I forgot to extract the shadow of the guy.

‘I have to be careful next time.’

Jin-woo laughed and saw three marsupials from the High Oak detention facility.
All elite grades.
It was in sharp contrast to the normal high orc shadows that were of a general rating.
If this is three, a Class A Hunter will not be able to resist.
I did not just say that, but the Hunter ‘s chief of staff, A – grade Sohn, also usually sweated at High Oak.
Not to mention these guys.
Jin woke to Jin-a.
The escorts returning in the form of a shadow-shadow moved on the floor and were absorbed into the shadows of Jinha.

‘That was great.’

If you are so habitually hungry and Jin-a is in danger, do not let anyone look at you.
Jinwoo dropped the instructions to the escort and carefully shut down the visit.

‘It is safe now.’

My heart was settled.
I went to the entrance of the apartment thoroughly, and I was waiting for Yujin as promised.


Yoo Jin-ho delivered a greeting with a bright face.

“Was not it inconvenient to sleep?”
“Yes, brother. Fortunately, the motel was very well equipped, right? ”

There was a younger brother at home, so Jin-woo had Yu Jin-ho stay at a nearby motel.
Fortunately, it did not seem inconvenient.

“I stay there until I save my guild office.”
“Yes, my brother.”

Yujin laughed and laughed.
The story was heard yesterday roughly.
I was not able to listen to a bunch of people, but I really did not get the job of a guild master.
I asked him because he could not hear it, and he answered that it was unfair.

“Are you really going to come?”
“You told me to come!”

I can not even blame the guy who got out of the boss’ position and likes me.

“Yes, brother.”

Yoo Jin-ho got into the driver’s seat, and Jin-woo got on the vest.
Bongo, who carried two people, headed for Daesung Tower.
Yoo Jin-ho glanced at Jin-woo.

‘What do you see in Daesung Tower in this early hour?’

I was wondering, but I did not think it was rude to ask my brother about this.
Sake. Only when Bongo stood in front of Daesung Tower was the courage.

“But, Brother, why are you in Daesung Tower …”
“It’s coming.”

Yu Jin-ho turned his head hastily.
But the door of Bongo was open, and his brother was not seen.
I think I’ve had something similar here before.
Yu Jin-ho was scratching his back.

‘My brother is really going out when I see him.’

*** [I have entered the demonic dungeon.]

Jinwoo has turned off the stealth skill.

‘I just came back.’

I was thrilled to think that I came back to a place where I could jump freely.
I came across the entrance of the gates and heard a mechanical sound as if I had waited.

[The quest has arrived.]

Unlike the first visit, Jinwu was not surprised.
The name of the quest I received at that time, “gather the soul of the devil! 1 ‘.
I do not know when, but I thought the next quest would come.
Jinwoo opened a message window.

[General Quest: Collect the Devil’s Soul! 2] On the top of the demon, the ruler of the demons, “Baran,” lives. Take away Baran and reap his soul. If you succeed in sealing the soul of the Devil King, you will receive great rewards.
Quest Condition: – [General Quest: Collect the Devil’s Soul! 1] Completed – Demon Re-Entry Quest Completed Conditions: – Demon King Rewards Reward: -1. Highest Runestone -2. Bonus Stats +30 -3. Unrevealed Reward ‘Quest’s purpose is to kill the Demon King?’

Jinwoo’s face brightened.
You do not have to go back for quests, you just have to get up to the top of the demonic as fast as you can.
And the reward was good.

‘Bonus Stat plus 30!’

The last quest was the extreme of Nogada, which had to collect 10,000 souls of the devil.
There are 20 bonus stats that have been received and suffered.
But this time, if you take one of the demon kings, you give 30 stats.
10 days for the daily quest. It was a statistic that can be obtained by raising six more levels.
There was a lot of smile on the lot of unexpected rewards.

‘But what is the best runesh?’

Jinwoo confirmed the first reward.

[Top Runestone: Shadow Exchanges] You can learn job-specific skills by breaking down the top runestones.

‘Can you learn job-specific skills?’

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.
There are three profession-specific skills so far.
Shadow extraction.
Saving shadows.
Area of the monarch.
It was a great skill, not one to throw away anything.
I thought that I could add another new skill to it.

‘What skill is it?’

I tried to check the skill information, but only the skill name was raised, and no detailed explanation was given.
“©. Jinwoo was tired of regret.

‘Well, you can complete the quest and check it yourself.’

30 occupational skills and bonus stats.
It was already enormous even if we did not pay the compensation that was not disclosed.
I had the impulse to jump up to the top floor right now.

‘But before we start …’

Jinwoo has called the status window a long time.


[HP: 24,406] [MP: 5,019] [Fatigue: 0] [Stats] Strength: 186 Physical skill: 145 Dexterity: 175 Intelligence: 189 Sensation: 126 (Distributable Ability Points: 0) Physical Damage Reduction: 46% [Skill] Passive Skill: (Unknown) Lv.MAX, Lv.1, Advanced Level Fencing Lv.2 Active Skills: Sprint Lv.max, Living Lv.1, Hiding Lv.2, Quick Thrust Lv.max, Dagger Throw Lv.2, the hand of the ruler Lv.2 [Occupant skill] Active skill: Shadow extraction Lv 1, Shadow save Lv.1, Area of the monarch Lv.1 [Wear Items] Red Knight’s Helmet (S), Demon Lord’s Earring (S), Demon Lord’s Necklace (A), Greater Knight’s Breastplate (B) ), The Gauntlets of the Advanced Knights (B), the rings of the Advanced Wizard (B), and the shoes of the Intermediate Assassin (C).
And thanks to the stupid points of the ability point, the intelligence stat that got over the stats of power came into the eyes.

‘The intelligence stat is already close to two hundred.’

As a result, the maximum amount of mana has already exceeded 5,000.
Mana is no different.
It is like an apprentice who can revive shadow soldiers infinitely.
In the future, if I think of the number of soldiers more, I feel that 5,000 is insufficient.

‘Okay, let’s get started.’

One second is a waste.
Jinwu closed the status window.
This is the first floor of the house.
It did not have to take the time to reach the 76th floor, which was completed from here.
So we went straight into the interlayer movement circle.

[It is open from the 1st floor to the 76th floor.]
[Where do you want to go?]

Jinwu said without hesitation.


The light gleamed.
My eyes were completely out of sight.
Cities burning and burning.
In the interlayer movement magic, the skin felt hot even though it was not influenced by the outside.
Jinwoo put the load down and took out two artifacts there.
One was a black dress named “Robin of the Wind” by the maker, and the other was a ring with a name that had a magic attribute.
Jin wore a robe and a ring.
After wearing robes and hood, I felt like a real magical hunter.

‘…My body is cool. ‘

It seemed to stand in a cool cave just to wear.

‘Will it even lead to the flame of the devil?’

Jinwoo slowly moved out of the floor moving magic circle.
It’s expensive.
Unlike when we came before, the outside temperature did not affect us at all.

‘Would not it be inconvenient for Rob?’

I did not know, and I moved my body around, but it was easier than I thought. As the name of the robes of the wind, the clothes themselves were as light as the air.


However, the devils who smelled the human began to flock to this place with their flocks, whether this was not the end of the preparations.
If it was the same as before, I would have been able to cope moderately or raise the level by going around every corner of the floor.

‘But now …’

I could not waste any time as my mother’s treatment was running.
Instead of calling daggers as usual, Jinwu summoned the soldiers.
Reliable shadow soldiers showed up.

‘What’s your molar?’

Jinwoo found the molar teeth.
The higher the class, the closer it came out, the molars were summoned to the back.
Jinwoo pulled out the “beads of greed” from the warehouse and put them on the palms of his molars.

“You write today.”

Even in the magic series, you are not affected by the amplification effect of the ‘beads of greed’, but from the idea that it would be beneficial to your molar’s shaman.

‘…’The molars bent their heads as if they were expressing gratitude.
Boom, Boom, Boom. Finally, the giant demons began to be visible to the naked eye.

‘shall we start?’

Jinwoo instructed the soldiers to prepare for battle and then grabbed the ‘Baruka Dagger’ and ‘Night Killer’.
The demons were rushing like insects in front of their noses.
There are a lot of numbers here too.
As the last time, Jinwu shouted at the timing with a relaxed expression.


No, I was going to shout ‘Let’s go.’
But before the voice came out.
KUUUUUUUUUU – A horrible pillar of fire that fell off the slope from somewhere above the head swept the enemy.

“What, what?”

Kuuuuuuu – When the flame was struck, the devil and the land melted all together.

“To the key to the ee!”
“Excuse me!”

Suddenly the devils evaporated, and familiar machine sounds followed.

[Level up!]
[Level up!]


Jin looked at the back, calming the quivering chest.
There, the molar teeth, which were twice as big as when they were in the dungeon, stood out with gray smoke in their mouths.
Jinwu swallowed the dry spit.

‘Is this the power of the beads of greed?’

I live in a demonic life, but I have burned all the monsters that have some resistance to fire attacks.
When I grasped the situation, I laughed and laughed.

‘Could you clear this much faster than you expected?’

Jinwoo screamed pleasantly inside as he watched the dead bodies of the demons who had not yet set off the flame and the darkened land.

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